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I study mother's milk & infant development. Viva la nuance. Editor-in-Chief of March Mammal Madness #2020MMM, "Bloodthirsty angel of kindness & light"
20 Apr
A #COVID19 thread in many parts.

What no one wants to hear and everyone needs to hear:
We have not gotten past the peak.
From TODAY's numbers, look at that lower right hand corner. That is a plateau, or since I am writing from AZ, let's call it a mesa... or what we HOPE is mesa "an isolated flat-topped hill with steep sides" coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
If we relax social distancing carelessly, then the steep right side of that mesa will go UP- we won't know how catastrophically for a couple of weeks, but while the daily case load remains stably high is NOT when to relax distancing measures. theguardian.com/us-news/2020/a…
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29 Mar
Frustratingly, COVID19 has become a partisan issue. This is catastrophic for many, MANY reasons. I want to address one of them here & now. Discussing the failures, ineptitude, and ignorance of the US response to COVID19 is 100% necessary RIGHT NOW. In real time. (1/N)
Anyone who suggests otherwise is either naive or disingenuous. (2/N)
Epidemics are explicitly a political topic because they require THE GREATEST of all coordinated responses among all levels of government, both executive and legislative domains, to protect the safety and security of the citizenry. #TheEssentialFunctionOfGovernments (3/N)
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13 Mar
Next Up: Kodkod (5-seed) vs Least Chipmunk (12-seed) #2020MMM ImageImage
Known as the guiña in Chile, but named the Kodkod by Araucanian AmerIndians, is the smollest felid in the Americas, maximally tipping the scales at 3kg. This greyish-redish-brownish squatty, spotty kitty has a chonky, medium-length striped tail #2020MMM Image
This reclusive, secretive felid is notably arboreal, using trees for lookout, naptime, & refuge from hunting humans & domestic dogs that are causing the kodkod to be listed as vulnerable by the @IUCNRedList #2020MMM
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13 Mar
Tonight's #2020MMM #HalfTimePSA recognizes the wisdom of Rachel Carson, the scientist whose book Silent Spring influenced the grassroots environmental movement & motivated the Environmental Protection Act en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_Sp…
"Those who dwell, as scientists or laymen, among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life..."
-Rachel Carson, The Sense of Wonder, 1965
#2020MMM #HalfTimePSA
[gif is migrating birds in front of the setting sun]
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12 Mar
Next up with have Eurasian Badger (5-seed) vs. Giant Forest Genet (12-seed) #2020MMM
Genet spp look a lot alike, but the Giant Forest Genet is identifiable due to "the combination of the thick, black-tipped tail with 6–7 narrow white rings, small lateral spots, a black line below the chin, & large ears" (Dinets 2011) (art by J. Smit 1901) #2020MMM
#WhichGenet could definitely be a twitter game, but as #TeamCatsish some people would still guess this distant feliform was a cougar. #Amirite @drmichellelarue? #23 is our #2020MMM Combatant (illustrations from #HandbookOfMammalsOfTheWorld)
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8 Jan
In 2001, I was living back at home the year before heading to grad school. (1/N)
One day I came home from work, Nate was at school & my Mom was down at the Pike Place Market, only my Dad was home. (2/N)
Dad, with excitement in his voice said to me "hey want to hear my new song?"

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2 May 19
Last year, I attended the "Active Shooter Training" offered by the ASU Police Department. (1/n)
I was a senior at the University of Washington when I walked into my best friend's house after class & she was watching the live news feed of high schoolers scrambling to escape Columbine High School (2/n)
In the 3 decades since Columbine, an epidemic of mass shootings has engulfed our nation (3/n)
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12 Apr 19
So let's say an institutionally-investigated, accusations-substantiated sexual harasser has on-site registered for a conference also attended by the targets of harassment... (1/n)
And the society in question has not done the groundwork of having contingency plans for just such an occasion - like policies that disallow registration, cursory on site google news search of person attempting to register, or a best practices consultant on speed dial. (2/n)
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10 Apr 19
Homo luzonensis! so freaking cool! nationalgeographic.com/science/2019/0…
I also want to add, there's a lot of media coverage out about this today... and it presents a really awesome opportunity for anthropologists to be intentional in the coverage we share... (1/n)
I particularly loved this @NatGeo article bc the journalists @WeiPoints & @michaelgreshko interviewed diverse scholars from all over the world, contextualized the findings within the state of knowledge (2/n)...
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4 Apr 19
(or rather the battle happens AFTER some very important pomp & circumstance) #2019MMM
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2 Apr 19
Next & Last Battle of the NIGHT: 1-seed Tiger #JumpJump vs. 1-seed Moose #Waterfalls #2019MMM
Tiger defeated ringtail, springhare, bharal, & dolphin to emerge Jump Jump victor! (yes this footage is real) #2019MMM
Moose defeated bulldog bat, flat-headed cat, rakali, & manatee to emerge Waterfalls victor! #2019MMM
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27 Mar 19
Last battle of the night, from the WATERFALLS division... #1-seed MOOSE vs. #13-seed RAKALI! #2019MMM
Despite a large size difference, Moose and snowshoe hair compete for food resources & can impact each other's population cycles (bit.ly/2WjplGO) #BunnyTrouble #2019MMM
Moose have been domesticated twice. Although mainly used for hauling, moose milk is valued for higher calcium & phosphorus than dairy cows (bit.ly/2OrDkYh). #2019MMM
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27 Mar 19
Next up from the TAG TEAM division #2-seed Coyote & Badger #BadYote vs. #3-seed Warthog & Banded Mongoose #WarGoose #2019MMM
Badgers sometimes cache food underground. This timelapse video of a badger burying AN ENTIRE COW is #magical: #2019MMM
Although carnivores, Coyotes frequently eat fruit including native Pawpaw. Pawpaw seeds actually germinate more frequently following coyote consumption, possibly making coyotes key long distance seed dispersers (bit.ly/2JHEssh). #2019MMM
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26 Mar 19
UP NEXT: 7th-seeded TIGER QUOLL versus 2nd-seed NIMRAVID #2019MMM (a collaborative narration w/ @PKurnath )
The largest carnivore on Australia's mainland today (15lbs/7kg/32 stoats), the Tiger quoll hunts like cats, only moving when the prey's head is down (Jones et al., 2001) #StoatsAsMeasurement #SneakyNotACat #2019MMM
Which is how the Tiger quoll got through round 1, by making a meal out of the Cat-bird #YumYum #2019MMM
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26 Mar 19
Next up: 3rd seed Banded Mongoose & Warthog (Team #WarGoose) vs. 6th seed Diana Monkey & Red Colobus Monkey (#SimianSquad). (Collaborative Narration w/ @tinkeringprim8) #2019MMM
Mongooses are cooperative breeders & males play an important role guarding young (Rood 1974). #ActualLivingScientist Sarah Hodge posits males pay lower costs of weight loss from helping than do females #2019MMM exeter.ac.uk/about/vision/e…
Female warthogs can raise their young along or cooperatively with other females who help by babysitting. pubag.nal.usda.gov/catalog/71317 #2019MMM
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20 Mar 19
NEXT UP: #8 seed Aardvark (Orycteropus afer) & Aardvark Cucumber (Cucumis humifructus) vs #9 seed Monkey #TripleTrouble of Goeldi's Monkey (Callimico goeldii) & Saddleback Tamarin (Saguinus fuscicollis) & White-lipped Tamarin (Saguinus labiatus) #CallitrichineCrew #2019MMM
Aardvarks are distributed in Africa, south of the Sahara. "Aardvark" is Afrikaans for "Earth Pig" bc Aardvarks have a boopable snoot & they use their formidable claws to dig burrows in the ground; excavate ant & termite mounds. #2019MMM
But the Aardvark is a bit of a foodie & appreciates a salad garnish. #AlsoDontActuallyBoopTheSnoot #2019MMM
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19 Mar 19
Last battle of the night is the #1 seed Nimravid (Hoplophoneus mentalis) vs. #16 seed DandeLION (Taraxacum officinale) #2019MMM
The Dandelion, derived from the French 'Dent-de-Lion' for the lion's tooth in reference to the toothed edges of the leaves. But one could be forgiven for thinking it was due to that gorgeous golden mane! #2019MMM
The Dandelion is native to Eurasia but has spread widely across North America, South America, Africa, India, New Zealand, & Australia in tandem with other invasive colonizers. (Takakura et al. 2009) link.springer.com/article/10.100… #2019MMM
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14 Mar 19
Next Up 5th seed Serval (Leptailurus serval) vs. 12th seed Rock-Wallaby (Petrogale mareeba) #2019MMM
Servals are the maned wolves of the felidae- with the longest legs relative to body size & very big ears. #BetterToHearYou #AndPounceYouWith #2019MMM
These hearing and skeletal adaptations are the mark of a fierce killing machine... #2019MMM
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30 Mar 18
Next Up: #1 seed Orinoco Crocodile vs #2 seed Anaconda! #2018MMM
Tonight's battle is a collaboration among @chumblebiome, @Drew_Lab, & me @Mammals_Suck #2018MMM
To reach tonight, Orinoco Crocodile consumed a praying mantis, a goliath tarantula, and a secretary bird foot. So, ah, he is HUNGRY TO WIN! #2018MMM #AlltheNopes
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29 Mar 18
Next Up (For Real THIS TIME): #2 seed Anaconda (Eunectes murinus) vs. #3 seed Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis) #2018MMM
World's Heaviest Snake vs World's Largest Lizard #2018MMM
Komodo Dragons have "ziphodont" teeth, meaning they are laterally compressed, sharp, & with serrated edges. In 1928, Burden described what they could do (other than give you nightmares) #2018MMM
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27 Mar 18
More specifically: #3 Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis) vs. #6 Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) #2018MMM
Komodo Dragon swallowed the snot otter to advance to round 2, while Eurasian Eagle Owl perforated the Beaded Lizard, relative of @gilamonsterasu #2018MMM
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