wooyoung is here~ 🪐💕
[220226 #Wooyoung 🪐 6:18PM KST]
#ATEEZ #에이티즈
🦊: annyeong (hello) atinyy
🦊: (sends photo)
🦊: 짜안 (“jja-an”)
🦊: Ah i came back from Jeju Island
🦊: I had a lot of fun
🦊: But it was very cold ㅠㅠ
🦊: Yess that’s a latte!
🦊: That’s iced (latte).. ㅎ
🦊: Ah that (photo)
🦊: It’s a cafe in Songpa-gu
🦊: swedish sweet latte..?
🦊: Ah the photos i uploaded
🦊: All those were taken by my hyung
🦊: I don't know if it's because he always takes pictures of my sister-in-law (hyung’s partner), but he took the photos well..ㅎ
🦊: Ah my sister-in-law didn’t come together with usㅋㅋㅋ
🦊: It was hyung, me, mom and kyungminie
🦊: My dad had to work so ㅠ
🦊: We spent 3 days 2 night in Jejudo!
🦊: Kyungminie has really grown a lot right ㅠ
🦊: Ah, about (people) calling me (his) dad when I carried Kyungminie aroundㅋㅋㅋ
🦊: I haven't heard it recently
🦊: (i think it was when) Kyungminie was 3 or 4 years old,
🦊: I was carrying him at the elevator of our house and
🦊: the little kid next to us who was taking the same elevator
🦊: He looked at me and said,
🦊: “Are you his dad…..?”
🦊: so therefore, (i said)
🦊: “Of course~~ i’m his dad~~” ㅎㅎㅎ
🦊: i said that
🦊: It was 5 years ago so
🦊: Hold up
🦊: That means I was in high school tho
🦊: Are you kidding me
🦊: Suddenly, i feel so upset/offended
🦊: Well, at that time, i said “i’ll just be your dad then~”
🦊: I said that but
🦊: What floor does that kid live on..
🦊: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🦊: Just wait and see till he gets caught (by me)
🦊: I’ll sign an album and say,
🦊: “Dad made a comeback~” i’m gonna say that
🦊: “Dad has debuted~”
🦊: Ah that’s right, I saw that
🦊: (the post) about the sajangnim (owner) of Pungdong Dakgalbi signing up for our fancafe
🦊: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🦊: Ha..if the sajangnim keeps doing this then…
🦊: i’m gonna live there
🦊: But. I was really gonna work there part-time (in the past)
🦊: the sajangnim said “once you enter high school, come~”
🦊: but
🦊: I went to school in Songpa-gu so..
🦊: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🦊: Ha
🦊: I've done a lot of part-time jobs too
🦊: (the) part-time jobs (i did) were,
🦊: Part-time job at a convenience store, and
🦊: Part-time job at a restaurant
🦊: Of course, I worked hard
🦊: The things i wanted to buy, I would make (my own) money and buy them
🦊: So what I bought (then) was,
🦊: timberland (shoes) and
🦊: a winter coat
🦊: that one, i still have it till now, the long coat
🦊: (but) that’s too small now
🦊: ..ㅎ
🦊: That’s right, everyone,
🦊: Who's played Pokemon Arceus?
🦊: Hyung said he’d buy it for me
🦊: the (nintendo) switch game!
🦊: why, pokemon at my age, why (what’s wrong with that)
🦊: What? Digimon over Pokemon...?!?!?
🦊: Of course ㅋ
🦊: I’m a singer who sang the Digimon OST okay (Dreamers)
🦊: 울랄라 울랄라~ (Ulala ulala~)
🦊: 잇쇼~ 잇쇼~ (“issho~ issho~”)
🦊: ...?
🦊: there are people here who don’t know about Digimon..
🦊: (you’re) a baby/kid…?
🦊: Ha…this is bad
🦊: Wah Magic Kid Masuri (show) i know that ofc
🦊: That and that (other show), what was it atiny
🦊: Cubic..?
🦊: It was a cartoon
🦊: Robot cartoon
🦊: Eng? Tobot is what Kyungminie watches..
🦊: I went to look for it and came back (show name)
🦊: Cubix is right
🦊: Ah actually, at my age,
🦊: Vector man, that’s right
🦊: Vector man, transform!
🦊: Vector man tiger! Vector man eagle! Vector man bear!
🦊: We’re going!
🦊: Vector man~
🦊: Ah Bakugan Battle Brawlers, i know that ofc
🦊: Inazuma Eleven, i know that too
🦊: “Explosive storm~~”
🦊: “God-hand~”
🦊: Ah Battle Zzang i know that
🦊: The power to turn tissues into trees!
🦊: come on in (battle)
🦊: Ah Ultimate Muscle, i know that ofc
🦊: “Please put meat on top of the rice~”
🦊: Ah “Yakitate!! Japan” i know that ofc
🦊: sun (bread)
🦊: Ah ‘Ghost Stories’ (show) i know that
🦊: Ah ‘Lovers in Paris’ (drama) i know that
🦊: “This man is my man! Why can’t you say that!!” (line from drama)
🦊: “Baby, let’s go” (line from drama)
🦊: Ah ‘The Legend’ (drama) i know that
🦊: Ah ‘Jumong’ i know that ofc
🦊: Song Ilkook sunbaenim’s drama
🦊: Ah ‘Queen Seondeok’ (drama) i know that ofc
🦊: Bidam (character in drama)
🦊: i liked him
🦊: Ah ‘Dream High’ i watched that ofc
🦊: Song Sam Dong (kim soohyun’s character)
🦊: Ah ‘I’m Sorry I Love You’ (drama) i know that ofc
🦊: “Do you want to go eat or do you want to live with me” (line from drama)
🦊: “Do you want to go eat or do you want to di3 with me!” (line from drama)
🦊: Ah you’re asking how far i’m gonna go (with this)..?
🦊: That’s true, new things keep coming out but
🦊: Bring it on
🦊: ‘Master of Study’ (drama) i know that
🦊: (the drama with) Yoo Seungho sunbaenim and Jiyeon sunbaenim
🦊: Isn't it "Hong Gildong" instead of "Kkaegeolchunhyang"..? (drama)
🦊: “Kkaegeolchunhyang”, which one was that though..
🦊: Ah ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’ i know that ofc
🦊: Ah for Power Rangers, it’s Magic Force of course
🦊: 마지마지마지히로 (“majimajimajihero”)
🦊: Ah ‘Inuyasha’ i’ve watched that ofc
🦊: Ah I really wasn’t going to do this but
🦊: Who here has watched ‘Iljimae’? (drama)
🦊: Season 1
🦊: Ha.. Iljimae..
🦊: It was really fun tho
🦊: Lee Joongi sunbaenim (in the drama Iljimae)
🦊: Ah ‘Bridal Mask’ (drama) of course, i’ve watched that
🦊: Ah ‘Good Doctor’ (drama) i’ve watched that of course
🦊: Wah i really watched a lot of tv when i was young
🦊: Is that why i don’t watch much now
🦊: Ah ‘The Master’s Sun’ i watched that
🦊: Ah ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’ i watched that
🦊: I don’t really watch a lot Netflix tho..?
🦊: There's probably no one who doesn't watch Netflix more than me..
🦊: I didn’t even watch ‘Squid Game’..?
🦊: Ah ‘My Name’ i watched that
🦊: At MAMA, Ahn Bohyun sunbaenim,
🦊: i met him and
🦊: Woah… he really appeared (is in front of me)
🦊: Beside me, Sanie said “Ya Young-ah, (it’s) Ahn Bohyun sunbaenim!”
🦊: so (i said)
🦊: “I know, i was already looking at him”
🦊: He is reaaaaalllyyy tall
🦊: I didn’t watch ‘D.P.’ (netflix drama)
🦊: Ah, I saw (the post) of Kwangsoo sunbaenim recommending “Pirate King”ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🦊: 감쟈합니다..ㅎ (“kamjyahabnida” / thank you, cutely)
🦊: I didn’t watch ‘Hellbound’..
🦊: I don’t have anymore Jejudo photos to upload ㅠㅠ
🦊: I watched the movie ‘The Notebook’ ofc
🦊: and also ‘Meet Joe Black’
🦊: Bunker de Lumières (art museum in Jeju)
🦊: Hyung said let’s go (to the museum) so
🦊: (we went) and it was really nice ㅎ
🦊: Eo (yes), I got motion sickness, too
🦊: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🦊: Yess, (the movie) ‘Meet Joe Black’ is really fun ㅎ
🦊: But based on my standards, ‘The Notebook’ was more fun (to watch)
🦊: No, (me) crying after watching a movie, (it was just) once..
🦊: It was just once,(after) watching the movie, ‘My Annoying Brother’
🦊: I was more like that (affected by the movie) because I have a Hyung ㅠ
🦊: My hyung too, like the hyung in the movie, he curses a lo—
🦊: Ahhh
🦊: Ahh
🦊: Ah (my) mistake
🦊: (i can say this cos) i’m comfortable with ATINY… ㅎ
🦊: Actually. it’s (he curses) more than that
🦊: Aaahhh
🦊: (us brothers) Kyungminie, Kyungmedium, Kyunglargeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🦊: No it’s Kyungminie, Kyungsmall, KyungX-larg—
🦊: Aaahh aaahhhh
🦊: Ah. Hyung is gonna ki11 me
🦊: I should stop
🦊: When i was younger, i really fought a lot with Hyung ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🦊: Like really a lottt
🦊: But now, i guess..
🦊: I can’t live without Hyung ><
🦊: Our KyungX-lar—
🦊: Aaahhh
🦊: Our Hyung ><
🦊: My official pillar of support ><
🦊: But we’re really close so it’s okay..
🦊: I will be okay
🦊: Have i been hit by hyung, yes or no
🦊: this is a question, right..?
🦊: I’m not gonna answer?
🦊: Yes, my hyung has a big build
🦊: because he’s 180 (height)
🦊: About me saying (he’s) x-large
🦊: It’s because he grew upwards (tall), ATINY
🦊: husband's older brother
🦊: (is called) 아주버님 (“a-ju-beo-nim”)
🦊: Kyungminie will be called 도려님 (“do-ryeo-nim”/ what a wife calls her husband’s unmarried younger brother)
🦊: me..?
🦊: Mine (him getting married perhaps) is an open ending (still a question mark)
🦊: heh
🦊: Ahjussi (old man), it won’t be that ofc
🦊: No matter how open it is, but still,
🦊: what do you mean ahjussi
🦊: “Eo jagiya (honey) i’m gonna be late today so go sleep first”
🦊: I am/have an open-ending so i will accept it all
🦊: Bring it on
🦊: “Yes grandma i’ll be back in soon ㅎ”
🦊: “Eo yes son, do you want to go to Everland or Lotte World”
🦊: “Son, Hanlim what do you mean Hanlim, go study”
🦊: “Eo-ya (yes) daughter, dad will be home soon ^^”
🦊: (okay) Stop
🦊: Stoppp
🦊: That's it for today
🦊: Okay, (let’s do it again) next time
🦊: “No… I’m not saying let’s break up…”
🦊: “No, my love doesn't change, jagiya (honey)”
🦊: Let's stop, everyone
🦊: Really stop (this time)
🦊: Dinner menu recommendations
🦊: Um
🦊: Um
🦊: I have to carefully (recommend)
🦊: Since it’s raining,
🦊: how about 전 (“jeon” / pancake)
🦊: 파막 let’s go (“pa-mak” / short form for pajeon (onion pancake) & makgeolli (alcoholic beverage))
🦊: 파느막 let’s go (“pa-neu-mak”/ pajeon + “neurin maeul makgeolli” which is a brand, “Enjoy Slowly” Makgeolli)
🦊: For minors,
🦊: go with pajeon + cider (“pa-sa”) or pajeon + cola (“pa-ko”)
🦊: Ah i’ll go with 파펩 (“pa-pep”/pajeon + pepsi)
🦊: Ah the “neu” of “pa-neu-mak” stands for “neurin-maeul” (brand of makgeolli)..
🦊: Everyone, I’ll get going now
🦊: Have a good weekend ㅅ ㄹ ㅎ (i love you)

[7:13PM KST]


• • •

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Feb 25
san is here too~ 🪐💕
[220225 #사니버스 #San 🪐 11:47PM KST]
#ATEEZ #에이티즈
⛰: deurerereuk
⛰: Everyone!!!!!!
⛰: I’m resting well❤️
⛰: I have a present today
⛰: it’s not my selfie
⛰: (sends photo)
⛰: 야옹 (“ya-ong”/meow)
⛰: this 녀석 (“nyeo-seog”/guy)
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🐻: 안뇨옹 (an-nyo-ong/ hello, cutely)
🐻: what are you doing/up to right now~~
🐻: 11:17PM
🐻: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🐻: I tried (matching the time) for once but, was it too obvious… ㅎ
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🐻: I was sleeping, then i woke up and thought “i should probably eat right” and then i ate…
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🐿: have you eaten!!
🐿: you should quickly go eat (now) ofc
🐿: (sends photo)
🐿: 얍 (“yap”)
🐿: I’m full
🐿: …
🐿: (sends video)
🐿: 불멍.. (“bul-meong”/ zoning out while looking at fire)
🐿: Oh
🐿: I didn’t cut out (my/our) voices and sent it (the video)
🐿: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🐿: My mother did a featuring (in the video)
🐿: I’m really flustered
🐿: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
🐿: Pretend you don’t know okㅋㅋㅎ
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yeosang is hereeeee~~~ 🪐💕
[220225 #Yeosang 🪐 2:28PM KST]
#ATEEZ #에이티즈
👑: 티니이이이이이 (tinyyyyyy)
👑: 티니이이이이이이잉이이이 (tinyyyyyyyingyyy)
👑: hi hih
👑: what were you doing/up to??
👑: you’re currently working?!
👑: you’re currently studying?!
👑: you’re gonna go play with friends?!
👑: I’m currently resting well!
👑: My mom is really taking good care of my meals so
👑: I’m eating well and resting well ㅎㅎ
👑: To prepare for promotions, (i’m gonna go)/i’m on a diet again… ㅎㅎ
👑: Our tinys, how have you been/how have you been spending your time?!
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hongjoong is here~ 🪐💕
[220225 1:50PM KST #쭝니버스 #Hongjoong 🪐]
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🐿: what are you doing/up to~
🐿: Okay okay, yes let’s have a good day today too ☺️
🐿: What about food/meal?
🐿: Have you eaten??!
🐿: I haven’t eaten yet!
🐿: I woke up, and i was tossing and turning so i couldn’t eatㅋㅋ
🐿: I’m gonna go out
🐿: I’m gonna play/hang out with my family~
🐿: Right now, i’m at the studioㅋㅋㅎ
🐿: (sends 2 photos)
🐿: that’s right that’s right
🐿: This time round i couldn’t bring/pack much clothes!
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