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Mar 3, 2022 13 tweets 3 min read Read on X
We are witnessing, literally watching live, Putin commit genocide on an industrial scale in Ukraine while the most powerful military alliance in history stands aside. It's impossible not to be emotional, but let us also be rational and focus our rage on the facts. 1/13
Putin once again told Macron to go to hell, no surprise. NATO/EU has already told Putin they won't touch his forces, so why should he listen? Russia is lifting target limitations and the death toll is rising every hour and lack of water & electricity is critical. 2/13
No treaty forbids NATO nations from fighting to defend in Ukraine. It's a choice based on the risk of Putin going nuclear, many say. That arming Ukrainians is an acceptable risk of WWIII & the citizenship of the pilot or soldier changes Putin's nuclear calculus, or NATO's. 3/13
If they care so much about the fine print and think Putin does too, ask Zelensky to issue Ukrainian passports to any volunteer to fly in combat. Sell jets to Ukraine for €1 each and paint UKR flags on them. Do you think Putin will care? Is it worth the lives lost? 4/13
This is already World War III. Putin started it long ago & Ukraine is only the current front. He will escalate anyway, and it's even more likely if he succeeds in destroying Ukraine because you have again convinced him you won't stop him even though you could. 5/13
Biden & others insist NATO would retaliate should Putin attack Baltic members. Watching Ukraine, I am not sure of that at all, and Putin won't be either. If the calculation is about nuclear risk, it's no different over Estonia than Ukraine. Don't say "Putin would never". 6/13
If this sounds familiar, it's the same argument from 2014, when Putin invaded E Ukraine and annexed Crimea. It was too risky to stop him, I was told, as I pleaded for intervention and warned he would never stop there. Here we are, with bombs raining down. 7/13
Risk and costs are higher now because the "reasonable" people in the West always choose lower risk today to guarantee higher risk tomorrow. Clearing the UKR skies after a warning period is risky. Letting Putin destroy Ukraine is riskier, & a human and moral disaster. 8/13
There is no waiting this out. This isn't chess; there's no draw, no stalemate. Either Putin destroys Ukraine and eventually hits NATO with an even greater catastrophe, or Putin falls in Russia. He cannot be stopped with weakness. 9/13
The corridors to get weapons, food, and medicine in and refugees out are narrowing and can be closed. Putin can bomb the trains, close the borders with NATO nations. The odds of Russian forces hitting a NATO asset are increasing, and then what? Still watching? 10/13
If your answer is no, that if a wing of a RU jet crosses Polish airspace, of course NATO will engage immediately, ask why thousands of Ukrainians civilians dying first matters less than a treaty, and what that says to Putin. That you're honorable, or a fool? We know. 11/13
As I said in 2014 and a fateful week ago, the price of stopping a dictator always goes up. What would have been enough to stop Putin 8 years or 6 months or 2 weeks ago is not enough today, and the price will rise again tomorrow. Fight. Find a way. 12/13
Putin vows to exterminate Ukrainians while we watch. Ukraine did nothing wrong but try to join the democratic world that is now witnessing crimes against humanity in real time. Not unable. Unwilling. #CloseTheSky 13/13

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Apr 12
When I bash the Trump-led GOP for blocking Ukraine aid I get criticized for not bashing the Biden admin enough for withholding weapons. When I bash the Biden admin, I get attacked for not blaming Trump & Johnson. I get it, but this is the partisan BS that Putin is exploiting.
When casting your vote, yes, "who is better" is a relevant question. But in advocacy, you should speak the truth about all sides. It doesn't "help Trump" to point out the Biden DoD should be doing much more to help Ukraine and US security.
Johnson, Trump, and the GOP treason caucus should be blasted for spouting Russian propaganda & harming US interests, Ukraine in particular. But their agenda is clear and you cannot shame the shameless, only defeat them. But Biden is talking the talk and not walking the walk.
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Apr 8
Stop waiting for the history books, I'm happy to blame him now! But the President of the United States cannot blame a feeble Congressman from Louisiana for failing to defend US security & the entire democratic world order against a hostile dictatorship. The buck stops with him.
Turning Ukrainian lives & global security into a domestic football is immoral and idiotic. Trump and his GOP are doing the Kremlin's bidding for election help and cash. Biden feigns helplessness to score points against them as Ukraine burns. Inexcusable.
You cannot shame the shameless. Johnson & MAGA happy to do Trump/Putin's will to destroy Ukraine aren't worried about voters. It's up to the commander in chief to do what is necessary despite the GOP, not whine & blame. Drawdown $, surplus weapons, arms from allies, etc.
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Mar 24
My WSJ op-ed on the Crocus terror attack, how Putin will exploit it in his total war in Ukraine, and how the Biden admin must take immediate action instead of blaming the American betrayal of Ukraine on the GOP.…
Putin will escalate, as he always does when he senses opportunity and weakness. Ukraine cannot become a political football. Instead of telling allies like Ukraine what they can't do, give them the support they need to do what must be done.
Putin needs perpetual war to hold on to power. He is creating the conditions to radicalize the Russian population further and to fulfill his new mobilization orders. Ukraine can’t survive unless America’s leaders do what is right, not what they think is politically expedient.
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Mar 24
A new loyalty test has arrived from the Kremlin: blaming Ukraine for the Crocus terror attack despite no credible evidence or time yet to make up the usual fakes. Let's see who parrots this homicidal garbage for no reason other than that their master in Moscow says it.
The deep historical connections between Russian intelligence and Islamic terror groups are well documented. There are also many shades of complicity, from collaboration and cover-up to ignoring warnings and delaying response.
Going forward, what matters is that Putin will exploit the attack to further radicalize Russian society to embrace his perpetual war against Ukraine and against the free world. That is the only algorithm now, and it will continue until he is defeated and gone.
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Mar 23
You can tell it's AI because there is blood on all six of Putin's fingers... Image
The worst terrorist of all is right there in the Kremlin, no need to search or make up convoluted stories that contradict each other more every hour. It's all bullshit, trying to gain sympathy, distraction, and time Russia will use to escalate its war on Ukraine.
The guiding maxim in every Russian crisis is never to believe anything the Kremlin or its propagandists say. They will always lie, withhold, and exploit for advantage. It's about control. Even if the truth appeared to suit them, they would lie about everything, always.
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Mar 22
Attack in Moscow the day after Peskov used the words "we're at war" for first time and a big new mobilization was announced. Can't help but note this is the same formula Putin used when he came to power 25 years ago with the KGB apartment bombings.…
Russia is preparing to annihilate more Ukrainian cities and will continue to escalate in the face of allied weakness. It appears the Biden admin is okay with that because gas prices are more important to his reelection campaign.…
Russia is making bombs to wipe Ukraine off the map & mobilizing half a million soldiers. Europe is scrounging for shells under the sofa. Biden acts helpless. Trump & Johnson are asking Moscow for instructions. Graham wants more Ukrainian soldiers but they fucking need weapons!
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