« Are we truly talking about the tangerine ? » : a thread 🧵 🍊. #TheRedSleeve #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo.
But before diving into the scene, let’s just remember when it takes place. The 🍊scene is from ep 7 of #TheRedSleeve. As the young crown prince and the court lady interact we can already see their feelings growing for eo, but only San expressing them boldly #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
In the ep 5 of #TheRedSleeve, aka the date at the bookstore, San shyly declared himself when he said «  were you swayed by me or was I swayed by you? » . But at this moment, Deok Im didn’t get the depth of his love for her. #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
Then come the bath scene in the ep 6 #TheRedSleeve where both of them experiment the growing yearning and the mutual attachment. Deok Im, who always keeps her calm and never shows her feelings had her heart fluttered after that. #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
In the ep 7 of #TheRedSleeve, San hears the G4 chatting & grilling chestnust. When Deok Im tells them that she likes him, he’s suddenly the happiest man in the world. Comforted by the idea that his love is reciprocal, he’s about to confess his feelings #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
At that time 🍊 was very rare and precious. Only royals could eat them. The 🍊were cultivated on Jeju Island. But the one San wanted to offer to Deok Im is very special. It’s the only one grows in the royal greenhouse. So the 🍊holds a special meaning #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
The scene begins with Deok Im teasing San for always working and getting no pleasure in life. So, when she replies with a little of mockery: « yes 🤣😂», he puts down his brush and replies that he’s doing right now something he likes #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
« Here in my favorite place with the person I adore ». It’s a love confession. Still cautiously and shyly expressed, bc at that point he has no direct sign that his feelings are mutual. When San speaks, see how Deok Im’s eyes express surprise and fear mixed #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
Maybe bc he was surprised himself by his confession, San suddenly changed the subject to break the silence between them by offering the 🍊 he concealed earlier for Deok Im. #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
When San tells Deok Im he spared the unique 🍊for her, she understands how serious he is. At first, you can see her slightly smiling, happy to hear his love declaration. But then Deok Im’s face darkens as she understand what it implies: becoming a concubine #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
The 🍊is the metaphor for San’s heart. It’s rare and precious. It’s the only one that could be culvitated in an hostile and non nurturing place, as he did as crown prince. If Deok Im accepts the 🍊she also accepts San’s heart, which she can’t #TheRedSleeve #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
By accepting what San calls a mere fruit, Deok Im would accept to be favoured by him, which would be sending him the wrong signal, as she doesn’t want their situation to change. So she declines it #TheRedSleeve #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
But what does usually San when Deok Im acts as she wants ? He tries to force her…what he would do again with his proposals, which lead to more rejections from her. Bc, the more he pushes the more she pulls #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
🍊 are for royal. Deok Im wants to stay a court lady. That’s why she refuses so intensely #TheRedSleeve #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo
These lines in the 🍊scene « I never wanted it » echo with the ep17, when San reproaches her to let herself die after Mun Hyo’s death. She had never intended to become his concubine and never wanted to be forced to #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeJunHo
As a court lady Deok Im belongs to San. Yet, she fights in order to keep the right to live as she chose to no matter what. This kind of behavior is anachronistic. Joseon era, influenced by Confucianism, is a mysoginist and patriarcal society #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
San, as clever as he is, fully understands that they aren’t talking about the 🍊but about the concubine position. That’s why he’ll go and see the royal head guard to confirm what he had heard earlier, which was finally a joke. #TheRedSleeve #LeeJunHo #LeeSeYoung
End of the 🍊thread 🧵

#TheRedSleeve #LeeSeYoung #LeeJunHo

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