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Crimean War 1853-1856 - a 🧵: Tzar claims jurisdiction over Christians (Ukrainians) in the Holy Land & Crimea (Lugansk, Donetsk & Crimea). Austro-Hungary (Russian empire's "allies"), Turkey, France & England unite against the Tsar. How did things go? 1/
"This unexpected weakness of Russia in military matters arises from four concurring causes, of which three are inherent in her system, and,
if nof absolutely incurable, are at best little likely to be cured. First,..." 2/
"...the first place, the nature of the country and the want of roads. Her resources may be vast, but they are scattered and remote. Her forces may be immense, but they are necessarily in great measure distant from the scene of action..." 3/
"Secondly. The Russian armies are often armies on paper only.
Not only are their numbers far fewer than are stated in official
returns & paid for out of the official purse, but they are noto-
riously ill-provided w everything necessary to the effective
action of a soldier..." 4/
"..,The colonels of regiments & officers of the commissariat have a direct interest in having as large a number on the books and as small a number in the field as possible, inasmuch as they pocket the pay and rations of the
difference between these figures..." 5/
"... This will explain why the vast armies ... which were announced as on their march to the Danube
nearly a year ago, never reached that river at all; why of the
150k or 200k men who, we are told, occupied the Principalities, more than 70,000 ever could be got together;..." 6/
"... and why we only find 50,000 troops in the Crimea, though nine months since it was proclaimed
that reinforcements to the number of 70,000 had been ordered thither. The fuct is, that thousande die or fall sick on the road; thousands more lag behind or desert..." 7/
"...every pair of shoes or great coat intercepted from the wretched soldier is a bottle
of champagne for the ensign
or major; every ammunition
waggon which is paid for by Government, but not provided, is a handsome addition to the salary of the captain or the contractor..." 8/
"...This horrible and fatal system originates in ... Russian autocracy...Then the power of
the Autocrat, absolute as it is and vigorously as it is exercised,
is utterly insuflicient to meet the evil. What can a despot do who
has no instruments that can be trusted?..." 9/
"...Thirdly, the common soldier, brave and hardy as they are, devoted to their Czar, and careless of privation have no love of their their profession, and no interest in the object of the war.
except the household regiments, who are near the person of the
Emperor..." 10/
"...How can such troops be expected to make head- against... well-fed Turks fighting for their country, and their faith and officered by competent commanders? ... We read that ... Russians had to be driven
on to the assault with menaces and blows; ..." 11/
"...Lastly. There is another source of weakness in the Russian
Empire. That vast State is in a great mensure composed of the
spoils which she has torn from
surrounding nations. She is a
patchwork of filched and unamalgamated materials..." 12/
"Her frontier provinces are filled w injured, discontented, hostile populations, whom, being unable to reconcile to her rule, she has, endeavoured ... to crush; & many of whom wait, ... the blessed day of emancipation & revenge..." In 1856 Russia lost the Crimean War 13/13
"till a free Press be permitted in Russia & encouraged to unveil and denounce abuses; till the rights & feelings of annexed territories be habitually respected, we do not think that Russia need henceforth be considered as formidable for aggression. She has been unmasked." 14/13 ImageImageImage

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Sep 17
"Russian forces terrorized residents throughout their six-month occupation of Izyum, a strategic hub in northeast Ukraine, with witnesses and victims this week recounting the torture, killings and forced disappearances that soldiers carried out..." Wash Post 🧵- 1/
"Officials said they had quickly identified signs of torture on some of the corpses. At least one had a rope around his neck.
"Bucha, Mariupol, now, unfortunately, Izyum. Russia leaves death everywhere," said President Z on Friday..." 2/
"100 investigators stoically dug up the graves — each marked with a simple wooden cross & number — & took notes on condition of the decomposing bodies, measuring them & searching for identifying details. Stench of death filled the air, & booms echoed as 🇺🇦 forces demined..." 3/
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Sep 16
"Kadyrov's initiative was also welcomed by former Ruschist Occupier in Ukraine Ihor Girkin.
"Well, thank God! At least someone has dared to call on the Russian authorities to start working instead of the Ministry of Defence..." 1/6
"After all, it is already clear that the ministry has not coped with the recruitment of reinforcements. And - therefore, - most likely will not cope with mobilisation either."
"Perfect. Not only Prigozhin and Kadyrov, but also [Russian] regions will have private armies. Cracks went through the body of the empire," says popular Twitter user Val Michel." 3/6
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Sep 16
Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov gave an algorithm of action for the traitors of Melitopol.

"After the de-occupation of the Kharkiv region, the SBU detained 16 collaborators and found lists of all officials of the occupation administrations." 1/6
"The Security Service of Ukraine continues large-scale stabilization measures in the frontline areas of eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian courts have already issued 75 sentences with real prison terms of 10 years or more with confiscation of property against collaborators." 2/
"The mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov notes that the Melitopol collaborators have two ways of developing the events of their future fate:👇

- Either poverty on the periphery of "dirty" Russia, or the opportunity to stay in European Ukraine." 3/
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Sep 16
"In Melitopol, an FSB officer selected a state-owned enterprise for more than 10 years he lived in a hospitable Melitopol, rubbed confidence in famous politicians and businessmen, created a family and worked for the FSB all this time..." 1/
"Lukoyanov was the head of the successful group of companies Melitopol Cherry. In parallel, Lukoyanov actively promoted the projects of his wife Aksana Vlasenko “The Most Beautiful Women of Melitopol” and an exhibition of paintings by his wife..." 2/
The now exposed FSB officer created cover in Melitopol by pretending to have a drink problem, and retiring from a state owned enterprise with this "adieu" on Facebook: 3/
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Sep 16
"Nezavisimaya Gazeta: "the leaders will demonstrate that they will not yield to Washington's pressure". "Xi does not want Russia's weakening and is unwilling for pro-Western leadership to emerge in Moscow because of changes in combat actions," it added. 1/8
"Ruschist Defence Ministry announced that Ruschist & Chinese navies are holding joint patrols in the Pacific & will carry out exercises involving artillery & helicopters."

What could possibly go wrong?

Hint: Muscovy shot down its own helicopter in Enerhodar last week. 2/8
Ukraine war disinfo vectors in Ruschist media yesterday:
- False accusations by Muscovy of Kyiv deliberately targeting vulnerable civilians & official claims of continuing successes on the battlefield were the lead story for Ruschist TV's main evening bulletins on 14 Sept. 3/
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Sep 16
“Do you know why we do this to you?” a Russian asked Paievska as he tortured her, she recounted to the commission. She told the panel her answer to him: “Because you can.” [Palievska said she cried when Prince Harry called. Ruschists' torturing her "no-one cares about 🇺🇦."] 1/7
"Before she was captured, Paievska had recorded more than 256 gigabytes of harrowing bodycam footage showing her team’s efforts to save the wounded in the cut-off city. She got the footage to AP journalists, the last international team in Mariupol, on a tiny data card." 2/7
"Torture sessions usually launched with their captors forcing the Ukrainian prisoners to remove their clothes, before the Russians set to bloodying and tormenting the detainees...prisoners in cells screaming for weeks, & then dying from the torture without any medical help." 3/7
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