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This is it! Explosive!! 🤯👇👇

This is the true story of the men who recruited Schwab via a CIA funded course & who were the REAL driving force behind the creation of the WEF.

Klaus Schwab: or How the CFR Taught Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb…
Welcome to a Swabian Thread:

For those who wish to begin understanding the real life & rise to power of Klaus Schwab, it is best to start at the beginning.

Schwab Family Values takes you forward from the 1870s & through Schwabs formative years.…
Klaus Schwab’s father was a man named Eugen Schwab. He worked for a ‘Model Nazi Company’ called Escher Wyss and managed the companies Ravensberg factory.

Schwab’s Nazi factory made large turbines for the secret Nazi heavy water-based atomic bomb project.

In the early 1960s, Eugen Schwab would tell his son Klaus that to really succeed he’d have to study at Harvard, amongst the people who were focused on the Cold War threat of thermonuclear war & deterrence.

Klaus would leave for Harvard in 1965.…
Klaus wouldn’t take a specific course at Harvard, instead he was invited to be a participant in Henry A Kissinger’s “International Seminar” which had been set up by CFR grandee William Yandell Elliott & received $146.00 in funding from the CIA.…
Schwab was soon noticed & recruited by Kissinger, who would introduce Schwab to two other very powerful US political advisors who’d help Schwab create the World Economic Forum.

The first of these men was a CFR member named John Kenneth Galbraith.

Galbraith was professor to JFK, had married a lady who’d lived with Hitlers girlfriend, & went to Germany in 1938 to study land policies under Hitler.

As WWII ended, Galbraith would be sent back to Germany to interrogate Albert Speer, one of the highest ranking Nazi officials. Image
Later, Galbraith served under Kennedy, even drafting the Johnson 1st speech after JFKs assassination.

By the late 60s, Galbraith had joined forces with Kissinger. Galbraith would travel to Europe to help Schwab recruit for the 1st Davos.

He was the WEF’s 1st key note speaker. Image
The 2nd man who Kissinger introduced to Schwab was Herman Kahn, often described as the real Dr Strangelove.

Herman Kahn’s Hudson Institute had been working on thermonuclear disaster planning and mapping out the potential political repercussions from using nuclear deterrence. Image
In 1961, Herman Kahn would produce his seminal work, ‘On Thermonuclear War’ which would, a few years later, be parodied in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove.

By 1966, Kahn was working for the state department and predicting the future of technology.

In 1967, Kahn would produce, The Year 2000, which would successfully predict most of the major technological advancements we would see today.

Although not all the predicted tech was actually achieved by the millennium, the document is still proving to be accurate today.

Kahn would be introduced to Schwab around the same time as he was writing this document.

Schwab would spend the rest of his life trying to make Kahn’s predictions reality, irrelevant of any potential dangers, or even the many warnings from Kahn himself.…
Alongside ‘The Year 2000’, Kahn would produce another ancillary document which would map out how to achieve the future he’d envisioned.

In this document, Kahn would map out what would essentially become the WEF Young Global Leader program, but in 1967.…
Herman Kahn would travel to Europe with Galbraith to help sell the WEF project (initially called the European Management Symposium) to prospective partners.

He’d be one of the draws of the 1st Davos and would watch Galbraith give the 1st keynote address.…
When Schwab left Harvard in 1967, he would be contacted by Peter Schmidheiny of Escher-Wyss, Schwab’s fathers old Nazi Model Company.

He would easily convince Schwab to help him with a major merger between Sulzer & Escher-Wyss to create Sulzer AG.…
The company Schwab created would also aid the South African Apartheid regime in their illegal thermonuclear bomb program.

Yes, like father, like son. Both Schwab’s would help genocidal racist regimes to try to gain atomic & nuclear weapons.…
After the launch of the forum in 1971, & due to the support of Kissinger, Kahn & Galbraith, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum was up & running. But the forum would stall in its 2nd year.

So, for the 3rd Davos, Klaus Schwab would get Malthusian.…
In 1973, Aurellio Peccei head of the Club of Rome would promote their 1972 report “The Limits to Growth” as Schwab’s chosen keynote speaker.

Peccei’s Davos speech suggested using climate change to control public opinion & declared human beings themselves to be the new enemy. Image

• • •

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Jun 23, 2023
It begins! 👇

One man connects Watergate, Kent State Massacre, MLK, Letelier, Wounded Knee, Iran Contra, the October Surprise & the case against Epstein.

Welcome to The Pottinger Identity: The Road to the Takedown of Jeffrey Epstein by @JohnnyVedmore…
The Pottinger series is a NEWSPASTE Original which will explore the history of one of the most prominent lawyers involved in the case against Jeffrey Epstein.

Each article will also be accompanied by a NEWSHOUND which will explore the source material.…
John Pottinger Sr. was an insurance man, Scottish Rites - 32nd degree plus Freemason, a Bohemian Grover & a City Commissioner in Dayton, Oh.

He died in 1958 shortly after sailing to the Soviet Union with his son J. Stanley Pottinger, who later gave lectures about the experience.
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Apr 22, 2023
Thread on trans-rights:

When I was 9, I began being groomed by a prolific pedophile. He was evil. His name was Paul Levanchy & he befriended my dad via the @Sealed_Knot.

After a few years, I was terrified on a daily basis that he’d rape me, as he had described to me in detail.
I went to my mum & I told her.

Soon the police were involved. I was offered zero support. Instead, I was taken to be interviewed in a facility that was obviously designed for younger children.

I was told that while I had been too scared to speak, he had molested a 3 year old.
I was 11 & I felt very guilty about not saying anything beforehand. I felt entirely responsible for what happened to that little kid, I still do.

With the evidence I gave & that of the kid, he was convicted & the judge gave him a suspended sentence & a fine.

I again felt alone.
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Jan 13, 2023
Thread incoming!!! 👇

As Kissinger's International Seminar was revealed to be a CIA-funded program, the elites of the CFR hatched a plan to create a new way to train young global leaders.

Welcome to Guido Goldman, the CFR & the German Marshall Fund.…
The Harvard-based German Marshall Fund was created by a CIA-linked Kissinger protégé named Guido Goldman.

Goldman was the son of Nahum Goldmann, one of histories most influential Zionist leaders who helped create the modern state of Israel.… Image
The Goldmann household was a thoroughfare for the elites. Former 1st Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Samuel Bronfman, & Israel's first president Chaim Weizmann were a regular visitors.

In fact, Kissinger's mother, Paula, was employed by the Goldmanns to ensure the food was Kosha. ImageImage
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Nov 28, 2022
@artisbrutal2021 @Math_Maticz @danielhopsicker This is all pretty lame. It shows nothing but desperation to find something that isn’t there. Someone claimed he was an OSS operative, even though he hadn’t been born when the OSS disbanded. Some say he created the Great Gatsby, but it’s not true.

He’s actually seriously boring.
@artisbrutal2021 @Math_Maticz @danielhopsicker I mean, not just a little boring, he’s Captain Snooztacular.

I was told Kirby managed to find that one of Whitney’s ancestors lived in Ohio in the mid-1800s! Oh my God!! The horror!

He worked for a bank, so he created the Federal Reserve even though that happened 50years later!
@artisbrutal2021 @Math_Maticz @danielhopsicker What you guys are doing all screams of desperation. I go through ancestry like the boss. I’ve uncovered Bill Gates ancestors and Klaus Schwab’s as well as a few others. When there’s something big to find it’s there, when there’s nothing, there’s nothing.

You got a nothingburger.
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Sep 18, 2022
I’m in The Greatest Reset alongside some truly inspiring people. Watch it free at I’ll post a few clips to wet your whistles!

In this clip @_whitneywebb & @RobertKennedyJr speak about the Dark Winter simulation & the infamous Anthrax letters.

Here I talk about Klaus Schwab’s father, Eugen Schwab, who was the Managing Director of the Ravensberg Escher Wyss factory during WWII.

Schwab’s Model Nazi Company manufactured flamethrowers, submarine parts & equipment for enriching uranium to aid the Nazi atomic bomb program.
Here, I discuss the Club of Rome & their Malthusian agenda. They formed 3 years before the creation of the WEF & soon aligned themselves with Schwab’s organisation.

Their early computer modelling predicted the end of civilised society by 2040 unless we reduce the population.
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Aug 29, 2022
Welcome to the 3rd in my series on the rise of Schwab:

The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders Program

The 1st two articles are on UnlimitedHangout with links in the thread that'll follow.…
The WEF's Young Global Leaders program is actually an almost exact replica of Henry Kissinger’s International Seminar that was originally run out of Harvard & was funded by the CIA.

But Kissinger also played a key role in the creation of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders itself. Image
Catch up: Klaus Schwab was trained via a CIA funded Harvard program known as Kissinger’s International Seminar.

A 1967 Humphrey Doermann report revealed the seminar recieved funding from The Farfield Foundation, The Asian Foundation & The American Friends of the Middle East. Image
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