Finally got around to watching #MythicQuest. Apple+ Workplace sitcom set in the gaming industry (Ubisoft is one of the producers) created by 3 of the Always Sunny team.

First observation, hehe, Rob & Charlie have gotten soft. This show has emotions and all. I get it. I get it.
They started #AlwaysSunny in their mid 20s and in the mid 2000s when their personal comedic lens, as was the mood of the times then, was about dark soulless comedy where everyone is an asshole. Seinfeld, Curb, UK Office, Extras. South Park. Family Guy. You remember that time?
While Always Sunny still lives in that dark universe in terms of who the characters are and remain, it has kind of followed the phases of the creators' life cycles and personal growths, if you know what I mean. Dennis still keeps that seething anger alive. But overall, iykyk.
But this is clearly a show made by Rob and Charlie in their 40s, happily married in real life to Sweet Dee and the Waitress. Cos #MythicQuest has more of a warm US Office or Parks and Rec feel to it than an Always Sunny feel. And I'm not complaining. It's a nice new world.
Aside. Charlie and the Waitress has to be the longest running inside joke on TV, huh? They've been a real life couple for years before Always Sunny started. And yet they are the comedic poster couple of unrequited love 😂😂.
Of course, how can I talk #MythicQuest without mentioning @dannypudi whom, I noticed, they gave the accurate ethnic background - Indian-Polish. Not Arab like in Community. And a character that feels like one of the Abeds from the historic dice roll. Love it!

• • •

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Mar 15
A lesson for India from very recent US history on how treating unusual bigotry by the powerful in localized settings as "just politics" can have devastating consequences for the entire polity.

In Dec 2015, a couple in California killed 14 innocent civilians using assault rifles.
Americans kill innocent civilians with guns on a regular basis. What made this attack stand out was that the couple were Muslim immigrants "self-radicalized" and acting as part of the ISIS methodology of independent attacks on soft targets.

It was a "terrorist attack" for sure.
But in the grand scheme of things, in the overall context, while ISIS was still rampant, the tragic incident, while very tragic, was no 9/11, iykwim.

FBI etc were on it already.

But in the grand scheme of things, it was treated as something sad and serious but still, you know.
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Mar 15
Oooh one more thread to flesh out bits of lecture script for this prep. Let's see if this analogy works.

What is the difference between Marketing & Propaganda? Forget dictionary definitions. Let's think of analogies, even if a bit flawed. Consider a knife. What is a knife?
A knife is used by billions everyday for everything from feeding people to killing people. I've never used a knife for anything other than cooking, some crafts, and opening those damn unopenable hard plastic cases stuff comes in, you know those (joke break on opening packages).
Similarly, I've never used my marketing knowledge or skills in any way to deceive people or sell them a bad product or take advantage of them.

So think of marketing as a knife in general. Mostly used for good. Overwhelmingly. In every kitchen on the planet, everyday.
Read 7 tweets
Mar 15
Was discussing this recently with a student after class. How Netflix & Prime, 2 cos who very much lean progressive in terms of content production and promotion in the US, have become very "neutral" in India in recent years. Clearly a strategic choice. Kinda understandable.
You have to remember that Netflix, Amazon, are at the end of the day, publicly traded companies mainly making their money in the US.

And the biggest difference between the US & India is that the most lucrative customer segments are all heavily progressive. It's where big $ are.
In India, the most lucrative customer segments lean conservative.

Netflix isn't some social justice warrior in the US. It sees in its data that it makes more sense for it in the short term and the medium term and the long term to be more progressive, more diverse, not less.
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Mar 15
"The Birth of a Nation is not a bad film because it argues for evil. Like Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will, it is a great film that argues for evil. To understand how it does so is to learn a great deal about film, and even something about evil." said Roger Ebert once.
The sanghi propaganda films we are getting so far are all badly made films arguing for evil. Has been opportunists trying to jumpstart their careers and make some money in this hate wave.

What I'm saying is, the best made evil films are yet to come from Bollywood. 😳😳
Btw, D.W.Griffith remained indignantly unapologetic about his film though it revived and influenced the KKK, right down to their most visible stunt. The original Klan didn't burn crosses. The movie showed it. And then the Klan started burning crosses.

But DWG denied being racist
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Mar 15
The more I read of the Karnataka hijab verdict, the more I can't even .... wow... the details make it even worse, if you can imagine.
It's like they not just delivered the main verdict but have also planted a lot of sections to be used by lawyers in the future arguing in court on behalf of more such Muslim targeting rules and laws. This is the Nuremberg Laws phase.
Of course this should go to the Supreme Court but I don't have much hope. That this even is a court case shows how deep the rot has set. That it even was a rule shows how deep the rot has set. It is offensive and demoralizing on every level, from Indian to human to educator.
Read 26 tweets
Mar 14
You know, I realized that no show has been in my regular "rewatch after a long day to laugh and unwind" lineup as regularly and as long as #AlwaysSunny! Shows will drop in and out of rotation but #AlwaysSunny is always there in the recently watched since like 2008!
Other frequent rewatch fodder that slips in and out of rotation:
Yes Minister
Fawlty Towers
Parks and Rec
Party Down
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Arrested Development
IT Crowd
Fresh Prince
Of course, #AlwaysSunny has run for way more seasons than all these shows (tho Frasier and Cheers have more total episodes). And somehow they have aged more gracefully comedically than Larry David who is still stuck in 2010. I will still rewatch Curb. But Sunny holds up better.
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