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I turned $1650 into $300k.

You can do it too.

Here's how ↓
5 years ago I paid $1650 to learn Hollywood's storytelling framework.

I sat on it for 2 years.

I used it to make over $300k in 2 years — working 4-6 hours per day (not at first).

This is more money and fewer hours than most doctors.

You can do it too.
Here's what you'll need:

•A whiteboard app (like @MiroHQ)
•A content framework (linked at the bottom)
•A basic understanding of sales (old thread linked at the bottom).
@MiroHQ Here's what you DON'T need:

•An audience (good to have but not the fastest path to cash)
•A website — like the one I had but no one cared. So now it's a half-done demo.
@MiroHQ Step 1. Find a Facebook group with at least 2000 members.

This group should have people who:

•Run businesses
•Have websites
•Have money

And it helps if you like these people.
@MiroHQ We're going to offer free landing page feedback. Why?

Because it easily leads to more in-depth projects.
@MiroHQ I tried this in 7 different groups.

•House cleaning
•Agencies (x2)

All over the course of a year.
@MiroHQ It worked in one of the agency groups and the SaaS group.

Worth noting that these were paid communities.
@MiroHQ Step 2. Create a post like this one:
@MiroHQ Step 3. Get to work.

Capture each landing page into Miro.

And check them against the framework (linked at the bottom).

I hand-wrote the feedback - but you can type.

Here's an example.
@MiroHQ I did 23 of these in the SaaS group.

Less in the agency group.

If they like the feedback you should ask for a referral — not a sale.

I only got on calls with people who asked for one.
@MiroHQ Otherwise — things worked out differently between the two Fb groups.

For the content agency — it took about 2 weeks to get a paying client.
@MiroHQ I have a history in sales — so I was able to pull a rate (or terms) that I was ok with.

If you're not comfy with selling — take whatever they offer and build up from there.

@MiroHQ Never take a per-word project.

Ok? Ok.

And I linked an old sales thread below for you to learn how to think about sales.
@MiroHQ The paid projects were:

•Entire website rewrites
•Case studies
•Onboarding flows
•Retention strats

Anything at the point of sale and post-sale.
@MiroHQ At first they considered me a "content designer" — focused more on clear messaging than on conversion tactics.

Now I work with a few agencies as a copy editor.

Once I delivered good work for one — I was "in the pool" for a handful of others.
@MiroHQ As for the SaaS group — it took a week to get the first paid.

The Fb post was ongoing.

And I stayed committed to finishing the free feedback.

So these were looong days.
@MiroHQ This was a private Trends Facebook group by @TheHustle.

After @HubSpot acquired them — they shut the SaaS group down.

@MiroHQ @TheHustle @HubSpot I was offered a tiny feature in the Trends newsletter.

I bombed the call because I wasn't prepared for it.

Sam himself (the founder) had to clean it up. But that made it seem like more of an endorsement.

And it led to being booked for months.
@MiroHQ @TheHustle @HubSpot Worth noting:

The 2 best clients from this group had a suite of products. Not just one.
@MiroHQ @TheHustle @HubSpot They also had email lists.

I learned to write sales pages.

And not only did these guys pay the most — but they were easiest to work with.
@MiroHQ @TheHustle @HubSpot There were learning curves.

I worked 12 hour days with the agencies for the first 2 months.

And around the same with clients from the SaaS group.

Then I settled into a 4-6 hour day across the board. 4 to 5 days a week.
@MiroHQ @TheHustle @HubSpot This won't happen to you the same way.

But it'll work if you work it.

Links ↓
@MiroHQ @TheHustle @HubSpot I used the Storybrand framework for the landing page feedback.

@MiroHQ @TheHustle @HubSpot I used the Hollywood framework to deliver the work. Less simple but more firepower.

(And swiped sales pages to learn how to craft offers.)

@MiroHQ @TheHustle @HubSpot TLDR — Turn $1650 into $300k in 2 years:

•Give free samples (NOT entire projects)
•Ask for referrals (not sales)
•Make offers to the referrals

Generosity is the ultimate zero-to-one strategy.

That's the thread.

And listen...
@MiroHQ @TheHustle @HubSpot The demand for copywriters is high right now.

This thread will be the only chance some of your followers have for a come-up.

Again — generosity is the ultimate zero-to-one strategy.

So retweet the first tweet to lend them (and me) a hand. ↓

• • •

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