“What has Russia done to Finland in the last 30 years?” I will answer this question in earnest now to hopefully get people to understand why a Finnish patriot would oppose Russia today. @LatinxPutler 1/14
Firstly, the framing that Russia’s relationship with Finland changed fundamentally with the fall of the USSR is wrong. USSR’s influence in Finland didn’t end because there was never any Lustration here. 2
FINLANDIZATION: To borrow a phrase, Finlandization was the wokeness of its time. It was communist self-flagellation that steered our politicians, academia, media etc., & suppressed the real right wing during the cold war, and continues to influence Finnish politics to this day. ImageImage
LOBBYING: Many Finnish politicians are still in Russia’s pocket through business deals and are rewarded by the Russian state for their actions. These are not fringe figures but mainstream politicians and ex-presidents in parties like SDP and the Centre Party. 4 Image
They also continued to advocate for pacifist policies. President Tarja Halonen, a rumored ex-Stasi agent, worked for Russia’s benefit by removing land mines from the Finnish border and tried to convince the Baltic States not to join NATO. 5 ImageImage
Halonen and some other Finlandized leftists have been some of the most vocal advocates for gay rights, immigration and all sorts of anti-Finnish politics even if the fake, europhile, right wing also deserves blame for these things. 6 Image
NIGGERS: When the USSR fell, Russia sent thousands of Somalis (that had gotten there as a product of co-operation with the Somalian communist government) through its borders to Finland. The Finlandized government could have deported them but didn’t. 7 ImageImage
Putin let the same thing happen during the 2015 migrant wave. While “only” 2000 came through (compared to 20k that came through Sweden), this could be seen as the same hybrid war tactic that Lukashenka used against Belarus and Poland in 2021. 8 ImageImage
ANTI-FINNISH MESSAGING: In recent years there has been a campaign in Russia to highlight Finnish war crimes during WW2 and a narrative of an anti-Russian genocide has been crafted through movies, museums and revisionist research. 9 ImageImage
Russia spreads historical narratives that delegitimize Finnish statehood in the same manner they have done with Ukraine which makes us suspicious of its intentions. Russian media has also demonized Finland in other ways such as by accusing it of kidnapping Russian children. 9 ImageImageImage
MILITARY THREAT: Russia frequently violates its Neighbours' airspace, conducts exercises near its borders as a show of force. This is standard stuff but when coupled with its willingness to use its army in other countries and overt diplomatic threats, it sends a clear message. Image
RUSSIAN LANDOWNERSHIP IN FINLAND: many Russian oligarchs have bought land near military installations, electric grids and other strategic places. There have been criminal investigations and this has raised suspicion in the Finnish public. 11 Image
INB4 “WHAT ABOUT USA/EU? Aren’t they doing the same things to Finland too?” Yes, they are also working to destroy the remains of our sovereignty but that doesn’t make Russia my ally if they are doing the same thing. 12
To me, the anti-Russian sentiment that has risen has been a positive change. It is a “Drain the swamp” moment where Finlandization is being questioned. It has led to discourse about lustration, autarchy, national defense at the expense of leftist pacifism and gayness. 13
The only selling point that you have for 🇷🇺 is that they are less gay and not multikulti in the same way the west is. But there are no guarantees that 🇷🇺 would want conservative nationalists to run Finland as they have had better success with the pozzed center-left in the past.

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