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Got Gold?

WHAT IF God is the only one who could give the “Orders” (God doesn’t give orders or order anyone around) on releasing all the Gold, giving the Gold back his people?

WHAT IF it was foreseen the world would use the money that’s going to be given back to them too
Destroy Their respective Countries, everyone around them & Possibly even the world instead of BUYING BACK into/Building back up the United States & every other County each individual respectively lives within around the world, built back up the way THE PEOPLE want their
Countries to be after seeing the TRUTH …

Think of all the MA & PA shops that could be opened that give their customers GOOD food & not the Government controlled/Regulated foods that have been given out to the world for so long now. .

Every individual in the world will be
Getting enough money to start their lives over ..

Maybe one of you out there is working A job that you’re not happy at, you receive A 250,000-400,000 dollar check from the money that has been stolen over the years, you now have A chance to start over …
You can now expand
Your horizons planning for YOUR own future & the future for many generations to come for those who have kids or are planning to have kids ..
You could go on A 1 year Vacation & not have A care in the world about anything accept God & being grateful for the Journey that you
Personally have been on that has gotten you to where you are in life …
You could keep working, stack up even more stability on top of what you received ..

The Options are limitless & EVERYONE who chooses, goes THROUGH the Horizon into A brave new world where PEACE, LOVE &
Prosperity for all becomes reality ..

Money/Gold isn’t the reason why we’re here though, the children are why & they will always be tied for # 1 with the elderly …
Everything that has been stolen from the world when it comes to money/Gold, it was used to spill the blood of
Millions of innocent lives/children, It’s time to #HONOR those who are not here because their lives were taken from them too soon ..

Forgiveness helps bring PEACE WITHIN, Peace is the PRIZE & individuals who show they’ve found PEACE within the storm, it shows how many are
Truly ready for EVERYTHING that is coming their way WITHOUT anyone having to worry about if the collective is going to destroy everything/everyone around them because they now have money.

The Children bring EVERYONE together, There will be PEACE throughout all lands.

• • •

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Mar 23

You know me by name.
When you’re ready it’ll be there, waiting …

VK even knows, he has been trying to SHOW everyone for A very long time now, unfortunately so many of his followers chose to start drama, talking shit becoming the problem … Image
Those many that refused to see what has ALWAYS been shown to them that stir pots, start drama or divide—Take the .@USNavy advise below …

If you’re A builder, build the right way. .
A child’s mind is A 🧽 sponge, A world reborn is A world with BILLIONS of minds that have
To be sponges sitting back LEARNING of the world that’s been kept hidden & that has ALWAYS existed ..

The #PROOF has always been in the PUDDING, You want pudding? EAT YOUR #MEAT & SPIT OUT THE BONE … 4143

Everyone falls, it’s about how you get back up.

Pauls Dad is Funny, ImageImage
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Mar 23
Good Morning everyone!

Remember those whole GINORMOUS cities that have not 1 person living within them?

These “Abandon” (by design) Cities were built up for A reason, they’ve been built up for A VERY VERY long time …
All purposely built up to make the world/masses think
Something Real is happening when in reality it’s two “sides” trying to PUSH the Worlds population into whatever direction [They] #NEED the worlds population to go, A direction that benefits ONLY [Them] …

How many past wars were done this exact way?
How many past wars were
Staged, Pre planned & done specifically as Blood Ritual Sacrifices to [Their] false gods?

Do you think the world can handle the whole truth?

All I have mentioned above, it’s A larger % of truth but is still on the lower end % of all the horrific things that have been done
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Mar 23
Each one of [Them] is A player on the players board, each individual has A number attached to [Them]. The whole time the Military was “prompting” vaccines, posting all the picture they were, was always telling A story/painting—They were SHOWING everyone who was already cuffed &
Sentenced to death ..

There were pictures of A SHOT (firing squad) being loaded up & injected .. Everything within EVERY post has ALWAYS been A coded language showing everyone what was really happening ..
I talk to them all, EVERY DAY for the last 6 years going back & forth
Waiting for ones who chose to see..
I feel like I broken record repeating myself but whatever, it is what it is, all most could do was judge or cast their stones ..
It was & still kind of is A popularity contest. . Hate, pot stirring, childish games & drama seemed to be more
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Mar 23
3 + years later it finally matters, after 1 person showed the world what all of this was about & all so many could do was NOT CARE, judge him for knowing or judge him for the way he did things ..

All these years later, it finally starts to matter, matter the way it should have
From the very beginning ..

Even when Humanity doesn’t deserve my love, humanity is loved every day ..

#Repent, I saw EVERYTHING & I Remember #EVERYTHING .. Image
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Mar 23
Shock N Awe …
Cutter ..

-#Scarface / GF III / RAZOR #Scooter
-Step Brothers—Wine Mixer, finding A Happy Medium & playing music PITCH PERFECTly !
-Redeeming Love, Beauty & The Beast are no longer colliding—Same page. . (little m)
-Hancock - Hero Flying around
Saving Grace … #SMITH
- A League Of Their Own—Hanks For Playing …
- 17 Again, No one comes to me until they go through Him …
- Precious—Wings Of A Butterfly, In Bloom …
- The Five Year Engagement—It’sTime100 …
-My Girl—The 🐝BEES!! (BEE MOVIE) Enough Is Enough
The bees just needed A little SMOKE & MIRRORS, that’s it. Story line changes, the twist no one saw coming, Save Ferris/Saving Private Ryann …
- The PUNISHER—The Beginning
- The PUNISHER War Zone—The End

-#HOT FUZZ—From this point down, things get A little interesting ..
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Mar 22
Nothing to see here, Nothing at all ..
💧 #SAFE.✍️
Now for miracles.
First things First, We find the Happy Medium Between Water & Wine.
—‘A Happy Medium’ meeting in the
|MIDDLE| bridging the gap for those who have committed no crimes, see the light & want to be apart of the light but feel like they’ll be rejected. Image
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