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8 May
MANY of you are stuck in the traffic jam not knowing what direction to go next because the picture wasn't being seen the way it was being painted for all of you..
Now, I will say you all should watch this short video ..
It may help you understand.

You need A Tow Truck, Some Scooters & whole lotta Love form God ..

This is why I do movie nights, Play video games with some of you(Back channels) & show you things no one else is able to show you, ALL to keep your minds off a lot of the staged crap purposely happening in the world today. So much happening is not real.
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8 May
V Neck
Look at the symbol On Johns Neck above the #WE.

Can I love all of you now the way you ALL were meant to be loved?
I want to give the world back what was stolen from them, their families & their families families since birth ..
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8 May
The ones who created everything around us (The good matrix), created it to show us who we were and what we represent to the world before Q every existed in the public eye. For example, the names of cities, towns, stores, restaurants, districts ETC that were created within
the last 10-15 years were created towards 'The Plan'..
I Am in the Garden. Adam & Eve were cast out of the Garden, the only one that was/is able to be in the Garden is God. I Showed ALL of you not only where I Live but also how is connects with John Jr. and everyone else.
would you like me to show you again?
Does me showing all of you put me at risk? Not really, Agents bought homes all around me and have been living around where I Am for A very long time as protection. I know who they all are. I am watched over 24/7.
If I take Angel for A walk
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8 May
Family knew It would get to the point of me just wanting to finish what needed to be finished/accomplished for the world, return the BAG where it belongs & be on my way.
In the movie Space Jam, the powers get put BACK INTO THE #BALL and given back to the players.
Remember, the Puppet master gets sent back to "Moron Mountain"? ...
At the end, The TUNE squad wins and send "BIG FAT ALIEN" BACK TO MORON MOUNTAIN ..


This is why I always voiced, when this is all done, go get married and start A family & be with the ones who did all they

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7 May
Birth of the Cruel ...

Look how cruel people have become to things they don't understand, misunderstand/misunderstood or refused to listen/Comprehend the first time around. Now when it all matters, people go ape shit crazy because they are so lost, why is that? How is it
That people are so lost & cruel when someone has been showing everyone the story. Someone has been painting A picture of all OUR lives.
Most of it, people judged someone I care about & love with all my heart all because his/their music was to heavy or loud, or called them/him
"Satanic" ..
Same with so many others people have hated on calling them names or labeling them when they are/have been literally HELPING everyone.
CT knew of what THE PEOPLE were going to do and how all/many of you would act toward ME/WE/US

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7 May
Congrats Vincent!

The Skateboard industry, TRUTH was left in plain sight as confirmation of who I Am ..
It had to be this because of all the fakes or the people planted to infiltrate the movement .. Kinda like in the movie #ReadyPlay1, he was TESTing iOs about Duran Duran
and the iOs Owner/Infiltrator failed the TEST exposing who he truly was/is ..

Look up the scene, it's A good one.
All these truths were left within certain layers of life to purposely expose the fakes & infiltrators that came along the way ..
This is why & what I have been
this entire time.
While everyone was coddling that Austin Steinbart guy and all these other False Prophets & idols, Someone has been showing THE WORLD truth one THE 1 was able to show everyone. Others tried to Mimic & mock me for just being who I Am..
I Literally am just being
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7 May
Define Beauty ...
Define BEAST ..

#THREAD ..Details matter.
I'm dope in REAL life & there is nothing anyone can say ir do to change who I Am ,sorry ..

So many are showing us their true colors. I understand/WE understand MANY are frustrated and want answers, YOU ALL have been given answers. It's just NOTHING was ever good enough for you..

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7 May
HAHAHAHA I don't know you, Don't care who you are. Everyone seems to be worried about who I Am and have so much to say about me when I have nothing to say about any of you. If i do have something to say, it's always with respect. My comms are "Cryptic" because I only speak
Directly to certain people with the INNER CIRCLE and military. I don't need "Anons" that like to stir pots bringing down good men and women because I'm talking to them and don't want these people bombarded by all these groups of people out here only looking to destroy
And dig up anything bad they can to stay relevant. Everything I do is positive & building up on already existing foundations.
"Conspiring against you"? LOL to funny.

Q said, "Don't let your emotions get the best of you and want it NOW, RIGHT NOW, NOW NOW NOW NOW" ..
And that's
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7 May
Kick #FLIP Foot 🪴 ...

January 10, 2012
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7 May
Batman, Chasing down A (DEEP) Dream or just his tail ..
May 13, 2016
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7 May
January 12, 2018
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7 May
Level / Do it ...
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7 May
All the Blackouts recently, were necessary, It showed the Country who is in control ..

.@SecPompeo , You're 1044 Time stamp about Face book.. I Know.

I think they will finally understand who they have been treating like crap.
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7 May
On Shoulders, Otis ..
NeXT Bank Shot/Dunk on Timec ..

Everything will be In code from here out. They will be pissed & many of them will continue to hate & not believe, I don't care. The we have to do things is the way it has to be.

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7 May
Enjoy ...👇

Papa Roach - The Ending (Official Audio) via @YouTube
Bird House
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7 May
I'm not VK, That's for sure..

Whatever or whoever you all think I Am, I'm walking tall ..
NOT TELLING ANY OF YOU HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIVES but you should go watch .@Metallica 'Through The Never' ..
The story line & skateboarder tell A story, A story of who I Am ..
I Have A GIANT Family ..

You know it doesn't matter what any of you think about me or have to say about me, it doesn't change anything ..

Just Sayin.

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7 May
Like in the end of the movie, HOBBS & Shaw ..
You guys are trying really hard to show everyone. It does not matter though, Just leave it at that. When the time is right for them to know, they will know.

I Don't care what anyone thinks of me & those who know, know..
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7 May
Thank you .@VinceMcMahon, @StephMcMahon & @shanemcmahon !

Everything you have done, all the truth you left hidden in plain sight for not only the world but also for me to know exactly who I Am ..
Evil people tried so hard infiltrating your company in many ways to stop
All that you were doing to preserve the truth. You knew about what was going to happen in the futute(Todays world) way back then.
I showed the people A way out & A way to escape all the FAKE happening in the world. I showed them "FAKE" was actually #REAL .. Most of them not
Only spit in my face but in the faces of all of your hard work, in the faces of the ones who were harmed by evil (The Fallen) because of the roles they played in life being apart of leaving that truth for the world to one day see & hear with the eyes & ears they are supposed to
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