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May 22 5 tweets 2 min read
I Hear You, All the silent
Screams …

May 21 25 tweets 6 min read

Don’t feed into any of it, “their” playbook is on repeat for A reason …
Decisions/Treaties have to be agreed upon between”nobody” & other individuals that makes this stop.
Just like the W.H.O. “News” that came out worded as it was, this is being set up/scripted pretty Much the same way. …

Pretty much the easiest way for me to explain for ALL to understand “scripted” is— “They” make A call to someone across the border saying, “send X amount of people over on this specific date & Tike so “nobody” sees & puts it all together”…
May 21 6 tweets 4 min read
Good Morning !
Have A Great Weekend everyone!

Reminder—The Sky is Blue & The SUN Shines for U …
Hi .@DanScavino, Moving on from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ too :
#ON 2(3)/25 Or 27

Order Undetermined As of now, will know 23(5)/26 for sure .. ImageImage Mystery Solved ImageImage
May 20 4 tweets 2 min read
It’s Time 102 / 201 • • GREEN—With A Paddle
- .@USNavy - ‘Speed’, The Bus• Getting Everyone off the Bus safely . .
- -
- - -
No One Is Sleeping Tonight Image
May 20 14 tweets 6 min read
This is [Them] trying to meet with “nobody” in the middle discussing A “Peace Treaty” … While also planning ahead for, if “nobody” were to say “F*** you” …

“Nobody” doesn’t want to say “F*** you”, because that would end up making it worse for everyone.

Peace is the Prize. [Their] only interest is trying to (protect in A way) look out for those who didn’t know about all the corruption taking place & look out for those who knew but couldn’t say anything/do anything about it.
All the families of those who chose corruption, they don’t deserve ANY
May 20 5 tweets 3 min read
As far as The Third Strain of #MonkeyPox, the cure can be found within Planet Of The Apes #OR CONGO …

If you should happen to come down with #SmallPox Strain Number 3, Find ‘Tarzan’ & ask him for help …
Tarzan is the only one who can/is allowed to Swing from Branch to Branch Within the Biblical Bloodline Tree of life …
Tarzan keeps the peace with ALL Biblical Bloodline Families on EVERY branch, including the TRUNK of the Tree …
Tarzan = Pure

May 20 9 tweets 5 min read
Strain Number 2 of #MonkeyPox is Called ‘See No Evil’ … 🙈

The only cure known to man for #MonkeyPox Strain Number 2 ‘See No Evil’ is, Find Kanes mask that was stolen from him & Return it …
There’s A CATCH though—To receive THE CURE from Caine one must bring him his Favorite ‘Dr. Seuss’ Book he was Apparently read too as A child every night before bedtime …
MANY have found THE MASK but failed at reading the Correct ‘Dr. Seuss’ Book …
Those who failed reading the correct Bedtime Story, ended up walking away with A nasty Scar, living the
May 20 6 tweets 3 min read
LADIES & GENTLEMAN of the world —I have come down with Strain Number 1 of #MonkeyPox.

The First Strain is called;
“Hear No Evil” 🙉

The only known Cure is within the DNA of A young boy who played the Board Game ‘Jumanji’ back in 1917, find the boy within ‘Jumanji’ & set him Free for the Cure of Strain Number 1 ‘Hear No Evil’ …

May 20 4 tweets 2 min read
The Storms coming shortly on the East Coast & Mid-West are not Man Made …

Lessons Will Be Learned & then Mercy Will be shown. .

Rain will Wash Away the Blood Staind Streets from humanities stupidity.
So much of what’s taken place over the last 3 years could have been Prevented If ones didn’t choose hate, placing their judgments or putting their false idols/distractions before the children …

I belong with LOVE & Refuse to be brought down to A level that keeps her & I further Apart.
The longer it takes humanity to figure it out & wake up,
May 20 4 tweets 2 min read
#SHIELD Your Energy with Insurance, doG …

An Actual Home, that feels like A Home. . Every Night …

The Hunters Become.
May 20 7 tweets 3 min read
.@YaOnlyLivvOnce—Just another BEAUTIFUL Coincidence, I Know …

Thanks for showing me how to live, means A LOT.

Gutter CD
May 20 5 tweets 3 min read
G00D Night, Love You!

Let me know when you have eyes on, Choose A date …

Peace Be With You!
May 19 15 tweets 7 min read
City ⭐️ On The Hill
These are the days of OUR LIFE . .

Starting to put it all together ?Whenever someone is set to pass, I show before they pass. Have been for A long time now with MANY. Connection right before cross over. Anytime I posts A Reaper, that’s usually what it means—someone is ready to Cross over. .
I have no choice but to see it all happen within my mind Over & over & over & over & over again since I was A young boy. .
Piecing it all together & understanding was tuff.
May 19 6 tweets 3 min read

100% On Point—The people will definitely THINK twice about the way they treat others once it takes place, .@USNavy ..

Noodles Will = Baked—Those who chose Haters/dividers & their “Opinions” will have A very hard time looking at them the same way as they have. Either they will choose to forgive or it will become another self inflicted obstacle for everyone collectively within these“factions” to overcome when they’re growing more frustrated & tired as the days go by..
What they should have done A long time ago is take 2 steps back—
May 19 20 tweets 7 min read
Just Remember, When [they] mock you—[They] & MANY of the people mocked “nobody” first…
-It only matters when it happens to someone important, I know.

When [they] spit on you, [they] & MANY of the people Spit on “Nobody” first.
-It only matters when it happens to someone Important, I know …

Humanity is at it’s crossroads, every choice EVERYONE collectively makes from this point forward determines whether there’s A future for ALL mankind & the children or just the children.

Is everyone going to collectively put on their BIG Boy/Girl pants
May 19 6 tweets 2 min read

Everyone is/has been telling /showing A “Nobody” story for YEARS now.
Putting their lives on the line/at risk for YOU the people, all so you know REALITY.
Even those ALL OF YOU look to within the movement for comms/proofs, they too have been showing so EVERYONE Would CALM DOWN.
You know what most chose to do when presented with A Way Out?
Do I have to remind again?

There was NEVER supposed to be A way out, everyone was supposed to EARN IT! Instead, everything was handed to the People just to fight the very ones “nobody” is trying to
May 19 8 tweets 3 min read
CGi Resident ON TV/Body Double = Not Real

“Nobody” in the shadows making sure everything is being made right = Real
Country = Distracted
Country Distracted = Has no clue
Who is the one REALly watching over them ..

“We Serve at the pleasure of the President” signed -DJT NOT President DJT.

It will take A very long time for this to sink in.
It’s probably better right now that 98% won’t be able to put it together or Believe.
If known, everyone would probably go nuts.
May 18 4 tweets 2 min read
🏠 🔮

#SHIELD That Energy
🪫 -/+🔋 Power Up ;)
May 18 27 tweets 12 min read
Good Question, WHY DO most people in this world choose to make fun/bully others who are different? …

Just look at the way people talk about 1 individual within this movement, an individual who has absolutely NOTHING negative to say about anyone else.
Crazy how that works,huh? All of it just PROVES #WHY this world is the way it is & #HOW it got to be as bad as it has ..

Think of all those individuals who have been SCREAMING/Crying out for help but their words were just ignored because ones were asleep or to afraid to talk about TRUTH because
May 18 5 tweets 3 min read
All Seeing
May 18 7 tweets 3 min read
The Rich become most peoples Gods for A little while longer, until they’re hauled off in cuffs because they were bad doing good, helping right the wrongs they helped create in the past.

#REAL Among everyone saw the way the whole Country/World acted, refusing to see clearly & Just wants to be left alone for awhile ..

It all boils down to the story of A Homeless man, that isn’t A homeless man, he only purposely smells & looks like A homeless man just to go buy A car.
“Homeless man” Walks into the dealership stinking up the place, looking at cars.