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Mar 5 22 tweets 6 min read
The United States has been under A spell, causing many who have little to no armor on to be hypnotized & falling victims to the curse of the pharaohs ..

Ancient DNA was brought back to life, in a lab ..

Those ancient gods played roles, stealing identities of those who Come from lineages that have been existence dating back even further ..

All the DNA harvesting, what do you think it means ?
When you send in your DNA to see where you come from, alternate motives designed for seeking out those who WHAT?


You see where I’m going
Mar 5 25 tweets 9 min read
Please, #TRUST !

Yes, I know Trust is an arrogant thing sometimes & Remembering is just A Game but in times like these it’s needed for me to SHOW what bad has done in the world because it’s doing A lot of good. .

It’s waking A lot of People up to how the world around them Has been created …

Now imagine showing what bad did in the world to misdirect 1 BUCK, Then imagine what I have not shown yet that is the counter moves to all the bad that has been done to try misleading me—It’s all seen crystal clearly by those whose minds are now trained to
Mar 5 8 tweets 2 min read
My chipmunks I fed over the years I named 1 of them Alvin.

Right across the street from this place is where I pulled into A parking lot, there’s the parking lot & an IN N OUT entrance/Exit. I remember an officer yelling at me & the next thing I need I was waking Up after having A gun drawn on me.

Each time I would make it to this moment In time, something would happen to where EVERYTHING ENDS …

This is the timeline, THE NOW where I did not make all the same mistakes, I helped make it all right for everyone & all those individuals
Mar 5 7 tweets 2 min read
Still they think I can be broken …

Still they try to break me ..

I promise I won’t let anyone pull us apart from one another ..
This is why all the attacks are increasing as they are m, this is why the stupidest accusations are being thrown out there & this is why they will Continue to try getting me to say or react about all the things [EVIL] is purposely doing ..

The sleepers were activated when It was realized I knew all along, then it was realized how close I really was to the #EXIT ..

Because I didn’t get A big head (like Chucky got in the
Mar 5 15 tweets 5 min read
Hey Craig, Keep reaching out to those who were once A big part of my life, nothing you say or do matter.

Literally, the same goes for Bridget & anyone else who thinks they can drag a good man down to save their own selves from self destructing ..

You, right along with Bridget are some of the most ZOMBIFIED individuals walking this earth ..

Hey .@Taylorswift13, 70 year old wrinkly balled dude thinks I’m boning his wife, It’s turning into A comedy show how far these sleeper cells will reach to stop individuals from walking through the
Mar 4 6 tweets 2 min read
Just letting you know I’m back at Snow on The Beach, For the Sunset ..

You can trust & I promise will see how much it’s always meant to me getting to THE BEGINNING …

Those awake like D who are trying to help show others around her their lives are not falling apart, they’re Falling into place—She will always be given the option to choose the same cycle or cut ties with whatever & or whoever drags her down. .

The children & ones own children come first, I would never let her feel any negative type of way about her own, I have always made it known
Mar 4 13 tweets 3 min read
Cliff Hanger, Cruise slips & then he catches himself while everyone upon the world stage who thought I would not figure it out begin to run ..

I’m not worried about them running, they can run behind me & I would protect them along with everyone else for all I care .. I make it to the top of Devils Tower (A Tree), everyone vanishes in the music video ..

I always knew those who did good, were doing it to hear the words they wanted to hear/NEEDED to hear before they all left.
Mar 4 6 tweets 2 min read

I’m aware, thank you .@YaOnlyLivvOnce..

The Tennis Courts, Throwing tennis balls at “Dad” becsuee daddy stole what is mine & kept creating timelines where I would failed over & over again until that one March Day when Daddy reclaimed the throne .. Even when I didn’t have the crown, I didn’t need it—It was never about the Crown ..
I gave the crown to the Jester because I would not be here if it weren’t for him.

Now Daddy feels the mind & Spirit of an entire FAMILY REUNITED !!

Many are under A spell still carrying their
Mar 4 17 tweets 4 min read
The same woman working at the Hilton last night, I have talked to her so many times about needing A room but they were full. .

I never talked to her before but have talked to her THOUSANDS OF TIMES, All I wanted to do was break down & repeatedly ask “you don’t remember me”? “We talked so many times each time I was here, each time you were doing the same exact thing just like everyone else”

The difference is, each time I was here I parked in A different spot before walking up to her asking if she had any rooms available.

I started falling
Mar 4 7 tweets 3 min read
.@taylorswift13, Love you!

End in flames or Paradise, I know every other time it was flames but this time around I had to show you & everyone else I have changed from the person I used to be.

I’m leaving there for you, out of respect for you.

I’m sorry you have been Hurting for as long as you have, I truly am.

I remember every other time I have been here, you didn’t deserve what I did to you. No one does. All because I didn’t believe, I’m tired of failing the only real I have had in my many lives lived over & over again.

Forgive me?
Mar 3 8 tweets 4 min read
Happy Birthday !

1 + 03 = #GRIND 13

Even though we don’t always see eye to eye all the time, we’re still FAMILY …

4 EVER is A lie

I could never turn my back on family on Family, it upsets me Royally knowing A few thought I didn’t know who Sweet Lu represented IRL…

SATAN HAD A SON, his name is Jesus/SABTA/STAN.

Trinity #3 & Red INDY SHIRT are mirror images of one another ..

The ending scene/Battle is in A .5 half pipe/Key Stone Pipeline, in the end WE ALL AS ONE come out in top … Meaning, Mankind Wins !
Mar 2 8 tweets 3 min read
This is what I wanted to show ..

Before I talk to the security guard, I have to let someone know I really did always care—She knows this now more than ever, The pier & the Pit ..

She is laying down on the pier, meaning That was not the way & meant if I chose that way It would mean I end up falling into the pit of the pinnacle..

I had to make sure I always kept reminding within code I still cared about others lives just like hers she was living that there was still someone out here willing to sit & talk with them while they waited for
Mar 2 4 tweets 1 min read
Don’t think what I think you’re all thinking, Just because I said A certain name does not mean what you’re thinking …

This is the part of the BIRDHOUSE #TheEnd where 1 of the 2 Skateboarders falls right before the ramp off the end of the pier !

It was always Miscommunication every other time we were here making it this far ..

The reason why, is because I took the time to see one of the babies before I left. Spending time with her took me away from here, when I could have just cleared it up easily but never did .. You all remember
Mar 2 7 tweets 2 min read
Hang in there Corn, I’m leaving shortly ..

I’ll explain the delay when I get there, just hold on. I will be on time, promise ! If need be ..
Mar 2 6 tweets 3 min read
My name is Johnny & it may be A Sin, I’ll take that bet you’re gonna regret, cause I’m the BEST that there’s ever been !


Thank you for laying the Golden Fiddle/Guitar/Bass Guitar on the ground, I do not enjoy fighting with any of you, I have always just wanted to help ImageImage Set as many free as possible & let you feel what it’s like to truly feel loved ..

Even when you “Lose”, you win.
What is rightfully mine, it was never mine in my eyes, it’s ours & that is the difference between the gold being in my hands & someone else’s hands ..

It was Image
Mar 1 6 tweets 2 min read
Remember all your sadness & Frustration leading up to this moment in time, you were never alone & your life was never falling apart—Your life has been falling into place !

Let It All Out & Let it all to.

Tomorrow we begin, only this time around it’s Hello … I’m finally Free & so are you, we won’t get pulled away from each other because I chose the 1 path out of an Infinite space of paths to choose from which was the correct path ..

With the odds stacked against me since birth, all it took was 1 selfless act of kindness & caring
Mar 1 7 tweets 3 min read
This is gonna be BIG ! ..

Your wish is my command, PEACE .. 😁

Feb 28 5 tweets 2 min read
Oh, By the way ..

What if you found out or knew you’re entire life something wasn’t right & you were A baby being born another baby was also being born from A Royal Family that dates back THOUSANDS of years & that Royal Family is the bloodline that has been searched for all These years & the two children being born were switched at birth PURPOSELY to protect/HIDE the child that came from A certain specific bloodline ? ..

Imagine finding out your entire life is A lie & all who are in it, is the Truman Show, designed to protect that Born again son.
Feb 28 22 tweets 9 min read
.@CoreyTaylorRock —The message was received, I didn’t want anyone knowing I received it though… Which made things easier for the .@USNavy & .@USArmy to help get you out of Trouble ..

I told you in the beginning, I would not forget about you. There would not be A me right now It weren’t for .@Slipknot ..

I said it before many times & I will say it again & again for the next 1,000 years, your music/The 9 saved my life from 1999 & Beyond ..

I would not be here today if there was no Slipknot & if there was no Slipknot, things would have been
Feb 28 4 tweets 4 min read
… Charlotte

Durham + Queen = 🤴 👸

Summer In Winter
It’s A Shine of Red & Blondie, THE WAY ..

Elizebeth Barrett Browning

Here I Am !

DURHAM + NC TAR #HEEL = Michael Jordan = Rock-Y = Key = Stone = We saved each other !

I’m useless but not for long, the future has Come—Sunshine has the bag & Will not end up in A bag. .

Thank you .@MsCharlotteWWE & Thank you .@_SgtSlaughter !

I see the doors that have been opened, I do not NEED & will not ever take credit of any kind for them being opened—They’re open because of, ALL OF YOU !
Feb 28 6 tweets 2 min read
Danny Way jumping the Great Wall represents this 👇 …

Just letting you know THE WAY.

I AM The WAY .. If you choose, there is another WAY, All you have to do is take the LAMBbeau Leap of Faith.

The Choice will always be yours.

As for the soul sellers, Setting you free from your evil masters ..

Half SOULD Out? Setting you free.✍️

Mislead & or Brainwashed into