There is NO excuse for this.

Especially after the SAME people threw BILLIONS AND BILLIONS AND B-I-L-L-I-O-N-S of pounds around in the last 24 months as if they own a FOREST of money trees and if it was their own money+they gave it TO THEIR party-donors who will donate it back. Image
I want to tell you one thing,Tories:Unlike your assumption we NHS staff+the public are NOT stupid.We have SEEN all you did, we SEE what you do NOW,we KNOW this is OUR money,we are NOT forgiving+NOT understanding about:
On top of that you Tories are:
bought by Putins own
and you’re all compromised because you attended
as well as Parties in Italy. And believe me there’s CCTV in a KGB spy’s house.
There is nothing else for you to make matters
worse, Tories. You’ve exhausted all avenues. You’ve betrayed the UK, the vulnerable ,you made us an international laughing stock but it was cold calculation. You loved it ,every bit of it, with your clown at the head, you happily became traitors of the UK if ONLY you could have
the chance to become wealthy and “make it”. And you did.
You utter disgrace.
Out of pure greed.
You took advantage of a disastrous Brexit ,you welcomed the pandemic as it covered up the catastrophic Brexit, you welcome the War as it covers up your corruptive behavior in the
And even now-you’re trampling on other nations like the Ukraine by offending them so so deeply by comparing their fighting mums,Dads,sons+daughters with Brexit-Voters.Your shame knows no limit+you disgust most of us,believe me. You’re not worthy to govern the amazing UK
Best photoshop to describe PRECISELY the mess we are in: Image

• • •

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Mar 24
This is your daily reminder that Germany 🇩🇪 which has 20 million more citizens than the UK spent less than 1 (one) Billion pounds on their Track and Trace system. And didn’t run out of money.

The Tories spent 37 Billion pounds and ran out of money.
It vanished in Tory companies
2/5 As a reminder: The total cost of running the state of the United Kingdom is 101 Billion pounds. The Tories intentionally spent 37 Billion pounds, more than a third of the total state budget on a failing system. It never worked properly. But they knew this. Some “consultants”
3/5 for Track+Trace earned thousands A DAY. (!)
Money had to be “burned”/ given to Tory Donors in the quickest , most wasteful ,ineffective way, so that that money -the absolutely UNBELIEVABLY AND RIDICULOUSLY HIGH SUM would be ready and waiting once the pandemic was over and
Read 10 tweets
Mar 24
Err… yes, we couldn’t afford the Ryan Air flight to our families back home, many of my Nurse colleagues and I, since we can legally fly again. Oh yes,also due to the lovely Tory-company-Covid-Testing Costs.
Oh, that’s never been your problem?
Yes, I know.
And because you’re not
listening to us you got your “mini”-budget (not even!) so wrong.

You will never know or understand the anger that pictures like that one in my Tweet cause in me and all those who worry if the money is enough for bread this week (forget heating).
Glad to see you had someone
helping you carry your little fashion shopping bag from the Grand Range Rover to the Plane. Good to see our Tories get support.
PS: we Nurses are in debt and can’t afford the food we need for our families (forget traveling and seeing family elsewhere) .

Oh yes, your gaslighting
Read 5 tweets
Mar 24
Looked at an NHS net income calculator:
Saw how much National Insurance I’ll have to pay.
Passed the service station:
Saw the fuel prices.
Glanced at the gas+electricity bill.
Looked at the costs of food.

We will continue(NHS Nurses) relying on food banks.Debt will be sky high
And the issue is not only that:
Crucially it didn’t have to be like that:
It was Sunak’s direct intention because:
-Tax of energy companies would easily have eased this
-not giving banks the tax relief he gave them would have paid for it
-37 Billion toTory T+Trace
-8 Billion PPE
wasted for unusual PPE.
etc etc etc

It did NOT have be billed to those who have helped getting us through this pandemic .

And not only that:
Brexit,the Brexit Sunak PRAISED last Wednesday (!!) caused the energy bills to hike by 54% on average while EU countries capped this at4%
Read 5 tweets
Mar 23
No, he does NOT ,dear BBC.

-let’s energy Prices hike 54% and in the EU the cap is (France for example) 4% (!!!).
Please listen,guys, he then shouts and insults the EU about “solar panel rules” while he himself gives 49% of those energy hikes to the energy companies who Image
have nothing better to do than giving it all out in dividends to their shareholders - guess who many shareholders are - Tories.
Do you SEE the evil game that’s being played here with the vulnerable in society? Unpaid carers got NOTHING today.
Then the LIES about the EU
I could go on and on.
I had thought one out of 100% decency was left in Sunak, out of the awful lot of them . But after today I realise - he is as awful to the core as the lot of them. Awful Liars who fill their pockets and that of their mates . And they trample on you. They
Read 5 tweets
Mar 23
After todays PMQ’s and especially Sunak’s horrendous self-serving, the poor disregarding speech I have absolutely nothing,nothing at all left in me to believe that the Tories will ever ever be worthy of governing the am amazing UK.
The horrendous LIES about the EU again. I have
(obviously) family in the EU.
Solar panels and deep earth heating and insulation was OF COURSE subsided by the thousands of Euros. They didn’t need tax relief - they had already been given many thousands to purchase their green energy.

I never thought SUNAK could make
such a ridiculous and shameful statement.
A true party-line-following statement which repeated all the Johnson Lies. I was actually concerned half way through that Sunak believes his awful lies and that the ridiculously little he is proposing is in any way helping this country -
Read 4 tweets
Mar 22
Our office garden (1/3).
I know!!!😍😍😂🤣😍 ImageImageImageImage
Our office garden (2/5)
I know!!!😍😍😂🤣😍 Image
Our office garden (3/5)
I know!!!😍😍😂🤣😍 ImageImageImageImage
Read 5 tweets

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