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Please read this👇🏼 Prime Minister,

@MatthiasMuell15 summarises brilliantly exactly how so many of us feel & why it is vital that you allow #BaronessHallett access to ALL the WhatsApp messages she has requested 🙏🏼.

@RishiSunak @10DowningStreet @covidinquiryuk
We will never forget the fear that caring for patients with #COVID in DIY PPE engendered & knowing that govt decisions over PPE contracts denied 1000s of us adequate protection is particularly disturbing.

Have you really forgotten the weekly claps of 2020?

#PPEScandal #NHS💔
Our friends/colleagues & loved ones died in their 1000s from COVID, because of COVID & as a result of a very poor UK government pandemic response & countless extremely bad decisions…

#WilfulNegligence #LetTheBodiesPileHigh
@MattHancock @Jeremy_Hunt @sajidjavid @SteveBarclay
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Thread of threads ….

🧵1 Prof. Nicholson #Covid
🧵2 Public Schools 🇬🇧
🧵3 Tory corruption (2020 onwards)
🧵4 HOW they get away with it.
🧵5 Tory Tricks #ToryTricks
🧵6 Long Covid #LongCovid
🧵7 Memes ImageImageImage
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A democracy is failing when... A list of what this government has done to our country.

Those who support the opposition are discouraged from voting.

Protests that are noisy and get noticed are banned

Strikes also banned

1/4 #ToryCorruption @GreenJennyJones
Police spies have legal immunity when infiltrating campaign groups

· The people who oversee the running of elections lose their independence

· It disregards international law and treaty commitments

· Lawyers and judges are declared the enermy within
It dilutes human rights and the ability of courts to question decisions of executive

Corruption is rife and legitimised

One rule for those partying at the top and another for the rest.

Money buys access and access gets you the contracts, licences and regulations you desire
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Tories - "We need to do more to protect bullies"…
#raab #bullying #ToryCorruption
Of course the Civil service are "left wing". Everybody is left wing when you are far right. If you see everybody as left wing, you should maybe take a look at yourself
@DominicRaab #raab #fascism #bullying
Just like everyone is "soft" when you are a psychopath
#RaabTheBully #RaabReport #RaabResignation #raab
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Rishi Sunak texting Cameron to help Greensill get covid contracts

Scott Benton wanted £4k/month to lobby for gambling corporations

Owen Paterson took £112K to lobby for pharmaceutical companies

Robert Jenrick helped Tory donor avoid £45million in council tax

Matt Hancock & Kwasi Kwarteng wanted <£10K/day to advice Korean company

Michelle Mone took £29 million cut from a PPE contract for unusable PPE

Nadhim Zahawi got fined £4.8 million for not paying his taxes

Tory MPs voted to help Paterson get away with bribery.

Boris Johnson put his £800K loan broker (Richard Sharp) in charge of the BBC

Boris Johnson took £100K bribe from Tory donor Brownlow

Boris Johnson gave £100k government grant to girlfriend Jennifer Arcuri.

Bors Johnson ran Vote leave which overspent by £449K
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not @DHSCgovuk altough #GUILTY by association while @CommunityCCRC @NCA_UK @LordsIRCom @wabbey continue to carry on as if the very same politicians in @GOVUK who are not serving any purpose whatsoever

@Keir_Starmer needs to be fully investigated
and for #ZelenskyWarCriminal #PutinWarCriminal #UkraineRussianWar to stop allowing @RoyalFamily to sit back while more of our #peoplesverdict is providing the @FullFact that #MSMlies will attempt to divert away from @RussianEmbassy @Ukraine just as we have seen
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Was this #dogwalker a #whitewoman by any chance?

Because for the life of me, I do not get how all can ignore what happened to #myson #AmbroseGGBall in 8 solid years unless it was @MPSHaringey posting up all the wrong information, wrong days and dates,
the wrong locations, wrong description of clothing , the wrong Fox pub, all different times of the night, leaving out the vital information leading up to during and after my son went @missingpeople, did not response for 56 hours after all the calls myself and others had made over
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again the UK is a #Kleptocracy

people are starving & freezing to death, & the assets of the UK's people are being stripped for profit that goes to shareholders & fat cat bosses

remember, I deliver medicines to the elderly, sick, disabled & housebound - they're ALL struggling
the UK's fascist tory govt is CHOOSING to facilitate the extraction of profit to the top 10% rather than show *ANY CONSIDERATION WHATSOEVER* to the working population
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Never forget Medpro was created by Tory peer Michelle Mone’s husband Barrowman, 2 WEEKS before they got the £203million covid contract. NHS staff were forced to wear bin bags… Mone & hubby bought a yacht, didn’t any pay tax. They say Tories aren’t corrupt… FFS! #ToryCorruption
I’m gonna keep on this. As you know I’ve been tweeting about Mone for months. I will not let this go. What sort of person profits from ripping off our NHS? Tories allowed it!!! #ToryCriminals
I want accountability, I want consequences, I want justice for our NHS. #SaveOurNHS #ToryCorruption
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I have heard this being said many times, & I believe that it may be the case. Indeed, I would not be surprised to learn that of the main reasons for Brexit was that the English elite felt that it was much too risky staying in the EU because they may stand to lose out financially.
Maybe they - the Etonians and their American pals (Trump, Mr SB & two-shirts in prison) thought that some of their vast fortunes (compared with the rest of us) would have to be paid over to the tax man. A bit like @nadhimzahawi with his dad and his dodgy tax affairs.
It aways looked suspicious that just as the EU was preparing to bring in new money-laudering laws, & bringing the banks to heel, some of the rich private-equity buccaneers and wide boys from East London would have a go at breaking the UK for their own ends.
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James @LBC, even Johnson's sister believed Johnson backed by Hedge fund donors eg wanting to short the £! Eg Odey donated about £900K to Brexit campaigns but profited >£200 MILLION on night of EU ref & how much from Kwarteng mini Budget?…
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Decade of neglect means NHS unable to tackle care backlog, report says | NHS | The Guardian…
All things Tories CAN Afford . For their corrupt MPs Mates
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I have not tried this before but have seen it work for some
Pls will you follow me to:
-Raise awareness of the booster approval issues
-Share my petitions:
--Remove 💉 manufacturer indemnity
---Open an inquiry into covid contracts
--Change the legislation used for Lockdowns
BA1 booster approval, despite lower performance than original
Lack of transparency from MHRA

BA5/5 booster approval based on a different vaccine

This petition means the vaccine injured now know they can claim against the manufacturers using the Consumer Protection Act.
Next step, make the manufacturers pay, not the government
Petition: Remove indemnity from the manufacturers of covid-19 vaccines…
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Intrigued? Don't even be tempted to watch. Turn off the TV.
Focus your efforts on exposing his corruption
Petition: Launch an independent Public Inquiry into Government & NHS Covid-19 spending…
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Why are only 400 people interested into whether @MattHancock & @Conservatives abused public funds for their own gain during the "fight against covid"?
Petition: Launch an independent Public Inquiry into Government & NHS Covid-19 spending…
Shouldn't those that profited pay?
Petition: Remove indemnity from the manufacturers of covid-19 vaccines…
A single minister could lock us down again at the drop of a hat if this doesn't change
Petition: Remove the urgency procedure from the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act1984…
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@juliasm18659356 @JohnWest_JAWS @PennyMordaunt @RishiSunak This follows on from Brexit Coup in 2016, which our #UkSecServices #Police #ElectoralCommission #DCMS #Parliament #Cps #Politicians all ignored because they were too cowardly to stand up to Tories. Some LabourPolitians were complicit: Hoey /Lexit ; for example.
@juliasm18659356 @JohnWest_JAWS @PennyMordaunt @RishiSunak So even though people like @carolecadwalla @IanCLucas @BylineTimes @ByDonkeys @Heidi_Cuda @RealBristolNews kept on providing the receipts- they were hounded / ignored. In USA Trump launched Jan6th and all the same names came up in Court again and again. In U.K. it’s ignored.
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And with one bound, she joined the Conservatives .
My POINT is: no checking procedures. From application to confirmation took an hour.
If my cat can join(and in time vote) who else has joined? From where? With what intent?
Political parties can be infiltrated ! ImageImage
This was a ‘test’. They failed. I proved my point. Remember, my cat won’t vote for the next leader, but who WILL be voting? Conservatives Abroad are also , I gather, horrifyingly easy to join. #tories
😿It has already happened. And these sort of people ( plus their foreign friends) are the ones who are responsible for the ‘final’ say on the future leader of the party.
Are you scared?
I fecking well am. #borisjohnson #ToryCorruption #ConservativeParty Image
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Queen Liz and the enormous Pie!

(A story in far too many tweets)

Once upon a time there was a lady who believed she was Queen.

#ToryConference #ToryCorruption #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
#LizTruss #kwasibudget
Her name was Queen Liz (which was unfortunate) and she spoke with her ministers and told them she had a great idea.
“I have a great idea!” she said, “We are going to get all the peasants to work on an enormous pie!”, “Hooray!!!” they all shouted especially Jacob, the minister for considering people peasants.
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Nobody should be remotely surprised that Kwasi Kwarteng is an accomplished liar - it's now an essential attribute for all UK Govt cabinet members.

And who is new Downing St Chief of Staff Mark Fullbrook anyway?

#bbclaurak #ToryCorruption #ToryLiars
Liz Truss’s chief of staff being paid through his lobbying company could reportedly allow him to pay less tax. According to the Sunday Times, Fullbrook is refusing to explain the agreement that lets him direct government strategy without being directly employed by the UK Govt.
Between April & June, Fullbrook’s company contacted the UK Govt on behalf of clients such as the Libyan House of Representatives, which is opposed by the West & the UN, an energy provider, & a PPE firm linked to a fundamentalist Christian sect, according to the Sunday Times.
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A K-W writes:
As a grateful beneficiary of the excellent Public Health Service in France - accessible, affable and quick to act I watch the systematic, and Tory ideology driven, death by a thousand cuts to justify privatization, of the NHS with dismay!
To make matters worse there appears to be the “general” indifference of a general public that seems to accept that “clapping” for the NHS is equivalent to “fighting” for the NHS!

Don’t be “gaslighted”!
Healthcare is a right not a privilege!
Anything but Tory!
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WRT the news circulating that a 70Bn contract has been awarded to a Cornish micro company. Here's what I have so far. They are middlemen providing "Framework Consultancy" not beneficiaries of the whole £70Bn but defo some of it.

But all is not what it seems... it's a bit smelly
The Place Group

About - ……

People - ……

Accounts - ……

In 2019 they had £650 in assets and an average of nil employees.

Simon James Rule & Claire Elise Delaney

Secretary is another co - Addition Corporate Services
Companies House show the co secretary for The Place Group as Addition Corporate Svces a.k.a Addition Group Ltd, this co has one employee, Mr Michael Barry Adams, a dodgy accountant, previously been convicted of fraud.

The stench of #ToryCorruption #GTTO…
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Many, inc me, are still wondering what happened to the £37Bn of public money allocated to Dildo Harding for Test & Trace. A £37Bn🧵presenting what I've discovered so far...

#GTTO #DidoHarding #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern
I started with the summary statement from @FullFact to start my investigation. £37Bn was the budget for two years, it appears the programme was heavily dependent on "over-priced consultants" and contrary to best practice remains so.…
The National Audit Office report (June 2021)
appears a tad limp, whimpering, I quote...


"It is factual and does not present a full value‑for‑money assessment."
#ToryCorruption #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern…
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Wakefield, Tiverton and Honiton
🔶 Vote Lib Dem in Tiverton & Honiton
🌹 Vote Labour in Wakefield
A list of #toryrapist and #ToryCorruption
over the past few years, awaiting trial, convicted or just quietly disappeared (so you wouldn't notice)
Imran Ahmad Khan
The Conservative MP for Wakefield
was found guilty in April of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy after plying him with gin at a party in 2008
Khan assaulted the boy in Staffordshire in January 2008 He resigned as an MP two weeks after he was found guilty. Image
Rob Roberts
The Conservative MP for Delyn allowed to rejoin the party despite an independent investigation finding that he sexually harassed a junior member of staff
Roberts was suspended for 12 weeks after the independent panel found he had made “significant” repeated and ... Image
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