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Apr 2, 2022 10 tweets 5 min read Read on X
- Russia planned to easy-take Kyiv within 3 days, following by capitulation of Ukraine;
- Russian army units were followed by thousands of riot police;
- Russian army purchased 45,000 body bags and brought mobile crematories;
- I am sure they planned mass executions for Ukraine.
In September 2021, Russia has adopted a state technical standard for digging and maintaining mass graves amid wartime. It took effect on Feb 1st 2022.… Image
According to experts, the size of mass graves foreseen by this new Russian technical standard, "are thinkable only for a nuclear war or a pandemic". Looks like these graves were also foreseen for Ukrainians, as Russians published on 26th Feb their official article on "victory". ImageImage
The standard foresaw digging of isolated mass graves for up to 1,000 dead bodies each grave within 3 days. A team of 16 soldiers was responsible for every grave. Image
Summarising: it looks like Russia planned a fast victory over Ukrainian army, full occupation of Ukraine and a genocide, including mass executions of Ukrainian civil society leaders, politicians, cultural leaders, clerics, etc. The scale of planned genocide was unseen since WWII.
For understanding: here are details from the Russian State technical standard for mass graves, it describes with plans and pictures, how the grave should be dug+isolated, how corpses should be covered with chemicals and how the full grave should be trumped by a heavy bulldozer. ImageImage
The source (database for all Russian legal technical standards):…
Don't forget: on Feb 26th, 4 days after the planned attack on 22/02/22 (and 2 days after the real attack) Russia's biggest state outlet RIA published (clearly out of mistake) an article about the victory over Ukraine and the final "solution of Ukrainian question" by this war. ImageImage
So there is no surprise, WHY Ukrainians are not happy to listen to German advice (like by @JohannesVarwick and other persons) to "capitulate and save lives". Ukrainian may not know all the details of Putin's plans, but they have all the experience of what Putin and Russia bring.
The guy who has signed the State Technical Standard on Mass Graves - Anton Shalayev - has studied in Berlin at @esmtberlin and worked at a subsidiary of German TÜV Rheinland @tuvcom_cert. Thank you for mentioning it, @BalticsGlobal. One cannot invent it. It feels like a bad trip. ImageImage

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May 29
Social Democrats' top candidate for the European Parliament @katarinabarley enjoys a clear parallel to "Catharine the Great" ('Katarina die Große' in German), a Russian tyrant of German origin, @EFDavies points out. Putin's Merkel was also Catharine-obsessed. More in this THREAD:

Catharine II, self-named "the Great", was a Russian-German tyrant. Catharine was a murderer, usurper and authored the the most cruel slavery laws for Russia. She was also admired by both Angela Merkel, who had her portrait on her table, and Putin. /2…
Catherine came to power after having killed her husband, Peter III. She usurped the throne and was seen by the aristocracy as an illegitimate ruler. That is why she has done everything to please the aristocracy. She has wiped out any right of serves they had in serfdom system. /3
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May 17
New drone fundraiser, together with @BrennpunktUA & @frontlinekit to defend #Kharkiv 🇺🇦 launching now‼️

German 🇩🇪 developers together with "Achilles" 92nd", & Ukrainian 🇺🇦 production created a "custom made drone", & now they need your help.🫶

PayPal 🔗…
Over 10% raised within less than one hour. Image
One third of the sum - and even more, over €10,000! - raised within 2,5 hours. And who says that the Germans are not on Ukraine's side, or that our chancellor represents the public opinion! So proud of the Germans. You want to donate more?
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May 14
Ok, I observe Varwick at a panel discussion in Hamburg (will debate with him later today). Within the first 30 minutes, he manages to say that:

1) Russia has legitimate security interests, and the West hat massive violated these interests;
2) There is nothing bad in German economic cooperation with Russian high-tech companies which develop surveillance device in Russia, because economy. International trade with dictatorships is necessary. Otherwise Russia buys it from China anyway;
3) NATO with all its 10-times higher military resources comes closer to Russia's borders, "invaded Kosovo against Russia's will", bombarded Lybia etc.

And this looks to be just an appetiser.
4) praised Nord Stream 2 as a tool of mutual dependencies and improved climate policy;
5) smears opponents as "activists" and names himself an expert and a scientist;
Allegedly, some Germans are afraid, someone (who?) tries to forbid them reading Pushkin. I tell you: if there is nothing scary around, a German would invent a scare crow to be scared. A sort of masturbation on fear.
PS The guy says he supported Anna Netrebko’s performance in GER Image
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May 12
A destruction of a multi-storeys building in Russia-controlled #Bilhorod (#Belgorod) could not be a Ukrainian hit. It is either a Russian attack (deliberately or not), or a Russian false flag operation (most probably). Let me elaborate on this. THREAD:
1) This could not be a Ukrainian attack. Until now, Ukrainians have not attacked civilian buildings in Russia. If it was a missile or a dropped bomb, it came from the north-east, i.e. from deeper Russia's territory. For the same reason, it was not "a 🇺🇦 intercepted missile". /2

1.1) Russia has a long history of accidentally bombing own territory. As Russia uses hundreds of bombs DAILY bombing Ukraine, and these are improvised glided bombs of bad quality, some of them occasionally fall on Russian cities and villages close to the border, incl. Belgorod /3

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Apr 28
A Russian male murdered two Ukrainians in Germany yesterday. Before, reportedly a Russian couple killed a Ukrainian mother to kidnap her baby - in Germany. Before, two Ukrainian teenager were stabbed in Germany allegedly out of anti-Ukrainian hate. German politicians keep silent. Image
Early this full-scale invasion, one obviously Russia-staged “arsonist attack” in the night at a Russian school - with one door damaged - was enough for our federal politicians to make a public statements on how they support the Russians in Germany. But not this time. Priorities.
This happened just a month ago: a Russian couple murdered a 27 y.o. Ukrainian woman, AND her mother, to kidnap woman’s baby. The baby was found, the suspected murderers arrested. The whole family erased by Russians - in Germany. No statement by German chancellor or a minister. Image
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Apr 22
In Russia, May 9th is coming, a holiday of the most disgusting death cult. Russia does not celebrate the WWII end, as many believe, but suffering and death, as their slogan says "we can (gladly) repeat it" (можем повторить). On this day, they dream of death for their children. /1
Since years, Russians paraded their children, even toddlers, in WWII military uniforms and let them play suffering and death. Russian mothers enjoyed seeing their children playing suffering. It is a sadistic dream of sacrificing even their own children, not speaking of others. /2

Children-martyrs were an integral part of the Soviet death cult. Every school had propaganda books laying around, describing "hero young pioneers", who fought on the front, and either committed suicide to not be captured, or were captured a tortured to death. Just pure sadism. /3
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