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THREAD: Russian state-owned propaganda outlet RIA published the new programmatic article with the title "What Russia must do with Ukraine". The article reveals a detailed plan for a genocide, starting from full elimination of Ukrainian state. Details below.
1) it calls almost every Ukrainian a Nazi who deserves death. "Nazis who took weapons, must be killed in numbers as much as possible... Not just the elites, the most of the people are guilty, they are passive Nazis, Nazi enablers. They supported these elites and must be punished"
2) It foresees tyrannic approach to culture. "Further denacification of the mass of the population is to be reached through ideological repression (oppression) of Nazi ideas and through harsh censorship: not only in politics, but in culture and education areas".
3) it foresees economic and political destruction of Ukraine: "Ukraine must pay for its guilt towards Russia. It must be treated as an enemy, and therefore may develop only in dependency to Russia. No "Marshall plan" may happen. No "neutrality" both ideological or practical".
4) A tyrannical future emerges: "Personnel providing denazification in new denazified republics (plural! - Sumlenny) cannot act on another way but only with direct military-police and management support from Russia. Denazification must be a Deukrainisation".
5) Ukraine is the enemy: "The history has proven: Ukraine may not exist as a national state. Any attempt to create it leads to Nazism. Ukrainism is an artificial anti-Russian construct... De-banderisation is not enough... Denazification of Ukraine must be De-Europeazation of it".
6) Deliberate targeting of civilians: "The Bandera-elites must be liquidated, they cannot be re-educated. The social "swamp" who supported them must experience terror of war and learn the lesson, and pay for its guilt".
Well, I expect from those who supported Russia in its war and who found excuses for Russia, to find excuses for these plans. And also for the purchases of Russian gas. The link to the article for those who want to google translate the whole text:…
You can also read my older thread about why this policy of destroying Ukrainian identity is not something new, but is a continuation of 300-years-long Russian (and Soviet) politics.
President @ZelenskyyUa today: "The Article 'What Russia must do with Ukraine' must become one of evidences for a future international tribunal":…

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Apr 5
Some unconnected thoughts
1) Russian retreat from Kyiv and Chernihiv is same time a defeat, but also a maneuver to Donbas. Expect an attack there;
2) They can even try to take Odesa (although with delivered Harpoons less likely)
3) An unexpected attack outside of Ukraine possible
4) Looking from now, Russian plan A was a 4-hrs-victory: a quick heli raid to Hostomel, Il-72 cargo planes bring VDV battalions, 2-hrs-raid to Kyiv, victory. It failed. What we saw later was a Plan B (4-days-victory). It failed too. (Thank you @motytchak for idea). No plans left.
5) The following 5 weeks were a bold attempt to follow Plan B (already failed) in absence of Plan C. What we see now, can be an ad hoc developed Plan C: to increase pressure in Donbas and South with troops released from Kyiv and Chernihiv.
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Apr 4
Ukrainian President @ZelenskyyUa has visited the town of Bucha today, where #BuchaMassacre by Russian army took place. His face says a lot. Just think about it: this president came to power with a promise of peace with Russia, he was ready to "talk to Putin" and sign a compromise Image
Zelensky was a Russian-speaking person, could not speak Ukrainian amid his presidential campaign. His success story (a showman with a successful entertainment empire) took place in Moscow. He could not understand, why one needs to fight Moscow, when one may accept Moscow's rules.
In other words: Zelensky was the most pro-Moscow president Moscow could get after 5 years of war. A vast majority of Ukrainians (73%!) were ready for some compromise with Moscow as Zelensky promised it brings peace. Those who said only a war is a solution were extremely few.
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Apr 3
1. I criticize German FM @ABaerbock
2. A user with almost no followers, not connected with me anyhow, account created a couple of weeks ago, no personal data etc. - comes with demagogic arguments in favor of Annalena
3. I wonder, do @Die_Gruenen hire trolls to defend their tops?
Or do Russians provide Annalena with Amtshilfe?
I went through my random tweets - and WOW. There are indeed troll-looking accounts (created just before the war, with very few followers) who attack posts with criticism agains @ABaerbock. Here are some cases:
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Apr 3
Massenvergewaltigungen und -tötungen an die Ukrainer:innen durch Russen. Ermöglicht durch Generationen von SPD-Außenministern, vor allem durch den Bundespräsidenten Steinmeier. Und was macht dem Grünen @bueti Sorgen? Klar - dass "die Konservativen" politisch profitieren (können).
Der Anlass für diese philisterische Empörung an die Steinmeier-Kritiker war die ehrliche Abrechnung mit Steinmeier vom mutigen ukrainischen Botschafter @MelnykAndrij welcher die Sache beim Namen nannte: Steinmeier war der Hauptarchitekt der pro-Putin'schen Politik in Deutschland.
Neben unendlichen SPD-Tops welche Putin seit Jahrzehnten dienten - Schröder, Platzeck, Gabriel, Maas - war Steinmeier einer der schwersten Waffen von Putin in der Bundesrepublik. Dass dieser Mann vor kurzem wiedergewählt war, ist ein Armutszeugnis unserer politischen Kultur.
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Apr 2
- Russia planned to easy-take Kyiv within 3 days, following by capitulation of Ukraine;
- Russian army units were followed by thousands of riot police;
- Russian army purchased 45,000 body bags and brought mobile crematories;
- I am sure they planned mass executions for Ukraine.
In September 2021, Russia has adopted a state technical standard for digging and maintaining mass graves amid wartime. It took effect on Feb 1st 2022.…
According to experts, the size of mass graves foreseen by this new Russian technical standard, "are thinkable only for a nuclear war or a pandemic". Looks like these graves were also foreseen for Ukrainians, as Russians published on 26th Feb their official article on "victory".
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Apr 1
THREAD Ukrainian army witness the level of destruction in the villages liberated from Russians. It is also about symbolic destruction: Russians defecated in the living rooms of the flats, slaughtered pigs in the houses, deliberately made houses disgusting. Why do they act so?
Well, first, it is a centuries-old Russian tradition to defecate in living rooms or sacred places of raided neighbours. Russian writer Leo Tolstoi who used to be an officer of Russian army, described it in his "Hadji Murat" novel, painting a picture of a raided Chechen village.
A protagonist comes to a raided village and sees, that it is desolated, and Russian soldiers not only burnt bee hives, but defecated in the houses and in the Mosque's water spring and in the Mosque itself: "with a clear purpose to make it useless", adds Russian officer Tolstoi.
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