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Apr 12, 2022 12 tweets 2 min read Read on X
Has anyone else had the experience of having a parent who did a lot of classified stuff and while they can’t tell you about it- you start connecting the dots and realize if you’re even 10% right your parent did some insane stuff?
Like got a awards that don’t even say what they are for (very clearly like redacted) or literally get a reward and can’t even take it home because it’s that secret?
I didn’t realize how like not normal this was until I was older. And now im thinking about all the random things throughout my childhood and though I don’t know what it was exactly he was doing im like Image
But makes sense he knows how to shoot guns, fly a plane, fly a helicopter, scuba dive and skydive and more. And both my grandpas did a lot of secret stuff too (according to family lore) some stuff so crazy I don’t believe it.
It was the same path I wanted to go down prior to everything happening follow in their footsteps. Learn a couple languages, computer science, international affairs and then drop off the face of the earth and go work for the state dept ;)
Obviously not doing that now and I did want to follow in their footsteps I’d have to run, get elected and work on the intel committee or something.
It’s funny how many conspiracy theories there are because while it’s true my dad was a fed who did a lot of stuff a can’t talk about that’s it. We really are just kids and the fact you think we are so good we must be FBI or CIA or something is flattering, it’s false.
Trust me if we were we would be a lot more successful, I wouldn’t be talking about this and I certainly wouldn’t have so many spelling errors lol
But it has made it easier to figure out which of my classmates I will probably never see or hear from again after college because they are going to work for “the government” haha
I only talk about this at all because I literally know nothing about what he did so it doesn’t feel like a risk and he’s been retired for over 5 years
Thanks to everyone responding glad to know I’m not the only one and I’m not just stupid lol.
One strange side effect of his job- the black berry ringtone is forever seared into my brain as the sound of my childhood

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We should not be charging people to use public transit when we rarely charge people to use roads that are way more expensive for tax payers to maintain and are significantly more environmentally damaging than transit. The state and federal government should do all they can to add incentives to use public transit and remove disincentives to using it. We also need to incentivize the building of way more high density housing around public transit centers. While I’m at it we need to reform parking minimums that have destroyed American cities.
We also need to take a serious look at our flawed transit model that mainly focuses on brining people to and from urban centers. People have lives outside of work. We should have metro systems that form beltways around our cities to connect communities more directly on opposite sides of a metro area.
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A few key points about Leaders We Deserve.

1. We want all Generations in government. Young people are vastly under-represented so we want to change that. In 2020, millennial and Gen-Z individuals only held 21% of State Legislative seats while representing 45% of the electorate.
2. 80% of our focus and resources will be spent on state legislatures like Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina to lead the fight against the far right. 20% will be spent on congress.
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Some folks come up to me and say: David, there’s nothing we can do. There’s no single policy that works. It’s true. There’s no single policy. It’s a multitude of solutions, all enacted in Massachusetts. The single best thing our government could do is federalize MA state gun laws
We can both substantially reduce the number of gun deaths and injuries in this country with out banning most guns.
You can still get most guns in Massachusetts. You just have to go through a process to do so. Is it as easy as buying a gun in many other state? No but it shouldn’t be. These are dangerous tools made to kill. They require a high level of personal and collective responsibility.
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Apr 3, 2023
Patience is a virtue and change is possible.
For those of you saying this account is fake it literally was created in 2013 and also it’s brave of you to assume I would take the time of day to write all these messages and fake this. But you do you.
This is exactly what conservatives love to do say you don’t talk to the other side enough and then literally when I talk to the other side claimed that it’s fake. It’s not like I haven’t done this before. I was on @WalshFreedom podcast only a few months ago.
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Apr 2, 2023
Just had a great day shooting sporting clays.
Like I’ve said before I’ve been shooting since I was in 4th grade.
Many people own guns who also support strengthening gun laws. I’ve grown up around guns and my family owns them. We support stronger gun laws.
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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We know those words, but how can they mean the same thing in an America where a gunman like the shooter at my high school can threaten to shoot up my school multiple times and still legally possess an AR-15 as a 19 year old?
How can we pursue life if our lives are laid bare in another person’s hands. How do we have liberty if we have to risk our lives in pursuit of an education?
How can we have happiness when one day you can take your daughter to get fitted for a dress and the next day be taking her to the morgue to be fitted for a tiny casket?
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