Has anyone else had the experience of having a parent who did a lot of classified stuff and while they can’t tell you about it- you start connecting the dots and realize if you’re even 10% right your parent did some insane stuff?
Like got a awards that don’t even say what they are for (very clearly like redacted) or literally get a reward and can’t even take it home because it’s that secret?
I didn’t realize how like not normal this was until I was older. And now im thinking about all the random things throughout my childhood and though I don’t know what it was exactly he was doing im like Image
But makes sense he knows how to shoot guns, fly a plane, fly a helicopter, scuba dive and skydive and more. And both my grandpas did a lot of secret stuff too (according to family lore) some stuff so crazy I don’t believe it.
It was the same path I wanted to go down prior to everything happening follow in their footsteps. Learn a couple languages, computer science, international affairs and then drop off the face of the earth and go work for the state dept ;)
Obviously not doing that now and I did want to follow in their footsteps I’d have to run, get elected and work on the intel committee or something.
It’s funny how many conspiracy theories there are because while it’s true my dad was a fed who did a lot of stuff a can’t talk about that’s it. We really are just kids and the fact you think we are so good we must be FBI or CIA or something is flattering, it’s false.
Trust me if we were we would be a lot more successful, I wouldn’t be talking about this and I certainly wouldn’t have so many spelling errors lol
But it has made it easier to figure out which of my classmates I will probably never see or hear from again after college because they are going to work for “the government” haha
I only talk about this at all because I literally know nothing about what he did so it doesn’t feel like a risk and he’s been retired for over 5 years
Thanks to everyone responding glad to know I’m not the only one and I’m not just stupid lol.
One strange side effect of his job- the black berry ringtone is forever seared into my brain as the sound of my childhood

• • •

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Nov 27
THREAD I’m exhausted of us focusing on what we can’t agree on after these shootings and not what we can. Now that the GOP has the house I have a proposal for what common ground I think we could find. Even if you don’t agree with me please read this.
We always hear the argument that it’s mental health and not guns. While I don’t agree in thinking it’s just MH I DO agree MH is important- Here’s some common ground I would be open to working with house Republicans and Dems on.
In my view there are two buckets we have to address if we ever want to reduce GV

1. Capability (HOW) someone gets a gun. This includes laws, trafficking, enforcing laws, etc.
2. Intent (WHY) someone pulls the trigger. Mental health, hate, lack of resources, poverty etc.
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Nov 21
The NRA has spent decades completely eroding the original meaning of the second amendment to use it as a marketing tool. It was never about an individuals right to bare arms. It was about a collective right for states to develop their own well regulated militias of the people.
Don't believe me?
Read Hamilton explain it himself in federalist 29
If anything- under Hamiltons view 2A is about a smaller well regulated force of organized citizens run by the states to be used in times of invasion, insurrection and "watching over the internal peace". That sounds a lot more like the national guard to me than anything individual
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Nov 21
Republican Politicians & Tucker Carlson:
"Democrats are using drag queens and gay people to groom your kids"

Mass shooting happens at a gay night club

Republican Politicians & Tucker Carlson:
"Who could see this coming??"
Republican Politicians & Tucker Carlson:
"There is a hispanic invasion and they are trying to destroy the white race"

Mass shooting happens with the shooter literally saying same points in his manifesto

Republican Politicians & Tucker Carlson:
"Who could see this coming??"
You might not be telling these people directly to go out and kill people but if mass shooters are saying the same things you are perhaps you shouldn't be fucking saying those things.
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Nov 15
This is going to be a fun presentation
The idea is basically people who get better sleep have better sleep have much stronger immune systems. High school students who start school later tend to get more sleep. So *maybe* it’s possible to use later school start times to reduce how many people get sick.
Ok so I just finished putting together the power point and I think this could have a significant impact on transmission rates. (Possibly in the range of 20-30% reduction in cases) And also have a ton of other positive impacts on students academic and mental health.
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Nov 14
People turned out for Dems far more than expected not because they are so deeply in love with the president or Democrats. People turned out far more than Dems because they were so worried about what MAGA Republicans would do in power. Negative polarization decided 2022.
Pollsters assumed the youth vote to trend low like it was in 2014 and they thought poor approval ratings would result in a disaster when it didn’t because fear of the other side is driving turnout.
The fact of the matter is this. Biden did not scare republicans into turning out nearly as much as Trump and maga extremists scared Dems and young people to turn out
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Nov 12
I really don’t think people understand the profound political impact Trump and the activism following the Parkland shooting had on getting our generation politically engaged and voting.
Most who walked out of school demanding an end to gun violence couldn’t vote in 2018 and many still couldn’t in 2020 because so many were still in High School. Now most of us can.
The Harvard youth public opinion poll data and @dellavolpe back this up
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