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21 May 20
Millions of young people are graduating into an America with an unemployment rate second only to the Great Depression.

I don't ever want to hear an agist older person tell me or any other young person that I complain to much and my generation has been through nothing.

For most of Gen Z

-America has been at war almost our entire life

-Global warming

-Daily we see the future of our country being buried with the young people that die from gun violence

-Huge student debt

-Many of us were evicted from college with a week notice
-We are disproportionately harmed economically by COVID because while many of us pay our own bills we don't get stimulus checks because we are claimed as a dependent.
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25 Mar 20
Tik Tok is a national security threat that should only only be used to call out the Chinese government (who controls it) for their atrocities and human rights abuses.

Seriously y'all memes and jokes are fun but downloading the spyware of an authoritarian regime is not.
I'm not kidding we need to #CancelTikTok
Another reason I will not be going on there is because they censor activists voices in Hong Kong and around the world that call out the CCP for their atrocities.

I refuse to be complicit in the death of democracy in Hong Kong by supporting Tik Tok.

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10 Jan 20
Many NRA members in VA right now are threatening to kill people and go to civil war over new laws that protect kids, not guns.

If you threaten to kill someone because you don’t agree with them you should not have a gun.
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8 Jan 20
He is doing exactly what Russia wants
Destroying NATO, spreading misinformation, destabilizing the Middle East even more, getting Americans killed at home via gun violence and abroad via war.
Even if Iran is an ally If they (Iran) tries to blockade The Strait of Hormuz it’s going to cause a global ripple making oil/gas prices to go up helping Russia’s economy significantly.
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2 Dec 19
According to this article it was Russian

More on some of the other strikes this month and today can be found here
*Disclaimer* TRT which is the first article is Turkish state tv
Here’s a source from an NGO the keeps track of the Syrian civil war

“Syrian regime fixed- wing warplanes fired missiles on the middle of al Hal Market in east of Ma’aret al Numan city in the southern suburbs of Idlib governorate, on December 2, 2019.”

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24 Oct 19
For us to create a peaceful and just America I suggest using Dr. King’s six principles of non-violence that follow
Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people. It is active nonviolent resistance to evil. It is aggressive spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
Nonviolence seeks to win friendship and understanding. The end result of nonviolence is redemption and reconciliation. The purpose of nonviolence is the creation of the Beloved Community.
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12 Oct 19
19 months ago, we were just teens on a living room floor who wanted to change our country for the better.

A week ago we had our first presidential forum with @GiffordsCourage to elect a president will do just that.

Check out the highlights:

In the past year @AMarch4OurLives

-Voted out more NRA backed politicians then ever before
-Doubled the youth voter turnout
-Registered 50,000 voters
-Gotten over 75 new gun laws passed
-Written a comprehensive #PeacePlan to reduce gun violence by 50% over 10 years
If you would like to join or support us you can do so by

-Starting a chapter and/or donating at marchforourlives.com

-Following @AMarch4OurLives

-Texting VOTE to 954-954 for updates from MFOL
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26 Sep 19
Sorry to be so partisan but I am so fucking mad

-Our Children are dying
-Our president is committing treason
-Our planet is on fire


If we don’t have an absolutely revolutionary turn out in 2020 our species will be extinct in 100 years
I want to be clear- the enemies here are the Republicans in the Senate, Congress and the White House that would rather listen to those that fund their campaigns and foreign governments than science or facts.
NOT the majority of Republicans, like my father formally was, who are mainly not in office and agree asking a foreign government to help in an election is wrong and listening to money rather than science is wrong as well.
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27 Aug 19
I cried reading this.

The joy and excitement of moving into Harvard today was stolen from
my classmate Ismail B. Ajjawi.

When they arrived in the us and after examination of their social media— was deported for the political beliefs of friends they followed on social media.
It’s young and bright immigrants like Ismail that helped found the United States itself

Turning someone with so much potential to do good not only for the United States but the world because of their religion or political beliefs of those they follow is inherently anti-American.
I couldn’t add away because character limits 😠
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26 Aug 19
I’ve said this before but I’m going to say it again for the record

If I die from gun violence I want my photo published, there will be those that say you are politicizing tragedy—

They are wrong, not doing anything to stop it this violence is politicizing tragedy. #MyLastShot
In the event I am killed, organize, mobilize and get the Peace Plan passed and put my body on the NRAs doorstep in Fairfax, VA
If you want your photo published if you die from gun violence tweet about it so it’s on the record with #MyLastShot
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25 Aug 19
This is why it’s so important that we get ERPO in every state.

“Wintemute and his colleagues could find no evidence that any of the 21 people whose guns had been seized had subsequently made good on their threats or otherwise committed an act of fatal violence”
Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) are ways that people that are a danger to themselves or someone else can be disarmed through due process.

They could have prevented Parkland and are currently preventing other shootings in the 17 states and DC where they have been created
They have some bipartisan support in Congress and the Senate with Republicans like @marcorubio and others that support it but we need to pass ERPO in every state with the federal government providing funding for the states that have passed ERPO.
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24 Aug 19
Only creating new gun laws alone will not work.

We need to have a massive cultural change where peace is valued more than violence, where love is valued more than hate and dead children are valued more than guns.
We need major investment in marginalized communities that have been ravished by injustice for centuries

From the mountains of West Virginia where communities face massive environmental injustice to the communities redlined in the 30s and 40s resulting in major economic injustice
The communities that have faced the most injustice have the highest rate of gun homicide and suicide.

To address violence and create peace we must attack it at its source— injustice

With new laws, cultural change and voting in leaders that know the true history of the US
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21 Aug 19
Like the #PeacePlan or not – it’s a plan that is sparking a much-needed conversation from the halls of Congress to our living rooms at home.
Even if you NEVER agree with me… please read the plan. Think about what parts you could support, if any, and if you don’t agree then at least you now know what we are talking about.

If you do support the #PeacePlan, sign the petition on our website. Call your reps to demand they look for solutions as big as the problem.

Ask the presidential candidates what they think about it. Most importantly, talk to your friends & family.

Help us spread the word.
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21 Aug 19
Gun violence is an epidemic that claims nearly 40,000 lives every year. For a problem as big as this, we need big solutions.

We have to seismically shift how we respond to gun violence – from inaction to action. We need a Peace Plan for Safer America.

We believe in C.H.A.N.G.E. –  six bold steps that the next Presidential Administration and Congress must take to address this national gun violence epidemic:
We know this seems ambitious given Washington’s apathy to decades of bloodshed in our schools, neighborhoods, and even our houses of worship.

It’s okay to disagree with us – but we know video games aren't to blame.

So I ask you @GOP @DNC what are your plans to end this?
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3 Aug 19
A little over 50% of the United States is female.

There are more men in the US House named Jim than there are Republican congresswomen running for

That’s it, that’s the tweet.
The argument that it’s only based on merit is complete bullshit and is the same argument that’s been used for hundreds of years to oppress women with the same notion that the reason why there weren’t any in power was because none of them had the “merit” to be there.
We have a Congress that historically represents those with the most privilege, not the people they “represent”

The only way we can fix this and create an actually representative Congress/government is for new and diverse constituents to run for office
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29 Jul 19
The fact that saying #BlackLivesMatter is controversial statement is a testament to the long history of racism and white supremacy in America that lasts to this day.
Today I attended a protest for #RyanTwyman who was unarmed and shot by the police 34 times— Mr. Twyman’s life was stolen by the LA county sheriffs department from his three young children.
It upsets me how many people today think that they would be on the front lines of the civil rights movement if it was currently happening when in reality it still is but they’re not there.

Because ending police brutality is A continuation of the civil rights movement.
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28 Jul 19
If you support the confederacy you hate America.

If you support Nazis you hate America

If you support the KKK you hate America.

If you support killer cops you hate America.

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28 Jul 19
I think guys need to talk about our feelings and mental health way more in an open and honest environment.

Where conversations are had between us rather than at us.

I’m tired of my mental health— as a guy being a talking point and not actually being addressed with other guys.
I would much rather have some of my friends talk to me about their feelings, anxiety or depression then to find them dead one day.
In my opinion part of the problem is that media only talks about mental health after someone— typically a male commits a mass shooting.

When in reality people that are mentally are significantly more likely to be the victims of gun violence including gun suicide.
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24 Jul 19
Trump ppl think a man born into extreme wealth that has never done anything to help anyone other than himself is somehow ”more American”

Than @Ilhan a refugee that fled war coming to America for a better life & started from the bottom and became a Congresswomen?
Who do you think sounds more like the stories/people America was founded on?

Trump reminds me a lot more of King George the III than

-W. E. B. Du Bois
-William Lloyd Garrison
-Gloria Anzaldúa
-Thelma Conroy-Rios
-Harriet Tubman
-Elie Wiesel
-Sidney Hillman
The people who truly do the work to make America better are the ones that try to unite it’s people through love, not hate and try to improve the lives of everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

Progress has never came from working to divide and conquer the American people.
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11 Jul 19
There’s a great FREE summit coming up in LA for mayors and 2 young people from their city to attend a workshop to create:

-a youth council
-youth voter registration
-solutions to solve the issues that affect youth in your city.

More info👇👇👇👇👇
-All mayors are invited
-All flights, food, and hotels are covered

All you have to do is reach out your mayor & ask them to come & bring 2 young people from your city

All the info you need including the link to register is in the QT’d tweet above
*Mayors have to pay their own way because they typically have budgets for travel

*The flight, hotel and food are covered for the youth not mayors.

*There are limted sponsored (free) flights available for youth so apply soon!
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