A great point here, where are the Russian tactical trucks that should be here?

'Scooby Doo vans' in lieu of Russian tactical trucks is showing up about 2 weeks earlier than I expected.

IOW, Ukraine has pithed out the core of Russian logistics projecting into Ukraine.
Russian combat & operational attrition of its tactical trucks has to be huge such that we are seeing Russian civilian vehicles in lieu of tactical trucks Mariupol.

There are huge economic implications here for the Russian economy.

Civilian trucks taken from Russia & killed in Ukraine will not be there for the Russian economy.

Most Russian civilian trucks going to Ukraine simply won't be coming back because necessary spare parts are not in the Russian supply system.

This is going to cause huge knock-on effects in terms of food & goods distribution in Russia real soon now.

Think shortage of everything due to a lack of civilian transport.

This will be the stuff of a economic depression & revolution.


• • •

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Apr 17
I have a very simple question, if this report is true.🧵

Where is the Russian Army artillery ammunition they are fighting their "Donbas Set Piece Battle" with?

If Ukraine is threatening to pocket Izyum. Those attacks should have been buried under Russian Grad rockets👇
If the Russians don't have massive artillery ammunition reserves available to support their possession of Izyum.

Can we assume the Russians have those reserves anywhere in Ukraine, like this War on the rocks article does?

This is what was stated there:

"However, Ukraine has no effective options to counter a prolonged Russian artillery offensive. This should trouble those who want to see Ukraine prevail as Russia can rely upon an extensive supply of artillery platforms and munitions that it...
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Apr 17
This is where most knowledgeable of Russian Army folks are.🧵👇👇

I was on a Ukrainian diaspora email list watching Donbas fighting from 2014 to 2022, so what we are seeing I saw a few times.

The general armored unit skills/signals collapse & 75% crewing is my What The Hell?
I simply didn't expect the LNR, DNR, & Russian Merc low standards of combat effectiveness to be the entire Russian Army level including the Regime Security units.

It isn't hard to run a truck around a motor pool once a month to see that they don't get sun bleached to death.

Yet the Russian Army let that happen to $15 million anti-aircraft missile complexes.

Normal Russian trucks never had a chance.

Read 8 tweets
Apr 16
Whatever you think of Marine Le Pen's politics, this is a very smart political move that will net her a lot more than 15,000 votes in France.

Especially when you count the families of those fired French healthcare workers

Macron & the EU establishment should be very worried
Covid-19 lockdown political blowback is arriving at gale force combined with the bad economic times of collapsed world supply chains & inflation.

Overturning lockdown policies & specifically making illegal the public health tool of firing people for refusing to take vaccines
...as a fundamental civil right, and firing public health officials who advocated that policy as horrible examples for the future, will be on the top of the populist agenda.

And note:
This prediction doesn't mean I endorse this on-coming reality.

Read 4 tweets
Apr 16
Moskva thread highlighting how the internal contradictions of the Putin Regime killed her crew 🧵

First, there are a lot of reasons this appears to on-point.👇

Next, this 20 tweet thread goes deeply into the flawed fighter fighting design of the Slava class that the Moskva was a part of.

Short form: There was no centralized electronic fire fighting system in the original design & no refit to get one.

This was recognized after the class was built, but not retrofitted.

3rd, Russian Navy damage control was hollowed out by Putin Regime corruption. The water was about 50F at 1 AM with gundecked survival gear & life rafts etc when the Neptun salvo flew in.

See the photo👇
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Apr 15
Whelp, it looks like the Putin Regime has realized it can't hide the humiliating loss of the Moskva and now Putin has decided to make lemonade out of the lemon flavored s--tburger Ukraine force fed his regime. 🧵

This may fix the short term Russian manpower problem.

It will make the corruption-power sharing problems much worse for Putin as he tries to eat the corruption-based income streams of the Oligarchs & Generals to fund the war.

Those guys have no future in a wartime 'North Koreanized' Putin Regime & they know it.

This is where
... the internal contradictions of the Russian Kleptocracy will start to tear the Putin Regime apart.

Kleptocracies are about money over power.

Thieves don't stop stealing while there is a war on.

Read 8 tweets
Apr 15
This is a question worth addressing vis-a'-vis Russian Armor & convoy tactics in Ukraine.

This will be a compare & contrast thread 🧵which is more @The_Tech_Son & @Chieftain_armor lane than mine, but I'll try & muddle through by giving visual examples
,@The_Tech_Son gives a video example of a Ukrainian ambush of a Russian Armored column here as an example of "Russian Tankers doing it wrong."
And he follows it up here with a photograph of a Russian Armored column pulled over and makes a comment on what he isn't seeing
Read 7 tweets

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