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Timeline of 🇩🇪's @OlafScholz's many lies:

1) At the end of February Germany's defense industry sends Scholz a long list of all available weapons.
2) Scholz doesn't share the list with Ukraine.
3) Scholz says that there are no more weapons left in Germany to give to Ukraine.

4) Germany's defense industry leakes the list to Ukraine's ambassador.
5) Scholz says that the weapons on the list don't work.
6) The defense industry denies this and leakes the list to the press.
7) Scholz states Ukrainians can't master the weapons in the available time.

8) German defense experts tell the German press that Ukrainians can master the weapons in 2-3 weeks.
9) Scholz says the weapons are needed by NATO and NATO must approve their transfer.
10) NATO officials and German generals deny this.

11) Scholz says no other NATO/EU ally is delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine.
12) The US, UK, Australia, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Netherlands, etc. publish the lists of heavy weapon they deliver to Ukraine.

13) Under pressure Scholz announces €2 billion for Ukraine's military.
14) German parliamentarians find out that it's really just €1 billion, which won't be available for another 2-3 months, and then Scholz can veto or delay indefinitely every item Ukraine wants to buy.

15) The US, France, Poland, Romania, Japan, the UK and Italy, plus the heads of EU and NATO spend an afternoon trying to talk sense into Scholz.
16) Scholz makes a statement and says Ukraine can have the €1 billion now and order whatever it wants from the list.

17) Ukraine's ambassador says that Scholz removed all the items Ukraine actually wants from the list before giving it to Ukraine and what remains on the list is just a fraction of the €1 billion.

Scholz isn't incompetent or mendacious... he just works for the russians.

18) Scholz claims that there is no ammunition anymore for the Leopard tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles.
19) Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, the US, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Taiwan, Egypt respectively France are saying the produce these ammo types.

20) Scholz says countries delivering armored vehicles to Ukraine will be attacked by russia with nuclear weapons.
21) The US, UK, Australia, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Czechia, Netherlands, Denmark all report they were not hit by nuclear weapons.


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Jun 22
#TheAcolyte - SPOILERS!

The vicious online reaction to The Acolyte shows, that right-wing "media critics" are film-illiterate grifters, who latch onto even the most minuscule line to disparage each episode. All to confirm their delusion that media involving #LGBTQ & colored
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creators are an attack on the "white male", who they pretend to be the true arbiter of "culture".

@Lucasfilm even gave a hint in the first line of the first trailer that this is a #Rashomon style story. This didn't stop these "critics" to complete lose it after the first
flashback episode, which is a child's viewpoint.

Disney's third trailer showed us that what we saw in the child's flashback (left image) isn't, what actually happened (right image).

The Acolyte is by no means as good as #Andor (which is an anti-fascist masterpiece), but
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Jun 14
1× frigate
1× submarine
1× oiler
1× tug to tow the above home when they break down

The russian ships were shadowed by:
🇺🇸Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Helena
🇺🇸Arleigh Burke-class destroyers USS Donald Cook & USS Truxtun
🇨🇦Halifax-class frigate HMCS Ville de Québec
🇺🇸Legend-class cutter USCGC Stone
🇺🇸1× P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft

And in case the russians would have done something funny: there are some additional 50+ P-8A Poseidon at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, which is also home to the 159th Fighter Squadron, which
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flies F-35A & at Homestead Air Reserve Base the 93rd & 367th Fighter Squadrons fly F-16C/D Block 30 Falcons, at Tyndall Air Force Base the 43rd & 301st Fighter Squadrons fly F-22A Raptors, while the 95th Fighter Squadron flies F-35A Lightning.

Those ships and fighters alone
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May 18
For 20 years war criminals from Karabakh had Armenia in their iron grip. In 2018 they were forced by the people to allow free elections and the democratic opposition won 70% of the vote, while the Karabakh criminals' party lost 90% of its votes and did not enter parliament.
Aftet the disastrous defeat in the 2nd Karabakh war, the Karabakh clans demanded a snap elections, got it, and were crushed again with the democratic and pro-peace forces of Pashinyan receiving 54% and the two let's-have-more-Karabakh-wars parties at 26%.
Now, as Pashinyan is
negotiating a peace treaty with Azerbaijan, the same Karabakh clans try to overthrow the government with street protests led by a bishop, who is for issuing ridiculous ultimatums.
The deranged Armenian diaspora is hyping up the bishop and protest, and theu are salivating at
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Apr 28
How to do mobilization for war in the perfect way: the @USArmy in #WWII:

When Germany invaded Poland the US Army consisted of just 6× divisions (1st ID, 2nd ID, 3rd ID, 1st CAV, Hawaiian Division, Philippine Division).
1/12 Image
In October 1939 the Army added the 5th ID and 6th ID. Afterwards the US Army fielded 8× divisions.

After the Germans invaded France with 141× divisions, the US Army activated another 4× infantry (4th, 7th, 8th, 9th) and 2× armored (1st, 2nd) divisions.

Total: 14× divisions.
2/n Image
In fall of 1940 the National Guard was federalized. This added 10× infantry divisions (27th, 30th, 31st, 32nd, 35th, 36th, 37th, 41st, 44th, 45th).

In spring 1941 a further 8× National Guard divisions were federalized (26th, 28th, 29th, 33rd, 34th, 38th, 40th, 43rd).
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Apr 25
Today Germans found out that raising and stationing a Panzerbrigade in Lithuania will cost up to €11 billion...

Of course, because if you devastate your military for 30 years and create gaps in personnel, materiel, etc. it costs MORE to rebuild than it would have cost to
1/5 Image
maintain your military. Germany between 1989 and 2024 reduced its battalions (active and reserve) by the following %:

CBRN Defense -63,64%
Artillery -92,68%
Reconnaissance -45,45%
Paratroopers -66,67%
Signals -66,67%
Air Defense -100,00%
Gebirgsjäger -25,00%
Panzer -91,76%
Army Aviation -70,00%
Light Infantry -96,98%
Logistics -83,70%
Panzergrenadier -82,81%
Engineers -83,33%
Medical -84,00%
Bridging -92,86%

Total: -87,47%

Disbanded the units, paid to have the equipment and materiel scrapped, sold of the bases, and retired the people with the
3/5 Image
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Apr 19
The air defense of a large country is difficult.

People have forgotten the insane density (and cost) of NATO's Cold War SAM belts.

In Germany alone the HAWK belt consisted of (from North to South):
• 24× German
• 12× Dutch
• 8x Belgian
• 35× US Army
• 12× German

1/8 Image
HAWK sites, each of which was filled with radars and missile launchers. (Photo: the Dutch HAWK site on Velmerstot in Germany).

Between the SAM belt and the border mobile radars, and short range air defense systems like Gepard, Roland, Chaparral, VADS, etc. as well as mobile
2/8 Image
Javelin and Stinger teams covered the units operating there.

And behind the HAWK SAM (Surface to Air Missile) belt followed a second SAM belt, with long range NIKE HERCULES missiles, which carried nuclear warheads. All this was backed up by German, US Air Force, British
3/8 Image
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