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Apr 19, 2022 β€’ 9 tweets β€’ 2 min read
Timeline of πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ's @OlafScholz's many lies:

1) At the end of February Germany's defense industry sends Scholz a long list of all available weapons.
2) Scholz doesn't share the list with Ukraine.
3) Scholz says that there are no more weapons left in Germany to give to Ukraine.

4) Germany's defense industry leakes the list to Ukraine's ambassador.
5) Scholz says that the weapons on the list don't work.
6) The defense industry denies this and leakes the list to the press.
7) Scholz states Ukrainians can't master the weapons in the available time.

8) German defense experts tell the German press that Ukrainians can master the weapons in 2-3 weeks.
9) Scholz says the weapons are needed by NATO and NATO must approve their transfer.
10) NATO officials and German generals deny this.

11) Scholz says no other NATO/EU ally is delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine.
12) The US, UK, Australia, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Netherlands, etc. publish the lists of heavy weapon they deliver to Ukraine.

13) Under pressure Scholz announces €2 billion for Ukraine's military.
14) German parliamentarians find out that it's really just €1 billion, which won't be available for another 2-3 months, and then Scholz can veto or delay indefinitely every item Ukraine wants to buy.

15) The US, France, Poland, Romania, Japan, the UK and Italy, plus the heads of EU and NATO spend an afternoon trying to talk sense into Scholz.
16) Scholz makes a statement and says Ukraine can have the €1 billion now and order whatever it wants from the list.

17) Ukraine's ambassador says that Scholz removed all the items Ukraine actually wants from the list before giving it to Ukraine and what remains on the list is just a fraction of the €1 billion.

Scholz isn't incompetent or mendacious... he just works for the russians.

18) Scholz claims that there is no ammunition anymore for the Leopard tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles.
19) Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, the US, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Taiwan, Egypt respectively France are saying the produce these ammo types.

20) Scholz says countries delivering armored vehicles to Ukraine will be attacked by russia with nuclear weapons.
21) The US, UK, Australia, France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Czechia, Netherlands, Denmark all report they were not hit by nuclear weapons.


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Jan 28
Earlier I posted a thread about how Abrams, Leopard & Challenger, and Bradley, Marder & CV90 combine with infantry and armored support vehicles during an combined arms attack.
As people asked about the supporting & sustainment elements of a combined arms attack I will do now
1/25 Image
a thread about these.

Please read my earlier thread before continuing with this one. Here I will give you a very rough overview of the elements an armored brigade or division staff has to plan, prepare and execute for a successful armored attack.

Reconnaissance: commanders need to know where the enemy is, where he has concentrated his forces, where he moves to or retreats.

Ground & air assets of a brigade's recon battalion reconnoiter ahead of the armored spearhead. Nowadays drones are the most used recon asset, but
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Jan 27
Soon Challenger 2, Leopard 2A5/6 and M1A1/2 Abrams will roam across the Ukrainian steppe to hunt and destroy russian armor.

All three are leagues better than what the russians field, but tanks on their own are useless. So, an easy to understand thread about combined arms 🧡:
1/n Image
Western tanks like the M1A1/2 Abrams, Challenger 2, Leopard 2A5/6/7, Leclerc, Ariete AMV, Merkava IV, K2 Black Panther have way better armor than russian tanks.

An M1A2 Abrams is visibly larger than i.e. a T-72 or a T-80, and weighs (depending on model) 15-20 tons more.
2/n ImageImage
That extra weight is mostly armor. russian tanks are not able to penetrate the front armor of modern Western tanks at distances of 2 km (because the armor is twice as thick as what russian APFSDS projectiles can penetrate).

Photo of a Strv 122 APFSDS training round, which
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Jan 23
Ukraine is about to get some 70+ self-propelled artillery systems... time for an artillery thread about:

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ M109A6 Paladin (18x donated)
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ AS-90 (24x donated)
πŸ‡«πŸ‡· CAESAR 8x8 (19x donated by Denmark)
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Archer (probably 12x donated)

Before I continue: do you know how NATO 155mm howitzers work? If not, please read my earlier thread about the M777 howitzer.
Once you know how the M777 works (and what primer, fuzes, and charges are), then you will easily understand this thread.

The M109A6 Paladin is the sixth modification of the M109, which was introduced in 1963.
It's a good system, but AS-90, CAESAR, CAESAR 8x8, Archer, PzH 2000, AHS Krab, and Zuzana 2 are all better systems.

The Paladin still uses a 39 caliber barrel and thus has an 18 liter
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Jan 23
People forget that all US M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams tanks in service with or stored by the US Army are filled with a ton of depleted uranium (DU).
Every Abrams built after 1 October 1988 has a DU mesh between its steel and ceramic armor plates. The US won't give those tanks to
1/4 Image
anyone. The M1A1 without DU mesh were sold years ago to Australia, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco & Saudi Arabia.
The problem is that the mesh is top secret. Not even the workers building the Abrams at the Lima Tank Plant get to see it. It comes from a classified government facility
and is enclosed in steel (1st, 2nd generation) or carbon (3rd generation). Workers only insert the plates into the Abrams. Export Abrams are taken apart completely so that the DU mesh plates can be replaced by Tungsten plates... and that takes weeks.
I am sure the German
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Jan 19
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦Sweden and the CV90:

Sweden acquired 355 CV90 IFVs (+ 194 support variants). The 355 CV90 come in eight versions. The main versions are:
β€’ 9040A (pic 1)
β€’ 9040B/B1 (pic 2)
β€’ 9040C/C+ (pic 3)

The photos everyone is posting are actually the CV90 MkIV for Slovakia (pic 4)
1/n ImageImageImageImage
The three main versions are currently being upgraded:

9040A -> 9040D1
9040B/B1 -> 9040D2
9040C/C+ -> 9040E

Ukraine won't get C/C+/E, because Sweden has 145 and 143 should be in use with eleven mechanized companies.
Btw. this version is easy to recognize as the coaxial
2/n Image
machine gun has been removed and replaced by a machine gun on top of the tank's turret (see the photo with the firing machine gun).

There are 44 9040B/B1/D2 in Swedish inventory. I don't know if they are being used, but those would be an ideal package to send to Ukraine.
3/n Image
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Jan 19
So much nonsense on twitter about the Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB)...

Ok, a thread 🧡

GLSDB uses a Lockheed Martin M26 MLRS rocket section with a Boeing GBU-39/B Small Diameter Bomb.
The M26 was the original rocket used with the M270 to deliver cluster munitions. M26 rockets are being dismantled, which means lots of M26 rocket sections are available.
M26 rockets come in pods of six. Pods that are filled with rockets at Lockheed Martin's plant in Arkansas.
The GBU-39/B Small Diameter Bomb is made by Boeing. It is an INS/GPS guided glide bomb.

Each BRU-61/A Bomb Rack Unit carries four GBU-39/B (or GBU-39A/B, GBU-39B/B).

Almost all NATO fighters and bombers can deploy GBU-39/B.
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