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May 2 15 tweets 9 min read
Awesome new product built on the @Strike API: reacher.me

Solving the email spam problem with #Bitcoin and Lightning payments.

The public can now reach me at jack@reacher.me for $1

The future of the Web is using #Bitcoin as the internet's native currency.
Email is likely the most successful mass-communication scheme of all time but has always had a spam issue.

In 2012, @Yahoo Research estimated 88% of worldwide email traffic was spam, and spam costs businesses and consumers an estimated $100M per year.

What is spam?

Spam is an unsolicited message from someone you don’t know that would like some of your time and attention.

Given the fundamental architecture of the internet, spam is hard to prevent.

It’s difficult to restrict who can contact you and there's no cost to do so.
The solution to internet spam has been theorized for decades.

Ideally, there is a cost to the sender, and an ability for the receiver to monetize their time and attention.

The cost for honest participants would be negligible, but prohibitively expensive for spammers.
This was @adam3us idea with HashCash.

However, because the internet did not have a native currency at the time, it was impossible to use global micropayments to solve the problem.

Thus, HashCash became a proof-of-work system to burden the sender with hardware costs.
Now that we have #Bitcoin and Lightning, the internet does have a native currency.

#Bitcoin is an open, global, instant, cheap, inclusive, and innovative payments standard that allows cash final transactions of any size.

No prior payment networks come close in comparison.
Now, we can solve the internet's biggest problems, like email spam.

Those that want to contact me with inquiries, questions, etc. can do so at jack@reacher.me

I'll take the messages more seriously knowing they paid money to contact me and that my time is being compensated.
Does this mean my family, friends, and colleagues need to pay to reach me?


They already have, or will receive, my real email.

My Reacher email is for public use and acts as a global communications paywall that protects my time and attention.

Spam me all you'd like 🤑
Next time I go shopping? I'll use my Reacher email

Next time I present at a conference? I'll share my Reacher email

My current email is unusable, with 50k+ emails, and only a fraction I asked for

Now, for the same experience, I'll either get $50k+ or my time and attention back
Anyone with a @Strike account can get a Reacher email: reacher.me

You set the price to contact you, and anyone that sends you an email will get a reply with a #Bitcoin Lightning invoice.

After it's paid, the email will be forwarded to your real email.
It's not hard to imagine @Twitter and @elonmusk using the same to solve Twitter's spambots issue + monetize malice, @ghost to allow anonymous accounts, etc.

Now we can empower a better internet and enable a digital economy that was previously impossible.

#Bitcoin fixes this.
The code is open source. It's shockingly simple.

A hackathon project solved one of the internet's oldest problems for me and my email.

The web doesn't need tokens and bullshit.

We simply need to use the best monetary network in human history, #Bitcoin

Give it a try and shoot me an email at jack@reacher.me!

Now that I know it's worth my time, I'll be reading over all the mail tonight over dinner

For the honest-good-faith emails, I'll respond, and donate the proceeds to @HRF

Cheers to a better internet for the world 🍻🚀🙂
To be clear, reacher.me is not my product or a @Strike product. I'm just a user.

Reacher was built by @bluesam in one of Strike's internal hackathons.

It's an open-source project. You can file issues and submit pull requests if you'd like:

I love Reacher as a glimpse into the future, a demonstration of what's possible with #Bitcoin + Lightning, and how powerful the @Strike API is.

Would take a hackathon to fix @Twitter's spambots problem, enable anonymous accounts on @ghost, allow global payments for @Airbnb, etc.

• • •

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Feb 8
@jack @Ghost Tinkering with @Ghost and @PlebPay, I created a post behind a global micropayment paywall on Lightning.

For only $0.10, payable by any Lightning wallet in the world, you can watch my 21-year-old self celebrating Segwit activating on #Bitcoin.


@jack @Ghost @PlebPay Now with @CashApp integrating Lightning, I can now monetize my content to all 70M+ CashApp users, and all 100M+ Lightning Network users globally.

Network effects and economies of scale at work.

The real future of the creator economy on the web.

Open networks win.

@jack @Ghost @PlebPay @CashApp If @Ghost implemented this themselves you wouldn’t need code injections or any hacks.

They’d also allow for fully anonymous accounts if upon signup they required a Lightning micropayment instead of your card details.

Global creator marketplace on the web that supports anonymity
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Jan 21
Live now.

#Bitcoin and Lightning powered Chess and Q&A live stream.

Have questions about #Bitcoin, Lightning, Strike, my celeb crush, or anything else your heart desires?

Come play some LN-powered chess and ask em.

No question is off-limits. No rules

The first game is up for grabs.

The first person to pay this Lightning invoice will get redirected to the chess invite and play me!

Anyone with any #Bitcoin and Lightning wallet can pay the invoice and play.

Let's see what you got, #Bitcoin

Game #1:

You guys are gonna have to play better than that.

Chess Game #2.


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Jan 21
In September, we launched the Strike API with @Twitter.

Today, we're widening access to our Creators API, inviting more developers to enable free, instant, global payments on top of the world's open monetary network, #Bitcoin

Developers, let's do this:

The Strike API enables free, instant, global payments of any size, from anywhere, by anyone.

When was the last time an Argentine developer built an instant micropayment service for @CashApp users?

Trick question.


Only possible with #Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.
There are no minimums, no swipe fees, and no interchange with the Strike API.

#Bitcoin is the only monetary network in human history that can settle micropayments globally, between any service, instantly and at no cost.

This enables payment experiences never possible before.
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Jan 19
Yo! Hello, world 🌎

I'm currently at the airport, with a fresh @budlight, and a lot of time.

Let’s have some fun. Why not?

I’m looking to make some free, instant, global payments using my U.S. Dollars, routed over the world's open monetary network, #Bitcoin 🚀⚡️🥳 Image
Drop a comment on what a singular, global, open monetary network with instant and free cash finality means to you along with a Lightning invoice.

If you're in the US, El Salvador, or Argentina, bonus points if you have global (Lightning) @Twitter Tips enabled with @ln_strike
You can use any wallet, anywhere, at any time, as long as you're interoperable with the only monetary network in human history that makes this magic possible: #Bitcoin

Sorry, @Venmo, your closed network is no good here.

I'd suggest using Lightning for global interoperability 😄
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Jan 15
@namcios @ln_strike Yo!

Sorry, was working on a few things and hosting @chibitdevs.

Yeah, none of this is new. This is how Strike works.

One of the thesis at Strike is using #Bitcoin as a superior, singular, global, open payments network that offers instant and free cash finality.
@namcios @ln_strike @chibitdevs Strike allows you to make and receive #Bitcoin and Lightning payments with dollars.

Or, in theory, any desired cash collateral. Maybe someday you can make a Lightning payment with your @Starbucks points.

Since day one. Pre-empty-closet days. Few.

@namcios @ln_strike @chibitdevs @Starbucks In parts of the world where establishing banking relationships isn't trivial, or when a majority of the market doesn't have access to a bank account, we use a stablecoin to represent the dollar cash collateral balance for a user to spend over the #Bitcoin monetary network.
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Jan 11
🇦🇷 Welcome, Argentina! 🇦🇷

Today, we launch a superior financial experience to a country that faces hyperinflation, predatory payment networks, and unusable cross-border transfers

Today, we use the world's open monetary network, #Bitcoin, to give hope to the people of Argentina
Argentina is plagued with a history of economic turmoil and uncertainty.

Inflation will reach 55% this year.

GDP will contract by 12% this year.

There have been 8 currency crises since the central bank was founded.

Half the population is already living in poverty.
In 1991, amidst hyperinflation, Argentina launched the Argentine Peso that pegged to the dollar

However, they never converted to dollarization, government spending soared, and peso devaluation began in 2001

This resulted in dollars as the primary unit of account in the country
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