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That all comes with the right POSITIONING

Here's how you should do it for your email list

/* THREAD */ 🧵
Check your inbox right at this second and do this:

1. Browse through all the emails
2. For each sender try to guess the topic of the email
3. Rate from 0-10 how easy it was

If it was below 8...

Here's what these people should do:
There's clearly a lack of position when people can't guess the META topic of what's inside

That leads to readers not being interested in opening the emails

No one wants to read "just another newsletter"

They want to read and gain insight on specific topics they're interested
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Au fond d'une vallée des contreforts de l'Himalaya, des milliers d'ordinateurs tournent à plein régime en contrebas d'une centrale hydroélectrique. Dotés d'une puissance de calcul colossale, ils « minent » du #bitcoin. Reportage ⁦@LesEchosWeekEnd⁩ 1/…
« Miner » du #bitcoin, c'est générer cette #cryptomonnaie inviolable grâce à du calcul. Pour valider les transactions et, in fine, créer des blocs dans la blockchain, les « mineurs » font tourner des ordinateurs pour résoudre des problèmes cryptographiques. 2/
Grâce à son électricité bon marché, verte ou brune, la #Chine abrite les deux tiers des chercheurs d'or du monde numérique. Pour atteindre celle que gère Tian Qiang, il faut rejoindre Chengdu, la capitale du Sichuan, puis rouler deux heures en direction des montagnes. 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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0/13) It's time to fully debunk this pile of lies / greenwashing from @michael_saylor.

You would not trust Marlboro about the impacts of tobacco on human health ? Would you ?
Then don't trust the #bitcoin industry about its impacts !

👇👇 Thread 👇👇👇
1/13) The "wasted" energy is not stranded energy we could plug to. At any moment in time, power produced must be = to power consumed. The "50 000 TWh" are ALL dissipated heat. It cannot be harvested, you cannot mine with it, BTC does not fix this. It just adds extra waste.
2/13) BTC does not use "stranded energy" nor incentives renewables. That's a myth. By crossing the data from CBECI to footprints of elec mixes, we find the average footprint of BTC is 830g CO2 / kWh : worse than US mix.
BTC runs mostly on fossil fuels :…
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Preston do you own any ETH?
No. Here's why. A Thread.

First, I don’t trust the decentralization of the ETH protocol. In the past, ETH has been governed by the direction of a few key influencers. If you haven’t discovered yet, the essence of this entire movement is removing 1/
the authority of a few and putting that power into the hands of the many. This occurs through a system of consensus (not governance) and a core tenant of making sure it is feasible is if all interested parties can run the code. If I want to run a 2/
full node on Ethereum, it's not straightforward. As Vitalik says, “Like, I, for example, am definitely unhappy with the fact you know that Metamask for example is just a client that directly talks to Infura, but whatever.” Many people in the ETH crowd will tell you that a 3/
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Something interesting is happening in the Alts space of late, with more and more Alts folks moving into stocks.

Is this creating somewhat of a hidden stock market bid, hiding here in plain sight?

Time for a thread

1) How do you watch the US stock market go up 300%+ over the past 12 years when you’re doing non-correlated alternative investments which may or may not produce positive returns at the same time?
2) typically in the hedge fund world, the reaction looks something like this:
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"The World Only Needs One"

The #DigitalAge using one world #currency was not possible, now that we are able to connect with people around the globe in seconds, one currency would be ideal.

Continue Thread...
With that thought in mind think about the #cryptocurrency market, so many to choose from yet only #one is needed.
#Cryptocurrency will be made illegal This is not a "maybe" this is a warning. Nothing is left up to chance, our world is always planned years in advance. If you fail to plan you are planning to fail and failure is not an option.
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I'll keep this very brief and simple

It's not news that crypto is getting more attention (both amongst retail investors and institutions)

Now, beyond just price of #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #dogecoin, etc...

There's something you should know
Cryptocurrency is beyond just "trading coins"

To understand crypto very well, you'll need to understand the history of money

Understand how/why the fiat currency came into existence

Read through and understand the history of money, then you'll understand and appreciate crypto
Cryptocurrency is not actually speculative money.

Government and banks are saying crypto is speculative because of just 1 reason ONLY...

It's because they don't want to relinquish the power fiat currency gives them

Accepting crypto means they've lost.
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Why Bitcoin Fixes Everything

A credit/debt based economy requires an inflationary monetary policy.

An inflationary monetary creates a credit/debt based economy.

If your principal costs MORE (deflationary) in the future, debt is a last resort

If it will cost less (inflationary), debt is a first choice.
THIS is why 80% of Americans are in debt.

It is not because EviL CaPitALiStS push consumerism. Sure maybe they make it is worse, but Consumerism and debt are the obvious, natural, and LOGICAL response to money being worth LESS in the future.
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Formasyonlar ve Özellikleri

• İkili Tepe & İkili Dip
• Kama Formasyonu (Bullish&Bearish)
• Genişleyen Üçgen
• Üçlü Tepe & Üçlü Dip
• Bayrak Formasyonu (Bullish&Bearish)
• Flama Formasyonu (Bullish&Bearish)
• Üçgen Formasyonu (Bullish&Bearish)

• Teknik Analizde Formasyon nedir, ne işe yarar?

Formasyonlar, fiyat hareketlerinin zaman içerisinde belirli bir uyumla oluşturduğu kalıplaşmış yapılardır.

Finansal üründe gerçekleşecek olan çift yönlü fiyat hareketlerine karşı olası fiyat seviyeleri hakkında bilgi verir.
• Formasyonlar kendi içinde

- Trend Dönüş Formasyonları
- Trend Devam Formasyonları
- Nötr Formasyonlar

Olarak üçe ayrılır.
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1/14 ZACH (@Zach_HODL_ON): "JJ Young is asking, ‘What should I say to my friends who want to get into Celsius but keeps talking about counterparty risks?’”

ALEX (@Mashinsky): "Well, when you give money to a bank, that is counterparty — that’s the definition of a counterparty
2/14 “risk. Who do you think — when you put money in a bank, what do you get? All you get is an IOU. So you give your money to an institution that — under all circumstances, I would say most large US banks are insolvent from the ratio of all the debts that they have versus the
3/14 “liabilities and the national debt and the Fed (@federalreserve) liabilities. If we priced everything, all these assets that all these banks have, not the way the Fed calculates them, but in real market value, the real estate, the loans, all that stuff, a lot of the
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1/4 ZACH (@Zach_HODL_ON): “Otis is — Otis, by the way, that Twitter poll, I think 88% of people said that you need to go to #Bitcoin 2021. The people have spoken, you need to be there. He’s asking, ‘Can you take a loan against your ETH 2.0 as it’s being staked?’”
2/4 ALEX (@Mashinsky): “I have to see if we can do that. Right now, I don’t think we have the ability to block you from earning the interest while you’re depositing with ETH 2. Let me see, we should enable it. I mean, there shouldn’t be any reason not to do it, but let me make
3/4 “sure that technically it works. But it should work, it should be enabled.

“Otis always has the most complex questions. He knows the product so well that he’ll ask me something, you’ll be like hmmm, I didn’t think about that. Maybe we need to get him to talk
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Once we idolized astronauts & civil rights leaders who inspired hope and empathy. Now we worship tech innovators that create billions and move financial markets. #nomercynomalice #SNL
Zuck's empire has been disarticulated—a new king will seize the Iron Throne. Behold the Launcher of Dragons, Borer of Tunnels & Father of X Æ A-Xii. The coronation will take place before a live studio audience, with Tesla long bots and adoring CNBC personalities.
.@elonmusk is now the most influential individual in the world — so influential, he can distort the modern world’s premier platform, our free market system.
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@woonomic you shared the daily TD 9 buy for #bitcoin dominance (great share), but check out the monthly TD 13 buy!!

@WClementeIII @GoingParabolic @PrestonPysh @100trillionUSD
Ps this is the ONLY TD 13 buy in the history of this chart (before 2015).

@RaoulGMI you will enjoy this one!
Last time we had a monthly TD buy signal was Aug 2020. We proceeded to see a 3x move in the next ~3 months.
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1/6 ZACH (@Zach_HODL_ON): “Next question here — and this is coming from Reddit — Talistag (phonetic) is asking: ‘Obviously, you guys are out-yielding the competition with the best rates in the industry. That leads to more and more deposits. What are the biggest challenges
“‘Celsius faces scaling the yield creation?’ That’s a great question.”

2/6 ALEX: (@Mashinsky): “I can tell you I see no issue for us getting to $30, $40, maybe even $50 billion. I don’t see any issues. We have plenty of room to deploy and still continue to earn yield.
3/6 “The reason we run this campaign, the $250,000 deposit and we give you 2 grand, is because we don’t have enough stablecoins, we still don’t have enough dollars, so we borrowed over $2 billion. I would rather pay you. Today, I have to pay somebody else interest to borrow their
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1/10 Recently, I became convinced that the #bitcoin price simply went up too fast and this consolidation is functioning as a re-accumulation phase

IMO the January local top was the turnaround point in the market structure 🏔️

I'll elaborate in this 🧵 with some on-chain data ⛓️
2/10 During the January local top, the #bitcoin price went up FAST 🥵

Compared to 2017, this run-up happened:
1) at an earlier post-halving date
2) at a faster acceleration, and
3) to a higher degree (reached a 🌡️ of 7 - which in 2017 it only reached during the blow-off top)
3/10 Due to the rapid price increase, unrealized profits were sky high, triggering an increasing number of entities to take profits

Since the January local top, profit-taking cooled down to pre-ATH levels - despite the #bitcoin price itself still grinding up 👀
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1/ I was curious to study the economics of the #bitcoin cash and carry trade nicely explained by @choffstein. Given that US citizens can’t do it., why isn’t everybody else on this?

A South Africans perspective 👇
2/ Disclosure: I have no strong opinions on #crypto itself and this is not investment advice. Simply like understanding why such high expected return (almost) delta neutral carry trades exist in 2021
3/ The route most SAs seem to take is to purchase crypto on local exchanges in local currency.

The trouble with this is that the same crypto is significantly more expensive in local currency due to almost one way traffic currently on the bid.

I don’t think SA is unique here
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Hora de entender o que significa TAPROOT 🥕

E como o #Bitcoin está para se tornar mais PRIVADO, FLEXÍVEL e PODEROSO.

Segue a thread pra entender 👇

🕵️‍♂️ Taproot é uma evolução técnica que traz mais privacidade e flexibilidade ao BTC.

Faz parte de um "pacote" (BIPs 340-342) concebido pra levar o SCRIPT pro próximo nível.

Script é a linguagem que define as "spending conditions" de cada UTXO 🧱

UTXOs que "pertencem" a um endereço multisig (multi-assinatura), por exemplo, tem "spending conditions" bem específicas (N de M assinaturas necessárias para mover o UTXO).

Hoje, na blockchain, dá pra reconhecer transações feitas com UTXOs destes.
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7 signals showing $ETH is ready for a big move up after its recent 78% monthly rally👇
1. NUPL currently sits in the Belief - Denial phase and continues to diverge from price.

As price moves higher and NUPL moves lower, it indicates $ETH could go vertical soon.

NUPL is a gauge for the market’s emotional state. NUPL on glassnode for ETH
2. For the first time, #Ethereum Google search interest is now higher than Bitcoin.

Google searches and price action are running in parallel with one another.

Ethereum searches are going parabolic while #Bitcoin searches drop/level off. Google search interest for Ethereum vs Bitcoin
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grafik formasyonlarına simetrik üçgen, alçalan üçgen, yükselen üçgen ve genişleyen üçgen ile devam edelim.

#teknikanaliz #kriptopara #bitcoin #altcoin #ethereum
diğer grafik formasyonlarında olduğu gibi üçgenlerde ayıların ve boğaların mücadelesi sonucunda oluşurlar.
normalde grafik üzerinde göstermekten yanayım ama kuralları temiz şekilde izah etmek için kendim çizeceğim.
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A metaphorical mapping between cryptocurrencies and legacy assets:


(1) #Bitcoin = Gold

Bitcoin doesn't do anything but it is scarce and Lindy. It has amazing brand recognition. Bitcoin will preserve wealth in bad times.
(2) #Litecoin = Silver/platinum

More exotic precious metal, copycat of gold. Less brand recognition.
(3) #Dogecoin = Food/grain

A store of value that perishes over time. Good for parties, good for the good times. Dogecoin inflation is about 5% per year, but taking lost coins into account it might actually be more than that as a percentage.
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The single most underrated feature of #Bitcoin is that it ties money to the global energy supply.

Today, money printing incentivizes humans to do one thing: consume.

Consumption requires energy - consider all that goes into getting a fidget spinner delivered to your doorstep.
Manufacturing the fidget spinner, transporting it across the ocean, storing it in a warehouse, and getting it shipped across the country with 2 day Prime shipping - all of this consumes energy.
When this process is funded by debt, we are consuming energy with money that didn't exist before the loan. In other words, money creation allows us to consume energy that we wouldn't have been able to otherwise.
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#altcoinseason 2021 is going to way way crazier than 2017! Here's why

1 - There are now multiple blockchains running smart contracts applications that actually have users. 2017 was basically all about #Ethereum
2 - There have never been so many fiat on ramps. Cashapp, Paypal, Robinhood, and all the crypto native exchanges. It has never been easier for retail to enter the market.
3 - So many working products. We have amazing #defi platforms like Aave, Uniswap, and Synthetix. And dozens of new comers.
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1/6 STEPHEN (@StephenBrocker): “Back to the CEL token, they’re a channel, you have the ocean that is the fiat, you get down to like a pond that is #Bitcoin trying to absorb all this, and then you get to the bathtub, you get to @CelsiusNetwork, they’re channeling
2/6 “it, they’re giving it that accessibility, because I’ll never sell my #Bitcoin. Like Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor) says, if you got a whole #Bitcoin, it’ll go up forever; #Bitcoin has been going up at 200% a year for the past 10 years, and it’s just getting legs.
3/6 “it’s less risky today than it was at $10 or $100. As the network is growing, it’s an unstoppable force. But never sell your #Bitcoin, never. It’s the ultimate collateral, and @CelsiusNetwork gives you the option to do that. I was going to buy a house a couple months
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#Bitcoin works in a very peculiar way. Our everyday experience doesn't map onto it nicely. Which is one of the reasons why I believe that trying to shoehorn it into concepts we are familiar with is a fool's errand. 🧵👇
First of all: public keys, private keys, addresses - even the software it self - it's all just numbers, which is to say information. Outlawing information gets very weird very quickly.

Second of all: on a technical level, every bitcoin transaction is a smelting process. Multiple inputs go in, multiple inputs go out. You can only connect inputs to outputs *heuristically*, never definitely.
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