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Most bullish $BTC season is about to start. I've prepared a short guide to help you get ready for the rallies.

A thread🧵👇
1/ Casual disclaimer:

In this thread, I will combine many charting techniques, chart pattern studies, fundamental factors, and seasonal records of #Bitcoin.

The future is unpredictable. Profits are not guaranteed. Losses are inevitable. No holy grails.

Let's get it started👇
2/ The daily chart shows a local consolidation period as $BTC chops around the $28000 level.

Having bounced off the 200-day average support on an increased volume, the $30000 is the overhead resistance area of interest. Image
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🚨𝘼 𝙏𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙🚨

What has been going on in March in the @Aleph__Zero $AZERO Ecosystem and other news in the #crypto space!
- Banking crisis
- SEC / Coinbase
- EU MiCA regulations
- Nasdaq
- #AlephZero new projects
- #SmartContracts launching
- The flippening

and more... 🤓🧵 Image
To those of you living in a cave for the last few weeks here's a recap of what has been going on;
Due to the Banking crisis and the bankrupcy of several big Banks like Crédit Suisse, Silicon Valley Bank and now Dutsche Bank coming next, markets have seen increased volatility... Image
As a matter of fact as the news hit the markets we saw panic selling and the mother of all bear traps where #bitcoin fell to the 19k's and was followed by a rapid recovery and pump to the 28k's as smart money moves from Banks to #Crypto
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Not enough people are talking about the implications of the new RESTRICT act on the government's ability to severely crack down on #Bitcoin.

Some examples of how this language could potentially directly affect the Bitcoin industry below 👇……
First, some definitions so we know the breadth and scope of what is being considered in this bill:
CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE is defined in accordance with the Patriot Act (🚩)… Image
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Herkese günaydın 🤗 yine bir bankacılık krizi ile güne uyandık.Bu sefer ses,Almanyadan geldi.Piyasa değeri 19 Milyar dolara ulaşan "Deutsche Bank" hisselerinde büyük bir düşüş yaşandı.Peki "Deutsche Bank" kısaca bahsedelim. (…)
+++🧵 Image
Almanya merkezli küresel bir finansal hizmetler holdingidir. Deutsche Bank, bankacılık, yatırım bankacılığı, varlık yönetimi ve sigorta gibi çeşitli finansal hizmetler sunmaktadır.
Banka, dünya çapında müşterilere hizmet vermektedir ve birçok uluslararası piyasada güçlü bir varlığa sahiptir.Deutsche Bank hissedarları çeşitli yatırımcılar ve kurumlardan oluşmaktadır.
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截止到今天凌晨零点的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,从昨天午夜一点到现在历时24小时的 #BTC 链上地址变化。在欧洲股市低开低走的收盘后,受到德意志银行可能出现风险的影响,不只是欧洲股市,就连美股和美股期货,甚至是BTC都受到了不同程度的连累。目前包括黄金在内的风险市场普遍出现了下跌的迹象。 Image
而单纯的从币市角度来看,虽然 #BTC 的价格出现了震荡下行的趋势,但也一直维持在28,000美金左右。即便出现下跌反弹的力度也还是不错的,说明现在仍然有较强的购买欲望。尤其是最近风险市场已经开始布局美联储将会在五月或者六月的暂停加息,这对于风险市场的上涨都会起到助力的作用。 Image
从细节数据来看,最近24小时内BTC的转移量有将近10万枚,已经算是不小的流动性了。其中持仓成本在15,000美金下方的整体获利筹码,以及50,000美金上方的亏损筹码所组成的长期持有BTC,最近24小时发生的转移量仍是较低的,平均每小时的减持也不到73枚 #BTC ,这对于一般的周五数据来说已经是很少了。
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1/ @arbitrum's $ARB airdrop took center stage this week, but it wasn't the only development in the L2 space or crypto 👀 .

@eshita, @Saypien_, @chasedevens, @0xallyzach, @Old_Samster, and @sunnydece break down the key developments for the past week.👇🧵 Image
2/ @Immutable hopped on the rollup train, announcing its partnership with @0xPolygonLabs on a zkEVM instance.

Like the @optimismFND Stack and the Superchain, @arbitrum Nitro and Orbit, and @zksync and the Hyperchain, Polygon may be developing the next interconnected ecosystem.
3/ Following @arbitrum's airdrop announcement, “Airdrop farmers" quickly moved to the next opportunities.

Attention has been directed towards two upcoming Layer-2 solutions: @zksync and @Starknet, both of which have yet to release a token. Image
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Their balance sheet has surged by $400 billion in two weeks 😮

Will this lead to another #Bitcoin bull run?

🧵(1/8) Image
• FED is doing this for Quantitative Easing.

• Quantitative easing is a form of monetary policy where a central bank acquires securities.

• These include government bonds or mortgage-backed securities, to increase the money supply and bank reserves.

• By doing so, the central bank is essentially adding assets to their balance sheet and pumping US dollars into the banking system.

• This practise increases the domestic money supply and liquidity for banks.

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Quais são os principais motivos do medo de poupar em #Bitcoin?

Volatilidade do preço;
Falta de regulamentação;
Incerteza com à tecnologia;
Possibilidade de fraudes e roubos;
Complexidade no uso;
Medo de perder dinheiro.

Vou tentar afastar cada medo um a um...

Volatilidade do preço;

Isso é uma caracterisitica desejada inclusive. Não se pode nascer do zero e se tornar uma reserva de valor global amplamente aceita sem uma absurda variação de preço.
Há muito desentendimento a respeito, e a volatilidade é consequência disso.
Mas a volatilidade é sua amiga. Ela permite você comprar o melhor dinheiro que o ser humano jamais conheceu "em promoção".

O segredo para domar o medo da volatilidade é adotar a estratégia da compra recorrente. Todo mês poupe em #bitcoin não importa o preço.
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1/ 🧵A deep dive into how @Greenpeace has lied & exaggerated facts over the years, hindering technology advancement.
Here's a breakdown of some key events, controversies, and how the organization's management practices contradict its mission. Image
2/ 🌐 Greenpeace is known to have spread misinformation on various topics like nuclear energy [1], GMOs [2], and its controversial Indian Government stand [3]. They often present a one-sided view, ignoring scientific evidence that contradicts their narrative.
3/ ✈️ Greenpeace management has been criticized for its own carbon footprint, with senior staff flying extensively for work and personal trips [4]. This hypocrisy goes against their fight for reduced emissions.
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Herkese günaydın 🤗Dün açıklanan birkaç #makroekonomi verisinden bahsederek konuya giriş yapalım.Dün #ABD - Yeni konut satış verisi açıklandı ve bir önceki veriye göre artış gösterdi.
+++🧵 Image
Yeni ev satışları, konut sektöründeki faaliyetlerin ve istihdamın bir göstergesi olarak ekonomiye katkı sağlar. Yeni evlerin inşası, inşaat sektörüne iş imkanı yaratır ve malzeme tedarikçileri, taşeronlar ve müteahhitler gibi diğer sektörler de bu faaliyetten faydalanır.
Yeni evlerin satışı, ayrıca tüketici harcamalarında artışa neden olabilir ve bu da ekonominin büyümesine katkıda bulunabilir.Ancak, yüksek talep, düşük arz ve sınırlı ev stoku gibi faktörler nedeniyle yeni ev fiyatları arttıkça,#enflasyon da etkileyebilirler.
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O nó #Lightning⚡️, para o dia a dia, com 15% do saldo. Saldo #LN⚡️ e on-chain;


Uma multisig 2de3, no celular/PC/Hardware Wallet, com 35%;

3)HERANÇA, uma multisig 2de4.

E algumas outras carteiras de “decoy”, as carteiras do ladrão, as carteiras que você entrega na hora do aperto.

Não é possível saber quantas carteiras você tem. Em especial se você compra pelo @kycnot e embaralha os seus #BTC pela @SamouraiWallet

Feito isso,vamos às carteiras.
Ates, um adendo:

Estou supondo que você já percorreu uma jornada Bitcoinheira que começa por entender o ativo e culmina em acessar nossa curva de juros, com VÁRIAS etapas no meio do caminho.

Não pule NENHUMA!

Papo sério aqui: não se estrepe.

Tudo na sua hora,a sua vai chegar.
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Para evitar que estrangeiros vendam títulos americanos ILÍQUIDOS e levem a pirâmide fiat à ZERO!

BCs do Japão, Canadá, Europa, UK e Suíça poderão enviar ATIVOS para o FED que em troca, enviará DÓLARES diariamente.

Ou colapsa, ou hiper-infla.
BCs do mundo inteiro estão PRECISANDO DE DINHEIRO e NENHUM deles quer enfraquecer ainda mais sua moeda contra um dólar que JÁ PAGA juros mais altos.

Eles então tentariam VENDER títulos americanos como forma de:

Fortalecer sua moeda;
Conseguir DINHEIRO;

É então que o FED fala:
AHÁ! Não precisa! Enviem-me esses ativos aí, eu os utilizarei como colateral para emprestar a vocês mais dólares!

E dito e feito.

Quais seriam as consequências da inação do FED?

Estrangeiros vendendo títulos = preço dos títulos cai = taxa de juros aumenta = ninguém aguenta
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There are some hidden truths about #Bitcoin that can only be learned through success or years of failure

After buying two cycle bottoms and selling the April 2021 Top I will share the truths I have discovered with you

Here are 5 hidden truths about Bitcoin

A thread... 👇🧵 Image

The people that are successful in Bitcoin depend on those that make mistakes to make gains for themselves

Did someone tell you that Buying at 69k was smart, because eventually Bitcoin would go back up?

The people that sold their coins at the top thank you!
2. HODL'ing is dying

Stop listening to people who tell you how successful you would have been if you bought and held Bitcoin from $10

You did not buy at those prices!

Holding and never selling is getting significantly less effective, and will continue to do so over time
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Wild how everyone becomes a #Bitcoin maximalist when the crypto VCs and shitcoin casinos blow up.

Crypto influencers will shill anything if you pay them enough.

But stop sponsoring their podcast and suddenly the truth comes out.
Gains in alts are driven by speculative VC money / FTX style ponzis.

Some retail folks *might* catch a pump and get out in time - but they're mostly exit liquidity. Scare off the VC's and what's left?

Just Bitcoiners relentlessly stacking Sats come hell or high water.
That also means Bitcoin focused businesses are the most sustainable, and the most likely to be able to sponsor media in a bear market.

Hence the narrative shift from people with an audience that suddenly need to court Bitcoin businesses.
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Herkese günaydın 🤗 Dün piyasanın fiyatladığı gibi 25 bps faiz arttırımı geldi.#Powell'ın açıklamalarından çıkan sonuca gelicek olursak.#Fed ve powell,bankacılık sektöründeki son olayların etkilerine rağmen ekonominin sağlam olduğunu vurgularken

faiz oranlarında önemli bir değişiklik olmayacağını öngördü. Ancak, Powell, faizleri yükseltmeye hazır olduklarını belirtti ve enflasyonun hedef seviyesine ulaşması için ek faiz artırımlarının gerekebileceğini ifade etti.
Powell, 21 Mart 2023 tarihinde yapmış olduğu açıklamada, ABD'deki ekonomik durumu belirleyen en iyi gösterge olarak, faiz oranı eğrisinin ilk 18 ayına bakmanın önemli olduğunu belirtmiştir.
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A must do this 👌 this will take you less than 1 min

A step-by-step guide on how to register for ALEX Bridge Incentivized Testnet Whitelist

#Airdrop confirmed 👌

A thread
@ALEXLabBTC is Building platform where 🌉 A Bridge between Ethereum <> Bitcoin can be done

ALEX Bridge: All Roads Lead to #Bitcoin   🚀

Bringing Bitcoin value to the multi chain beginning with USDT on ETH <> sUSDT on ALEX

As the #Incentivized Testnet will start in early April register for whitelist now

And only people with whitelist will be able to test
▶️ Join #Whitelist 👉…
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Списання вийшло з-під контролю: Росія зняла зі зберігання Т-54
Команда CIT отримала фотографії потяга, який везе військову техніку з Далекого Сходу. Ми ідентифікували їх як радянські середні танки сімейства Т-54/55: в одному ешелоні були і Т-54, і танки, які могли бути пізніми Т-54 або Т-55 (див. ілюстрацію).
Як стало відомо, нещодавно цей ешелон вирушив з Арсеньєва Приморського краю, де розташована 1295-та центральна база резерву і зберігання танків.
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در این لحظه برخی از نودها اول بلوک (الف) رو دریافت می‌کنن و بعضی هم بلوک (ب). بطور پیش‌فرض نودها اولین بلوکی رو که دریافت می‌کنن (الف/ب) بعنوان بلوک صحیح تشخیص می‌دن و ...
... اونیکی رو نادیده می‌گیرن. اینجا یک فورکِ موقت اتفاق می‌افته. برای اینکه یک نسخه‌ی واحد از بلاک‌چین وجود داشته باشه راهِ حل از قبل دیده شده. لحظه‌ای که ماینرها از استخراجِ یک بلوک مطلع می‌شن، بلافاصله کار بر روی بلوکِ بعدی رو شروع می‌کنن ...
... ماینرهایی که مثلن بلوکِ الف رو دریافت کردن برای گسترش زنجیره شروع به کار می‌کنن. دقیقن همین شرایط برای ماینرهایی که بلوکِ «ب» رو دریافت کردن هم صدق می‌کنه. «اولین تیمی که نسخه‌ی خودش از بلاک‌چین رو گسترش بده، برنده می‌شه» ...
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La FED ha decidido subir 25 BPS los tipos de interés, algo que afecta negativamente a los bancos y puede provocar una crisis

En este hilo 🧵te resumo cómo funciona el sistema financiero y si #Bitcoin puede sustituirlo
En este hilo aprenderás sobre:

- Sistema financiero
- Bancos centrales
- Tipos de interés

Y también daremos respuesta a si el sistema es sostenible y si BTC puede sustituirlo.
Cómo funciona el sistema bancario

Antiguamente, los bancos se utilizaban para guardar el dinero de las personas a cambio de ciertas comisiones. Hasta que empezaron a usar el dinero de los depositantes para invertirlo y poder sacarle una rentabilidad extra.
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Uma visão interessante:

O FED é uma arma na WW3.

Que pode ser usada para drenar a liquidez do sistema por COMPLETO e dane-se: salvarão somente aos AMIGOS DO REGIME.

Bancos, empresas ou governos: com a ameaça de morte pelo FED, sucumbirão aos seus desejos para obter resgate. Image
E resgatados serão aqueles que puderem de alguma forma contribuir com os EUA e seu interesse geopolítico global.

Eles já sinalizam:bancos americanos e europeus fazem parte desse grupo.Mas não se enganem: estão vendendo a alma para o FED em troca de dólares.

Aliados importantes.
Tudo é muito lindo, até aqueles que forem deixados para “morrer na praia” conseguirem exercer influência.

O lado “morrendo” também pode fazer lobby, pressão, e influenciar a opinião pública.

Podem trocar governantes e causar reboliços.

Caramba, eles podem ser países inteiros!
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WSJ: "It's Fed day. And it's a big one. The central bank faces one of its hardest calls in years: Keep raising rates to fight high inflation or hold steady to help quell the worst banking crisis since 2008."

Quick 🤡🌎 commentary 👇
The world anxiously awaits the man, the myth, the legend, Jerome Powell, to decide the fate of the global economy.

The Federal Reserve will save the day. Right?

But if they don't, cut them some slack. This is one of "its hardest calls in years."
Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

The amount of cognitive dissonance in financial markets is unparalleled.

Everyone awaits what a dozen people have planned for the global 'free market' economy.

Not only that...
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Thread on #Bitcoin Dominance and how it relates to #Altcoins. $BTC dominance is super important to understand and I'll also go into alt/btc pairs and why they are selling off.

$BTC.D #Ethereum $ETH $ETHBTC
This thread is partially inspired by a recent one I made in regards to why altcoins aren't moving right now despite BTC going super strong. Check this one out first.

To start, what is $BTC dominance?

Bitcoin dominance is the total share of BTC marketcap / total crypto marketcap.

So if $BTC MC is 2 trillion and the total #Crypto MC is 4 trillion, BTC.D is 50%
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@MinswapDEX Dominance A Thread 🧵

In MY HUMBLE OPINION #MINSWAP has ESTABLISHED itself as the NO. 1 #DEX for #DEFI In the #CARDANO Ecosystem. Not Only Has $MIN had a beyond impressive performance against #BITCOIN & #CARDANO as stated below as per @CoinMarketCap with $MIN up Image
33.05% in the last 30 days as opposed to #BTC which is up 13.05% in the last 30 days & #CARDANO down 8.86% in the last 30 days (In other words if you want more #ADA & #BTC VALUE in your portfolio, HOLD $MIN) NFA. @MinswapDEX has also continued to maintain approximately 40%
Dominance in #TVL amongst all #DEFI protocols on #CARDANO as per @DefiLlama. As a result of this continued growth and Out performance of other #DEXES & #DAPPS, I strongly believe @MinswapDEX will continue to keep the lead into the the bull market and if anyone knows anything
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8 lições que eu aprendi lendo livro “O Indivíduo Soberano” Image
“The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age” de James Dale Davidson e William Rees-Mogg é um livro visionário de 1997 que previu muitas das profundas transformações geopolíticas e sociais que estamos vendo hoje em dia
Nessa thread eu vou listar as OITO lições mais importantes que eu extraí desse livro:
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