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South Korean National & Hundreds Of Members Worldwide Charged In Largest Darknet Child Pornography Website TAKEDOWN

Jong Woo Son, South Korea
nine-count indictment #unsealed #Bitcoin

CD #Benczkowski DC
@POTUS @TraffickStop
@POTUS @TraffickStop The nine-count indictment was unsealed along with a parallel civil forfeiture action.

An additional 337 site users WORLDWIDE have been arrested and charged.


@POTUS @TraffickStop “Darknet sites that profit from the sexual exploitation of children are among the most vile and reprehensible forms of criminal behavior” #Benczkowski

“We will continue to pursue such criminals ensure they receive the punishment their terrible crimes deserve” #Liu
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1/I am extremely pleased to present the first of a three part series on critically reviewing the stock-to-flow model for #Decred and #Bitcoin.

In this paper I undertake numerous regression analyses to validate inputs and compare performance age-for-age.…
2/ I establish fundamental reasons why I have studied #Decred further as a contractor as well as explain the similarities and differences between monetary policies.

I conclude that in the realm of digital, immutable, sound money, both #Bitcoin and #Decred are best in class.
3/ Undertaking regression analyses for $DCR, $BTC and $LTC over multiple timescales, I present stock-to-flow models for all three assets.

#Bitcoin continues to impress, R2 = 0.90
#Bitcoin at age 3.67 has R2 = 0.66
#Decred at age 3.67 has R2 = 0.70
#Litecoin no valid fit R2<0.5
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50+ important charts coming today and imo the picture is clearing up for the short-term

lets start with $AAPL

monetary aggregates and unemployment - still have not turned #SPX #M1 #M2

$NYSE internals are constructive and confirmed last equities highs which suggests that new highs are likely and that those have a possibility to be unconfirmed
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Lol, i just heard this evening that @paxful will start charging 1$ or 1% which ever is higher of the two options on every internal transfer of bitcoin and customers will only have 5 times to make free internal transfer in a month, like LMAO @raypaxful
#Paxful #Bitcoin #Crypto
It still baffles me and leave me in shock why @paxful and @raypaxful will decide to charge such an outrageous fee on a Bitcoin transaction, 1% which means 10$ on 1000$, 100$ on 10000$, 1000$ charges on 100000$ bitcoin internal transfer 😀.
Even BANKs does not charge such an outrageous amount on money transfer, what’s now the essence of Blockchain ? What’s essence of Bitcoin 🤷🏽‍♂️ ?
Do you guys really beleive you have the user base enough and have become so indispensable that made you think people will accept this ?
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Valuing #Bitcoin with NVT Signal (credit: @woonomic).

I've published an indicator which tracks NVT Signal against a dynamic 2yr long-term range.

This should hopefully assist in future valuations, as private transactions tend toward inflating NVT Signal.…
@woonomic Note: we are currently at the lower side of valuations, suggesting the present is an opportune period to buy Bitcoin.

However, undervaluation can persist for long periods (see 2015-2016).

Generally speaking, as a standalone metric, NVTS is better at identifying market tops.
@woonomic Dynamic Range NVT Signal.

A small modification to a great metric in identifying over- and under-valuation in Bitcoin.

Read more below about why Bitcoin is relatively inexpensive today.…
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"Despite a 50 basis point decline in the U.S. 10-year note yield since late July, the average interest rate on credit cards continues to hover close to record levels."

It's a neofeudal financial system. Opt out. #bitcoin #gold…
"The U.S. prime lending rate, the rate that commercial banks to charge their most credit-worthy customers, has fallen thanks to easier Fed monetary policy. But the spread between the prime rate and the average annualized rate on credit cards widened to a record."

Check out this chart.

Central Banking is a tool to maintain and further oligarchy.
The wealthy improve their positions thanks to low rates, everyone else gets shafted.

It's a total fking scam.
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Early #privacy new-years resolutions:
1/ Run my own VPN over VPS (incl. ad-blocker)
2/ Setup privacy-focused smartphone
3/ Overhaul self-hosted cloud storage
4/ Start using PGP email encryption
5/ Use own XMPP messageing server

See details below 👇👇👇
1/ Prevent traffic snooping on public hotspots and from own ISP with a VPN. But trusing a VPN company just concentrates risk. With @AlgoVPN, I want to run my own VPN on a virtual server for all my devices. Bonus: it features ad-blocking as well.…
2/ Smartphones are grabbing private data without shame. Google Android is bad, iOS not much better. I plan to try two options:
* /e/OS @e_mydata with self-hosted cloud, supporting many mobile phones
* the uncompromising @GrapheneOS, as next time I'll buy a supported phone
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1/ The gap between the "rich" and the 'non-rich' has nothing to do with taxes and everything to do with monetary policy. This is critical to understand, especially with presidential candidates calling for socialist policies in the U.S.
2/ In the past 10 yrs the Fed has flooded the market with dollars. The amount of US dollars in circulation has doubled in the past decade. DOUBLED.
3/ The idea is to spur economic activity and, yes, banks loan some money to businesses that invest in growth, job creation, etc

But there is limited supply of good businesses needing loans. Much of the money ends up invested in asset classes like real estate, equities, PE/VC etc
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1/ With Lntenna-python you can send a @blockstream Satellite message from an off-grid node, using a Submarine Swap over @goTenna mesh network:
2/ To send a message to most of the global landmass from an off-grid device - with no direct internet connection - we leverage the Blockstream Satellite Transmission Service…
3/ Because payment for the Blocksat service is via #lightning and our off-grid device only has a full #bitcoin node, we need somebody else to *trustlessly* pay on our behalf...
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1/ I believe the economic change we shall see in the "West," will be dramatically more extreme than most believe.

The 2020's and early 2030s shall be very difficult for many displaced workers and today's young people.

Few are really planning for such a time, shortly upon us.
2/ Already many companies especially young small nimble companies are able to hire workers from "non western" countries.

These people are thrilled to be employed at wages well below the minimum wage rates.

The need not immigrate. In fact it's better that they don't.
3/ the commute over the internet.

Story heard recently of young underemployed post college grads.
College education education cost more than some houses.

These people are massively in debt.

Their education in pretty much worthless subjects, from employment perspective.
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1/Dear Millennials,

We are growing up in the age of QE infinity, negative interest rates, unfunded promises, real estate bubbles and ponzi equity markets...

Have you heard of #Bitcoin?

Thread. 👇
2/ The M2 money supply is being debased by more than 6% annually.

The prudent millennial saves for their first home. The unit at which they save in (the dollar) dilutes at a rate faster than their rate of savings.

The market move away. The down payment out of reach.
3/ Rates are going negative all over the world. Trump is calling to follow trend.

Millennials will not grow up with a “risk free rate”.

Your savings account is on track to go negative.
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I put these words together circa fortnight ago to help give a laser clarity assistance on the different regulatory roads to travel by @SECNigeria & @cenbank per their enabling statute-laws on crypto-assets.

#Cryptoreg #legaltender #bitcoin #blockchainsecurities
*Cryptocurrencies: SEC Nigeria Has No Power to Regulate Only the CBN Does*
For the purposes of issuance and regulation, cryptocurrencies do not fall within the regulatory remit of a national securities regulator like for instance the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Nigeria.

#Cryptoassets @cenbank @SECNigeria #legaltender #cryptosecurities
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1. Just a reminder to those #Bitcoin believers who see "cheap coins": investing in cryptocurrencies is as stupid as investing in lottery tickets. >>
2. As in any typical lottery, more than half of the money that you invest in in cryptocurrencies goes straight into the pockets of those who run the system: chiefly miners and exchange operators. >>
3. As in any typical lottery, the remainder of your investment is distributed randomly and unevenly among the investors. >>
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Capitalism, the 21st century scape goat:


1/ Capitalism is a system of capital accumulation from saving. Capitalism w/ sound money naturally restricts lending to investment.
2/ Ironically, capitalism is blamed for conspicuous consumption & destructive action.

This is not the result of capitalism.
Rather it is the outcome of the capitalist coordination mechanism, the money.
3/ Modern day capitalism sits on a debt based monetary system. The price of money is managed & manipulated, not discovered.

To have a true free market, there must be a free market money.
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Five INSANELY bullish charts for bitcoin. 🚀🚀🚀 $BTC #bitcoin

1/ Bitcoin looks nothing like the Tulip Mania or South Sea Company bubbles, which only lasted an illiquid and brief 3 years.

Bitcoin has been growing for 10 years with billions of dollars traded daily.
2/ If you dollar cost averaged into bitcoin weekly, every year would result in positive returns at today's prices, including 2018 and 2019.
3/ Bitcoin dominates the best performing tech stocks in returns over the past decade, even when giving tech companies a 4 year head start. 🔥🔥🔥

Berkshire Hathaway added for fun.
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Le discours hier de Benoît Coeuré, membre du board de la BCE et à la tête du groupe de travail sur les stablecoins, vaut le détour et en dit beaucoup + que les postures politiques de 🇫🇷 et 🇩🇪 sur @Libra_. Morceaux choisis 👇
@Libra_ "Les monnaies numériques privées pourraient remettre en cause la suprématie du dollar américain plus facilement, et plus rapidement, que les monnaies souveraines traditionnelles"
@Libra_ "L’argent numérique privé modifiera probablement le système monétaire et financier international d'une manière ou d'une autre, soit directement, soit en poussant les banques centrales mondiales à innover"
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1/ I am studying #Decred in the context of #Bitcoin in the early days.

I aim to assess the following:
- Compare $DCR and $BTC supply characteristics
- Performance of #DCR compared to young #BTC
- Decred unforgeable costliness
- Mathematical rigor for $DCR S2F model

Prelim ideas
2/ #Decred launched in Aug 2016 (~ BTC block 33600).

Given similar supply curve, I have offset $DCR performance by 33,600 BTC blocks and plotted as if #Decred launched side by side with #Bitcoin.

Unsurprisingly, #Decred behaves much like a 'smooth' #Bitcoin without halvings.
3/ Plan B established the invaluable and statistically valid S2F model for $BTC.

Key difference between scarcity of $DCR and $BTC is #Bitcoin immaculate conception, time alive (network effect) and block reward distribution.

21Million, predefined schedule and S2F path are equal.
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0) Thread:

Quick Summary of the past, present, and future of #Bitcoin, #BSV, #Metanet, #CraigWright, #SatoshiNakamoto

...for those that give a fuck.
1) In late 2008, Dr. Craig S. Wright (CSW) authored and released the Bitcoin white paper after more than a decade of research on what we know today as 'Metanet'. The source code came shortly after, and Bitcoin was born with the Genesis block being mined on Jan 3rd. 2009. CSW had
2) help from various individuals in the early stage, most notably Dave Kleiman: his friend with whom he had worked with on past projects. Dave contributed primarily with editing of the white paper and performing code reviews. CSW controlled the majority of the communications
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Fees can appear a burden, but they also signal people willing to pay real value to use a network.

This metric tells me network users find equal utility in #Ethereum & #Bitcoin.
As a comp, check out transaction fees for “next gen” smart contract platforms as they launch.

They will be / already are very low txn fee networks given the abundance of transaction supply with little demand.

Useful ones will grow txn fees or tolerated inflation w/ time.
Both in dollar terms, not % terms.

$’s can go up, while %’s go down 🙂
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Good morning! 😀Trust you are well! Some interesting developments in markets. I will provide my perspective here in #HZupdates
#Oil has strong influence on price development (inflation). Seems to be developing in Ending Diagonal. We may see wave (B) develop as a triangle - before next move down towards target <20 USD #HZupdates
Similar pattern in ##Commodity index #CRB. Consolidation below trendline. Next major move should send #CRB much lower. This is deflationary #HZupdates
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I hope the #bitcoin elite does some interesting things with it. ✔️Citadels, but also 🌘moon base, 🌊sea-steading, 👑financial sovereignty for all etc. I'm far less interested in the money, than in what 200k activist Bitcoin investors can to innovate the world for the better.
Another factor is these future Bitcoiner UHNWI have a generally cypherpunk attitude, made their own money by valuing low time-preference, are young (on average vs typical UHNWI) and ready to bring about the cypherpunk digital self-sovereign future. #snowcrash was a blueprint.
Cypherpunks write code, build things, change things. Hopeful about political outcomes for the first time in decades. #bitcoin
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1. I'm starting to see a disturbing amount of technical analysis in my feed (more than none), perhaps weirdly both here and on medium.

this is particularly worrying given most of it seems to be about #bitcoin.

thread time.

TLDR: you may as well consult animal entrails.
2. price in a free market is not a fundamental metric. it is an emergent property of the interplay of supply and demand over time. this shouldn't seem terribly controversial.

so far so good ...
3. supply and demand represent the ability of individuals with access to the market subjectively deeming some quantity of money to be comparatively more or less marginally valuable than the good or service on offer.
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1/ #bitcoin
What I find amazing is how history repeats it self. In the late 80's early 90's few people understood how some of the companies which are giants today would totally change the world. Bitcoin is bigger.
2/ Very few get it. But this is going to change in a very big way this next 10 ish years from 2019-2030. even many bitcoiners don't fully comprehend what we are going to see. It is so hard for people to imagine what a new technology will bring.
3/ Bitcoin is bigger it is much more than technology.

I will keep repeating. These three things are very big movers of price.
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Just had a "holy shit" moment w/⚡️#Lightning @lightning

In 4 weeks I've -

• paid a friend for drinks using @Breez_Tech
• + bought @OPENDIME, a shirt, a beanie, & @skwp's "inventing Bitcoin" at #BitBlockBoom
• got one of @quin_solo's BTC coasters
@lightning @Breez_Tech @OPENDIME @skwp @quin_solo 2/
• bought a beer at the Raleigh Bitcoin Meetup
• grabbed a @HomeDepot card from @bitrefill for bedroom trim
• withdrew some beautiful Anon's 500k sat donation from @tippin_me 🙏❤️
• earned 10,000 sats back on @SatsApp for my @CasaHODL node being online.
@lightning @Breez_Tech @OPENDIME @skwp @quin_solo @HomeDepot @bitrefill @tippin_me @SatsApp @CasaHODL 3/
• depleted my @Breez_Tech change playing @lightningspin (im a degenerate⚡️gambler 😔)
• bought some router drill bits & mortiser template on @amazon using @fold_app (can't get the door we want pre-hung, wtf rite?)
• fed the chickens again at @pollofeed cuz why not?
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