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Remove your #Bitcoin from centralized platforms now, "Stop Supporting Short sellers" 🙏
Have you ever wondered how centralized platforms offer you that juicy yield on your bitcoin?
wondered how some lending platforms offer ultra low-interest rates for borrowing? 🧵💊
The only way these platforms can offer yield in the first place is by lending your bitcoin to someone to generate that yield ( there is no such thing as free bitcoin).
So who is paying that yield ? 🤔
There are only two possible scenarios
1) someone borrowing bitcoin from CeX for starting a business venture.
This exposes your bitcoin to the risk of failure of that business and also places the centralized platform in the shoes of a bank. 🏦
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What is #liquidity pool? how does it work? what is impermanent loss? how to minimize it?

This visual guide will help you understand #LP and how it enables decentralized #economy to thrive.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Uniswap #PancakeSwap Image
LP is a vault into which participants deposit and lock their assets in smart contracts to form a market (trading pair) and make it liquid for those wishing to trade in that pair.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming Image
Most #LP requires assets to be paired, this asset will create trading pair by utilising constant product formula to ensure a fair price.


#DeFi #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum #AVAX #BNB #DEX #Infographic #yieldFarming Image
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The smaller dashed channel remains my primary case, mapping out waves 1 though 4 with perfect touches at the channel bounds. Wave 5 higher is still missing.

Lots of charts! Lets get into it...

🧵1/ Image
In both channels we can draw a tight lower boundary, as well as one that captures deviations.

In the smaller channel, #Bitcoin has now broken the tight boundary and consumed the full extent of the Covid deviation.

Is the Luna crash simply another deviation?

🧵2/ Image
Taking a step back to the failed Triangle count, the mistake was to assume that the market did not need to consume the covid deviation. I was wrong.

Break of 33k #Bitcoin invalidated the Triangle and I switched to my alternate count which I will cover next.

🧵3/ Image
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The Ethereum Consensus Layer might as well be called the @jpmorgan @ConsenSys layer as @infura_io and @Cloudflare gateways to @IPFS @ethereum networks have all been caused downtime or pose vulnerable to outage events in the future esp. since Cloudflare is going #validator in POS
See what's happening? You have a 95% uptime on @Cloudflare and they rely on a global network of THEIR data centers. That is not a p2p decentralized worldwide #Bitcoin merge mined network of miners and nodes. That's a point of failure connected in one way from their validators
What also happens is that this will cause much traffic thru Cloudflare for Eth2 transacting to add to their Global Network tied directly to ISP's, Facebook/Discord/Shopify and other sites that suffer outages due to Cloudflare DNS resolution usually...
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1/ Bear markets are notorious for brutal fakeouts, which is why it's critical to identify targets and invalidations.

Here are key levels to watch in both directions.📉📈

#BTC analysis 🧵

More from Material Indicators here... Image
2/In bear markets everyone is looking for a relief rally to exit or add short. Those are good strategies if you can tell the difference between a fakeout and a breakout. #FOMO + failure to identify invalidation levels are why so many people get rekt. #BullTrap #ShortSqueeze
3/ Identifying targets is easy. Determining breakout or fakeout is more challenging, and while there are no sure things, there are some things we can look at to help mitigate risk of getting trapped. To get some perspective, let's start with an ultra wide macro view of #BTC Image
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A specter is haunting the @ConvexFinance, the specter of crypto anarchy.

Thread 🧵 Image
1 / If by any reason you are not familiar with Convex and @CurveFinance then here is a little recap:
- Curve is a DEX designed for stablecoin trading with $8.9b in TVL

- $CRV is the gov token of Curve Finance

- $CRV holders get 50% of trading fees and can vote on the emission of $CRV for the liq pools

- The longer you lock $CRV for $veCRV the higher voting power you get
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截止到凌晨0点0分的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,美股开盘两个半小时以后延续了高开低走的传统,出现了较大幅度的下跌,而 #BTC 也是牟足了劲加速下跌,下跌的幅度几乎已经抹平了昨天的上涨,并且和美股一样并没有出现止跌的迹象。但是从链上的BTC的地址变化来看,完全看不到抛压的情况。 Image
转移量甚至低于昨天同期,即便发生了大跌,即便是从30,000美金直接跌回了29,000美金下方,地址的变化依然是处于停滞的,虽然目前还未进入到美国时区的交易高峰,但是也能看到,面对大幅的下跌,能够压榨出的筹码依然是很低。更多的 #BTC 要么就是已经再上次的下跌中出场,要么就是在昨天的拉升中出场。 Image
从转移到交易所的 #BTC 数量来看,虽然价格发生了很大的降幅,但是转移进交易所的抛压却没有太大的变化,由此可以判断压要么就是交易所的存量BTC砸盘,要么就是资金出现了缺口,导致了即便是少量的筹码也降盘面砸了下来。 Image
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截止到今天晚上21点29分的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,纳指盘前上涨所以最起码美股开盘的时候不会太差,而纳指和科技股的走强也会带动 #BTC 的上涨,从今天的数据来看,BTC的链上波动的地址数量已经很大幅度的领先于昨天同期了,在贯穿亚欧的主力交易时间中,两边的极端价格中远古持仓稍微多了一些离场。 Image
但仍然在正常范围值之内,今天凌晨出现的大量高位套牢筹码的离场目前还没有扩大的迹象,反而还是缩减回常规范围,另外就是26,000美金下方的获利筹码依然没有变化,这部分的筹码即便在LUNA事件以及 #BTC 击穿27,000美金的时候都没有出现减持,看来向下的压力很难刺激这部分的筹码,而48,000美金上方的 Image
亏损筹码也没有更大的变化,如果要压榨出这部分的 #BTC 还是不太容易。相反流通量的枯竭在并没有随着BTC回到30,000美金而结束,明显的看到一整天的时间中获利筹码的减持在昨天吐出后,目前还处于吸筹的状态,减持的量已经不多了,而40,000美金下方的亏损筹码确实已经被掏的差不多了。
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Possível armadilha de curto prazo no #Bitcoin ⚠️🚨

O aumento em posições longs na @bitfinex não condizem com o sentimento real de mercado e entradas em exchanges SPOT.

Segue o fio pra entender essa "jogada" 🧵

#Bitcoin Image
120% de aumento em posições de longs na @bitfinex é um tanto chamativo, e vejo muitas pessoas prestando atenção a este dado.

Mas, e se for exatamente esta atenção que quem colocou as ordens quer? 🤔

Afinal todos temos acesso aos dados de posições abertas.
Por outro lado, quando visualizamos o mercado SPOT há ventos na direção oposta. Quando digo isto me refiro a quantidade de moedas entrando diariamente em exchanges SPOT.

Vamos pegar por exemplo a @coinbase .

Aqui vemos o forte movimento de entrada, possível pressão de venda👇 Image
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#BTC is down -40% since the Death Cross occurred in early Jan '22

History suggests that whenever a Death Cross occurs, #Bitcoin experiences deeper downside

Now that one has occurred, what could we potentially expect?

Here's a thread with my analysis about the $BTC Death Cross:

A bullish Golden Cross occurs when the 50 EMA (blue) crosses OVER the 200 EMA (black)

Golden Crosses precede lots of upside in #BTC's price (green)

A bearish Death Cross occurs when the 50 EMA crosses UNDER the 200 EMA (red)

Death Crosses precede lots of downside for $BTC Image

But notice how it takes a significant amount of time for #BTC to actually perform a bearish Death Cross (red)

When $BTC peaked in 2013, it took 135 days for the Death Cross to occur

That's over 4 months

And during those 4+ months...

#Bitcoin dropped -73% Image
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Die Affäre #ElonMusk ist übrigens längst nicht mehr harmlos. Habe schon Februar (vor der #Twitter-Kaperung) vor dem antidemokrat. #Dualismus des Rechtslibertären gewarnt. Damals verhöhnte er Kanada 🇨🇦 & #Trudeau durch eine Gleichsetzung mit #Hitler. (1/4)…
Im digitalen #Libertarismus werden Demokrat:innen & Republiken mit dem #Nationalsozialismus gleichgesetzt, im Deutschen z.B. durch #RolandBaader. Plus #Verschwörungsmythen breitet sich derzeit „Extremismus der Mitte“, libertärer #Antisemitismus aus! (2/4)…
In den USA 🇺🇸 begann der Niedergang der Republikaner (GOP) mit d. rechtslibertären #TeaParty-Bewegung, Vorläufer von #QAnon. Genau dorthin driftet nun auch #ElonMusk, wirft US-Demokraten Verschwörung vor, zahlte „Schweigegeld“, um Recht zu biegen. (3/4)…
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Är kryptovalutor pengar? Nej. I den här tråden förklaras varför Riksbanken definierar till exempel Bitcoin och Ethereum som tillgångar och inte valutor. #Krypto #Bitcoin #BTC #Ethereum #Riksbanken 1/9 🧵
Ett vanligt sätt att definiera pengar är att de ska uppfylla tre kriterier: Den ska fungera som värdebevarare, betalningsmedel och räkneenhet. Eftersom Bitcoin än så länge är den största kryptotillgången tar vi den som exempel. 2/9
Om en tillgång fungerar som värdebevarare ska man kunna lita på att det går att köpa ungefär lika mycket för till exempel hundra svenska kronor i dag som i morgon. Priset på Bitcoin har haft en hög grad av volatilitet och är därmed en relativt dålig värdebevarare. 3/9
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Time for the 2022 Q1 update on the Global monetary base. This is the only money supply that economically compares with bitcoins. Current price weakness drops #Bitcoin under the Swiss franc and silver vs. last quarter. This is quarterly update #16. 🧵
2/ This research covers the globe's top 50 fiat currencies, sourced directly from their central banks. You won't find this info anywhere else. Also we look at historical basic money stocks (i.e. gold & silver). Layer in #Bitcoin and we cover it all.
3/ It's important to keep tracking corporeal data like this, because it follows the money to the core of the system. Many like to say central banks run the printing presses into the ground. But how much do they… really? What does it all mean?
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The story of the year is playing out in foreign exchange markets right now.

🇺🇸 The dollar is crushing major fiat currencies

🇷🇺 But the Ruble is crushing the dollar. Ruble is up over 7% against the dollar today alone 🤯

The implications are much bigger than most realize.
Why this is happening:

- Russia has said they will only accept Rubles for payment for their energy.

- By only accepting Rubles, Russia is backing their currency with the demand for energy.

- Meanwhile USD continues to be backed by faith in the United States. Yikes.
Why it matters:

Russia is done trading scarce commodities for paper that can be printed out of thin air.

This could severely limit the ability of the Fed to pull a U-turn and turn the money printers on again.

A Fed put could be the path to hyperinflation.
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#bitcoin gameplan on track for a green weekend.
Same old drill as usual guy's. We have min target of 32.7k and if we go below 28.8k we done for and will make a lower low again. The bus is either empty or the passengers are scared quiet. We will find out pretty soon.
Remember That I'm looking at reducing alt risk and using the bullish momentum on the breakout as exit liquidity. Being part of resistance.
Not sure what I mean, go check out the youtube all posted in there and easy to digest if you are a beginner...
For those on the side. This is the highest risk entry to take for the bulls.
Buying a shakout event like this is the closest thing to gambling you really don't know as you are looking to buy the possibility of trend turning up...

2 more to come with way less risk....
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早晨 #BTC 总结:随着昨天晚上BTC的拉升,相对还是出现了较多的地址变化,尤其是高位套靠的筹码趁着反弹机会有不少的离场。而且底部抄底的数量也有明显的提升,在情绪上出现了好转,由此也可以发现,在熊市中当流通筹码出现枯竭的时候,继续大幅下跌虽然仍能榨取筹码,但适量的上升也会起到同样的作用
另外资金费率对于 #BTC 价格的影响已经多次证明其准确性,而目前的资金费率已经到了较高的程度,对于短线抄底的部分用户来说,目前虽然未必是最高的价格点,但已经是合适的离场点。
截止今天早晨八点的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,数据选取是从昨天晚上美股开盘后到现在的时间段,所以也包含了凌晨0点30分的数据,从昨天美股开盘后可以发现两边的极端价格中,远古持仓的筹码减持依然在常规范围之内,而高位套牢的 #BTC 则出现了较大的减持情况,而且减持的1.5万枚BTC正好对应Coinbase
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#LightningNetwork, es un protocolo descentralizado creado para mejorar la escalabilidad de Bitcoin. La red Lightning es una red peer-to-peer que opera como una segunda capa sobre #Bitcoin y que permite hacer micropagos de forma casi instantánea. Qué necesito para usar Lightning?
Para utilizar Lightning Network necesitas instalar un nodo para Lightning y una billetera que se conecte con la red para poder enviar/recibir los pagos. En teléfonos móviles no es tan difícil, porque las billeteras LN en móviles son técnicamente nodos ligeros para LN y funcionan
Para computadores de escritorio o portátiles, la historia es otra, no hay muchas opciones, debes instalar un nodo Bitcoin y un nodo Lightning además de una billetera compatible con LN. Las soluciones All-in-One, como Umbrel, vienen preparadas para utilizar LN desde el principio.
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首先要做一下陈述,对于流通量枯竭的说法这已经是第二次了,第一次是在 #BTC 40,000美金的时候,我觉得当时是2022年以后首次BTC链上转移出现了低潮的情况,而且是连续了三周,但随后的LUNA事件造成的清算逼出来了大量的长期持有筹码,也让很多的抄底筹码纷纷离场,价格也是直接打到了26,000美金上方。
而在LUNA持续作妖的两周, #BTC 的流通又回到了活跃的状态,直到昨天为止,可以情绪的发现流通量又一次40,000美金时候同样了,那么伴随流通量的枯竭必然会带来方向上的加剧变化,这种变化有可能是继续下行,逼出更多的筹码,但是这样做就不是缓慢下跌可以实现的,必须是大规模的持续下跌才可以。
否则很难逼出筹码,只有一次性的巨大恐慌才会让持币者在焦虑中减少判断,做出非理性的抉择。缓慢的下跌不会让很多的投资人感觉到彻骨的痛疼,这也是为什么 #BTC 跌到了28,000左右,反而链上的波动在减少,转移到交易所的抛压在降低的原因。而另一种变化也并是有意的,而是主力在继续吃进。
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I've been saying this since March 2022.

#Bitcoin has been following the small cap indexes such as #IWM and #Russell2000 very closely since September 2021.
They are the first ones to get hit.

Large caps #SPX #QQQ got hit later.


That remains true all the way to today.

#SPX correction is lagging behind and is playing catch-up with correction.

When influencers ask why #Bitcoin is holding better than #SPX and #NDX #NASDAQ, this is why.

Small caps are way oversold at ridiculously low valuation historically. A P/E of 12! Are you kidding me?

If small caps #IWM and #Bitcoin are correlated, and if #IWM valuation will normalize back to higher valuation, #BTC rises.

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🧵 The Basic Plan from here ❗️

Bear market, sideways chop, recovery run to ATH then the mother of all crashes… doesn’t matter which.

If you’re down or new, start prepping for the next cycle

$BTC dominance is on the ascent, the basics until we get to the next big bull run…
Step 1. Start averaging into the market

Start with #Bitcoin it is the de-facto lowest risk asset, the reserve currency of the space & can be traded into the majority or cryptos

It is reclaiming market dominance > means it will do better than majority of the market next 6 months
Step 2: When #Ethereum hits it’s bottom vs $BTC start slowly siphoning off small amounts of Bitcoin into $ETH

“But when bottom” doesn’t need to be perfect, 50%+ from it’s ATH vs Bitcoin valuation, start the process slowly.

Bitcoin runs first when hype returns followed by Eth
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截止到今天晚上21点29分的 #Bitcoin 持仓价格分布,需要再强调一下,这份表格截取的时间是从早晨8点开始的,一共13个半小时,整个变化包括了亚洲时区的交易时间以及欧洲时区的主要交易时区,而且 #BTC 的链上地址变化是包括了交易所钱包在内的,也是真实反映了BTC在链上的波动,也包括转入和转出交易所
通过今天的地址变化,我们依然可以明确的看到链上的 #BTC 地址变化在继续降低,而且降低的不仅仅是地址的变化,就连当前价格区间内增减持的BTC数量都在降低,虽然不能说和周末的数量一样,但是也相差无几了。两边的极端价格都恢复了低离场的状态,尤其是高位套牢的筹码,除了在LUNA事件中出现两次过万
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“self” inflicted by the fiat aristocracy — here’s some phenomenal recent content about the climate cult and ESG:


By @saifedean + @MartyBent


By @DoombergT + Marty/@TFTC21


By @LibertyLockPod

Also this with @ComicDaveSmith, @RobbieTheFire, @TheGuySwann, and @LibertyLockPod on this recent all star cast crossover double episode!

Part 1:

Part 2:


#libertarian #Bitcoin #ESGscam
And this brilliant thread by Clint Russell — a leading critic on this topic

Not to keep shilling him… but seriously @MartyBent, please have Clint as a guest or vice versa, so that you two of my favorite podcasters can dive deeper into this very quietly massively important issue
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#Bitcoin 's "post Halving cycle" is compromised.

After each new Halving the price has developed cyclically different behavior.
The structures are similar, but not the same.

-Follow the thread below👇 1/5🧵
In 2013 the price advanced 2 full channels (3 phases), leaving the first move without phase4.

In 2017 price advanced only 1 full channel (3 phases) besides phase 4 being the fastest in history, until then.

#BTC #Bitcoin

In the current cycle, in 2021, price stopped at phase2 and did not realize phase3, besides realizing phase4 after phase1 and now being inside phase4 again.

A cyclical mess. #BTC

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That Terra bs happened at the exact time that the dollar inflation reporting in the US mainstream was peak FUD. Crypto was doing fine then the narrative switched to the dollar becoming a safe haven from all blockchain based cryptos. #Bitcoin is not Terra!
It’s clear Terra was designed to fail, no one is that stupid. Also the peg had to fail as planned to show that Bitcoin and many other POW public and community mined and distributed p2p network nodes could never not survive a “crypto bank run” but also isn’t designed to fail.
If Bitcoin ever failed it would find a route around whatever managed to stop or throw an obstacle at its p2p network. If it was left by pools entirely - a gold rush of GPU and CPU would join in its place. It doesn’t need a DAO or a fork to save it.
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