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May 13 10 tweets 3 min read
You should be careful for what you wish for.

Biden has been dying to change the conversation from that pesky CoVid, & got his wish.

But he really wanted to declare victory.

Well, he didn't get to do that.

Nor will he ever.

A thread on the pandemic, power, and politics.

Omicron has put the lie to:
-herd immunity.
-kids don't get it, spread it, get hurt from it.
-reinfection is rare or delayed.

And BA.whatever is coming.

And yet those in
Power, have pushed everyone back into the clown car of "normal" society, and instructed us to ignore our fellow clowns falling out of the windows from LongCoVid, death, or bankruptcy.

So, the media plays along, because they belong to those in power.

Hundreds were infected at
the #WHCD2022. Yet we only heard of 30 infected.

Fauci did some hocus pocus and didn't go. But he went to the indoor/outdoor brunch with everyone who had gone the night before.

Washington DC stopped reporting its numbers on April 27th, in a strange coincidence.

Almost as if
they knew there would be an explosion of cases that they would not be able to hide.

But they actually did hide it, didn't they?

The most overt expression of power was the Bloody December Declaration of Walensky's 5 day Isolation policy.

Requested by a long list of CEOs.
And it continues despite the UK Human Challenge trial (and a slew of earlier studies) showing that we are infectious till about the 12th day.

And now? Walensky is beginning to talk of going to work while asymptomatic.

She is a sociopath-exactly like the corporations she serves.

She is a political appointee, and does as Biden wants.

May 13th, 2021, she demasked America, while we saw Delta looming over us.


A clue comes in her slip of the tongue when she called masking the scarlet letter of the pandemic.

We were all incensed. But we
all missed the point.

The Scarlet Letter is a mark of shame.

Why would a mask be a scarlet letter to the person wearing it?

It wouldn't.

To whom, then?

A pandemic is not a disease of the individual, but of the society.

So, a scarlet mask is one born by those in charge of
that society.

Biden. And her. A mark of shame.

Its a shame that Biden will never be able to declare victory over CoVid.

Oh.. he will juice the numbers.

He had Walensky change the map with a green coloring pen.... but the virus isn't fooled.

They talked some states into
changing the definition of hospitalization..... But the virus isn't fooled.

The Emperor has no clothes - and no mask.

But we are not fooled.

• • •

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May 14
Wait a second - is that being too judgemental?

How do we know that rushing back while still battling the virus can result in more of a chance to get #LongCoVid?

Because those that have had it happen to them? Have told us so - over and over.

Oh, and 👇… Image
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May 13
Biden's betrayal of the American people had its roots on the campaign trail, before he was even elected.

He ripped into TFG for not having an OSHA standard for all workers.

It was the VERY FIRST thing he promised to take care of.

H/T @BernieDogs4… Image
We all realize that to criticize someone else, and then do the exact same thing, is the actual definition of a hypocrite, right?

So, the Hypocrite-In-Chief, had the jobs report in mind, as well as reelection prospects.

H/T @JudahWorldChamp. Image
Why the heck didn't he released the N95s right then?

So. Biden
- cut off unemployment.
- didn't do the OSHA standard
- didn't provide N95s except months later after the Testing uproar.
- didn't ask for more funding so, money is going to run out.
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May 13
You picked the wrong day to send this tweet.

May 13th is remembered by all core masking advocates as the day Walensky demasked America.

And throwing cloth masks at our faces while talking about taking them off to eat?

I suspect you are going to get taken to the woodshed.

I, and about 10,000 other core clean air advocates have always advocated for best mask possible with NO restaurant eating.

(But if you do? Sit near the front. Kitchen fan...)

Personally, I advocate primarily for elastomeric N100s.

But life wit, just yesterday: Image
Btw... You denigrated cloth masks, but if all are actually in them? They do provide some protection....because of having outward and inward protective efficiencies.

I could throw study after study at you, but why bother? You do generally advocate for masks, and probably know.
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May 13
Biden's betrayal of the American people happened on, or shortly after, April 26, 2021. H /t @PPEtoheros

That was when OSHA submitted TO THE WHITE HOUSE, a rule that declared SARS2 as a "grave danger" to all workers.

Think long and hard about that.

/1… Image
The experts in occupational health and safety determined WE are all in danger.

Did you know OSHA workplace inspectors must wear N95s, now?

Anyway, 17 days later, Walensky demasked America for Biden. H/T @BernieDogs4 .

But no biggie. Image
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May 13
Some will try to argue the map is not the root cause.

Asking accurately, "How many consumers look up these maps?"

Not many. But those who do?

All 3,006 county health science officials? All 50 state health officials? All medium and larger city officials?

They make policy.
So, the map of rainbows and kittens is absolutely the root cause of all that is CoVid Bad.

The CoVid Good?

Breaking loose the medical profession from the Droplet Dogma that has plagued it for years.

Not there yet, but the Kuhnian Revolution has begun.

The huge number of
regular people who have learned of the importance of IAQ.

Of masking.

Of finding out that the Democrats are truly Corporatecrats. That we need to go farther left until we get better representation than a man that says "thoughts and prayers," and flies a flag at half-mast on a
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May 12
@__philipn__ - I am stumped.

You have probably the most informative KF94 page out there:

/1 -
And I tried to look up a particular mask on the authentication website.

There has to be some trick I'm missing? Because I can't even pull up the manufacturer...…
The respirator:

Dr.Puri Micro-Dust Protection Mask Medium White (KF94)

Manufacturer: KM Corporation
Bar code:
8 809525 970834
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