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So the RuAF Bilohorivka crossing was a disaster. As well as yesterday's bridge pics, 6 more here t.me/informnapalm/8…. Rough count: 31 AFVs in the 6 new pics + 5 more out of view between here and river that I saw in imagery sent to me yesterday + 2 in the water. h/t @DefMon3 ImageImageImageImage
3. Here are earlier 'bridge pics' I mentioned in tweet 2, released on 9 May. Adding them here into one thread.
Drowned BREM-1 + unknown BMP under it, as described in tweet 2 pic 4
Sunk BMK-460
Abandoned T-72B, destroyed in later pics.
All are in the new pics released 11 May 🔜. ImageImage
4-5. New imagery of failed RuAF pontoon crossings at Bilohorivka 8-10 May. @Rebel44CZ and I counted.
Russian NW bank:
2 pontoon bridges (1 destroyed + 1 abandoned)
drowned BREM-1 + BMP
4 PMP trucks (2 destroyed +2 abandoned)
3 abandoned PMP bridge sections
1x NK vehicle ImageImage
5. Bilohorivka crossing - RuAF losses.
SE bank:
1 BMK-460 tugboat
4 T-72B (1 destroyed, 3 abandoned)
1 destroyed T-72B3
1 destroyed N/K tank
16 BMP-1 (9 destroyed, 7 abandoned)
2 destroyed unknown BMP
7x unknown AFV (5 destroyed + 2 abandoned)
4 MT-LB (2 destroyed, 2 abandoned) ImageImageImage
6. So excluding bridges/boats, 43 🇷🇺vehicles were destroyed/damaged/abandoned (likely now captured) in twt 4-5. I didn't include those in twt 1+2 (unclear) or in this pic. From other info IMO minimum of 12-15 more losses to come. In link details of battles. Image
7-11. Update of RuAF losses at Bilohorivka. You saw via @Blue_Sauron JP's great slides marking them. JP + I revised slides and losses: 70 vehicles (orange) excluding an unused PMP section + 2 boats (purple). Also 6 possible AFVs or buildings marked yellow. First tweet sets scene. ImageImageImage
8-11. First on RuAF controlled NW bank tracks are cleared for 3 separate bridging attempts
1st 48.950837, 38.225860 destroyed (See tweet 1 pic 4);
2nd 48.950639, 38.225898 half submerged;
3rd 48.950311, 38.225944 half floats.
Note abandoned tucks #1 + 2 possibly since recovered ImageImageImage
9-11 Next the SE bank under UAF fire control (waiting for ground film to confirm full control). As mentioned its a mess. Pic 4 for info shows all 3 bridge approaches. The 3rd bridge (nearest) seems still in use as tanks appear to cross, but for how long, its submerged on NW bank. ImageImageImageImage
10-11. Now to the junction + forest road. In all twts + slides JP did an excellent job with graphics especially linking pics together. In these pics the orientation is east to the left + west to the right. The junction is at 48.951059, 38.229508. Building at 48.951008, 38.231723. ImageImageImage
11. Further along forest road to building + beyond.
Summary of losses in twt 7-11 (70 vehicles + 2 boats destroyed/abandoned + 1 PMP bridge section):
6 T-72
35 BMP-1
16 unknown AFV (likely most BMP-1)
1 BREM-1
1 PTS-3
5 PMP trucks (2 likely recovered)
2 BMK boats ImageImageImage
12-13. Further there's 1 more AFV loss in this film + potential lots more if, as we suspect, vehicles marked red in tweet 13 were later destroyed/abandoned. To understand timing, part of the film at crossing is earlier than tweet 7-11 as vehicles smoulder.
13. 2nd part of film in is also older than twt 7-11 as overcast like twt 12. An AFV burns at 48.936892, 38.245425 part of RuAF spearhead in holding position on approach to Bilohorivka (9 T-72 4 BMP, 3-4 AFV). IMO if these could not retreat these will turn up as losses. ImageImageImage
14. So on possible retreating a later image (as two new wrecks). First skeptical, but SAR imagery 2022-05-13 06:11 shows 6 of 8 turrets in water. Report says tanks retreat with barrels reversed - see tracks lead in. Not sure if same as in twt 13. Image JP.
facebook.com/10000037696344… Image
So after 13 new RuAF losses in twt 13+14, a new total for Bilohorivka - 82 vehicles + 2 boats destroyed/abandoned + a bridge section:
14 T-72
35 BMP-1
2 BMP-2
17 unknown AFV (likely most BMP-1)
2 BREM-1
1 PTS-3
5 PMP trucks (2 likely recovered)
2 BMK boats ImageImage
16. The number of lost IFVs/AFVs suggest elements of 2 BTGs crossed. Inform Napalm states one is from 74 Guards Motor Rifle Bde. By looking at BMPs in film in twt 12 IMO 74th got towards Bilhorivka, while 35 MR Bde with BMP-1s were smashed at the crossing.
17. My guess: 74th Grds Motor Rifle Bde in the vanguard reached Bilohorivka (twt 12), but 35 Motor Rifle Bde (twt 7-11) got destroyed in forest while waiting to exploit a breakthrough that didn't come. For sure 'disastrous' losses + maybe command losses.👇
18. Some Russian commentary on this week's failed pontoon bridge crossings over the Siverskyi Donets River at Bilohorivka and its surroundings. Note it is acknowledged by some Russian commentators. Some fervent international supporters on twitter do not🔜.
19. Reaction of some Ru supporters to clear signs that something went badly wrong at Bilohorvika is interesting: "Its old, there's algae on the bridge! UAF painted circles on their tanks! RuAF doesn't have BMP-1!" Some are so invested in the lies that they only want to be lied to Image
20-21. Follow up pics to drowned Russian tanks in twt 14. New pics from UAF 58 Motorised Brigade since deleted confirm them as T-72s; #2 + #5 being T-72Bs (consistent with 35 MR Bde) and #4 being a T-72B3 (consistent with 74 Guards MR Bde). Others unclear.
21. Follow to twt 14 where we also marked 'BMK or AFV' in the river. High quality version of earlier film now shows its a BMP-2. Crewman jumps off after shelling starts. Also earlier recorded losses: BREM-1, unknown BMP in water + a PMP (end section) truck. ImageImage
22. The BMP-2 in twt 21 is in front of the approach for destroyed 1st pontoon bridge now under water. To the left, the remains of the 2nd bridge. Drifting at end of the bridge is the cabin top of a BMK-460 tug boat. You can see when it was hit in this film.
23. Meanwhile after earlier releasing pics from inside Bilohorivka, on 14 May Yuri Butusov showed pics closer to the crossing point. A suspected destroyed RuAF T-72B3 at 48.944964, 38.245295 h/t @john_marquee . A BMP with RuAF uniform. He claims RuAF lost 100 pieces of equipment. ImageImageImageImage
24. More film of Bilohorivka crossing debacle from Butsov special report.
1. New T-72 loss.
2. abandoned T-72Bs #38+39 in twt 10 are now gone. Likely those T-72s drowned/abandoned by the river.
3. Unknown APC is a BMP-1
4. Top view of PTS-3 #3 in twt 8. ImageImageImageImage
25. Linked film in twt 24 on Bilohorivka crossings also shows some new PMP truck losses further back.
1-2. Abandoned bottom right 2 empty PMP trucks and on the road a 3rd up-armoured + a KaMAZ
3-4. Three damaged/abandoned PMP trucks.
Note PMP trucks # 1+2 in twt 8 are now gone. ImageImageImageImage
26. As well as drone film stills in twt 25 of PMP trucks the Butsov report has wider shots of SE side of the river. A few more RuAF losses.
1. New 3 T-72s
2. 4x BMP-2, the bottom right 1 is new.
3. New abandoned BMP-1
4. Top view of BREM-1 already recorded. ImageImageImageImage
27. After twt 21-26 & adjusting for recovered/double counted vehicles a new total of RuAF Bilohorivka losses: 91 destroyed/abandoned vehicles + 2 boats:
18 T-72
33 BMP-1
6 BMP-2
13 unknown AFV (mostly BMP)
1 BMD-2
2 BREM-1
1 PTS-3
9 PMP trucks
1 truck
2 BMK boats ImageImageImageImage
28-29. Here in link is the full Yuri Butsov report which the films + losses in tweet - 24 27 come from It's a general update but focusses on the failed Bilohorivka and Serebrianka crossing. Two twts here with an English translation
29. A 2nd part of translation of a segment of Butsov's report (twt 28), about failed RuAF Bilohorivka & Serebrianka crossings. As mentioned in twt 27, we've counted 91 vehicles + 2 boats so far, but I agree with Butsov, final count will likely be 100-150.
30. The Butusov report covering the failed Serebrianka crossing is here. Its 8km west of Bilohorivka at 48.926986, 38.124879. There are fewer RuAF losses:
BMK-460 tug boat
two unknown boats
a destroyed truck
3x abandoned PMP trucks 2 of which seem damaged. ImageImageImageImage
31. Butusov also has this film in his report, later released by UAF 30 Mech Bde. He states it's also from battles on SD river, but 30th were not known previously to be here. A MT-LB + 2S23 as described. 2S23 is only used by 3MRD or likely here the 55 MRB.
32. The UAF 30 Mech Bde mainly covers the Svitlodars'k area, but like 3 other brigades sent elements to support the Severodonetsk front. Here a 30MB tanker explains how the 1st attempted river crossing was stopped at Dronivka west of Serebrianka on 05 May.
33-34. h/t @vmanulik for translation in tweet 32. The UAF 30 Mechanised Brigade tanker describes a RuAF company size force, while the losses he claims seem similar with these. The location at 48.938637, 38.060135 attempted to utilise an island in the river.
34. As well as losses in tweet 33 here:
3rd BMP-1AM
2nd BMK-460 boat
destroyed PP-2005 pontoon truck
unidentified boat/AFV behind pontoon.

Total Dronivka losses:
3 BMP-1AM (1 destroyed)
1 IMR-2 abandoned
1 PTS-3 destroyed
2 BMK-460
4 PP-2005 truck (1 destroyed)
1 Unidentified. ImageImageImageImage
35-36. Butusov's report in twt 29 notes that at the Bilohorivka crossings UAF infantry stopped the first 2 attacks then artillery was crucial in destroying the bridgehead. Here State Border Guard FOs call in arti. In all, multiple UAF units were involved🔜
36. UAF 57 Motorised Bde were in Bilohorivka area. Reportedly the artillery was both from local 17 Tank Bde + newly arrived 80th Air Assault Bde elements. Also arriving elements of 58th Motorized Bde + 15th Separate Bat, 128th Mountain Assault Bde. Few UAF losses - found a T-64BV ImageImage
37. RuAF Bilohorivka losses are last tallied in tweet 27 - currently at 91 destroyed/abandoned vehicles + 2 boats. Figures don't include losses at Serebrianka, Dronivka or Shypylivka. Full RuAF casualties hard to establish but a brigade CO is confirmed KiA.
38-39. Correction. A CNN film shows other side of destroyed🇺🇦tank in twt 36 revealing its a T-64BM Bulat, not a T-64BV. Location at 48.944964, 38.245295 also means tank in twt 23 is not🇷🇺but this Bulat (pic3). Also in film a 2nd destroyed UAF T-64 (pic 4) . ImageImageImageImage
1. Pic by CNN producer @mickbk shows a MT-LB (unclear which side) with impro HMG mount right of the destroyed UAF T-64BM Bulat in twt 38.
2. Likely BMP-2 - unclear which side. Report describes 3 more AFVs in film also unclear which side.
3. A captured RuAF T-72B is recovered ImageImageImage
40. Location of 2 destroyed UAF T-64/Bulats in twt 36 + 38-39 (approx. 48.944964, 38.245295). Working theory by facing is other vehicles will be UAF losses from a counter (possible exception of 115). See link to his excellent research on RuAF losses here.
41-51. Now ground film of aftermath of failed RuAF river crossings near Bilohorivka. Confirms the total devastation in the drone film. Film in 2 tweets shows UAF troops recce through forest east of crossing. Then in 8 tweets I match losses with drone film.
42-51 Pt 2 of new film of aftermath of failed RuAF river crossings + HD quality link . In next 8 twts I match ground to drone film. Most unclear losses now confirmed as BMP-1s. Found some new losses + others moved. A tally at the end.
43-51. Film covers losses shown in drone film in tweet 8-11 - will use JP's numbering from those twts. It begins at tower (48.949905, 38.232989 ), location of last filmed loss in tweet 11.
1. MT-LB #73
ID's confirmed for:
2 BMP-1 #71
3 BMP-1 #68
4 BMP-1 #69
BMP-1 #73 is now gone. ImageImageImageImage
44-51. Film of the aftermath of failed RuAF Bilohorivka crossing in tweet 51-52 also confirms the following Russian losses from tweet 11 pic 3:
1. BMP-1 #70 (previously unknown AFV)
2. BMP-1 #67
3. Abandoned BMP-1 #64
4. Two destroyed BMP-1, #66 (previously unknown BMP) + #65. ImageImageImageImage
45-51. Film of aftermath of failed RuAF Bilohorivka crossing in tweet 51-52 also confirms the following RuAF losses from tweet 11 pic 2:
1. New unknown BMP loss (likely BMP-1)
2. BMP-1 #62
3. BMP-1 #61 (previously unknown BMP). Montage from screen shots.
4. Abandoned BMP-1 #60. ImageImageImageImage
46-51. Film of aftermath of failed RuAF Bilohorivka crossing in tweet 51-52 confirms following RuAF losses from twt 11 pic 1:
1. Two MT-LB #59+57
2+3. Two 9P149 Shturm-S ATGM carriers. Previously ID'd as MT-LBs #58 + 56. Not UAF vehicles as some claimed.
4. Newly recorded BMP-1. ImageImageImageImage
47-51. Film of aftermath of failed RuAF Bilohorivka crossing in tweet 51-52 confirms following RuAF losses from twt 11 pic 1:
1. BMP-1KSh (previously ID'd as BMP-1 #55)
2. Two destroyed unknown BMP #53+46
3. BMP-1 #52 (previously unknown BMP)
4. Three unknown BMP #51+50+49). ImageImageImageImage
48-51. Film of the aftermath of the failed RuAF Bilohorivka crossing in tweet 51-52 confirms following RuAF losses from twt 10 pic 3:
1. BMD-2 #45)
2 + 3. Two abandoned BMP-1s #44+ #43
4. BMP-2 (previously ID'd as BMP-1 #40)
Note missing vehicles: #42 and in tweet 47 BMP-1 #54. ImageImageImageImage
49-51. Film of the aftermath of the failed Russian Bilohorivka crossings in tweet 51-52 confirms following RuAF losses from twt 10 pic 2:
1. Abandoned BMP-1 #36
2. MT-LB #34
3 + 4. Two destroyed BMP-1s #33 + #31
The Russian held far bank of the SD river can be seen in distance. ImageImageImageImage
50-51. Film of the aftermath of failed RuAF Bilohorivka crossings in tweet 51-52 confirms following RuAF losses from tweet 10 pic 3:
1. Abandoned T-72B (in drone slide in tweet 24 pic 1).
2. Abandoned BMP-1 #37
3. Destroyed BMP-1 (previous unknown AFV #48)
4. Abandoned BMP-1 #47 ImageImageImageImage
51-52 Film from the 'Honor' unit of the UAF Special Operations Forces also shows the aftermath of failed RuAF Bilohorivka crossings. They were part of the same reconnaissance towards the crossing shown in tweet 41-50. They captured a T-72 and two BMP-1s.🔜 t.me/GonorKyiv/747
52. Captured RuAF vehicles from film in tweet 51 + pics of @DzevelinB
1. BMP-1 seems to be #54 in drone film in twt 11. We noted in twt 48 it had gone - so now we know it was captured.
2. 2nd BMP-1 unclear if recorded before.
3-4 T-72A (with T-72B ERA) already recorded in twt 39. ImageImageImageImage
53. Another RuAF BMP-1 recovered by UAF from Bilohorivka crossing on 20/05/22. Its different from 2 captured by UAF SOF in twt 51-52. Could be one of a couple in the drone films that were moved. Yuriy Butusov in pic informs it belonged to CO of 8th Company of 35th Motor Rifle Bde Image
54. UAF source film that images in twt 32-34 come from, showing failed RuAF river crossing near Dronivka on 05/05/22. Additional IDs:
1 BMP-1AM damaged/abandoned
2 BMK-460 boat (previously unknown)
3 UAF T-64 at 48.92195, 38.0584
4 Unknown tank likely UAF
55. Film shows destruction of the BMP-1AM earlier shown in tweet 34 pic 1 reportedly by a Spanish Instalaza C90 RPG.
Dronivka losses new totals:

5 BMP-1AM (2 destroyed)
1 IMR-2
1 PTS-3 destroyed
3 BMK-460
4 PP-2005 truck (1 destroyed)

1 T-64
56-8. Excellent pics from photojourno @ivorprickett of destroyed Bilohorivka crossing shows 1st images from river's edge.
1. One of 8 T-72 in river in twt 17 is now ID'd as T-72 obr 1989.
2. Lowered river level reveals a new lost T-72.
3. Clearer view of drowned BMP-2 in twt 21. ImageImageImage
57-8. A UAF soldier on the T-72 in twt 56 in open sight of far bank suggests a lack of RuAF presence there. Perhaps UAF recce already crossed.
@ivorprickett's new pics also show that both abandoned 9P149 Shturm_S + 2 more BMP-1s in twts 45+46+48 are gone, thus recovered by UAF. ImageImageImageImage
58. NYTimes report that new pics in twt 56-57 come from linked here. Has more interesting details. UAF blew up 4 separate bridges. Shelling included some of 1st use of new US M777. Floating mines also sent by current from upstream. Pic 2+3 already recorded. ImageImageImageImage
59. As well article in twt 58 confirming the use of🇺🇸 M777 howitzer at Bilhorivka, UAF later gave details of its effectiveness here. They claim 5 direct hits on the bridges + approx 40 of vehicles destroyed there from its fire. Also more efficient in ammo👇

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Anecdotally since early May from first use, UAF gunners commented on M777's greater accuracy.
More and more visual evidence also emerges. Here a LPR or Russian BM-21 Grad battery is targeted north east of Severodonetsk near Boroven'ky at
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2. As in tweet 1, more 🇷🇺MLRS being destroyed as described. Here in Sosnove at 49.0719, 37.5515 h/t @john_marquee
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3. Interesting article on UAF's 'Kropyva' Automatic Tactical Management System. It drastically reduces time for counter battery fire + synchronizes different batteries on one target. Good eg in film in article- shows 3.5 hour fire on Sulyhivika (twt 200-2)
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2 Kreminna is on only route east of Siverskyi Donets River to larger cities of Rubizhne + Severodonetsk thus supporting this bridgehead otherwise dependant on 4 bridges. Also blocks east route to Lyman-Slovyansk. Hence after Kyiv battles 128 Bde moved here
3. Reinforcements from the UAF 128th Mountain Assault Brigade went straight on the offensive, reportedly taking 6-10 KM around Kreminna probably in the direction of Novokrasnyanka. Correction to tweet 2 reinforcements probably arrived from Volnovakha not Kyiv. h/t @vmanulik
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2. Seems limited resistance before Chernobyl as UAF light forces withdrew +odd ambush. RuAF film shows some UAF losses. IMO only UAF Kozak-2s + BTR-70s in this film are Chernobyl captures. Others in film recorded elsewhere or BMPs filmed at unclear angle.
3. RuAF also moved beyond Chernobyl on 24th towards road hub of Ivankiv. They met resistance 1.5 km north of town at 50.9649823, 29.9106049 h/t @DefMon3. Rosgvardia shelter behind a RKhM Kashalot NBC recce vehicle, likely used in passage through Chernobyl.
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1. New thread: Izyum - Kramatorsk/20 Combined Arms Army axis. As stated many thought pre-war this would be a main RuAF axis of advance so as to envelope UAF eastern forces. Despite initial mad-dash to Kyiv, RuAF now push here although little media coverage.
2. RuAF's initial advance seemed fast. Kupiansk (twt 1) was entered on 27/02/22. With terrain flat, open + hard to defend UAF pulled back to forests along Siverskyi Donets River. 04/03/22 RuAF reached Izyum outskirts. Initial attacks on 06/03/22 repulsed.
3. The main UAF unit covering the RuAF advance on Izyum is the 81st Separate Airmobile Brigade. However it also has to cover a large frontage further east into NW Luhansk. Here they claimed the destruction of RuAF T-72BA or B3 near Izyum.
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1. Some tweets from a long thread explaining that RuAF problems should not just be viewed as severe supply and readiness issues alone.
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Feb 26
New Thread. Chernihiv axis. Snovsk 25km from Russia, here a destroyed Russian IRM-2 combat engineering vehicle. Not confirmed but if I understand the translation well this was stopped by civilians, who dragged out the crew and then set it on fire. Good job
2. A RuAF Infantry Mobility Vehicle captured towards Chernihiv after RuAF forces were forced to retreat (according to info from UAF 93rd Mechanized Brigade). Note parts of background have been blurred for OPSEC. Do the same if you release fresh pics/film.
3. More Russian losses from 24/02/22 reportedly from Osnyaky, south of Ripky towards Chernihiv - we presume on E95 route.
Unknown AFV (possibly BMP-2)
Tigr-M IMV (not same as in twt 2)
Ural truck

2x BMP-2
2x Ural-4320 trucks
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