Z4: 46 declares mass arrest. If they’re running, fighting, arrest them. #ChicagoScanner
The park is closed. #ChicagoScanner
Form a skirmish line. Remember your training. Everyone out toward Monroe. #ChicagoScanner
“If they don’t move lock them up for trespassing”
Everyone, body-worn cameras on. #ChicagoScanner
Per 46 it’s a mass arrest situation, if they’re breaking the law. Arrest them. #ChicagoScanner
We need more asses at Monroe/Michigan now! #ChicagoScanner
They’re starting to jump on cars #ChicagoScanner
Anyone have room for an arrestee? We’ve got one ready to go #ChicagoScanner
We need a prisoner van. Michigan/Madison #ChicagoScanner
Need another arrest team SE of the park. #ChicagoScanner
Are we out of CD vans??? We have multiple arrests!!!
Potential 10-1 18 S Michigan!
Slow it down they’re ok. #ChicagoScanner
Give me some bikes here. #ChicagoScanner
We need a mass arrest team to clear that van we need the CDs clear. #ChicagoScanner
Does anyone have a wagon? #ChicagoScanner
Car 46 got a wagon from 19. #ChicagoScanner
Large crowd (200+) running southbound Monroe / Wabash #ChicagoScanner
They have taken over Monroe, Wabash to State. #ChicagoScanner
400+ from Wabash to Madison. #ChicagoScanner
They’re going into the parking garage. . #ChicagoScanner
Are we going to get any cars over here? I only have 5 officers with me. #ChicagoScanner
Rally the troops and bring a skirmish line westbound. #ChicagoScanner
We need additional units Wabash / Monroe now!!! #ChicagoScanner
Make that Madison / Wabash! Keep it clear. #ChicagoScanner
That crowd is now at Madison and State. #ChicagoScanner
Officers at Michigan and Monroe need to form a skirmish line. Everyone must push west. #ChicagoScanner
We’re taking Wabash back over. #ChicagoScanner
Move them west or south. No other direction! #ChicagoScanner
134 S Wabash: we’ve got a group fighting #ChicagoScanner
I need a van Michigan / Monroe… been 40 minutes #ChicagoScanner
Officers, you’re doing a great job. Just keep moving people west and south. #ChicagoScanner
Any sergeants from strategic deployment on? #Chicagoscanner
“You need to listen to the radio!” #ChicagoScanner
Get over to Wabash and Jackson some how some way. “Don’t get skurred” #ChicagoScanner
Madison & State need help for one under 12. #ChicagoScanner
Is there a special place we gotta for this mass arrest spot? 15 .. uncooperative and banging around in the back. #ChicagoScanner
We’ve got another for you Sw corner Monroe & State #ChicagoScanner
Nobody goes East on State. Hold it! #ChicagoScanner
Can we get some units at Washington & Wabash. Big crowd coming through #ChicagoScanner
Who’s the paper car for the bean? I don’t know - switch over to citywide with that ishhh…#ChicagoScanner
I’m dealing with a crowd here at Madison & Wabash. #ChicagoScanner
Help each other out guys. Help each other out. #ChicagoScanner
Anyone know where the Jeffrey 15 bus got routed? Shit I don’t know… #ChicagoScanner
46: Again.. it’s a mass arrest situation. If they’re running through the street, jumping on cars, arrest them. #ChicagoScanner
We need bikes and wagons at Dearborn and Madison. #ChicagoScanner
Looting in progress. 200 N Dearborn at the 7-11
Adams/Wabash: A group of teens beating up another teen. #ChicagoScanner
Madison/ Dearborn: We gotta fight, 150-200 fighting #ChicagoScanner
46 = Do we have any wagons? Send them… #ChicagoScanner
If you’re wondering why they’re going encrypted… “Fire the water cannon” is just one reason #ChicagoScanner
Michigan / 9th: A kidnapping in progress. M4 pushed a female into a car. #ChicagoScanner
Officers, you’re doing great. Form a line here at Dearborn and Madison. Make them move South or West. If they do not move. Arrest them. #ChicagoScanner
Use your outdoor voice. Tell them to go home. #ChicagoScanner
We are not letting this crowd go back East! #ChicagoScanner
Do we know what’s going on with the Brown Line?? The people that .. you know, work down here are just trying to get home. #ChicagoScanner
Adams / State: A pedestrian struck by an auto. #ChicagoScanner
Monroe / State: Large group northbound. #ChicagoScanner
Monroe/Wabash: we have a large crowd gathering and we don’t have enough units to cover. #ChicagoScanner
We’re sending bikes! #ChicagoScanner
Adams / Wabash: We’ve got 100 kids! #ChicagoScanner
Adams / Wabash: A man with a black shirt had a gun. #ChicagoScanner
Do we have 👀on him? We do. #ChicagoScanner
He’s running southbound on Wabash!
Northbound on State! Male black! Black t shirt!
210 S Wabash: He’s in custody. #ChicagoScanner
He didn’t have a weapon he probably passed it guys be careful. #ChicagoScanner
Adams/Wabash: A large fight #ChicagoScanner
Monroe/Wabash: A large fight #ChicagoScanner
State / Monroe: We got a large group headed East. We didn’t let them… it’s the way they’re traveling. #ChicagoScanner
CD1 follow that crowd to Madison / State! #ChicagoScanner
M1: dreads, blue jeans: possible weapon in waistband or car. Jackson/Van Buren #ChicagoScanner
Adams / State: They’re jumping on the CTA platform. #ChicagoScanner
Fight going on. Adams / State. Officers in the wagons get out!! #ChicagoScanner
Everyone out of their cars! #ChicagoScanner
We got him. Gun in custody. #ChicagoScanner
Wabash/Adams: Hey guys. That uh… “chunky” M1 with the gun is back out there … he handed it off to someone on the platform. #ChocagoScanner
It looks like he handed the gun off to a female black that was with another female black. White jacket for one other a jumper and white baseball hat for other. Pink purse. #ChicagoScanner
We need more units to State / Adams. And again…. Anyone twerking in the street needs to be arrested. #ChicagoScanner
State/Adams: They’re throwing bottles at the police. #ChicagoScanner
State / Adams: Need more hands. #ChicagoScanner
Dearborn / Adams: Roll an ambo and we’ve got a big group fighting #ChicagoScanner
This crowd has grown by at least 200 people! We need cars!!!!! #ChicagoScanner
They’re all running back north. #ChicagoScanner
Don’t we have any police down here?! I don’t see any? #ChicagoScanner
Officers be careful. We have cars racing around use caution they may be trying to hit you. #ChicagoScanner
We’ve got a couple hundred at Monroe/Dearborn. Hang around… #ChicagoScanner
Officers… remember… it’s almost curfew. #ChicagoScanner
600 S Dearborn: A man with an AK-47 and he’s hallucinating at the 7-11 #ChicagoScanner
Slow down he does not have an AK… #ChicagoScanner
We need more CD vans. #ChicagoScanner
451 S Wabash: 3 shots fired. 3 male blacks fled in a Toyota Camry #ChicagoScanner
Do we have someone in foot pursuit!? #ChicagoScanner
Jackson/Dearborn: We have him in custody! #ChicagoScanner
State / Adams: They’re jumping on cars and disrupting traffic. #ChicagoScanner
The bean has been processed. Can we get a wash down? #ChicagoScanner
Washington / Wells: A male bleeding on the street. Looks like He was in a fight. #ChicagoScanner
Dearborn / Adams: Probably the only outdoor roll call that’s ever made sense #ChicagoScanner
198 N State: Person with a gun on the train. #ChicagoScanner
There’s no train here per 102Sam. #chicagoScanner
Yellow sweatpants white t shirt! Running! #ChicagoScanner
In custody! #ChicagoScanner
State / Adams: Shots fired! 10-1!! #ChicagoScanner
Still shooting. Red hoodie. Person shot. 28 E Jackson #ChicagoScanner
20 E Adams* #ChicagoScanner
11 E Adams: Multiple people shot. #ChicagoScanner
Jackson / State: Got another one. #ChicagoScanner
We need a wagon to the corner of Jackson / State. #ChicagoScanner
We have a subject at 14 E Jackson #ChicagoScanner
Adams / Dearborn: Victim had an asthma attack. We got him his inhaler. Let’s call that a PCI. #ChicagoScanner
Can I get your location… “I don’t know where the fuck we are” #ChicagoScanner
We’ve got two green/yellows and a critical. #ChicagoScanner
Who had to the two juveniles at State / Adams? Where’s the man in the yellow pants? #ChicagoScanner
We’ve got a guy that just walked into the station and wants to file a battery report. “We’ll add it to the other… 300 tickets”. #ChicagoScanner
404 S Michigan: An overturned car with occupants still inside. #ChicagoScanner

• • •

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May 15
Kedzie/Christiana: the 12 year old that went missing a couple of weeks ago, then arrested for arson, released the next day, then showed up back at home with a stolen car and reported missing again, is currently fleeing from CPD in a black SUV. #ChicagoScanner
They lost him #ChicagoScanner
Kedzie/Catalpa (not Christiana) #ChicagoScanner
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May 15
4821 N Kedzie: a call of a person shot and multiple calls of shots fired #ChicagoScanner
A call of a female shot at the Dunkin Donuts #ChicagoScanner
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5055 N Hamlin: need more cars! There's a gun! #ChicagoScanner
Slow it down. They're all good. #ChicagoScanner
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May 13
Is it any coincidence that Yolanda Talley's merit sergeant pick (who was assigned to internal affairs prior to promotion) is immediately assigned as a sergeant BACK to Internal Affairs immediately upon the completion of sergeant school?

They don't even hide the corruption.
For those unaware, Yolanda Talley is the Chief of Internal Affairs whose niece was caught with a man who had a large quantity of drugs in a car registered to Talley. That same man was the informant for the Anjanette Young search warrant.
Talley's nominee is said to have family ties to previous high ranking CPD officials.

Nepotism and corruption runs deep among them.
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Apr 24
Randolph/Michigan: Requesting an ambulance and there’s 2 in custody #ChicagoScanner
They’re all running s/b towards Monroe #ChicagoScanner
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