BREAKING NEWS, FOR IMMEDIATE RT: Amber Heard claimed under oath that this is a picture of herself with TWO black eyes, a broken nose and a busted lip. There is NO possibility this photo contains even one black eye. #JusticeForJohhnyDepp #DeppvHeard [Medical explanation follows:]
Now the obvious thing here is that there is some sort of dark smudge on her right lower eyelid, a point in her favor, but that's where it ends for her. The smudge abruptly stops. Not consistent . Black Eyes have burst capillaries, leeching blood into the tissues. [cont.]
The pooling of blood spreads, extensively. It turns dark blue/purple and in combination with skin complexion, it appears black, It's kinda why they're called black eyes. It's a gradual return to normal colored skin as you move further and further away. That's Not all... [cont.]
Now it's time for pertinent negatives: There's no edema [swelling], no erythema [redness], no blood, no weeping from the skin. Fluid leeks out of bruised skin, especially the thin skin around the eyes. Finally, and rather importantly, there are no tears. [cont.]
If someone hits you in the eye, your eye will tear up. It's a physiological response you cannot control. There is no stoicism, no level of self control or emotional fortitude that will stop it. Same with pink eye. Have you ever stopped the tears of pink eye? [cont.]
Now, the idea of makeup will inevitably come up. And aside from the fact there is no streaking from the aforementioned tears, there is something missing here that admittedly most black eyes don't have, BUT one would expect to see here. [cont.]
Because of the placement of the "lesion", If this were a REAL black eye, you would definitely see redness in the sclera of her eye. The whites of her eye should have dilated or even burst blood vessels in them. If someone punches you in the lower eyelid with such force...[cont.]
that it bursts hundreds of capillaries, causing a bruise there, it will injure your eyeball as well. Go ahead reader, check for yourself, put your finger on your eyelid where the spot is on Amber's face in the top photo. You can feel the eyeball is right there too...[cont.]
, not hidden behind a bone or any thing. If someone's knuckle finds your eyelid like that, it will injure your eyeball too. You'd have a bloodshot eye. Amber's eye is a sunnyside up egg white eye here. And there is no such thing as eyeball makeup. There's no @Visine for that! :-(
To @realamberheard. Ms. Heard, the reason why one "bought the house" before having paid it off, is that despite still owing SOMEONE the money, you have completely fulfilled your obligation to the house and it's previous owner. A pledge is NEVER a donation until it's fulfilled.
This is literally a soap opera in real life. Here we have a woman who marries a man for his money, beats up her aging new husband, drives him to drugs, chops his finger off with a bottle of spirits, goes public with lies that he's the real abuser... wait, it gets better...
gets a quickie divorce, in which she gets his beloved dog; gives that beloved dog to her convicted dogfight promoter father; steals MILLIONS of dollars from a children's hospital; withholds that money through a Pandemic, when they need it most;
lies about it to several press outlets, claiming she donated money when she still had the bulk of it; weasels her way into an influential position in a high-profile political non-profit (that she still owed millions to) uses IT'S clout to destroy her ex-husband's career...
Perjures herself on two different continents over that incident; tries to escape getting caught in that lie by claiming to very different words mean the same thing. Admits to perjury on the stand.... #DeppVsHeard #deafVsHeard
And the worst thing is that there is STILL a very good chance she'll win this case. Someone should get in a time machine, bring the young Susan Lucci to our time and show her what hamming it up really looks like.
This woman claims to love this man. He's her everything, Can't imagine her life without him... yada..yada..yada... Yet she can't remember the details of the worst injury he ever had? He got MRSA twice, and all she remembers is 'yeah, he got an infection at some point'.

• • •

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