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#Panaji Walking to Temples in Goa. Amma was as surprised as I was when I first read the threads on the temples here by @kokumsherbet ever since been wanting to visit and finally we did it...grateful to @rahul_goa ji for suggesting the best driver for this trip, a local who knows Image
so the air tickets from Hyd were verrry expensive so we took the overnite sleeper bus....resting up a bit in the Latin Quarter before getting on with it..in Fontainhas...at Hospedaria ..family owned Image
we had just missed the yearly jaatra by a day but the decorations and the festivities were in full swing for the evening Image
the Maruti mandir at Malaa sits on a hillock and is very beautiful, the climb is worth it, also our first Goan temple, it was fascinating to experience Image
amma ends up climbing a temple on a Friday whenever she travels with me ! Fridays when she fasts and does not eat anything until the next day... Image
kept staring at this..have never encountered a temple like this until now...what is happening here architecturally? Image
one look at the Chandeliers inside and it is all clear.... Image
the wood, stone, pillars, hallways...nothing like I have known in other temples..yet the bhakti and shraddhaa is completely intact Image
...and shaurya too..this is how it was and this is how it ought to be...temples as centres of learning Image
on our way back we ran into him...the jaatra would have been so much fun... Image
next morning we started off early with an in house breakfast. most memorable as we covered 12 temples in a single day! Image
the drive to Tambdi Surla a 12th cent. Mahadev mandir was an hour and half, totally worth it - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahadev_T… Image
it is missing its top shikhara and the nandi head has been chopped off, yet the serenity here is unmistakable, it rests in the Bhagawan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and is green and gorgeous all around Image
ASI protected, worship is allowed but only with flowers and deepa at the garbhagriha, for the rest there is provision outside Image
Mahadeva 🙏 Image
come early morning and bring a picnic and stay the day....unlike us...rushing to the next... Image
the path leading in/ out of the temple premises..there is a small hamlet outside, villagers sell flowers for pooja, tea, lime juice and such... Image
always interesting to spot different species of desi cows ..these ones had very unique horns..wonder what they are called... Image
all through the winding roadside we saw groups of youngsters all agog with excitement putting up banners, flags, to mark Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ji's 392nd birth anniversary Image
a church? a basilica? a temple! Image
this is the famous Kavlem Shantadurga mandir, it is a maTha too en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanta_Du… Image
this temple was destroyed in its original site and devi was shifted here and current temple constructed during Shivaji Maharaj's reign... Image
stained glass and chandeliers - fear changes aesthetics Image
yet the deepasthamba, the temple pond, the agrashalas / guesthouses for those whose kuldevi is Shantadurga, are all a testimony of courage in the face of terrible history Image
each temple we visited had a unique colour to it, keep observing, this one is deep brown..Maruti mandir was saffron... Image
temples in Goa are not under the government - thank god - and these are sansthaans/ sausthans managed by maThas etc, very efficient - canteens on premises, rooms, offices, temple chariots, they are an all-in-one community centres..and very NEAT Image
lots of rituals and rites specific to GSBs I suppose, not aware of what this is... Image
a young boys upanayanam, love love love the colours and flowers, this is Goa milords! Image
getting ready for the homa... Image
next stop was Bandiwade Mahalakshmi mahalaxmibandora.com Image
we got used to style and structure of temples here - you enter a great hallway of pillars, then another with stained glass, chandeliers, paintings, arches, pillars, fans, where devotees rest, sit, chant, then finally the garbhagriha which is completely traditional 'south indian' Image
we rather enjoyed this experience, it was less restrictive and formal than the ones we were used to back home/south, a more community feel to them..obviously, as it is not at all touristy and frequented only by the local or kula bhaktas for ceremonies etc Image
here the colour is all dark yellow...the white lattice work on its walls and domes is quite characteristic of the temples here Image
..and then onwards to Ramnath Devasthan - ramnathi.org yes also called Ramnathi Image
the flooring is all tiled up and modern too Image
among all the modern paraphernalia....there is that silver, that ancient metal speaking the unspoken Image
this feels more like it..doesn't it... Image
waiting for the right occassion Image
..and they too shall have their say Image
the moortis in all the temples here are beautiful...and very powerful Image
we decided to have our lunch at Ramnathi as Eknath bhau our driver said so, it is like the sabha canteens in Chennai...locals know where the best food is! Image
one of the most delicious meals we have had Image
onwards to the rest of the temples, next stop - Veiling Shantadurga. Also Veiling Lakshmi Narsing/ Narasimha...Mardol....Mangeshi Mahadev...Keri Vijaydurga..Savoi Verem Anantashayana...Marcel Devaki Krishna...but all that for another day...Go Goa! Image
from Ramnathi we went to Nagueshi en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagueshi today let us savour only this temple, do not go by the exterior! this is one of the few temples which remains in its original place..and like many other temples in the area, does not allow entry of foreigners Image
pink it is! Image
are we in Vatican? 😊 Image
the deepasthambas in all the Goan temples are magnificent, first encountered them in Ujjain..also Kolhapur I think...was so enamoured...we do not have them in the South..like this Image
what does one say to that? jai ho! Image
yes, it gets better and better...we are still reeling from that day's intoxication Image
🙏 Image
there was a celebration going on at the temple - homam, bhojanam and all...it was so festive.. Image
Nagesh ji dikh gaye Image
so when we got to this temple we decided to take it slow...how could we leave this in a hurry! Image
just the juxtaposition... Image
ya...take it easy policy... Image
we had just missed the homa Image
...but just in time for the mahaaprasaadam... we had just had lunch remember...so we regretfully accepted only the paravannam/ kheer which was tres delicious..I managed to squeeze some bajjis in too...I mean .. Image
they were calling us to come and eat...how can one say no to such sincere hospitality Image
the piece de resistance has to be the temple pond, flanked with palms all around so so gorgeous! Image
sigh! Image
picture perfect it was, truly Image
not sure what is next to the Tulasi vrindavan Image
this Nandikeshwar is content Image
leaving the temple we were too overwhelmed..did not think that the next temple could top this....but it did, and how!! Image
So now we arrive at a temple whose deity was shifted from Salcete and established here in 1567, Veling's Lakshmi Narsing Temple..which made us forget Nagueshi ! trawell.in/goa/panjim/shr… Image
it was as though tied up neatly in pista green lace Image
some construction was going on when we visited so no one else was there except us, it was absolutely tranquil, a personal favourite of all the temples we visited that day...well we kept saying that at every temple from Nagueshi onwards... Image
tulasis flanked both sides of the entrance and the first hall had a gallery of painted saints ..the interior hall had tales from Narasimha Purana..the temple was spotlessly clean ..unfortunately the garbja gRuha was closed for darshan yet we stayed long... Image
one can visualize a temple dancer who has exited stage right Image
paintings, pillars, aakash kandils..all for our eyes only Image
Om namo bhagavatae nRsimhaaya Image
this is the gorgeous end of the first hallway leading to the second with bells dropping from the ceiling and yonder is Narasimha..although he could appear from any one of those pillars around us... Image
waiting for the Mahajan to arrive..maybe he will open the doors.. Image
each pillar is solid enough to house Narasimha in it Image
somehow this reminded me of Kerala temples - the red tiled roofs, the palm lined ponds and these intricately carved solid wooden pillars Image
assuming this is paalki for utsava vigraha Image
maDi baTTalu...remember this from my childhood...amma says her grandmother had only 2 saris, she would wash one put it out to dry and wear the other..and so on it went...austere disciplined lives they lead..my ancestors...this visual just choked me up Image
Being a Narasimha temple all you see here are pillars galore, each more exquisite than the other...just so wonderful to see fresh garlands in all the temples we visited and not just for the devi devata Image
..and the brass lamps...not just a Kerala, Tamil Nadu prerogative seems like, look at the variety! Image
all the temples have a music gallery space...as it should be, we offer sangeetam and naaTyam as part of our daily pooja Image
🙏 Image
walking towards the temple pond Image
so the first chowka I think this is called? is usually designed for pilgrims to rest..amma sat and chanted Lalitha Sahasranamam..the large flat concrete slabs reminded her of arugus back home in Undi Agraharam..which were constructed for travellers to sleep on / rest... Image
we walk out to this...stunned..just as I was in Verinag, in the Union Territory of Kashmir (Jammu and) Image
other devatas were there for darshan behind the main temple Image
and this twinning is the first time seeing something like this Om namaha shivaaya! Image
One last look at the resplendent beauty.. Image
..and we were out...reluctantly Image

• • •

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Jul 1, 2023
It has been a week since we returned from Imphal, #Manipur, and cannot wait to go back for a longer trip, prayers for peace and stability in the state. Spent only a day but learnt so much. Amma returns after 42 years!
She and her friend went by road. We were living in Silchar then. She came back with such mesmerizing stories of Loktak and the women at IMA market. Have been attracted to Manipur ever since.
Our neighbour was a beautiful Meiti lady, Veda aunty. She taught me 'Manipuri dance', my first ever formal dance learning. And I SO wanted to be a dancer then!
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#Shivaratri 2020 was at GWU, leading pooja for the Hindu Students Association. This year they got permission to have 'one candle' hence agreed to lead; there can be no pooja without agnidevata.
logistics had to be looked into days before - as the crowd was mixed - partly sponsored by Sikh Association, Pakistani students association etc but kudos to HSA they let me decide, so 108 names with meanings - shiva ashTottaram was done, print outs given to all
lugged my display collection in the Metro in this dreary weather and reached destination an hour away...
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@rasita @Koenraad_Elst @IndicAcademy @avatans @VMuppi Thank you @Koenraad_Elst ji for taking us through the whole gamut of the history of Yoga and all that it entails in the current scenario, learnt a lot. We are indebted to your scholarship. Happy Travels!
@rasita @Koenraad_Elst @IndicAcademy @avatans @VMuppi From running notes some importance points:
1. Whether Gayatri Mantra or Mrityunjaya Mantra the mention of 'dhee which is awareness', and outgrowing of attachments et al points to a deep insight of the peoples. Not 'mere tapas' as is usually belittled.
@rasita @Koenraad_Elst @IndicAcademy @avatans @VMuppi 2. Kesin Hymn Rg veda 10:136 is the oldest mention of such 'tapas' practiced by Naga Sadhus - the combo of martial arts n asceticism seen also in Shaolin temples and the Samurai practices.
3. Arjuna's penance is in the vrikshaasana...
3. Godhuhaasana - cow milking pose +
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There is no better place than the Sivananda Ashram in Nassau, Bahamas to study the Tale of Two Birds from the Mundaka Upanishad while the Govt and the City Shuts down #WalkToTemple Yoga Vacation 2019
the whole ashram with 99% non-desis but teaming with shraddha and saadhana, just took my breath away with the fabulous art work depicted at unexpected corners, walls, nooks...first day was sheer serendipity
all the participants who come for Teacher Training Courses and those doing Karma Yoga (free boarding / lodging in lieu of seva) have to attend the morning and evening dhyaana, bhajan, and satsang sessions. very humbling
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Nov 9, 2018
శబరిమల ఆచార నియమాలు

1. నల్ల బట్టలు మాత్రమే ధరించాలి. ఇది శని దేవుని ప్రకోపాన్ని తగ్గించుతుంది.
కొన్ని ఏండ్ల దీక్ష తరవాత నీలము లేక కాషాయ వస్త్రాలు వేసుకోవాచు. పాద రక్షలు నిషేదం. ఇంట్లో ప్రవేశ సమయము కాళ్ళు కడిగి తీరాలి.
2. ప్రతీ దినము ప్రొదున్న సాయంకాలము చల్ల నీళ్ల తో తల స్నానము చెయ్యాలి. సుగంధిత ద్రవ్యాలు నిషేధము.

3. శాకాహార భోజనము మాత్రమే తినాలి. సొంత వంట ఉత్తమము, వేరే పాత్రములల్లో వండుకోవాలి.

4. కచ్చితంగా నేల మీదనే నిద్రపోవాలి. మంచాలు నిషేధము. దుప్పట్లు లాంటివి వాడవచ్చు.
5. ఈ వ్రత కాలము పూర్తిగా బ్రహ్మచర్యము పాటించాలి.

6. ప్రతీ ప్రొదున్న అయ్యప్ప శరణు ఘోష ఇంక శరణ విలి మంత్రాలు జపించాలి.

7. వివాదాలు, చెడ్డ మాటలు, సినిమాలు అన్ని నిషేధము. వీటికి లొంగకూడదు. భక్తి పాటలు వింటూ పాడుతూ సమయము గడిపితే మన ధ్యాస, నిష్ఠా దృఢముగా నిలుస్తుంది.
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Oct 4, 2018
"One of the first questions, any Indian gets asked when abroad, is about the bindi. Of all the various answers that are possible, the most definite one is that a bindi is considered auspicious among Hindus , even by those who do not sport it!" 1/n
Even within the country there are people who question it’s need find it to be obsolete an incongruous tribal marking in this day and age; however one looks at it, it is lack of understanding of what the bindi entails, it’s purpose, it’s symbolism, it’s health benefits if any 2/n
śringār is a major aspect of a vaidikā’s life. It was not just the women who indulged in beautification but so did the men. kriśṇa is always adorned in his favourite colour yellow, a diadem with a peacock feather, a garland of Vaijayanti flowers, his flute and so on. 3/n
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