1) Let me explain why this is matters. It's the part that people pretend not to know. Including the *supposed* truth diggers...
2) You see, when Mueller was appointed in May of 2017 he didn't start with a fresh crew of people. Not even close.

Mueller/Weissmann started with the exact same FBI investigators who were involved with Michael Sussmann and Rodney Joffe, and Fusion, and the Clinton campaign.
3) That Mueller investigative team, who stepped into the picture in 2017, included FBI agent Peter Strzok, who said from the outset "there's no big there there," to Lisa Page. May 19, 2017:
4) The Clinton hoax is the key takeaway within the recent testimony of Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, during the Sussmann trial. Of course, every intellectually honest person who watched events unfold already knew that.

5) Back to Mueller. So, if the same exact same FBI people were still in place when Mueller entered the picture (sans Comey), then why didn't they just tell Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann "there's no there there"?
6) Mr. Mook was legally forced to put the truth into the official record, ironically because the Clinton lawyers, Michael Sussmann and Marc Elias, needed him to; in order to save themselves.

But what about Mueller and Weissmann? What's their excuse?
7) A pretending to be stunned, Jonathan Turley, writes about the Mook revelation here. Yet, no one seems to be the least bit curious about the Mueller/Weissman aspect to, what is now admitted as the Clinton hoax.

8) Meanwhile the "journalists" who received Pulitzer Prizes, for pushing the manufactured Clinton lies that Mook now admits, must avoid any mention of the recent testimony of hoax provenance, in order to maintain their ‘pretending not to know things' position.
9) Media people often forget, or perhaps -again- need to pretend not to know; however, the exact same group of FBI and DOJ staff level investigative officials that originated the Trump investigation in 2016, transferred into the Robert Mueller investigation in May 2017.
10) How did R.Mueller and A.Weissmann spend 2 years investigating Trump-Russia; with a team of 19 lawyers, $40 million in resources, 40 FBI agents, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants & 500 witnesses; and not find out that H. Clinton created the hoax they were investigating?
11) If we are to believe the current narrative, you would have to believe those same Mueller investigators never talked to any Clinton campaign people, or Fusion GPS, or Rodney Joffe, or Marc Elias, or Michael Sussmann?…

...But wait....
12) ...I mean, Mueller/Weissman did.. talk to Sussmann… because… the special counsel was the same FBI people... the same FBI people at the center of what this current Sussmann trial is about….


13) 🤔..../END

• • •

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May 23
1) Want to pull a thread?....

Want to see the scale of DC corruption?...

Start with this question:

Why did Andrew Weissman release the Carter Page FISA application in July of 2018?
2) At the apex of the special counsel cover-up operation, Andrew Weissman released the Carter Page FISA application, using the ridiculous justification of a FOIA request.

3) No one asked "why"?

Everyone was so intoxicated by the first ever release of a TSCI FISA, they never paused to ask the question.

However, the answer reveals just how brutally corrupt the special counsel cover up operation was.
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May 21
We should be specific on this. Yes, NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis carried out the military attacks; however, it was Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Susan Rice and French President Sarkozy who led the effort. Eventually a shoulder shrugging Obama said meh, whatevs
And for those catching up, you'll note that Libya was not fighting with any NATO country, so the premise of NATO intervening was not there. Hence Samantha had to sell the R2P theory (responsibility to protect).

Overlay that NATO justification, follow the continuum...
.... notice that again in 2022 we have the State Dept and CIA triggering a war, just like Libya.... and you find yourself watching NATO and wait for it,... Ukraine.
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May 14
(1) For those going 🤔?... Relevance: Lisa Page was the DOJ legal counsel assigned to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Page evaluated the provenance of the concocted information given to McCabe via FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker (who received it from Sussmann).
(2) The FBI lawyer (Lisa Page) in charge of vetting the provenance of the fraudulent material from Clinton (via Sussmann), retains legal services from the wife of the Judge now determining whether the provenance was accurately disclosed by Sussmann.
(3) Everyone knows the FBI was aware the Sussmann material (Trump-Russia fabrications) came from Clinton's campaign.

Lisa Page knew the material she reviewed came from Hillary Clinton.

However, everyone in the FBI has to pretend they didn't know, or else they're in deep shit.
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May 11
1. On the inflation data. The BLS captured the price data mid-April, when there was a brief drop in gasoline price. Because the BLS weights the gas price 5x, the price data showed -6.1% for gasoline. That skewed the topline downward to only 0.3% for April. LOOK👇
2. Since that price capture took place, gasoline prices have again increased much higher.
3. The Biden $1.9 trillion COVID spending package that created $1,400 checks for Americans, passed in March 2021. That massive infusion of cash took place in April of 2021. We are now cycling through the year-over-year comparisons when artificial economic stimulus took place.
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May 8
(1) The FBI is the codependent agency for Antifa.
(2) Homeland Security (DHS) is run by U.S. Intel agencies under the umbrella of the ODNI office.
(3) Nina Jankowicz works for U.S. Intelligence.
(4) "Disinformation" is information adverse to the interests of U.S. Intel.
(5) Big tech social media companies operate on joint access databases of the U.S. govt.
(6) As a result of #5, tech data processing costs are essentially subsidized.
(7) FB, Insta, YouTube, MS, Google, and all tech platforms operating on AWS are connected to intel.
(8) Twitter as a private company is adverse to this preestablished relationship.
(9) ODNI office as well as DHS, DOJ and FBI domestically have self-interest in blocking Musk.
(10) Starlink presents problem for pre-established ISP control nodes for internet traffic surveillance.
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May 7
Zimmerman was, in many ways, a sort of beta test for Obama's ability to sway media. Chicago didn't know the scale of media willingness to adhere to the small group, so they accused a transparently innocent man to see how far that influence circle extended.
Prior to "if I had a son", the activist era always used media to change public sympathies and excuse the transparently guilty.

Zimmerman was a mirroring inflection point. Media used to change public sympathies by accusing the transparently innocent.
From that moment forward, every political accusation you are familiar with, and the media exploitation to support that political accusation, has stemmed from using media to accuse the innocent.

Perhaps you didn't notice. But think about it.
Read 9 tweets

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