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May 28 6 tweets 2 min read
Rooms 111 and 112 ...more Gematria.
44 minutes. The Breaking of the 8 ritual?
WHO unlocked the back door?
#BlueFamily, does this make sense to any of you?
My family member, our Southwest community? They have NEVER hesitated at a school call! (PD)
WHY has story changed?
multiple times now?
You are telling me a Law Enforcement centric community (many families of Border Patrol, Sheriff, PD) are going to obey Stand Down Orders?
Parents were detained/cuffed because they broke through the perimeter? One mom succeeded in getting through and getting..
her two children out of two classrooms during a hard lockdown? Are you serious?
I was school staff years ago. Nobody opens their locked doors! Nobody!
The Narrative gets worse by the hour, making less and less common sense.
With the horrific condition of the Southern Border,
....I cannot believe people accepting the narrative that Law Enforcement "were cowards" and stood down! In what upside down world do you live? This is Texas! We in tbe rural Southwest are tough, protective, family oriented, and well ARMED. In my part of AZ, open carry!
Maybe in
brainwashed liberal land of TV zombies in their citified, sissified, fear-porn obeying, lack of oxygen, masked, state of being, that is believed...but here in the Wild West of the Southwest, with wonderful Hispanic mixed populations, that dog don't hunt!
Such utter BS.
No man or
woman in Law Enforcement in our small rural communities stand down while children are systematically murdered. No way!
Tell us The Truth! Dammit!

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Dec 13, 2021
Roll your eyes if you knew this was coming...
The climate is cyclic. It is always changing.
The bigger question: debris from the tornadoes went 37,000 ft into the atmosphere, we are told. Never happened before. Weather warfare used?
I believe, yes, based on testimonies of the...
people that have ststed: "something wasn't right about...the clouds, the lightning, the wind, etc..."
The people, incl. some of my friends, FELT, foreboding, energy changes, FEAR, EVIL, Confusion, etc...and, yes, I have been in tornadoes, and I have been hit with energy weapons..
There are people that have been in severe weather before, that have been interviewed, that can't even find the words to describe what they FELT. "Otherworldly".
Why did so many say they had ample warning, but still
waited to head to shelter? Many said the sirens went off and...
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Dec 12, 2021
Herein we find some Truth: We, the "unvaccinated", are NOT a danger to anyone.
C19 is a bioweaponized virus. A body does NOT self-generate a bioweaponized illness. Ever. Nor are we "more likely" to catch or spread, said virus.
Quite the opposite. Most of us have had CV19. Like
...me and my family. Not only that, but known multiple, febrile exposures later...we're still very strong in our immunity. We haven't masked or distanced over these two years. We absolutely quarantined when we were sick.
Try as furiously as they do, Big Pharma will blame those...
who choose not to take their "vaccines", established SCIENCE tells us, no unvaccinated person self-generates and spreads, illness. Quite the opposite. Many vaccines shed. They also compromise the immune system of the vaccinated for 2-4 weeks as the body mounts the desired...
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Nov 9, 2021
@BuffaloKhan @judithrose91 Well, me, personally, a survivor of both SRA and MKUltra, and a Ret.RN.
I have eyes to see the satanic ritual, the technological assaults on the crowd and know, personally, what those can look and feel like. I also have medical eyes, and the misfortune of having an implant...
@BuffaloKhan @judithrose91 ...called a stimoceiver, embedded in my skull bone from 1966. It is a 3 channel transponder that picks up ALL radio waves. Metal, in your head, is no joke. ALL vxxes contain metals that soar right past the blood/brain barrier. The latest ones have magnetic metal, that also pass..
@BuffaloKhan @judithrose91 ...right through that barrier, into the brain. The amount of metals in your brain/body would determine, imo, how severe the reaction to KNOWN harmful frquencies, like 5G. Unfortunately, with the current shots being pushed, in my clinical research, the GMO spike proteins embed in
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Nov 8, 2021
"Satanic Panic" is trending, referring to the 80s, when the Truth pierced through the controlled media for a season.
The False Memory Syndrome Foundation was a full on C_A operation. The Board was C_A operatives.
MOST popular artists have been...
...openly showing you their satanic lifestyle, in imagery, symbolism, music videos, etc... for years.
They've told the worlld they "sold their soul to satan".
...and fans just say "it's JUST for fun. Satan is just pretend".
UNTIL you witness it, live.
Pulling up "Satanic Panic"
...from the 80's is predictable by the powers that be in an attempt to get Kontrol (sic) of this Truth that pierced through the darkness/mind-control of the MSM Narrative.
"THEY" forgot to ban cell phone videos, or some got through, in this Ritual, *ahem, "Concert", and,
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Aug 22, 2021
@ReadyPen3 When I fought for my children's father last year, I won, not only for him, but the hospital changed its protocol on two campuses and people stopped dying - where 15 people died during his 10 days in ICU, on one campus.
That all stopped when the hospital got bought out.
@ReadyPen3 ...E.O. on "The Right to Try" has not been erased. I fought with the Covid Doctor for 9 Days Straight. I fought with the help of the ICU nurses who accepted my valid medical research studies of treatments that worked. They would present them daily to that Doctor.
I was relentless
@ReadyPen3 ...he was rotating out, and gave me "the right to try" with HCQ, "but it doesn't work". Since Day 1 that he was really sick, a Spiritual Battle ensued.We had people praying globally. God woke me in the night to tell me he had given up. Since we're still legally married, God asked
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Aug 14, 2021
Indulge me.
Look and review with me, please.
I am 60 yrs old. I have had 17 surgeries in my life and many other "procedures". Meds on board during AND after. They tell you to wear loose, comforatable clothes, and a family member to be with you, and pick you up.
Y'all with me?
Now, this PhD Educator, First Lady, KNOWING she is going to get on Marine One, without a family member, chooses a WHITE flouncy mini-dress blowing in the breeze, for her "loose, comfortable, clothing?"
Butt, there's more here.
WHO is that behind her behind? Reg SS? Nope.
...down, what? Cop? Doctor? Do you see the photographer stage left of the stairs? Great time for a photo op standing right next to Marine One?
Why? Protocol, anybody?
What is with the apparently SAME tattered looking brown leather carry-on bag that Pres.Biden was lugging...
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