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aka Cheryl "Hersha" Beck. MKUltra, SRA, Child Trafficking Survivor. SAVE OUR CHILDREN! "Let God Arise and His enemies be scattered!" 2023
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Oct 31 25 tweets 5 min read
O.K., for @dpupera11 , @GeoartsPhoto , and any person who may or may not recognize The Spirit of Witchcraft at work in the Body of Christ, let us watch this:

I will draw your attention to the 13min. mark:
"Who does not recognize the Word of God as the Final Authority. In other words, someone who offers a brand new interpretation/meaning that differs from what the Word literally says.
THAT is a Spirit of Witchcraft...it is called "Word-Crafting" or Word-Smithing. A Spirit of Leviathan is also involved in twisting the words and
Sep 15 9 tweets 2 min read
@truepatriotfl74 @GreyAreaMonarch @RomanAlysha Let me clarify.
Affidavits #9 & #13 contain "sworn under penalty of perjury", non-existent Carlsbad, Calif. locations, and she took my testimony, lied and confabulated "facts" she attributed to me, that I have NEVER stated. She supplies references with my names misspelled, and... @truepatriotfl74 @GreyAreaMonarch @RomanAlysha those videos she posted of me talking on podcasts, do NOT support, at all, the facts she made up.
She also disclosed CONFIDENTIAL information I shared with her in order to provide as much information I had knowledge of in the Carlsbad/Oceanside, Ca areas to help RESCUE JONAH ...
Aug 19 25 tweets 5 min read
visual word of knowledge then followed?
"The Sound of Freedom" movie advertisement.
I said, "O.K. teach me, Holy Spirit".
In essence, many have argued, I will not see it, I will not support it, because...A, B, C, D....
A, B, C, D are proven facts. Undeniable.
"The wealth of the wicked. Yes?
Hang in here with me.
The Holy Spirit then said, "and it was laid up for, and given to, the righteous."
I'm thinking, "wow, that is heavy."
He continued, "and what have the righteous done with it?"
I just sat quietly in that and examined myself, and the entire truth.
Jul 11 9 tweets 2 min read
@janeway888 I was corrected by the Cult of Jessie that I had spoke favorably of TCH in the beginning, when he was living on Field McConnell's couch. So, I stand corrected on that. Yes, I did ask for help *hoping that the claims of a Pentagon Pedo Task Force was real. I had been given ... @janeway888 actionable info on a Pedophile Pastor with a private "Christian" Boys Academy for "troubled teens". He was nothing more than an SRA programmer and brutal pedophile of both genders, that left his victims with Hep C, in addition to the traumas and programming.
After I gave Tim the
Jul 1 19 tweets 4 min read

O.K., I think this describes the best how I feel about the "Sound of Freedom".
Please DO question everyone and everything. I did deep dives on Ballard. I did not like what I found.
Mel Gibson is a living controversy. I have not done a deep dive into his tumultuous life. I DO know his father, in AUS, was considered the ultimate "conspiracy theorist". Well, we know the difference between a conspiracy theory and truth, TIME passing, whether it be 6 mos to 50 yrs or more.
Mel Gibson was not involved in this movie, as far as I know.
Jun 28 7 tweets 2 min read
@dom_lucre Erickson has been touted as a former Judge, judge,,,
The TRUTH is, she was on a MN City Board that addressed complaints to THAT CITY, alone, about tax assessment values the city placed on homes. That is all. They began with Judge, then changed to judge, then changed to tax ... @dom_lucre ...judge, because people figured out the grandiose lies. Erickson may have been a notary, I'm not sure, but she owned a small LLC Notary Firm.
You see, this operation runs on Delusions of Grandeur, and those affidavits are a mess.
People MUST UNDERSTAND that a Notary signature
Jun 16 9 tweets 3 min read
This is Great Stuff. Just have patience and scroll through the screen freeze up until Derek goes outside.
I think when I post about @realDonaldTrump , people deduce my faith is in him. When I tag @elonmusk, perhaps the same.
I would like to clarify.
THIS right here, is what I'm counting on. Military Law.
"President Trump" is the figurehead, as is "Elon".
My faith, if you know me, is always in God first!
Listen to this, please. Trump is the Figurehead. He is doing what he is commanded to do. It has not been without a price.
Feb 15 17 tweets 3 min read
@CzebotarJessie You have taken my testimony, my confidential e-mails, and KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY twisted them into nonsense in your so-called affidavits. You enlisted Veronica Swift to be your apologetics mouthpiece to attack me. I told you to keep my name, and MY TESTIMONY out of your mouth @CzebotarJessie and fingers. You agreed and broke your word the next day. When I made the public notice that I am SEPARATE from you, and that I believe you to be a programmed multiple, I DID NOT LIE. I stated my belief/opinion.
YOU chose to call me a Liar. YOU told your followers to wait and...
Jan 11 6 tweets 2 min read
@TNmtnLady84 @ClarityCalling Alana. You respect me by disrespecting me. Odd.
"you have an item in your head that can still effect you, no?"
The stimoceiver does NOT affect the Memory areas of my brain. It's been in since I was five years old.
Here's LOGIC: if it affects my memory, Alana, I never would @TNmtnLady84 @ClarityCalling have NEVER remembered anything, esp. it being put in, which I absolutely remembered correctly - proven by MRIs.
*Please remember, my story was investigated by Dale Griffis, PhD and Ted Schwarz because we were trying to put together all the evidence to arrest my father and his
Jan 10 8 tweets 2 min read
Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 8-16-112, a Tennessee notary public is authorized to act in any county in the state and has the power to:

acknowledge signatures upon personal knowledge or satisfactory proof,
to administer oaths,
to take depositions, to qualify parties to bills in chancery, and
to take affidavits, in all cases.
Jan 7 12 tweets 3 min read
@Justice_4_Tammy @Lily19642 ...wasting 18 months of critical time with REAL investigation teams! We are talking about a REAL child kidnapped by Luciferians and brutalized via SRA, and moved around the world.
Then I was asked about the Cralsbad, Ca. area where Jonah had been, and I gave her all the intel I @Justice_4_Tammy @Lily19642 had from my SRA/MK/Trafficking in the 60s and 70s. I sent CONFIDENTIAL e-mails to Jessie. She has just released "Affidavit 13" which contains some of that CONFIDENTIAL information, and just lies about "things Cheryl 'Hersh' (sic) aka C.A.Beck told her about Carlsbad". She has...
Dec 12, 2022 25 tweets 8 min read
IF you look at that picture of "Bill Gates" speaking...that is NOT "Bill Gates". Thank God.
THEY held this in Brussels, Belgium, NOT the U.S. WHY? Had we, the growing resistance, found out, it would have been disrupted.
What we have learned from Covid, as "Died Suddenly" happens to friends, family, colleagues, others, DAILY, is that Big Pharma Medicine BETRAYED us. That Bill Gates and his ilk are MONSTERS of GENOCIDE. That the Government BETRAYED us. That MSM BETRAYED us. That the NGOs of the FDA, CDC and WHO BETRAYED us. That, indeed, a bioweaponized...
Nov 22, 2022 15 tweets 3 min read
C. Springs Foxtrot Foxtrot by the Symbolism/Numerology/MK patsy pattern:
"Q Club". - if you are awake, this is obvious.
Date: 11/19/2022 (just before midnight)
11/19 = 9/11(1) = 911.
*Decode has to be based on original numbers
5 dead, 18 injured. 5 + 18 = 23.
* according to... ...dark occult Chaldean Numerology, the number 23 has the Highest Vibration (magickal power). 2+3 = 5. The number of lives taken.
23 is reported to protect against accidents, dangers, injuries, and ensures a smooth path towards the end goal of the magick.
So, 23 was inverted...
Sep 20, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Sadly, I must make a statement publicly, and I will not answer questions from anyone on this subject matter. Use your own discernment, and talk to God yourself.
I have not been a part of Jessie Czebotar's organizations or "ministries", nor will be. I have never supported Timothy Charles Holmseth, and have always stated, publicly, that I believe he is mind-controlled and handled. I have had very grave concerns for Jessie this past year, and, yes, we have discussed privately, agreeing to disagree.
I have talked about "collector alters" on Carmen's show.
May 28, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
Rooms 111 and 112 ...more Gematria.
44 minutes. The Breaking of the 8 ritual?
WHO unlocked the back door?
#BlueFamily, does this make sense to any of you?
My family member, our Southwest community? They have NEVER hesitated at a school call! (PD)
WHY has story changed? multiple times now?
You are telling me a Law Enforcement centric community (many families of Border Patrol, Sheriff, PD) are going to obey Stand Down Orders?
Parents were detained/cuffed because they broke through the perimeter? One mom succeeded in getting through and getting..
Dec 13, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
Roll your eyes if you knew this was coming...
The climate is cyclic. It is always changing.
The bigger question: debris from the tornadoes went 37,000 ft into the atmosphere, we are told. Never happened before. Weather warfare used?
I believe, yes, based on testimonies of the... people that have ststed: "something wasn't right about...the clouds, the lightning, the wind, etc..."
The people, incl. some of my friends, FELT, foreboding, energy changes, FEAR, EVIL, Confusion, etc...and, yes, I have been in tornadoes, and I have been hit with energy weapons..
Dec 12, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Herein we find some Truth: We, the "unvaccinated", are NOT a danger to anyone.
C19 is a bioweaponized virus. A body does NOT self-generate a bioweaponized illness. Ever. Nor are we "more likely" to catch or spread, said virus.
Quite the opposite. Most of us have had CV19. Like ...me and my family. Not only that, but known multiple, febrile exposures later...we're still very strong in our immunity. We haven't masked or distanced over these two years. We absolutely quarantined when we were sick.
Try as furiously as they do, Big Pharma will blame those...
Nov 9, 2021 16 tweets 11 min read
@BuffaloKhan @judithrose91 Well, me, personally, a survivor of both SRA and MKUltra, and a Ret.RN.
I have eyes to see the satanic ritual, the technological assaults on the crowd and know, personally, what those can look and feel like. I also have medical eyes, and the misfortune of having an implant... @BuffaloKhan @judithrose91 ...called a stimoceiver, embedded in my skull bone from 1966. It is a 3 channel transponder that picks up ALL radio waves. Metal, in your head, is no joke. ALL vxxes contain metals that soar right past the blood/brain barrier. The latest ones have magnetic metal, that also pass..
Nov 8, 2021 18 tweets 5 min read
"Satanic Panic" is trending, referring to the 80s, when the Truth pierced through the controlled media for a season.
The False Memory Syndrome Foundation was a full on C_A operation. The Board was C_A operatives.
MOST popular artists have been... ...openly showing you their satanic lifestyle, in imagery, symbolism, music videos, etc... for years.
They've told the worlld they "sold their soul to satan".
...and fans just say "it's JUST for fun. Satan is just pretend".
UNTIL you witness it, live.
Pulling up "Satanic Panic"
Aug 22, 2021 12 tweets 5 min read
@ReadyPen3 When I fought for my children's father last year, I won, not only for him, but the hospital changed its protocol on two campuses and people stopped dying - where 15 people died during his 10 days in ICU, on one campus.
That all stopped when the hospital got bought out.
Trump's.. @ReadyPen3 ...E.O. on "The Right to Try" has not been erased. I fought with the Covid Doctor for 9 Days Straight. I fought with the help of the ICU nurses who accepted my valid medical research studies of treatments that worked. They would present them daily to that Doctor.
I was relentless
Aug 14, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
Indulge me.
Look and review with me, please.
I am 60 yrs old. I have had 17 surgeries in my life and many other "procedures". Meds on board during AND after. They tell you to wear loose, comforatable clothes, and a family member to be with you, and pick you up.
Y'all with me? Now, this PhD Educator, First Lady, KNOWING she is going to get on Marine One, without a family member, chooses a WHITE flouncy mini-dress blowing in the breeze, for her "loose, comfortable, clothing?"
Butt, there's more here.
WHO is that behind her behind? Reg SS? Nope.