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7 Jun
I have been informed that my Mom is in renal "failure"... I think. My siblings aren't giving me the clinical picture I depend on, but, I have know her kidney functions were low. IF renal failure, time is short, because she is 86 and will not allow any interventions.
I was also..
just informed that she has Parkinson's as well.
God is Faithful. He talked to me about being willing to let my mom go after last week's difficult phone conversation with her. This week, she not only couldn't hear much, but utterly confused. As a Ret.RN, I know cardinal signs...
of the end of life.
The hardest part is being 2,000mi. away due to me being the rejected "black sheep", and the phone being my last way of staying in contact. I am barred from any medical input.
...and even with these diagnoses, my mom was taken for the jabs. There was a marked..
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22 Mar
It is March 2021.
America is in Crisis, imo. The world is too.
My book as pictured below, is no longer available.
A sign of the times?
THEY shut it down when it was published - ask "W".
The Truths in it will come to Light soon.
When survivors speak, please hear us.
It's time.
Copyright 2001. Illustration from "Secret Weapons..."
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22 Mar
@PattyMcClimon @ScottPresler As a Ret. RN. Please recall College Microbiology for Health Care Professionals. !
Please recall what Foul-Play Fauci said in the beginning.
Masks, in the general population, cause more harm than good.
YOU, of all people, should know that!
Calling you out.
Do you tell people you..
@PattyMcClimon @ScottPresler ..are vaccinating that they are going to now be an experimental lab rat?
Do you tell them there are CURES and risk outweighs benefit?
No, you don't. You push the Narrative and the crimes against humanity, including the damn masks.
Both times we had CV, we got it from the...
@PattyMcClimon @ScottPresler ...mandatory mask wearers at work that brought it home.
The eldest in my family was on Day 10 CV ICU when we finally hit Trump's EO on "the right to try". I had pushed from the onset to get doctors to give him the cure meds. They refused.
Day 10, facing vent and ICU, they gave..
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31 Aug 20
@beetheawakening @DanScavino @jack What is maddening is, he contracted it the first week his work mandated a frickin' mask (petri dish receptor). Age 63, underlying conditions, ALL doctors refused to treat! No doctor would prescribe the Cure. The rest of us got through it on naturopathis treatments. I added ...
@beetheawakening @DanScavino @jack ...aspirin for him due to the blood coagulation complication that may arise. On Day 9 of his illness, the cytokine storm complication hit him. He SUDDENLY de-satted to 81% and turned blue-gray (cyanotic). I had to rush him to Covid locked-down hospital (July 8th). I had just...
@beetheawakening @DanScavino @jack ...found a tele-doctor who WOULD prescribe the Cure given by 45 to the world, but it was too late.
I had battled to get him those meds since his 1st chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia.
So, I had to battle with a burnt out, contrary covid Dr and the hospital by phone. Fortunately,
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26 Aug 20
Brick kiln owner called Pari's parents in his office and offered them a deal. He said " Your daughter is beautiful, and I want to buy her from you and in exchange for your daughter I will you 2 years of food supply and instead of working 12 hours for me, You will only work 6 ...
... hours a day for work. Pari's parents who are working as slaves didn't think and said "Okay and take the offer" to brick kiln owners.
Brick kiln owner gave new clothes, shoes, makeup, and jewelry to pari's parents and ask them to dress her up. Our anaymous source who also
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13 Aug 20
@martingeddes We home school.
My husband almost died in ICU because physicians REFUSED to give him the Cure or Treat in any way early in his illness. It was not until he was critical Day 10, CCU,that all my pushing ended up in "the right to try zone". He miraculously improved in 5 Hours. They
@martingeddes ARE simply watching people with risks go into the deadly complication of Cytokine Storm that REQUIRES advanced Medical Care and lots of Oxygen. The new Covid Dr. that listened to me, Finally, told my husband he was changing his protocol based on what I pushed, and his rapid
@martingeddes recovery. I can only HOPE AND PRAY more lives will be saved from our ordeal. The devastation of finances and a long recovery, early retirement, etc... is ongoing. You're right, my dear friend, in what you have written. It is an evil and inhuman Agenda, I have NOT complied! I am
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1 Aug 20
@Scrappy94546226 @VickiLR52 @Paula_White @DNI_Ratcliffe @FashbaughReggie @JodiL792 @CzebotarJessie @IlluminateTheD @SidRothTV I do Not Agree with Rappaport's premise of a type of "poison", or weaponized, targeted 5G attack, as intel sources clearly have reported Covid19 as a bioweaponized human "corona", aka "cold" virus. Created in a P4 Lab, patented, then smuggled to Wuhan, and "enhanced". In Wuhan,
@Scrappy94546226 @VickiLR52 @Paula_White @DNI_Ratcliffe @FashbaughReggie @JodiL792 @CzebotarJessie @IlluminateTheD @SidRothTV according to multiple sources, deadly Huawei 5G was activated the week before the bioweapon was released, at the wet market, to use it as a sorry excuse/cover story, that it came from Bats.
We most certainly witnessed targeted 5G attacks on the people of Wuhan, who were struck,
@Scrappy94546226 @VickiLR52 @Paula_White @DNI_Ratcliffe @FashbaughReggie @JodiL792 @CzebotarJessie @IlluminateTheD @SidRothTV dropped to the ground, convulsed, and died. We haven't seen this phenomena in any other place I know of, but Wuhan.
Sources also tell of a mandatory vaccination the year prior in China, that may have contained a nanotech chip, that linked people in for targeting when the 5G was..
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31 Jul 20
@John_F_Kennnedy My husband's Covid Timeline: Symptoms July 1st. Naturopathic RXs begun. Day 2. He was convinced he had pneumonia. Trip to ER, Chest x-ray, no pneumonia, DOCTORS REFUSE TO TREAT WITH ANYTHING except they gave hit albuterol SVN rather than use his inhaler.
Day 7. Back to ER. Covid
@John_F_Kennnedy test finally back, positive. THE DOCTORS REFUSE TO TREAT COVID. State, "Labs are great for a 63 yr old man". Give him a narcotic cough suppressant. I beg him NOT to take it (medically Ret.RN), he takes it. 02 sats drop to 93%. Day 9, afternoon, SUDDENLY 02 sats drop to 81%, he is
@John_F_Kennnedy cyanotic, and disoriented. BOOM. Rush him to hospital on Covid lockdown. Drop him off. Convey history of illness to tech. Lost/Ignored. I tried MANY different avenues to get him HCQ and azithromycin (already on zinc Rx dose since July 1st). As I'm finally getting a connection...
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22 Jul 20
Praise God!
My husband is waiting for a bed in the step-down unit from Covid ICU!
@realDonaldTrump gave us the cure! BIG PHARMA Physicians will not give it, by and large, until it is a Last Resort due to #FakeNews and the "long QT" ECG Propaganda.
5hrs. after Cure given, after
...10 days ICU, he miraculously turned around.
Doctors SHOULD HAVE given him the cure on Day 2 of his illness when he had a chest x-ray and CV test. Knew he was exposed!
His PCP refused.
I couldn't find it fast enough, but had him on the naturopathic remedies that I and our...
daughter sailed through it on, added an aspirin/day too.
Day 7, needed another chest x-ray, he coughed up blood flecks. Hospital CV test, Covid19 confirmed. STILL refused to give him HCQ/Azithromycin (already had been on treatment dose zinc 220mg/day). Gave him a cough ...
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21 Jul 20
I am overjoyed to report that my husband received a new doctor today who had studied his chart before his first day. He ordered a STAT chest x-ray, and found Craig had bacterial pneumonia in one area. He prescribed azithromycin, and my hubby is already on HCQ and zinc. The cure.
This God-sent Doctor also found that while Craig was ordered an IL-6 inhibitor (stops the cytokine storm release of ferritin into the bloodstream), he was never given it. July 10th!
The doctor ordered that STAT and administered it himself! My husband's ferritin counts were too...
...high. Ferritin blocks oxygdn from getting into your cells and to the mitochondria!
This morning he was Tired. On 40L/min. High -Flow Vapofirm nasal cannula at 50% 02. Sats were 91-92%.
Five hours later, he called me. He had his full, strong voice back! He asked for Chipotle..
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18 Jun 20
@Garrett_Archer THIS is utter BS! Thank God I live in the Wild West Highlands in AZ Country.
Please tell us the TRUTH on the rise in numbers.
I would wager the rise is attributed to: Nsg.Homes/Care Facilities, Retirement Homes, Group Homes/Treatment Facilities in which the ac is kept..
@Garrett_Archer BELOW 75F. Covid 19 literally MELTS at 74.4F (I've done the medical/clinical research, Ret.RN)
Microbiology teaches that viruses and bacteria DIE due to Heat, pH change (think alkaline from our normal slightly acidic body pH that this virus likes) and Salt. These three things...
@Garrett_Archer "denature" proteins.
ZINC stops the replication process of this Retro-Virus, i.e. the reverse transcriptase that hijacks our DNA-RNA normal protein transcription.
WHY aren't we hearing about this. President Trump GAVE US THE CURE.
Add an aspirin/day to prevent the blood...
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4 Jun 20
O.K., wait a minute! (Brain just kicked into gear)
One CANNOT state that MKUltra "iatrogenic" psychiatricrogrammind, and trauma-based mind-control to create DID in MKUltra/Monarch is real, and DENY SRA!
Ross doesn't know of MKOFTEN?
If you've heard my testimony, my step-grand...
...father was OSS and our Family, incl. him Bloodline Illum.Family. When the OSS was re-configuring into the CIA, they brought Bloodline Family satanists into the agency via OFTEN, and Nazis, with their occult beliefs and rituals, in via Paperclip, and merged together
...in a thick 3 trunk root tree to form the CIA.! This new agency, in exchange for the Bloodline knowledge which incl. their multi-generation trauma-based mind-control, were granted immunity from investigation and prosecution! The three were now one big, EVIL, monstrous Company..
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18 May 20
@TruthSame This cannot be confirmed. I have heard different people report on this. Some I consider probably reliable, some are frauds. Therefore, I have not found SOLID intel confirmation, which for me, would be a named Military source.
The explanation I have heard for no visible rescues,
@TruthSame is that many were dying because they ascended too quickly, and their bodies could not adapt to the changes in air qualities and pressure. There were also many human-animal hybrids hat could not survive/did not want to live.
The DUMBs I was in as a child were not that Deep in...
@TruthSame comparison to what allegedly exists now. If captives were bred and born at depths of miles, as a Ret.RN, the changes in air quality and density would have a severe impact on already fragile bodies.
Thus, the rescuers had to go below and set up Hospital/Recovery Centers for the..
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18 May 20
@TRUreporting Thomas,
As a lifelong survivor of anxiety and Depression, and a medically retired RN, please let me urge you to get a full physical with blood tests. IF you can do that with a Functional Medicine Doctor vs. Big Pharma Doctor, do that!
Trauma and Stress change your neuro-...
@TRUreporting ...endocrine system. One things gets out of balance, and it goes to another, then, another... and, you cannot hit or miss with supplements. You need a plethora of labs so you know what's broken, and where the fixes meed to be made. You cannot psyche yourself up and out of a ...
@TRUreporting ..."mental" state, when it is actually from pathophysiological reasons.! The longer I worked in medicine, the more I concluded that "mental" illnesses were due to PHYSICAL reasons. (Sorry, my turtle was escaping).
So please, get into a doctor pronto. Get a good therapist to ...
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15 May 20
@WOLFM00N @Cernovich Well...
I've done the deep dive into Covid19. It IS a Bioweaponized corona virus. Genetic clips of HIV, (asymptomatic carrier), SARS, and MERS (also bioweapons) that triggers an overwhelming ALLERGIC Mast Cell inflammation within the lungs, which causes the shortness of breath...
@WOLFM00N @Cernovich which leads to lung congestion and inability to get enough oxygen exchange in the lungs, and into the cells of the body.
WHY hydroxychloroquine works! ( halts the massive inflammation) , the Z-pack knocks down bacteria stopping pneumonia, and zinc stops the RNA reverse...
@WOLFM00N @Cernovich ...transcriptase in this bioweapon virus, thus preventing it from hijacking our DNA-RNA code in our cells and replicating itself.
I had it before it had a name in early Jan. Ret.RN. Immune compromised. Cured with high dose VitC and D, and inhaled 25ppm colloidal silver. 48hrs....
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7 May 20
@QanonWTP I am persuaded that the #DeepState #luciferian Lizards..aka "bad actors" most likely threatened with #DraconianLaw.
Since I was born into such a Family Bloodline, this one I know very well.
THEY used it against @GenFlynn.
THEY use it against all Good People of Faith and true...
@QanonWTP @GenFlynn ...#Patriots who would easily sacrifice their life rather than bow to THEM.
#DraconianLaw will take your Family out, starting with your children, one by one, right in front of you., because THEY know THAT would inflict maximum harm to you.
I've seen it done to those who have ...
@QanonWTP @GenFlynn ...broken the secrecy in SRA (satanic ritual abuse). Horrifying.
I thought my Maternal Grandma was a safe person just to tell her to keep my cousins away from my father. I was a selective mute. That's all I said.
The Circle and my father punished me severely for this breach. I...
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29 Apr 20
@docG_DC @SidneyPowell1 @va_shiva @drawandstrike @elenochle @QBlueSkyQ @Sun_Q_Tzu @prayingmedic @DrPaulGosar @martingeddes @BusyElves @John_F_Kennnedy @md_pershing @SteveScalise @TheQawakening @scrowder @JoeTalkShow @X22Report @Linda_Paris @LisaMei62 @Inevitable_ET @RepLeeZeldin Can I advise? Get her medical records from the Hospital STAT! Find the BEST Accident/Injury Lawyer in your area, and FRY THEM ALIVE!
I pray Mama is in a SAFE facility? Family has access?
File charges with the state Hospital Regulatory Agency. File charges with State MD Board...
@docG_DC @SidneyPowell1 @va_shiva @drawandstrike @elenochle @QBlueSkyQ @Sun_Q_Tzu @prayingmedic @DrPaulGosar @martingeddes @BusyElves @John_F_Kennnedy @md_pershing @SteveScalise @TheQawakening @scrowder @JoeTalkShow @X22Report @Linda_Paris @LisaMei62 @Inevitable_ET @RepLeeZeldin My father-in-law died at 86 from us being lied to by his rehab facility. I worked for an accident-injury lawyer as a consultant on a neuro case years before.
GET THE FULL MEDICAL RECORDS FROM THE HOSPITAL AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, if they haven't already, so they cannot be altered!
@docG_DC @SidneyPowell1 @va_shiva @drawandstrike @elenochle @QBlueSkyQ @Sun_Q_Tzu @prayingmedic @DrPaulGosar @martingeddes @BusyElves @John_F_Kennnedy @md_pershing @SteveScalise @TheQawakening @scrowder @JoeTalkShow @X22Report @Linda_Paris @LisaMei62 @Inevitable_ET @RepLeeZeldin Grab a lawyer to do it, and/or pay to get the FULL medical records (not just the free standard records, but the Nurse's Notes...everything!).
I'm furious too, because I've lived this, except dad's death happened even with daily visits because the Facility LIED to us about his..
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28 Apr 20
@NotUnderBondage @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump @LaraLeaTrump @EricTrump @FLOTUS @John_F_Kennnedy @VincentCrypt46 @prayingmedic @TheCollectiveQ @NWLibertyNews @GoodDog94619152 @FightingMonarch @CathyCathyFox @JodiL792 @CzebotarJessie @andweknow @POTUS It would behoove you, Barbara, to know WHO Tim Ballard is, and that he runs Operation Underground Railroad, and there is plenty of PROOF. Their YT Channel.

Your tone insinuates I'm stupid; that was uncalled for.
I've been researching this group. (website,
@NotUnderBondage @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump @LaraLeaTrump @EricTrump @FLOTUS @John_F_Kennnedy @VincentCrypt46 @prayingmedic @TheCollectiveQ @NWLibertyNews @GoodDog94619152 @FightingMonarch @CathyCathyFox @JodiL792 @CzebotarJessie @andweknow @POTUS ..ACTUALLY rescuing children, and have talked with others connected to them)
This came across my Twitter feed. I had no idea a movie was being made, and I am thrilled because the Trailer DOES play on emotions. It will RAISE AWARENESS, and for that, at least I am Thankful to God!
@NotUnderBondage @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump @LaraLeaTrump @EricTrump @FLOTUS @John_F_Kennnedy @VincentCrypt46 @prayingmedic @TheCollectiveQ @NWLibertyNews @GoodDog94619152 @FightingMonarch @CathyCathyFox @JodiL792 @CzebotarJessie @andweknow @POTUS And, FYI, I support a Christian Ministry in Pakistan that rescues children out of slavery. I donated toward rescuing a 7yr old little girl, because IF we had not paid off the debt owed to this evil Slave Master, he was going to sell her into human trafficking. I continue to ...
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28 Apr 20
@TheQawakening @TeabagginsBilbo @SheepKnowMore Nice to meet you.
I spent time naked, stuffed into too small wire dog crates that flayed our flesh, on purpose. They would stack us in the backs of half-tons or semi-trailers, drugged for transport. Bodily fluids everywhere, on top of one another, omg, the smell...the lack of...
@TheQawakening @TeabagginsBilbo @SheepKnowMore fresh air, oxygen. The crates shifted and bumped and smashed. Some did not survive the transports. THEY would power hose us down while in the truck, to wash the wastes away. Then hose each crate down of those of us still alive. We were "expendables", death was acceptable to them.
@TheQawakening @TeabagginsBilbo @SheepKnowMore Wheeled off on dollies to await our fate. In rituals, some of us lived, others...horrific deaths.
Born into Bloodline Families, if you are deemed an expendable, this is your fate.
People have got to stop pretending this doesn't happen.
"I can't bear to watch".
Watch! Only then..
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24 Apr 20
@Acosta Jim, YOU push this made-up Garbage, YOU are guilty of people harmed!
Medical Truth: IV Vit C has cured innumerable Covid19 patients facing death on vents in China and elsewhere.
Vitamin C turns into Hydrogen Peroxide in your body and disinfects, among other benefits.
@Acosta people drink or inject H202? NO! That would be deadly.
The Vitamin C conversion is the correct, God-given solution to keep you healthy, and is unlike OTC H202.
Should high-dose Vit C used properly be given IV to Covid19 patients? Yes!
Should The Cure be given to patients? Yes
@Acosta So when Trump states "disinfectant", YOU idiots pull it out of context and name Lysol and Chlorine. IF people listen to you, they will be injured or killed, and YOU will be sued!
You shouldn't be in News anyways, because you are #FakeNewsCNN !
Outraged! Ret. RN.
HCQ, Zinc, and
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