Right Wing Punditry- If only there were conservative creatives!
Conservative Creatives - Hello?
RWP - Too bad we've lost the culture war. Here is my 5,000th video about why this woke megacorporation sucks. I hope my 800,000 subscribers give me those sweet hate clicks.
Mad props to Instapundit for using their powers for good.
I don't think right wingers realize how little it takes to push an artistic product to prominence. If 1/10th of some of the big pundits viewers bought a book the same week its going on the bestseller lists.
Books, comics, those actually don't take that many people buying them at one time to spike the ratings. Higher ratings get more new eyeballs.
Games and movies are bigger, but the same principles apply.
I keep seeing idiots saying there are no conservative creatives. On the contrary, we exist, and many of us do rather well, despite having our industry politically stacked against us.
The left promotes the left. No matter how shitty the product, they are all in.
Meanwhile the right punditry is oblivious or willfully ignorant, because it's easier to whine about the left than to actually compete.
There's a lot of really good stuff out there that isn't woke garbage. There's a lot of amazing art from brilliant people that's more focused on entertaining that shoving message down your throat.
And this isn't me being personally selfish. I'm doing pretty fucking awesome comparatively. I've built a big fan base and sell a lot of books.
But there are lots of great authors out there who get zilch attention, in an industry that actively black balls them for wrongthink.
I do what I can to promote other authors, but my reach is crap compared to The Punditry. Yet I've been able to help guys get major career boosts just with my limited reach. Imagine what some of these mega influencer types could do.
Instant bestsellers.
I've been yelling about this culture war crap in publishing for over a decade now, so it is wonderful to see the right finally waking up to it.
But they're still in the flailing around reacting phase. They don't realize how powerful they actually are.
You don't have to just complain about the other guy sucking. Most people aren't going to boycott their sources of entertainment, unless they've got alternative entertainment sources to turn to.
If you provide alternatives for disgruntled consumers, they'll use them.
The alternatives exist, and are growing in number.
The key is making people aware of them.

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Jun 3
The left has glommed onto "we only want to ban WEAPONS OF WAR" because that sounds more appealing to the ignorant. Except pretty much every common type of gun people use has been used by some military at some point, so it's a nonsense term.
Self loading rifles, which are the most popular and common type of rifle. Semi-automatic handguns AND revolvers, so everything you carry. Even the Fuddiest of super common hunting guns, bolt action rifles and pump action shotguns have been military issue at some point.
So WEAPONS OF WAR just another utterly useless term fed to the useful idiot brigade by sleazy narrative producers. They still want to ban everything, they just think this makes them sound more palatable.
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Jun 2
I've been arguing for this for 20 years now.
Just allow CCW in schools so the teachers who are worth a shit can be prepared. Utah has had this for well over a decade. Most schools here have a few employees doing this and nobody even knows.
Progs always love to confuse this with emotional bullshit, like OMG YOU ARE FORCING TEACHERS TO CARRY GUNS AND BE POLICE.
No, shut up, idiots.
Just let the same people who CCW everywhere else CCW at work. It's not that complicated.
SROs are great when they are actually there or do their job, but they are just one layer. You want defense in depth. It's like airbags and a seat belt.
CCW in schools is just more layers, and it's free and available now.
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May 31
Watching Star Wars preemptively set the stage that anybody who dislikes a new character, it can only be because of racism. Uh huh... Because fans hated Mace Windu and Lando, while Disney took Fin off the movie posters in China.
Plus, Fin had the most potential of the new characters, with the most interesting backstory hook... So Disney turned him into the dumb sidekick comic relief.
Disney did Fin wrong.
But nope. Fans are the real racists!
One time I posted a breakdown of all the plot holes and bad writing in TLJ. I got told that by complaining about Star Wars I must be racist.
Sure, I'm the same color as Pedro Pascal, Diego Luna, and Oscar Isaac, but don't let that hold you back.
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May 23
Seriously, new authors, I can't accentuate enough just what an utterly useless shit tier organization @sfwa is. It's a high school mean girls club masquerading as a trade org. Do not be conned into giving these fuckers your money.
People who don't know any better talk about all the nice things SFWA does. Most of which, they don't actually do.
They coast on the good will created by former leaders, who they would throw out of the current org for not being sufficiently woke.
I can only think of one positive thing SFWA has done in recent years. But it was such an obvious no brainer (siding with Alan Dean Foster against Disney) that even they couldn't fuck it up.
Their ratio of bullshit to good is about 100 to 1.
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May 23
SFWA is a garbage org.
Lackey (who is in her 70s and a prog before most of the Woke were born) her “racial slur” was saying “Colored People” instead of “People of Color”.
Unsurprisingly SJWs were outraged as usual.
They preemptively banned her husband too. He wasn’t even there and didn’t say anything.
Ironically this happened at the same time they were presenting her with what’s basically a lifetime achievement award.
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May 6
1 The renewed abortion debate this week reminds me of a story which illustrates just how nefarious the left is at manipulating American culture. It is time for another publishing industry story! Gather around to hear the tale of @RealNickCole (who is cool, buy his books)
2 several years ago @realnickcole was a scifi author who had a publishing contract at a major house. He wrote a novel about a man made Artificial Intelligence declaring war on humanity (a very common scifi trope going back for decades)
3 @RealNickCole put one small scene in this book about why this AI decided mankind was a threat and needed to be destroyed (kinda like the Avengers did with Ultron years later, though Nick's was actually much cooler)
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