THREAD Let's start a long thread about how Russian book market prepared Russians for a full-scale war against Ukraine, NATO, the West, and promoted stalinism and nazism, and how this was ignored by the West. Keep seat belts fasten, you will see a lot of nasty things here. Image
One of the first indicators of Russia preparing for a full-scale turn to dictatorship and a global war was the mass production of books about cool sides of Stalin and Stalinism and about upcoming war against the West. These books appeared on Russian bookshelves in early 2010s /2
The appearance was so massive that it could not be a coincidence on a book market which was under a strict control of secret police FSB. "Be proud, not sorry! Truth about Stalin Age" "Stalinist's Handbook", "Stalin's Repressions: A Great Lie" and "Beria: Best XX Cent Manager" /3 ImageImageImageImage
The wave of stalinist books was so massive, that in 2011 a grass-root initiative "Stop Publishing Stalinists Books" emerged with a call for publishing houses to stop. It was ignored of course. /4 Image
The idea to create authoritarian and militarist mood through bookstores was brilliant. In 2015, I visited Moscow's central bookstore "Biblio-Globus", and that what were the goods welcoming you just after the doors: military uniforms, accessories, and books about Stalin and war /5 ImageImage
This was the prelude. Soon after, Kremlin has started to publish what they called "battle fantastic". Mass-produced low-quality books about Russian military superiority in all possible conflicts. The whole book series appeared. Here: "Battlefield Ukraine series" "Ukraine on Fire" Image
The whole series is playing with the same idea: Ukrainian "nazis" need to be destroyed. Covers were like created on drugs. Here: "Wild Field: On Ukraine's Ruins" - a "DNR" tank smashes what can be identified as "Ukrainian Azov Nationalist Mercedes SUV". Image
"Ukraine in Blood: Banderite Genocide" (the cover pictures Maidan in Kyiv, note the "Azov" connection of the "Nazi")
"Ukrainian Hell: It is our War!" (A Russian soldiers captures a US pilot)
"Ukrainian Front: Red Stars over Maidan" (US planes got destroyed)
"Broken Trident" /6 ImageImageImageImage
What is inside? Here is a typical description: "WW3 starts on Kyiv Maidan! With Nato "Peacekeepers" start Baderites genocide of Russians, wiping out the whole cities. Polava does not exist anymore. Novorossiya fights back, Russia helps! We take Kyiv! This is our final battle!" /9 Image
As you see, most of these books have the same narrative: bad Ukrainians act as marionettes of the West, the US want to destroy Russia, but Russians go into a full-scale war because they are not afraid and are mighty. Same books were published about Georgia, but not so many /10 Image
Now let's dig deeper to the next level of Russian propaganda (I told you, this thread will deal with nasty and scary things). What are these books about? Revanchism. What is the ultimate form of revanchism? History re-writing. Well, Russians created a book genre for this /11
Russian history-rewriting genre of "battle fantastic" has its name "popadantsy" (time-travellers, literally: "appearers"). Inspired by the Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee" and Harrison's "The Ethical Engineer", Russians opened a golden mine of stories how to make Russia GREEEAT /12 ImageImage
The basic Russian trauma is that RU was treated unfair and taken its power and place as the only world super power. This is what you learn at school. Russians were conquered by Mongols and lost 300 years of development. Queen Elisabeth denied marriage to Ivan the Terrible /13
Look at this final scene of a cult Russian movie "Forward, Gardemarines!" Brave Russian officers know, that the battle at Groß-Jägersdorf (1757) is won by Russians, they can capture Friedrich of Prussia and win the war. But a stupid general orders retreat:
This is the culmination of the 1995 movie, which was one of the most popular in Russia back than. The narrator's voice says, the victory was "stolen", and even Russians took Berlin later, that victory "was stolen again". Effectively, this was one of "back-stab-theory" movies. /13
There are tons of myths of "stolen victories" and "betrayed Russia". My school teacher told us, Alaska was not sold to the US, but rented out for 100 yrs, and the US broke the contract. Nazis in 1920s told about one "betrayal" in 1914, Russians were fed with tons of such lies /14
So, back to our books case. How do you want to serve this fundamental hate towards the treacherous West, and help Russia win? Easy! Send you partiots to the past to correct it and to win the future! Yes, in Russia they have this book genre, and it goes very good: "Popadantsy" /15
Let us start with easy reading
"Tsar from the future": a guy wakes up in a body of Russian Nicolas II emperor, prevents Russian revolution, defeats Great Britain, and conquers Istanbul with modern weapons.
"Russia Arise!" Popadantsy in bodies of Nicolas II and Alexander III /16 ImageImage
While digging into this genre, we see one interesting pattern. The biggest enemy is the UK (and a lesser one the US) Compare:
"The Guard of Popadantsy: Sink the Britanny!"
"London must be destroyed! Russian landing in England" (Note Russian SpecOps storming the Nelson's ship) /17 ImageImage
Compare further: "Russian America Corporation". A guy jumps into 18th century, conquers the American colonies, destroys British empire "and stops genocide of Indians" (so sweet). But you ask maybe: and what is with Germany and Nazis? Just wait... /18 Image
One of the greatest Western misunderstandings about Russia is that the West believes, Russia is anti-German-Nazis. Russia is not. Russia's trauma is that Hitler had broken Stalin-Hitler alliance and started to kill Soviets, instead of to kill other nations with the Soviets /19
Enjoy Russian dream. "Comrade Hitler. Execute Churchill!" Description: "Popadanets gets into Adolf Hitler' body. Will he manage to execute Churchill for war crimes, create an alliance with the USSR? Will comrades Hitler and Stalin defeat the US and get a nuke before the US?" /20 ImageImage
The "Comrade Hitler" is the 2nd book by the same author, after his "Comrade Führer. Blitzkrieg Triumph". Info: "It hits all records of political un-correctness! Will (Hitler) crash Britain with successful landing operation? Will Führer prevent fratricide war against the USSR?"/21 ImageImage
Or look here: "Assault for the Future!" (note burning London + US tank on the cover). Info:"(Nazi)Germany joins Eurasian Union. Atlantic Democratic Union starts WW3. USSR is against the HELL! Russian-German brotherhood against the star-striped plague and for world liberation!"/22 ImageImage
I promised you nasty staff? "The Son of the Reich". Info: "The USSR must again defeat a treacherous attack by The Entente. Red Army and Wehrmacht fight together against the New World Order. British pilots bomb cities and refugees". Well, this is not quite Popadantsy but tasty /23 ImageImage
One cannot mention even 1% of all these books, so many were published. Sometimes they mixed genres: like here: a "Novorossiya pilot" awakes in a body of Josef Stalin's son Vassily, a war pilot, and wins the war, revealing a Western agent Khrushchov, saving Stalinism /24 Image
Or here: "Lieutenant from the Future: GRU against Banderites", a Popadanets with a face of RU MoD Shoigu burns down Lwiw and arrests Ukrainian politicians Turchinov and Yatseniuk.
Or "For Motherland! For Putin!" - Russian modern tanks storm Berlin in 1945. /25 ImageImage
Effectively, each of these books is about revanchism wet dreams. Like this "Medal for the City named Washington". It is actually an interesting title. Those who are not familiar with Soviet and Russian revanchism, will not identify it, but it is a great story, read further /26 Image
In 1945-46, Soviet composer Blanter and poet Isakovsky wrote a song "Enemies have burnt down his hut", describing a terror of a Soviet soldier who has lost his family, and his medal "For taking Budapest" cannot help him in his suffering /27…
The song was semi-banned because of its anti-war narrative and later known under "Medal for Budapest" name, but in the later Soviet Union it was transformed in a revanchist song "Medal for Washington", praising future defeat of the US, and it suited Putin:
The latest version was modified with verses of humiliation of Barack and Michele Obama, and ended with the words "Now we need to go to liberate Alaska". Note the picture from the US produced computer game World in Conflict, Russians love so much. /29 Image
Well, now you may tell me "ok, but it is just some jokes on social networks". No, it is the state-run propaganda, from books to TV. They just played all registers: from academia to jokes and anecdotes /30
Already in 2010, a mocking song about nuclear + chemical attack on the US ("the earth is still scorching where Washington used to be") was performed on Russian TV. Look at the happy audience reaction. The song (with other words) comes from a child cartoon
"ICBMs are slowly flying away, don't expect to see them again. We are sorry about (your fate) the US, and Europe is the next" - is the start of this song. You may see the full text under the link (there are different versions, longer and shorter): /32…
The design of the "World in Conflict" PC game has fascinated Russians so much, that they stole it for example for this book "Nuclear Tankers", compare: /33 ImageImage
The whole idea of destroying the US and the West, with symbols of Western political power humiliated, is the basis of Russian revanchism. Compare these book covers (the second one is a "non-fiction" and "analysis", the first one is about a Popadanets) /34 ImageImage
Well, after all these examples of Russian state-run preparation for a global war, militarisation of people, spreading all possible weird violence fantasies, one may ask a question: how the hell did Western embassies ignore this? It was so obvious, right? /35
It was not hidden at all. Revanchist books were sold everywhere, revanchist movies were blockbasters, they literally formed Russian culture after 1990s. Compare with the history of "Brat-2" movie I wrote about for @cepa Literally nothing was hidden! /36…
My take is, it was a danger mixture of ignorance, Russia-fascination, laziness and corruption. One need indeed to have a special mood to dig into local culture while working abroad. You know, learn language, know cultural codes, read a lot of shit (like these books) /37
Many of those who went to Russia read Tolstoyevsky, and believed they knew Russia. Instead, they had to spend a couple of years on LiveJournal and read Krylov, Holmogorov, Galkovsky, Kenigtiger, Legatus_Minor (ever heard, heh?) and others to understand what is going on. /38
Warning signs were ignored because they spoiled the whole picture of economic cooperation and Wandel durch Handel. Some shitty books? We have them too - they said. Yes, but not of this number, concentrated focus on one topic, and the level of hate /39
The warnings like this were ignored as "nerdy", "too detailed", "focusing on abnormalities and missing the global perspective", "over-exaggerating" or even "russophobic" - I have experiences all such reactions. /40
Maybe the very idea that a nation in 21st century, which has got all possible cooperation offers: G8, G20, Nato-Russia-Council, Partnership for Peace, WTO etc. - can willingly and gladly chose a path of war was too scary for too many. /41
Anyway we have what we have. I will probably stop here, the thread is already long enough. Maybe I will add some illustrative tweets later, but for now it is the end of the thread. /END
Like imagine the reaction in Berlin or Washington: "You are really saying that Russia will start a global WW3 because... they have published a book about a guy teleported into Hitler's mind, and another one about Nicolas II preventing the revolution with AGS-17 grenade launcher?"
"You want us what? Sanction NordStream2 because of these two pulp fiction books?" And same time "Russia experts" married to Russian women and living in Moscow for decades without any problem were keeping reporting on importance of dialogue, and cooperation, and understanding.
Oh, I have completely forgotten. There were also state-funded movies about Popadantsy. The first one (maybe) was "We are from the future", produced in 2008 by state-owned TV channel Rossiya. A group o 4 not patriotic Russians get to 1941 and get patriotic:
In 2010, "We are from the Future 2" followed: the same guys go to a music festival in Lviv, Ukraine, and find out Ukrainian nationalists wear Nazi uniforms there. They all get teleported to 1941, where Ukrainians reborn, fight UPA and start to love Russia
Same 2010, "The Fog" movie was produced: a unit of Russian conscripts insult WW2 vets and get teleported to 1941, where they have to fight for their life against Wehrmacht. (You know the pattern: they reborn, start to love Russia and return as good boys): Image
In 2012, "The Fog 2" was produced, with the same principle: Russian not-so-patriotic youngsters celebrate May 9 Victory Day with a costume party, insult the history, get teleported, blahblahblah
You see the pattern: movies were produced by state media companies with state money in 2008-2012. It was a state-run program of creating a hyper-militarised mood and forcing young generation to feel the WW2 has never ended, and this generation HAS TO FIGHT IT TO THE BLOODY END.
It was not about a "fun adventure" anymore, it was about a dirty duty you owe your country. This was a state-run program of indoctrination under the slogan "you will have to fight a world war like your ancestors, and if you don't you die".

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