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1. DPP punches Taiwan’s military in the face, again. The level of Taiwanese stupidity is just incredible.

2. I have no respect for Chiu Kuo-cheng, Taiwan’s defense minister & You Si Kun, President of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan. DPP’s sole expertise is punching other Taiwanese.
3. For every surface to surface missile Taiwan makes per year, China makes at least 10 to 50. It’s just not credible for You Si Kun to threaten China — the PLA is also out building Taiwan in anti-missile missiles (to shoot down Taiwanese surface to surface missiles).
4. Taiwan is ready for American sons & daughters to die fighting for them; while planning to escape from conflict should any arise. For years, they have been opening bank accounts around the world to transfer assets & cash out of Taiwan, should the need arise.
5. I have another longer thread that discusses the grossly inadequate Taiwanese efforts at funding their own island defense. Feel free to have a look at the details.
6. Tsai Ing-wen must demonstrate awareness that war requires the commitment of all national resources. War is not a military undertaking but one that demands the commitment of every citizen & resource available. Below, pics of Taipei treating war talk as cosplay. ImageImage
7. Taiwan’s MND released a 28 pg civil defense handbook (w QR codes) to guide the public in nationwide emergencies & military conflict, to be better prepared. But their bomb shelters don’t have blast doors & lack equipping. See a SG bomb shelter pix below. Image
8. The ground reality is that the poorly trained Taiwanese conscript is untrained in combined arms warfare & highly unmotivated to fight — Taipei is Kabul on steroids. Photos of Taiwanese reserve training are no better than attending a cosplay convention — it is not real. ImageImageImage
9. Andrew Erickson shares 8 points on the defence of Taiwan; it is worth a read on the areas needing improvement.
10. Likewise Paul Huang has done excellent work that shows the actual dilapidated state of Taiwan’s military reserves. Ground truths that are often ignored by those competing to be more ignorant on Twitter. Hopefully, in time, we can have more realistic discussions here.
11. Prime Minister Kishida’s keynote address at #SLD22 is worthy of reflection. Others more qualified than me also realise that Sec. Austin’s speech is hollow — the US is slowly losing & the peoples in the Asia-Pacific should prepare for the day to come (& not the Indo-Pacific).
12. In the 2026 to 2036 time frame, the PLA(N) is infinitely more capable than the 38,000 sailor strong ROC Navy — fortunately for Taiwan, their immediate neighbour in the 1st island chain is Japan, a very capable US ally.
13. Before the Japan–US summit in Apr 2021, Kurt Campbell requested Japan to pass a bill similar to the Taiwan Relations Act. To prevent Biden from making such a request, Japan expressed its concern about the security situation — Japan’s support for Taiwan is lukewarm.
14. Given Japan’s domestic & diplomatic challenges, the Kishida admin will have to choose a hybrid policy that is realist in nature.

15. Kishida will skilfully mix deterrence & dialogue in Tokyo’s conversations with Beijing (while leveraging on Washington’s clout).
16. The 1st of 108 M1A2Ts delivered — but too many think tanks make assessments justifying the need for high levels of spending for military deterrence but show no awareness of the need for American political reassurance, to China. IMHO, Team Biden needs to strike a balance.
17. For Paul & myself, the delivery of more American weapons, do not solve the Taiwanese military’s mindset problem. Given the PLA’s operational concept of target-centric warfare, they will think of these new M1A2Ts as just targets unless real Taiwanese reform efforts are made.
18. As a Singaporean who has been to Taiwan for our country’s unilateral military training, I am naturally concerned with latest developments. I am grateful to Taiwan for hosting the SAF since 1975 & for the medical aid given to our injured soldiers in training accidents.
19. Another American pointing out that the USN cannot be nimble enough with its current naval ship building program to meet a 2027 to 2035 threat of armed conflict.
20. The bigger issue is lack of magazine depth. Even Americans with their huge MIC are worried that it’s just not enough against the PLA — the USAF & USN is starting a new munitions line for the AIM-260 JATM by 2026, while concurrently placing orders for the AIM-120D.
21. Members of the foreign press in Taiwan, giving President Tsai & her party’s supporters a brainless pass — knowing that the ROC Army can’t even fight for 14 days, while claiming that the Taiwanese are serious about defence. ImageImage
22. Instead of TRUTHFULLY reporting on the sorry state of the ROC Army’s reserve system, they use airsoft cosplay to picture Taiwanese resolve. This is dishonest reporting on Taiwan at multiple levels by a foreigner who knows better. ImageImage

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May 23
1. Singaporeans need to learn fm this incident to understand that there are state or party sponsored groups, who are proficient in impersonation.

2. The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), as an eg. has hacked into multiple news a/c like 60 mins, Al Jazeera & Reuters…
.. In Aug 2012, the Twitter a/c of the Reuters news agency sent 22 tweets with false information on the conflict in Syria.

3. Thanks to the chaos created from Elon’s acquisition of Twitter & his Twitter blue policies, impersonation of a/cs is much easier.
4. Read Andy’s rebuttal how much chaos is being created by Elon, by choice. HuffPost is not verified.

5. Twitter a/s of some important people, in key positions, are also not verified.
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May 23
1️⃣ Deliberate fragmentation of Malaysian Govt programs into multiple agencies enable corruption.

2️⃣This diffuses the blame for the ruling party, when 17 agencies fail to deliver — don’t know who to blame.

3️⃣Mahathirism is about looking outward to blame others like Singapore.
4️⃣For a country of 33.57 m, M’sia is hard to understand b’cos there are multiple, opposing & concurrent trends.

5️⃣War is often a 2 way shooting range. Civil conflict, if it occurs in M’sia, is a 3 way shooting range of frenemies — with neo-Malay enthonationalism as a constant.
6️⃣ As a flawed country, Singaporeans have our own problems to solve. I wish Anwar, his team & his governing coalition members, well. Right now, bilateral relationship with Malaysia carries a smile but Singaporeans must be ready, if the smile fades due to future M’sian choices.
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Apr 1
1. Learning abt a Malaysian viewpoint fm a 🧵, where is trying to get his readership to respond to a poll that cleverly distinguishes fm 3 types of submarines:

(a) a SSN (eg. AUKUS SSN, Astute or Virginia);

(b) a SSBN (eg. Triomphant, Vanguard or Columbia); &
(c) a 3rd class of submarines — tt he claims is operated by rogue states — that he lists as North Korea & Israel.

2. But he excuses Iran* fm this list as the former M’sian Defence Minister wants to upgrade relations with them.

*so for this M’sian, Iran is not a rogue state.
3. Across multiple M’sian admin fm PM-8 to PM-10 (under Anwar), it’s warm & friendly ties with Iran have provided Iran supported terror gp operatives, like Hamas & Hezbollah, with cover identities to travel within Southeast Asia to grow their network.
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Apr 1
1. El mo agst advice:

(a) made a decision in Nov 2022, tt resulted in Eli Lilly falling victim to the uptick of fake Twitter handles — wh. alienated advertisers; &

(b) in Apr 2023, he declared war on blue handles — he basically said, I own Twitter & I can dictate terms.
2. If he as owner treats the press & White House as the enemy — he needs to remember the enemy gets a vote.

3. This will go down as well as the war in Iraq.
4. Twitter under prior mgmt understood the importance of verification — the new Twitter owner wants to privilege accounts like cat turds — b’cos it fits his political views.

5. The White House & the press say, fine it’s Twitter’s choice but they are going to bleed the owner.
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Mar 31
1. It is the sum of these illogical acts mentioned in the 🧵below by @DzirhanDefence, & the Apr 2019 visit by Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu to Tehran that is particularly harmful to its military-to-military ties with America, France & the other 4 FPDA members.
2. On 4 Dec 2018, after SG-M’sia bilateral relations were beginning to get heated, Bilahari wrote, “it is not an accident that so many old bilateral issues — water, bridge, FIR & maritime boundaries — have resurfaced after the change of Govt [under Dr M].”
3. The M’sian Govt (under Dr M & others), deciding to engage in grey-zone activities against SG, that’s an act of assh0les.

4. As I always say — don’t go for half measures — it will only assist in the RSAF, the RSN & the Army, with their funding requests for new platforms.
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Mar 29
There is context to the phrase, “be prepared to fight & win wars,” than what is being quoted by American Hawks. Image
Below, a fairly typical fear mongering 🧵. They fail to recognise that Xi needs options to deter politicians in Taiwan from declaring its independence.
We need to keep in mind that the US has a One-China policy guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, the 3 US-China Joint Communiques & the Six Assurances.  The US State Dept opposes any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side & does not support Taiwan independence.
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