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Thread. A cautionary thought: the GOP can read polls. They *know* that a solid majority of Americans intensely oppose them on abortion, gun control and insurrection (to name but a few). They know these are big losers, in national electoral terms. Yet they persist.
The extremity of GOP positions reveals their intent. These are *not* positions that are viable in any normal political calculus (on a national level). No party 'playing by the rules' would push them as far as the GOP is doing.
They are acting, instead, like a party freed of the natural constraints imposed, in a democratic system, by the need to reconcile conflicting points of view. They are acting like they're not in that system any more. Because they are not.
We shouldn't indulge the comforting thought that the GOP, in a heedless fit of ideological fervor, has blundered onto the 'third rail' of our political system and will now incinerate itself in November.
It's more prudent to assume, rather, that they know full well that they're a minority party with unpopular policies, and are making preparations to see it through. How do they think they can make these unpopular policies stick ?
First, by subverting the popular vote. We see it in many places. Second, by brute force. Jan. 6 was the 'tell.' Not what Trump did but the acquiescence of virtually the entire GOP. Many have said J6 was a 'dress rehearsal.' The truth of that needs to be fully understood.

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Jul 20
🧵 The Biden mantra, “building the economy from the middle out and the bottom up,” has borne fruit. It’s real. And it has implications for the distribution of wealth and resources in the country.

The Dem party’s current convulsions are directly related to these policies. Fervent support for Biden is rooted, I believe, in support for these policies and an understanding that Biden is ‘walking the Democratic talk’ like no other POTUS since FDR.
Opposition to Biden appears to have several strands (including career antagonisms and opportunism), but an important one is wealthy donors’ resistance to tax and other aspects of Biden economic policy.
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Jul 10
🧵As a practical matter, taking campaign finance and ballot access laws and rules into account as well as everything else, I see only two plausible scenarios now:

1. Biden insists on running (for all the right reasons, not ‘ego’ or ‘obstinacy’) and doubters get on board, or
2. Biden stands aside, and annoints Harris. Any thoughts of a different candidate in the top spot are fanciful in my view. People pressuring Biden to withdraw should be ready for and supportive of this scenario. If they’re not, we’ll have chaos and will lose.
With regard to the 1st scenario, the issues are (i) will Biden re-think a decision he’s already firmly communicated, and (ii) if Biden is immovable (genuinely convinced he’s the best candidate), how long will it take doubters to swing into line ?
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Jul 4
🧵Brief thoughts on speculation about Biden’s possible ‘cognitive impairment’ (as distinct from stuttering/cluttering etc.): (1) if he is ‘cognitively impaired’ to a degree that affects his job performance, it’s a relevant fact I’d like to know;
(2) I haven’t seen or read anything yet that persuades me that that is the case; (3) those in regular contact with him have offered their personal accounts to the contrary and I’d be surprised if they’re lying; and
(4) I’m confident Biden himself would make the appropriate call if he felt unable to do the job.
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Jul 1
🧵A lot of history will get looked at in a new light after today’s immunity ruling. Interesting, for example, to look at Watergate under the new rubric. 22 henchmen, including the AG, were convicted on charges related to a break-in and coverup authorized and directed by Nixon.
When Mitchell, Haldeman, Erlichman, Krogh, Liddy and the rest did time, they at least had the small comfort of knowing that, but for the Ford pardon, their Individual-1 would have been right beside them (Nixon had been indicted by a GJ). “No man above the law.”
Same for the burglars Nixon ordered to break in to Dan Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office, seeking to discredit Ellsberg for leaking the Pentagon papers.
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Jun 7
A D-Day related 🧵on one of my father’s closest friends, Lt. William (“Bill”) Hamilton Shaw, USN. Born to Methodist missionaries in Pyongyang in 1922, Bill finished high school there and spoke native Korean. He was exactly two years older than my father. Image
Bill enrolled at Ohio Wesleyan in 1939. When the U.S. entered the war, he enlisted in the Navy and was commissioned. He served as the XO of PT-518 in Operation Overlord. Two weeks after D-Day, Bill (at helm below) piloted Eisenhower on his first cross-Channel visit to Normandy. Image
After WWII ended, Bill went ‘home’ to Korea. There he met my father. In 1946-47, they served together as advisors helping to establish, more or less from scratch, what is now the ROK’s Naval Academy, at Jinhae-gu, Changwon, Korea.
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May 28
🧵A pair of my posts earlier today prompted *many* to opine that Judge Cannon must be receiving 'coaching.' Here's background on the rules regarding 'ex parte communications' with federal judges.
The Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges, effective Mar. 12, 2019, governs all federal judges other than Supreme Court Justices (a subject for another day !). uscourts.gov/sites/default/…
Canon 3A, section 4 says, in part:
"Except as set out below, a judge should not initiate, permit, or consider ex parte communications or consider other communications concerning a pending or impending matter that are made outside the presence of the parties or their lawyers."
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