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17 Jan
Thread. Watching many videos of the insurrectionist strike at the Capitol, I’m struck by the frequency of bellowed cries of “This is *our* country !” and “This is *our* house !” A distinctly proprietorial refrain.
Also, a real sense of panic, of being at the last ditch: “This is our *last chance* to save our country !” What unites a full spectrum of white people in feeling that way ? What is the source of that panic ? It can only be one thing: race and multi-culturalism.
Trump welded himself to these people by overt appeals to racism and xenophobia. He appeared as a messiah to them because, for the first time, a President preached the racist gospel from our highest pulpit. Trump will live in their hearts as long as they remain racists.
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16 Jan
Re. “Extreme lengths.” Trump is in checkmate. He doesn’t have a move. If he incites more insurrection (at state level, most likely, given strength of force now in D.C.), and uses that to invoke the Insurrection Act, as My Pillow guy urges, what’s the upshot ?
The Act would enable him to deploy the state’s National Guard to quell the disturbance. A disturbance caused by his own people, incited by him, but let that pass for the moment. What would the situation then be ?
We’d have NG facing off w/ pro-Trump rioters. That’s it. The Act gives no further powers to install military government, oust elected officials or ‘pause’ the Constitution in any other way. It’s simply a riot control measure (last used in LA riots after Rodney King beating).
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5 Jan
The CEO of Foley & Lardner LLP is Jay O. Rothman, based in Milwaukee. Email: jrothman@foley.com. Tel. 414-297.5644. Mailing address: 777 East Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202-5306.
The Managing Partner of Foley & Lardner LLP is Stanley S. Jaspan, also in the Milwaukee office. Email: sjaspan@foley.com. Tel. 414-297-5814.
Members of the Foley and Lardner Management Committee:
1. Jeanne M. Gills, Chicago. jmgills@foley.com. 312-832-4583.
2. Steven R. Barth, Milwaukee. sbarth@foley.com. 414-297-5662.
3. Michael A. Okaty, Orlando. mokaty@foley.com. 407-244-3229.
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2 Jan
A lot of talk about 'expelling' GOP members, or 'not seating' them, pointing to supposed Civil War precedents. Here are the facts:
As war neared, and Southern states passed their respective Acts of Secession, most of their Representatives and Senators 'withdrew' from the U.S. Congress (voluntarily). What to do with their vacant seats was then hotly debated.
After hostilities commenced, and some Southern politicians who had *not* 'withdrawn' from the Congress actually took up arms against the U.S., they were expelled for sedition and rebellion.
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19 Dec 20
Re. "Our IC knows the score" (tweet below). There are going to be a lot of questions asked, when the Trump tragedy finally ends, about who knew what, when. LOTS of people, not just in the formal IC, know a LOT about the Trump-Russia pact, about Trump's TNOC connections, etc.
We all know about the importance of protecting sources & methods. We all know that flesh and blood people can be (and have been) endangered by disclosure of intelligence. But there's a balance to be struck.
I'm not out for scalps, but do believe we've got to have a full accounting of what's gone on. We cannot allow this passage of our history to be shrouded in mystery, to give rise to generations' worth of 'Who Killed JFK ?' conspiracy theorizing. We've got to lance it now.
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30 Nov 20
@TepiZep @PollyCHaag On TT payments, anything beyond the single digit millions that NYT reported he’s received over 5-10 yr period would be outside his contract with Dogan Group and I don’t see that as a feasible mechanism.+
@TepiZep @PollyCHaag On other possible mechanisms, you start with the fact that the Turkish presidency has a very large “dark” (not publicly disclosed or audited) slush fund, ostensibly to be used for secret nat’l sec purposes.+
@TepiZep @PollyCHaag You would also have to take notice of the complex network of offshore companies, revealed in the so called Black Sea papers, operated by members of Erdogan’s family and close associates.+
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20 Nov 20
Apropos discussion of how well the ‘guardrails’ have held up in the face of a vicious frontal assault: my perspective is ‘pretty well.’
Notwithstanding McConnell’s maniacally obsessed “court packing,” the judiciary has largely maintained its independence and been a reliable bulwark (look at the box score Marc Elias’ team has compiled).
The MSM has performed patchily at times, but has never come under Trump’s sway (which is what happens in authoritarian states), and has been a key source of information throughout.
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15 Nov 20
Emily Murphy’s cavalier disregard for her statutory duty is emblematic of the entire Trump regime’s attitude: laws mean nothing. They’ve stood “government of laws, not of men” on its head. It’s the essence of authoritarianism.
Here’s how another official’s refusal to perform statutory ministerial duties went. Lawyers need to look at suing @GSA Murphy in her individual capacity. Officials can’t act or refuse to act on the basis of personal beliefs. It’s the LAW that governs.
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13 Nov 20
THREAD (please RT, and spread info to friends beyond Twitter):

An old friend in Atlanta who’s deeply involved in Dem Party of GA (DPG) efforts in the 2 U.S. Senate run-offs sends this important information about how to contribute:
If you want to max out to Warnock ($2800/person) and Ossoff ($2800/person), plus give an additional amount to DPG, use this link secure.actblue.com/donate/dpg-fin….
If you have already maxed out to the candidates and want to give more to DPG, use this link: secure.actblue.com/donate/dpgfina…. Funds sent to the DPG will go to the Voter Protection team and other critical efforts, including GOTV.
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9 Nov 20
Thread. The reported resignation of Berat Albayrak (Erdogan’s son-in-law) as Turkish Finance Minister reminds Americans of his reported involvement with Michael Flynn in discussions abt ‘renditioning’ Fetullah Gulen.
The WSJ article also reminds us that it was VP Biden to whom James Woolsey, former Director of CIA, reported the Essex House meeting (Woolsey was a Trump advisor at the time).
The Turkish Government has been silent on Biden’s election. There is apprehension (exaggerated IMO) abt what his election will mean for U.S. - Turkey relations.
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8 Nov 20
In Aug. 2011, VP Biden spoke at Sechuan University in Chengdu, China. His subject was U.S.-China relations. It's well worth reading.
The speech gives strong indications that Pres. Biden will approach our relationship with China constructively. The foreign relations savvy shown in this speech is one reason why we're fortunate to have elected Biden.
Near the end, in answer to a Q about the role of public speaking, Biden speaks w/ striking honesty about overcoming a severe stutter. It's a more detailed account of his struggle than I've seen. To have given it to a foreign audience shows real self-confidence and humanity.
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12 Jul 20
Thread: Following is a brief speech I've written for @JoeBiden. Its principal purpose is to go on record saying that a Biden Administration will pursue Trump related crimes "without fear or favor." Saying so now is, I believe, important.
START: "If I’m elected, I pledge that we’ll again have a Government that serves *all* the people. A Government committed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. A Government that is, above all, committed to a restoration of law and justice.
While many departments of Government have been severely damaged, and must be rebuilt, none has been so undermined as the Department of Justice. DOJ must never again be allowed to become a partisan political tool. The Nation cannot, and will not, allow that to continue.
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4 Jul 20
Since his installation, Barr has engaged in flagrant, serial obstructions of justice. It continues, in plain sight. Proving the crime of obstruction of justice under 18 U.S. Code § 1503(a), however, will be a tall order.
It will need indisputable evidence of corrupt intent similar to that which put John Mitchell away. In Barr's case, the *pattern* of his obstructive acts will be a key factor in showing intent.
Every time he pushes against a valid investigation of Trump or associates, Barr adds to the pattern, and increases his exposure. This will not be settled before the election, but will be an urgent matter for the Biden administration.
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2 Jul 20
It takes 4 Justices to grant cert. Taken in context of the pending cases on access to Trump tax returns, in which many observers felt writs shouldn’t have been granted, it’s clear there’s a core of conservative Justices susceptible to Barr’s ‘unitary executive’ claptrap.
SCOTUS' decision to hear an appeal from a D.C. Circuit order to DOJ to turn over Mueller grand jury materials to House Judiciary probably 'chimes' with pending SCOTUS decisions in Trump v. Mazars USA and Trump v. Vance (Trump tax returns).
All 3 cases touch, in different ways, on separation of powers, and the power of POTUS. With that in mind, granting cert on the Mueller grand jury materials may be a 'signal' as to the likely disposition of the tax return cases. We just don't know which 'signal' is being sent.
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22 Jun 20
By statute, Acting U.S. Attorney/SDNY Audrey Strauss' term will now last 120 days, unless a Presidentially appointed nominee is confirmed by the Senate in the meantime. That takes her into mid-October, effectively until the Election. Not what Barr was trying for, obviously.
However, Strauss can be expected to abide by the generally sensible rule (policy, not law) that no politically sensitive indictments should be issued within a 'quiet period' of 60 days prior to an election. That period starts Sept. 4th.
Therefore, in practice, the period in which any sensitive indictments might be issued by SDNY is from now until Sept. 4th: approximately 12 weeks.
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15 Jun 20
@RobBenjamin @debmorello @HCandler @sundancefest @HISTORY Well done. I was about to post on Longstreet's shunning, because it's so revealing about the particular slate of names chosen for these Southern forts. As the article details, Longstreet was almost alone among the top tier of Confederate generals in avowing that the war +
@RobBenjamin @debmorello @HCandler @sundancefest @HISTORY had been about preserving slavery (the others were all busy advancing the 'Lost Cause' myth that it had really been some post-doctoral skirmish over States' Rights). He joined the Republican Party, and supported Grant (his West Point classmate and friend) for Pres.+
@RobBenjamin @debmorello @HCandler @sundancefest @HISTORY Having been Lee's most trusted confidant and aide during much of the War, Longstreet openly criticized Lee's tactics (Gettysburg in particular), annoying the hell out of Southern leaders who were anointing Lee as "Greatest Military Leader Since Alexander."
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15 Jun 20
THREAD. There is renewed attention to the fact that there are U.S. Army posts named for nine Confederate generals and one Confederate Colonel. These include three of the nation’s most important military installations (Forts Benning, Bragg and Hood).
An ad hoc working group of Twitter friends researched and tabulated Union casualties in the Civil War battles in which these 10 enemy officers participated. That research is summarized at
drive.google.com/file/d/1D_JFj2…, which includes a link to a separate battle-by-battle spreadsheet.
We found that these 10 Confederate officers played leading roles in engagements resulting in the death, wounding or other disablement (missing/captured) of a total of 372,207 Union soldiers, 45% of the total number of Union casualties for the entire war (828,000).
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6 Jun 20
So, NJ Governor Murphy withdrew his National Guard from D.C. at 9.00 a.m. today. Smart move. But we need to know,not to bash Murphy but to understand the levers Trump and Barr are pulling, what specific legal authority did the Trump admin. cite in calling for NJ troops ?
Dod they claim there was a “state of insurrection” ? Did they cite Presidential authority under any statute ? We need to know what authority Trump is claiming, and Murphy can help clarify that for us. @GovMurphy please comment.
There has to be a legal paper trail on NJ’s receipt of a formal request for troops, citing specific findings and statutory authority, and @GovMurphy’s authorization of the deployment. NJ reporters, and voters, should demand FULL disclosure. They’re public documents.
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5 Jun 20
@VillageIdiot136 @Marty_Parrish @nowhitechalk @NotonW @YourAnonCentral Need to break down the "three months between election and inauguration" into (i) the period between Election Day and the formal, legal declaration of a winner, and (ii) the period from declaration of a winner until inauguration.+
@VillageIdiot136 @Marty_Parrish @nowhitechalk @NotonW @YourAnonCentral The first of those is, IMO, the period to worry about. If the election is "too close to call," there'll be claims of voting fraud and other challenges, which will go through the courts as in Bush-Gore. That period of uncertainty will stress the country to the max. +
@VillageIdiot136 @Marty_Parrish @nowhitechalk @NotonW @YourAnonCentral If Trump appears to have lost, but is making largely spurious claims of vote fraud, etc. in an attempt to turn the election around, it is likely we'll see his armed partisans in the streets, creating a highly volatile and dangerous situation. +
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2 Jun 20
THREAD. For those interested in behind the scenes, organizing nuts and bolts of how the '60s voter registration drives in Mississippi and the anti-war and ‘Dump Johnson’ movements came together, this is essential viewing. +

Telling interviews with David Halberstam, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, Sam Brown, David Harris, Peter Yarrow, Rick Weidman and others. Al Lowenstein’s network (of which I was a minor part) was incomparable. +
What comes through is AL's willingness to attack entrenched interests, operating against all ‘consensus opinion’ without any real power base of his own. He was a ‘citizen activist’, goading others to get involved and showing them how (then leaving them to get on with it).+
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27 Apr 20
THREAD. Fintan O'Toole piece in Irish Times (4.25) is superb but behind a paywall. Here it is, in a 7 part cut-and-paste.
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