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#HATH Ms. Hutchinson graduated from college in 2019. Whatever we're about to hear, I cannot imagine the threats that have already been made against her, how many will be made, and the fact that she's the age of students who have graduated since I started this job.
#HATH And here we go. January 6th and names.
#HATH I mean, so Giuliani and Meadows knew about plans for J6. Intel reports about the threat of violence on J6, in large quantities, from numerous groups. Ratcliffe worried in December about the threat to democracy because of things the administration was pushing. Just... yeah.
Nothing we don't know, right? But the administration knew, lots of them knew, it was very, very, very clear, and this is pretty darn clear and damning. Like every day.
#HATH "AR-15s at 4th and Independence" yep, organized groups with armor and equipment, guns in the crowds. And then the list of other weapons.
I'm never surprised that it is specifically AR-15s the transmissions were discussing. See:…

Both Sean Moon and Mastriano were in the crowds at the Capitol on J6.
#HATH Meadows and Trump knowing about what was happening, weapons in the rally, and doing nothing. OK. Pretty damn clear.
#HATH The President was furious, because he wanted the arena to be maxed out to have a bigger crowd, to fill the arena out for his optics--she was there, backstage--"I don't care that they have weapons, they're not here to hurt me," holy shit.
That's. Just. OK then.
(Do note that I am listening while writing a separate thing, go back and double-check the hearing, but they are having her say this again and again, JFC)
Here's the livestream:…
#HATH So AFTER the comment about him not caring about weapons, KNOWING the crowd was armed, saying that they were not there to hurt him, THEN he tells the crowd that they're going to march down to the Capitol. After days of intel notices on threats of violence.
Y'all this is. Well. There's a reason we're watching the hearing today.
#HATH Meadows having a lack of reaction to the news of violence at the Capitol and simply asking about how much time was left in the President's speech is. Mmmhmm.
Just writing a conference paper about how crusading keeps going while listening to testimony about the President and his administration knowing what they were doing and remembering all of this:
#HATH Legal going ahead and asking speech writers to go ahead and cut a bunch of stuff from Trump's J6 speech, stuff Trump wanted in there, yeah, I would LOVE to see the drafts and notices of Trump's J6 speech, and all the communication around it.
And again, the violent Christian nationalism was everywhere in the crowd:…
#HATH Cipollone pushing her to tell Meadows that an OTR movement to the Capitol mustn't happen, for legal reasons, "we are going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen," obstruction of justice, defrauding electoral count specifically.
#HATH Kevin McCarthy called Ms. Hutchinson when Trump said he was going to the Capitol--she was in the tent behind the stage, telling her to get Trump not to come up there, which they'd already decided on but Trump was saying on stage.
#HATH Trump still pushing his security staff to go up to the Capitol on J6, including potentially grabbing the steering wheel of the vehicle, physical altercation with security staff--they took him back to the West Wing anyway.

#HATH Committee going into recess.

That's. Well. You should go ahead and watch the testimony.
#HATH General Michael Flynn is still working on overthrowing the government, so.…
#HATH Aware of the Willard Hotel "War Room" on J5. And Meadows working on an OTR to go attend those meetings with Giuliani and Flynn et al.
Just an aside, how has Rudy Giuliani not been arrested?
#HATH Meadows dialed in to the War Room.

Flynn may have taken the 5th about whether he thought violence on J6 was justified, but he absolutely believed the violence was justified, he has been very clear on his ideas since.
#HATH Ms. Hutchinson trying to get Mark Meadows to care by reminding him that Jim Jordan was in the Capitol, maybe he should be paying attention as the rioters approached the capitol.
#HATH Pat Cipollone running into Meadows office, saying "the rioters are in the Capitol," Meadows saying the President doesn't want to do anything about it, Cipollone saying "something has to be done or somebody is going to die, and their blood will be on your fucking hands."
(I am doing my best transcribing, again, double check transcript and video, I'm alt-tabbing between this and again actual work)
#HATM Trump, Meadows and Cipollone discussing the "Hang Mike Pence" chants when she brought Meadows the phone with Jim Jordan on, shortly after Cipollone saying they had to do something--"you heard him Pat, he thinks he deserves it, he doesn't think they're doing anything wrong."
...that's. OK. Well. That's.
#HATM The President thought Mike Pence deserved to be hung and that the rioters chanting it weren't doing anything wrong. So. That's. I mean, Trump has said it before in interviews, but that's WHILE THEY'RE IN THE CAPITOL.
...And by HATM I meant #HATH and need to be a bit more careful in my rapid fire hashtagging.
#HATH A group pushing Trump to do something immediately--legal office and Ivanka--a neutral group who were "toeing the line"; and "deflect and blame," let's blame antifa, etc. Meadows was in the latter but took the middle, so, double coward.
#HATH Evidence of a bunch of people begging Meadows and Trump to take action to stop the rioters in the Capitol--they're showing some of them now.
#HATH Members of Trump's Cabinet were discussing using the 25th Amendment after the attack on the Capitol.
#HATH Meadows encouraging language about pardons on January 7th, White House Counsel--Cipollone--telling him not to include it in the speech.

I mean, listen, when White House Counsel is running around telling people to stop doing all of the things because they're illegal...
#HATH I just want to say that I'm really grateful Ms. Hutchinson was hear, and grateful for her testimony, and I cannot imagine the level of vitriol and abuse she is going to have to deal with for this.
Here's the thing. It's not that we didn't more or less know some of this. It's that it is clear, on the record, that Trump and his administration knew all of it, encouraged it, reveled in it, and planned some of it. So. This matters. The #January6thCommitteeHearings matter.
Oh and ending with conspiracy for obstruction of justice? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm that's my love language.

• • •

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Jul 1
The trolls in my mentions are unfortunately proving a broader point: crusades are relevant today, not because they set up an enduring "clash of civilizations," but because modern far right, Christian nationalist movements draw on them for inspiration, rhetoric, and ideology.
There is no revived Knights Templar, but Anders Breivik liked the concept enough to make it a part his unending hate screed. Brenton Tarrant scrawled crusade associated words and names and dates all over his weapons before murdering Muslims at prayer in Christchurch.
Rad trad Catholics embrace the Templar cross and image--the CIC is one example but christpilled TikTok and other media is filled with them--and other far right groups use the cross or the memes.

The Crusader rifle I've written about is part of this.
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Jul 1
Listen. I'm writing the biography of the richest, oldest, most powerful person to go on the First Crusade, and he most emphatically did not go on it for defensive reasons. That's all I'm saying.
And a bunch of the others you might have heard of didn't either. Bohemond and Tancred weren't going to defend shit. Hugh the Great wasn't. Godfrey and Baldwin? Nope.
I'd buy Robert of Flanders going to defend Byzantium.
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Jun 30
"They" Fatimid Caliph al-Hakim has it destroyed in 1009, but it is rebuilt with Byzantine cooperation, as Latins know through repeated large scale pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the 11th century.
The Byzantines are losing land, sure, in a Civil War where Gregory VII advocates an invasion, Bohemond and his dad invade and attack Alexios Komnenos, and even in the crusade there are attacks on Byzantine towns, despite papal desire to provide aid to push a reunion of churches.
Iberia was a battlefield of Frankish knights invading al-Andalus, though, sure, but that's not a reaction, that's an invasion from Charlemagne onwards, much like his invasions into Central and Eastern Europe against "pagan" groups.
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Jun 30
Oh, my sweet chestnut. "Study up, son?"

Let me drop my dissertation on the First Crusade right here for you:…
Have a book chapter in an edited volume:…
Have an article on Napoleon and crusading:…
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Jun 30
My good man, have you read a crusade chronicle? Because it is an awful lot of taking and sacking of cities, of arguing that they aren't Byzantine in order to lay claim to them, and then holding them as new possessions.
I would also point out that the Byzantines are clearly engaged in reconquering, and are using the crusade offensives distraction to do so, but they are fighting along the western and southern coasts towards Antioch, and at furthest Laodicea--if you've read Leo the Deacon...?
If you have not read Leo the Deacon you're missing the Macedonian dynasties big conquests and consequently important context. Skylitzes and his Continuator, for the 11th century loss of territory? Bryennios? The Alexiad for the military campaigns the Byzantines are doing?
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Jun 29
*sighs, adds "The Theology of the Church of Boebert" piece to to-write list*
You won't like this piece. It's going to be scolding all y'all and me for all the mocking we do of her. She absolutely knows what she's doing on a religious front and we need to grock that shit and fast.
Lauren Boebert is much more dangerous that MTG and more savvy in some ways, certainly in terms of the church and the use of religious rhetoric and discourse.
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