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Continuing: Siemens further notes head of the German govt “personally requested” govt prosecutors “the Boxheim scandal with care and to avoid drastic judicial action ... in order to calm down the liberal and Socialist press that was determined to expose the Nazi doublespeak.”17/n
⬆️ The DOJ draggin’ its feet, even back then.
And it gets worse: 18/n
Siemens continues by describing how the boundary between the brownshirts' political activity and actual criminality increasingly blurred. The kicker: 19/n
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Can't stop thinking abt Stephen Ayres's testimony yesterday. #HATH

🧵by Lillian Smith @LES_Center, on white supremacy:

"It became the poor white’s most precious possession, a ‘charm’ staving off utter dissolution...
And in devious, perverse ways it helped maintain his sanity in an insane world, compensating him—as did his church’s promise of heaven—for so many spiritual bruises and material deprivations...
For though religion took most of the rural whites’ pleasures away from them, dirtying the human body until it was a nasty thing, making dancing and card playing and drinking of even a glass of beer wrong,
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#HATH Ms. Hutchinson graduated from college in 2019. Whatever we're about to hear, I cannot imagine the threats that have already been made against her, how many will be made, and the fact that she's the age of students who have graduated since I started this job.
#HATH And here we go. January 6th and names.
#HATH I mean, so Giuliani and Meadows knew about plans for J6. Intel reports about the threat of violence on J6, in large quantities, from numerous groups. Ratcliffe worried in December about the threat to democracy because of things the administration was pushing. Just... yeah.
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Has any media historian written about the history of the 24-hour news chyron? #HATH
It bears repeating that none of the people who worked for Trump, and who are now coming forward, are heroes of democracy. The evidence that Trump was a threat to the country was abundant before his election. They are testifying to save their own skin. #HATH
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Short🧵on the lead-up to #StoptheSteal, frm our forthcoming book #AfterLife (10/4 preorder now!)

Frm the Conclusion @YohuruWilliams & I wrote:
1/ Even before the election happened, Trump spent
months riling his base with claims of widespread voter fraud.…
2/ As early as April 2020, Trump declared that if his reelection campaign failed it was due to tampering by the Democrats, making the baseless allegations more than seventy times over the following half a
3/ On election night, the hashtag #StoptheSteal began trending on Twitter after several doctored videos “documenting” voter fraud went viral.
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A recap of today’s hearing, which focused on the pressure campaign that targeted the federal agency charged with the enforcement of our laws—the Department of Justice. I’m not a lawyer, but spoiler alert: dead to rights. #HATH 🧵
The hearings today explored how Trump tried to misuse the DOJ to hold onto power, to investigate claims of fraud and legitimize his lies. When these efforts failed, he sought to replace Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with Jeffrey Clark. /1
Trump wanted a lawyer who would do whatever it took, put the full weight of the DOJ behind the effort to overturn the election. /2
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The #January6thCommitteeHearings started on 6/9/22 evening with witness testimony & video footage surrounding the riot on the Capitol on #J6. The televised hearing is the 1st in a series that is expected to last through July.
I will ask the questions not being asked & quote many. Image
In all of the video shown on Prime TV by the #January6thCommitteeHearings, I didn't see a single frame w/ Ray Epps as he is seen in multiple videos on Jan 5 & #J6.

Why was Ray Epps encouraging people to go "into" the Capitol building?

Did the FBI hire Ray Epps?
Who is #RayEpps? Image
@BennieGThompson @RepLizCheney & @RepKinzinger
Does the FBI now, or has it ever, maintained a formal or informal relationship or point of contact w/ Ray Epps, whether directly or indirectly, including through intermediaries?
Who is #RayEpps
#January6thCommitteeHearings Image
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The only reason Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi were not killed by the mob on #January6th is that the Capitol police managed to protect them until reinforcements arrived.
@morningmika @donlemon
I will live-tweet tonight's broadcast using hashtags #January6thHearings & #GunViolenceSyllabus.

We are at a turning point.
It is the most important event since, at least, September 11, 2001.
#thread 1/×
@brentinmock @neilparekh @sree @soledadobrien @AustinBogues
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