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1) A small example thread using biofuel ideology to explain.…
2) Boris Johnson has proposed dropping biofuel mandates as an approach to quickly produce more food for people. Germany agrees but Joe Biden is blocking.…
3) In the U.S. the Biden administration has mandated (they call it a waiver, but that's a misnomer) that ethanol must increase from 10% to 15% for use in gasoline. That's the E15 "waiver."
4) All gasoline refineries must prove they are using the biofuel by sending receipts for their purchase. These are called purchase credits (known as Renewable Identification Numbers, or RINs).

The purchase receipts or RIN credits must be sent to the EPA.
5) Any gasoline refinery that does not use E15 must purchase these RIN credits from parties that blended or imported biofuels directly.

This sets up a secondary income stream, a trading market for the larger oil companies, refineries and importers.
6) E15 requires a complete change in the infrastructure of the gasoline company from the refinery to storage, to transportation and eventually to the retailer.

E15 infrastructure does not widely exist. So, most gasoline refineries use the RIN credit system to sell non E15 gas.
7) The price of the RIN credits becomes embedded in the price of the gasoline.

When a mandate for E15 year-round is in place, that drives up the cost of gasoline, because more RIN credits need to be purchased. (Current Biden policy)
8) Think of it this way. Metaphor: The govt requires that margarine be used instead of butter in making bread.

The bread makers do not have equipment that will support the use of margarine instead of butter (and the bread customer does not want margarine). Image
9) The govt gives the bread maker the option of paying $1 to the USDA for not using margarine and to continue using butter.

The bread maker is forced to make a decision. Change equipment ($$$) or pay $1 to govt for each continued loaf of bread using butter.
10) The result of bread makers not switching to margarine means each loaf of bread now costs an additional $1 to you the customer.

This bread example is analogous to the RIN credit gasoline refinery issue with biofuels.
11) Mandating increased use of biofuels for gasoline is one part of the climate change agenda. ie. The Green New Deal and/or 'Build Back Better' policy agenda. ImageImage
12) Mandating increased use of biofuels also means farmland used for human food production is now switched to create biofuel.

PM Johnson proposed dropping this approach in order to quickly produce more food with a pending global food shortage looming.…
13) Justin Trudeau (Canada) and Joe Biden (USA) blocked the approach to increase food production, saying the climate change agenda is more important than feeding people. ImageImage
14) NATO and Western Govt, led by the policy of Joe Biden have placed oil and gas sanctions against Russia.

Those U.S-led Russian energy sanctions follow similar sanctions already in place against oil and gas from Iran and Venezuela.
15) Simultaneously the G7, Western Alliance will not allow Africa to develop their own use of natural gas to produce fertilizer to increase crop yield/harvest.

The G7 control food production in Africa by controlling the energy company investment needed to manufacture fertilizer.
16) Again, as with the biofuel issue, the G7 and Western Alliance are prioritizing Climate Change energy policy over food production. Which will ultimately cause food shortages and famine. Image
17) However, now the "WEST" has an ideological problem.

People will figure this out. The absence of food will change things. People will get angry once they realize the absence of food is being caused by Western Govt prioritizing Climate Change over people. Image
18) Things will get intense. Things will get ugly. The Western "leaders" need a scapegoat, a way to focus the world's anger away from them... and toward something else.
19) Their already visible plan (Kirby example) is to place the blame here 👇 Image
20) When the food shortage becomes serious, I mean when it really becomes serious, the blame escalation will need to increase in direct proportion to the hunger, famine and starvation.

This means they will need a direct war with Russia. ImageImage
21) All of this "globally," which includes the energy driven inflation surfacing in the nations participating in the Build Back Better energy policy approach, is being driven by nations in Yellow.👇

This is the geopolitical battle, a narrative war, ahead of the looming hot war. Image

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May 26
🚨 @ClimateAudit @pepesgrandma @almostjingo @HansMahncke @themarketswork @LeeSmithDC [+ Lots of 'etc accounts' I don't know usernames anymore, so please forward.]

Suggestion for the Spygate corner of Twitter.

🙏/thread 👇 Image
2) Both the HPSCI and the HJC have briefings and hearings scheduled for June 20th and 21st to ask John Durham questions.

Congress is clueless. Y'all know that. You guys will forget more about Spygate than they will ever know. So, please hear me out.
3) Wherever your corner of Twitter (or whatever) is assembled now, I would suggest you guys put together the questions for House republicans to ask Durham.

If you're not still in a group, maybe reassemble for one last shot that could make a difference.

Let bygones be bygones.
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Mar 31

It was a coincidence that this crew just happened to show up in the office of Ron DeSantis on the same day without any coordination. January 6, 2022.
It was just a coincidence that a pre-planned 5 days of media and public absence was scheduled to begin on August 8, 2022, the same day as the Mar-a-Lago raid.
It was just a coincidence that a pre-planned *national campaign* and branding launch was scheduled to trigger in mid-August following the five days of silence after the Mar-a-Lago raid.
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Mar 29
1) A short booster thread on this issue 👇

The RESTRICT ACT did not surface in a vacuum. It was preceded by Biden groundwork that is much deeper.
2) The “TicTok ban” legislation (SB686), which is a fraudulent auspice for total internet control by the intelligence community, comes from within bipartisan legislation spearheaded by the aligned interests of Senator Warner, the SSCI and DHS.…
3) None of this is accidental, and the legislative branch is walking into the creation of an online control mechanism that has nothing whatsoever to do with banning TikTok.
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Mar 28
It is *very difficult* to listen to this current soundbite from @megynkelly podcast, if you know the background to this 2015 pre-debate planning session (pictured). There's a word for it....
She's acting this journalistic high-horse role now. However, in 2015 she specifically participated in a Fox News plan with the intention to remove Donald Trump from the 2016 presidential race.
There's a certain scale of astronomical hubris in the reality of what she attempted then, compared to the high-horse statements now.

This is a person who should live in shame. Took a $15 million payoff to influence U.S. presidential politics.
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Mar 26
Not true. Import tariffs are paid by corporations who want to bring stuff to the U.S. market (consumer).
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Mar 26
1) Short Thread.

I am asked how Team RdS knew of the Mar-a-Lago raid in advance, in order to support the 5 days in the bunker and subsequent August '22 National Branding launch.

Essentially, who told team DeSantis?
2) May I humbly suggest, y'all are looking at it wrong.

The comms to action system doesn't work like that.
3) The DOJ/FBI didn't plan the raid and tell someone on Team RdS in advance...

Team RdS planned the August launch of the national branding campaign, and the mutually aligned DOJ/FBI schedule was organized to enhance it.
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