🧵Pompeo's Bats in the Belfry

My reactions to Gonzalo Lira’s commentary on Mike Pompeo’s recent “Three Lighthouses for Liberty” speech – a brazen compendium of transparent lies and cynical projection:


I am not yet persuaded Pompeo is “speaking for the entire American foreign policy establishment.” I continue to believe there is a powerful contingent of realist-leaning wiser heads, at least in the Pentagon.

Pompeo is only speaking for the #EmpireAtAllCosts death cult.

It remains to be seen whether or not these would-be Praetorian Guards of American hegemony have or will yet attain decisive policy-making power within the US government. If they continue ascendant, I believe they will be forcefully opposed at a critical juncture.

I have frequently conjectured that, were the Pentagon ordered by US political leadership to make war against Russia and/or China, wiser heads within the military would act to disobey that order, in the interests of US national security and the future of human civilization.

I may be naïve in believing such a thing. But, for now, I cling to that fraying thread of hope. I am convinced many within the US military understand perfectly well that the US could not win wars against Russia or China in eastern Europe or the South China Sea.

The simple calculus of raw power dictates the conclusion that the fatally over-extended American military lacks sufficient power to concentrate decisive force against even one of those nations, let alone against both simultaneously.

As for the notion that the US/NATO can somehow snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in Ukraine by providing an endless supply of advanced armaments, it is nothing but a pipe dream. The NATO arms cupboard is already approaching exhaustion.

But even were such aircraft, heavy weaponry, and effective air-defense systems available in numbers sufficient to make a difference, there is no longer an effective fighting force in Ukraine to use them. Ukraine’s professional military cadre has been fatally attrited.

Lira cites this reality in his commentary as well, and it is the insuperable obstacle to “turning the tide” in favor of Ukraine. The US/NATO spent eight years training and equipping their “Mother of All Proxy Armies” in Ukraine, and that army is now irretrievably wrecked.

As for the clownish Pompeo’s speech, it is a typical specimen of his well-documented penchant for quasi-incoherent rhetorical bravado. Its internal logic is fragmented and self-contradictory, and filled to the brim with cynical mendacious projection.

Gonzalo conjectures that the speech was likely vetted by the current residents of the US State Department. I suppose it’s possible. But I still remain unconvinced – at present – that it is an authoritative expression of US foreign policy intent or potential actions.

For example, I cannot believe the US would buy itself a war against China by recognizing Taiwan sovereignty. And make no mistake, it *would* mean war – a war the US could NOT win, and which would summarily terminate dominant US power in the western Pacific.

Pompeo’s speech is utterly delusional, and is tantamount to a declaration of suicidal intent on the part of the #EmpireAtAllCosts cult. Is it possible they ARE suicidal in the sense that they are determined to leave a scorched earth in the wake of their inexorable defeat?

If so, that’s where my “wiser heads” thesis comes into play. I refuse, at present, to believe the Pentagon can be persuaded to be party to the destruction of modern civilization – including America – at the behest of fanatics such as Mike Pompeo.


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@oloos878787 @SydneyFreedberg @HuntClancy @siberiancattt Response🧵

Iraq 1991 was all about seizing post-Soviet strategic dominance (and permanent bases) in the Gulf region; securing the petrodollar system, and greatly weakening the no-longer-useful Iraqi army the empire supported to fight against Iran.

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It was I that characterized Peter Zeihan as a clueless #EmpirePropagandist clown.

In any case, as I read your posts, it is evident to me that your perspective on this war has been substantially informed by the very same species of propaganda Zeihan echoes.

The western intel propaganda psyop that commenced before the conflict went hot in early 2022 has effectively inverted the truth of what has actually occurred. And its overriding success has been predicated upon establishing fallacious parameters for interpreting events.

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