#168Republicans voted against an alert system, similar the Amber Alert, that will warn of a mass shooting in an area. How ANYONE can be against such a common sense safety measure intending only to inform the public and keep them safe is beyond me, but lets analyze. Her we go:
Chip Roy of Texas said it spends "money we don't have" ...well Chip, maybe stop spending $100 Million dollars on anti-abortion centers that use deception to target people seeking abortions! Your war to force women to have babies cost more than your indifference to their deaths
Chip made sure to be quoted saying that it costs too much money and its to foster a climate of fear. Seems the kids dying in school is already fearful Chip.
Those Texas Abortion Police Programs? These are the organizations Texas set up back in 2006 just ITCHING to tell women how to live their lives, treat their bodies and make decisions their "Christian " way.
Texas is one of many states with these issues, but focus on the big picture: EVERY GOP administration wants to force women to have children against their will. Rape means nothing and, given the mortality rate of pregnancy, your life doesnt matter either. Solution?

• • •

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Jul 16
Summer vacation. I remember looking forward to it all year when I was in school. These days its different. These days we are grateful summer vacation is here Bechtel, for this brief moment, we don't have to worry our kids will die at school. Isn't that the saddest thing?
I'll tell you something sadder: The Uvalde shooting wasnt the first time little kids in America were killed in school. Sadder still? GOP members of Congress with NRA money in their pockets have pushed back against any attempts to help stop this problem. Why?
Well...one thing we know for sure is that THEIR children are not at risk. Their indifference is sick but at least you cant point to the lack of risk for their children and say "ah, makes sense". But what about their constituents? THINK about that for a second:
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Jul 15
The Guiness Book of World Records states the youngest child ever conceived was 21 weeks and 2 days. Scientifically, the ability 2 breathe on your own is the test of life. Legally same standards. The people interrupt the SCOTUS at dinner and home because they used NEITHER standard
There is no argument that can be made from a legal standpoint to force the elimination of #RoeVsWade. The SCOTUS ignored the science and blindly spoke only of "right to privacy". This right IS of importance and nullifying it for political means goes beyond Abortion. But I digress
Women have effectively been told they do NOT have a say in what happens to their body. Well....technically. They have been told them have no choices ONLY IN RED STATES. You only need to be forced to be an incubator if you CHOOSE it. Your choice comes only by voting Blue. PERIOD
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Jul 11
Although we should NOT be using religion or the Christian Bible as if it were the Constitution of the United States this Trumpian Supreme Court has insisted on ripping up the Constitution and attacking women in the name of God....so let's just see what GOD says:
"Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being"
Genesis 2:7
We are not human until we take our first breath. This would most likely indicate our first breath is our soul entering
I am not telling anyone what to believe, I am simply using the very Bible THEY claim has all the answers and showing you how they twist it. The FIRST book makes clear when we are human. So they try this quote:
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Jul 9
I have been asked why support for Donald Trump is so popular for so many individuals and the only possible explanation I can find is ignorance. When u are a Trump Supporter facts are an inconvenience and issues have only a black or white solution even if they are more complicated
Before the Trump Supporters existed, many people would not engage in political, economic or sociological conversation because they lacked enough knowledge to publicly voice their views. Donald Trump fixed all of that with the ABC, 123 method of argument:
Issues with Law Enforcement as it pertains to police corruption, discrimination and abuse of force? Easy: Do you love police or hate police? Are against Law and Order or do you "Back the blue?"
See? Ignore the issue and make it one way or the other...but its NOT that simple
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Jun 17
If you are an American and would like to be actually INFORMED then keep reading. If you would like to remain ignorant then Fox News is available and move on:
Here are the FACTS about oil companies and gas prices:
"Between 2011 and 2020, the oil and gas industry failed to use more than 20 million acres of approved onshore federal leases. These leases were terminated, expired, or relinquished without ever going into production. " This is CONFIRMED by the Bureau of Land Management.
Unlike the GOP, I will not pull a Trump and hit you with "some people are saying" or "I saw on tv once". Here is the article for your education:
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Jun 17
Gas prices are high because of profiteering from oil companies and obstructionist tactics from Republicans. The biggest proof of this is the inability of the GOP to propose any solution to the problem themselves. #fridaymorning
1) Fossil Fuels are not infinite. They come from remains of plants and animals that died MILLIONS of years ago. That is science. Since the belief of many Christians is that the Earth is only 5000 years old, makes sense they think fossil fuels just....appear!
2) The Keystone XL pipeline was never opened so stop saying closing it was the problem. BTW, Canada still sends tar sands oil by rail so...
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