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14 Jul
On the subject of #CriticalRaceTheory I had a conversation with a person that is against it. I found out the misguided reason they dislike it so much. Here it goes.
-The main issue for them is that CRT tells them America is inherently racist and built on racist policies. My reply
1) That is NOT what CRT wants to teach. Critical Race Theory is an ADMISSION that America did not ALWAYS stand for what we learned after the civil rights movement.
2) There would have been no NEED for a civil rights movement without a LACK of civil rights brought on by racism
3) CRT teaches that America built itself into a new nation where all men were created equal, but at the time they did not consider African Americans even HUMAN
4) When freed, Jim Crow laws and other policies resulted in a message that: "you are free, but we dont have to accept u"
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12 Oct 20
I want to share a personal story with all of you about watching #racism be born. When my daughter was in Kindergarten, she began to learn things other than colors, paint and naps. She came home one day and said "Daddy, today I learned about Martin Luther King" I was excited. I
told her to tell me what she learned. She said: "Martin Luther King was a good man that tried to teach people to love each other. but, he was killed by White people." My heart sank. WHAT!? Did they really word it like this to her?? I said " Baby, the teacher said it like that?
She said yes. She then looked out the window and told me: "does that mean my friend (Caucasian friend) cant get along with (African American friend) anymore?" My heart was breaking. I got to the house, parked the car and looked her in the eyes. " Baby, Martin Luther King was not
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25 Aug 20
The #GOP has FAILED #America under #DonaldTrump. It all started with the #MuslimBan within DAYS of becoming #POTUS. Dismissing people outright based on their religion alone!? He denied it and in the same day called it a Muslim Ban on TV. How can we forget when he called all
Mexicans "rapists and murderers"? How can we forget that he called their desperate situation thay forced them to come here an "invasion"? How can we forget that a man heard those words spoken in El Paso, drove to El Paso, and shot up a @Walmart in El Paso by "coincidence". How
can we forget the fact that #COVID19 started infecting and killing the ENTIRE WORLD and #DonaldTrump called it a hoax. Be preferred to sit around coming up with racist names for the virus while it crept into the country. When he finally acknowledged it, he PUBLICLY asked Pence
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14 Jun 20
Why are cases increasing in #Texas #Florida #Mississippi and places like this? Well, there are many reasons here but I want to focus on something productive as a #RespiratoryTherapist so here goes: What both the people that #WearAMask and those who do not fail to realize is the
bigger danger. We wear a mask to protect ourselves from droplets hitting our face when people talk. #coronavirus is not an airborne virus in the traditional sense so we are not wearing it to stop #COVID19 itself so stop with the "these arent N95 masks!" BS. All we are trying to
do is trap particles that may be contaminated with #COVID19 long enough for us to take off the mask. The main issue here is a lack of understanding of #fomites. These are areas that can hold on the the virus and it can remain viable for a period of time until someone comes along
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