Liberal corporate journalists still have no clue how despised and therefore impotent they are. Even the ones with no journalistic accomplishments somehow believe they still wield the power to decree who should and shouldn't be listened to, and who must be blacklisted.
The liberal wing of corporate media is collapsing: deservedly. Their audience is disappearing and nobody trusts them. The only sector of media that's growing is independent journalism.

So look at this desperation: using censorship and decrees to demand they keep their status.
What do obscure and unaccomplished failures like @adamdavidson fantasize will happen when they issue these decrees? The huge audience we have, that they never had, will hear it and think: "oh god, Adam Davidson said we shouldn't pay attention to him any more so we better stop?"😂
The word "fringe" here is also telling. Corporate journalists regard Joe Rogan as "fringe" even though the audience which listens to and trusts him is roughly 10,000 greater than theirs. But they don't count since it's only ordinary people. Only DC journalists/politicians count.
Employees of media corporations which employ the propagandists who lied the country into the war in Iraq, whose newsrooms are filled with trained liars from the US Security State, and who routinely feature war criminals, have strong opinions on who can and cannot be interviewed.
I'm considering making up for the harm done by interviewing Alex Jones by following it up with interviews of Bill Kristol and David Frum - two of the key propagandists who sold Americans the invasion of Iraq - provided CNN, MSNBC and The Atlantic will give them time off to do it.

• • •

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Jul 20
At some point, as enough people point this out, even Democrats are going to have to recognize its truth.

Nothing guarantees the violent unleashing of bigoted tropes like Democrats attacking a member of a marginalized group they believe they own, but who refuses to stay in line:
Liberals really do believe they are so enlightened and evolved on social justice issues that they own all marginalized groups and the members of them, to the point they think they're entitled not just to lecture you about them but use bigoted tropes against those who reject them.
Few things are uglier than what liberals say and do toward members of the marginalized groups they believe they own when such individuals reject their decrees and pieties. They see it as a betrayal of what is rightfully theirs, and the bigotry they invoke as noble and earned.
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Jul 20
In 2015, Florida banned adoptions by same-sex couples. The bill in the lower house to rescind that ban was sponsored by then-State Rep. @mattgaetz. It passed the Senate only because he convinced his father, a powerful GOP Senator, that the ban was wrong.…
Yesterday, Gaetz was one of the House Republicans to vote against codification of Obergefell (same-sex marriages). That NO vote wasn't due to opposition to marriage equality but to his view that individual states have always regulated marriage, not the federal government.
The last Gallup poll shows 70% of Americans (a majority of GOP) support gay marriage. Blake Masters said in the WP today he "teared up" at Peter Thiel's wedding. The vital (and politically risky) role Gaetz played in rescinding the Florida ban is ignored. People aren't cartoons. Image
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Jul 20
The New York Times, to its credit, today published a short but illuminating interview by former Moscow Bureau Chief Serge Schmemann with Russian political scientist Sergey Karaganov, who supports the war and explains Russia's thinking. Well worth reading:…
As the article notes, "Karaganov warned for years about a potential conflict in Ukraine over NATO expansion." His primary claim is the US/NATO have been heavily active in Ukraine for years, and deliberately converted Russia back into an enemy of the West to serve elite interests. ImageImage
One of Karaganov's key points is the one Obama made for years: the US and the West will sacrifice Ukrainian lives but not their own citizens, because Ukraine is not and never will be a vital interest to the US/Europe.

But Ukraine is vital to Russia, which will do anything to win
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Jul 19
The Defense of Marriage Act, declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2013, was a pernicious law. It's what barred me from living with my husband in the US for a full decade. People forget how bipartisan it was: signed into law by Clinton, it passed the Senate by 85-14.
The bill's purpose was to prohibit the issuance of any federal spousal rights to same-sex couples (including tax and pension benefits, social security, and immigration rights). The latter separated thousands of Americans from their foreign spouses. Look at some of the YES votes:
Even worse was the provision permitting states that barred same-sex marriages from ignoring -- treating as nullities -- the legal marriages of same-sex couples from other states.

Yet polling just a few years later showed broad support among Dems and GOP for full equal rights.
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Jul 18
Of course a bunch of left-liberals who believe journalists should only speak to left-liberals are upset about this -- that's why their faction is so irrelevant -- but Alex Lee Moyer's film about incel culture ("tfw no gf") was a brilliantly objective study, as is this new film:
With any significant phenomenon, one can choose to either to understand its roots or just jump up and down denouncing it. The old left always advocated understanding root causes (crime, terrorism, etc). The new version thinks you should never study or engage with anything Bad.
The best documentaries avoid preaching and shoving pre-packaged beliefs down the audience's throat. They instead do their best to objectively show the phenomenon and its causes, and let the audience decide for themselves (!). @jacobin on "tfw no gf":…
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Jul 18
I would like to note that -- shortly before the 2020 election -- numerous large media outlets ratified the CIA lie that the documents on Hunter Biden's laptop were "Russian disinformation." Even today -- after the NYT & WPost both authenticated them -- not *one* has retracted it.
Hunter's private left is irrelevant. But the attempts to trade on his dad's name for deals in China and Ukraine, with his dad's participation, were *highly relevant*. That's what makes that media/CIA lie, and their censorship, one of the worst journalistic scandals in decades.
Beyond the revolting and steadfast refusal of *even one* of these outlets to retract that pre-election lie or even account for what they did -- a gigantic scandal -- the Guardian to this very day has this article up which everyone knows is a lie. No retraction or editor's note:
Read 5 tweets

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