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#Bkdk, slight #krdk, #krmn age difference, cheating, nsfw

Izuku knows Eijiro's been sleeping around. He could tell from the unfamiliar scents that clung to his work shirts. Could see from the make-up stains that he sure as hell didn't put there.

So it was only fair that he got
some fun too.

Initially, he had planned to remain the loyal husband. A martyr of sorts that would desperately grasp at straws to keep their doomed relationship together. After all, he thought it was a little too late to start over at the age of 35.

I mean, who would want him?
But that all changed when he caught the attention of their new pool boy.

Bakugo Katsuki was a sight for sore eyes. Ripped to the nines with a sculpted chest and arms that flexed every time he waded through the pool.

Not to mention, his flaxen hair that shone under the beating
rays of the sun made him look like a godly Adonis. His sharp cut jaw and piercing red eyes definitely added to the wow factor too.

Truthfully, Izuku wasn't sure why the blonde took this job. The young man that was twelve years his junior was pretty well off. The greenette knows
because he drives a BMW to work and has a Rolex on his wrist before he does his weekly tasks.

"I just wanted to see how someone like Kirishima-san is able to balance his personal life and business. I want to be like him," the blonde had answered when his husband had been
screening him for the job.

Izuku just rolled his eyes when the redhead said something along the lines of "That's so manly!" before gladly shaking the younger man's hands. It could easily be a ploy to gather insider information and to overtake their own company, but Izuku kept
his mouth shut.

That wasn't his problem.

No, his problem was the embodiment of sex that was towering over him, effectively blocking out the sun that he was supposed to be bathing in.

"Can I help you?" Izuku asks with a raised brow, mildly concerned because the younger male
usually kept to himself.

Viridian eyes watched as those veiny hands slowly produced a small bottle of sunblock from the pocket of his sinfully thin shorts that made Izuku's mouth dry. Katsuki was...well endowed.

"Turn over, Deku."

Those certainly weren't the first words he
expected to hear from their poolboy. It should have raised a few red flags, but Izuku was so drawn to the low timbre of his voice that he quickly did as he was told and rested on his stomach.

The older male might have heard a silent "fuck" from above him, but it was probably
just his imagination.

The sound of the bottle's cap being opened made Izuku more hyperaware, breathe softly hitching when he felt the rough pads of Katsuki's hands knead his shoulders.

Izuku let out an involuntary moan at that, feeling his tensed shoulders start to loosen

"Hmmm...right there," he says with his eyes closed, almost drooling at the sensation of Katsuki massaging the cool cream into his heated skin.

The sun was still high up and he could feel the heat radiate off of the body above him. Izuku is about to melt.

a smart man, Deku. I'm sure you're aware of what's been going on between your husband and his secretary?" the blonde asked casually while squeezing more sunblock into his hands.

Izuku hums an affirmative, slightly frowning partly by the sensitive topic but moreso by the lost
of contact on his skin. He didn't answer any more than that, just eagerly waiting for Katsuki's hands back on him.

"I see," Katsuki says as he resumes his previous activity. This time, allowing his touches to work their way downwards, kneading at his employer's tiny waist.
And then travelling lower to the back of his thick thighs, making sure to "accidentally" hike up Izuku's shorts so the swell of his ass peaks through them. The blond practically salivates.

"Let's talk about something else then," the blonde says dismissively before squeezing
Izuku's sides just a little bit too hard, so the older male lets out a whimper.

"Alright, why are you here, Kacchan?" the greenette asks, slightly breathless from the increasing pressure pressing /everywhere/.

He always had his suspicions with the younger male's intention to
work such a menial job when he could easily shake the modelling industry like a storm. It obviously wasn't for the money either. And while he'd like to believe that there are people who genuinely adores his husband's work, he knew that there was something more to it.

"Well, you
see, I attended this boring ass party a few weeks ago. I was so bored with all the stuck up personalities and whores that desperately wanted to hop on my dick," Izuku noticed how the younger male stopped his "applying sunblock" ministrations and opted to trace his hip bones with
his thumbs instead. It sent shivers down his spine.

"But then I saw a pretty little thing," he could feel those ruby red eyes piercing the back of his head as the blonde told his story. Katsuki's gaze slid down the greenette's freckled back before stopping right on the supple
piece of ass in front of him. Even through the skimpy cloth, Katsuki could tell that it was juicy as hell. He had every intention to ravish it so he'd let it be known.

"I got hooked and tried to find a way to get closer. Figured the dumb fuck he was with was an easy enough way
to start," the twenty three year old revealed while playing with Izuku's waistband, almost snapping when he saw the lace underneath it.

"Good news was I think it worked out," he said as he slowly crept above Izuku and eclipsing his body from the warm rays. He lowered his head a
little, tracing Izuku's neck with his nose before lapping it up with his tongue and leaving noisy kisses in his wake. He smirks when the married man angles his head to give him more skin to work with.

"What do you think, Deku? Did it work?" he felt Izuku squirm a little before
eagerly nodding and letting out soft puffs of breathe. Katsuki smirks wider.

With all trepidation thrown out the window, the younger male pulls Izuku's bright yellow shorts down, grabbing a fist full of ass and groaning at the sight of bright white lace framing them perfectly.
Izuku breathes out a shuddering sigh alongside that, before completely being caught of guard. Next thing he knew he was being manhandled to sit on the young blonde's thunderous thighs.

Katsuki looks at him with heavy lidded eyes before quickly pulling him into a consuming kiss.
Heat was quickly travelling down his body with the heavenly weight of Izuku slowly gyrating his hips, desperately trying to feel the blonde's huge erection through his clothed shorts. Izuku whimpers at the obstruction.


Izuku didn't need to say more before he was
lifted up, one of Katsuki's hands under his ass and supporting his entire weight while the blonde was removing his last piece of clothing. It was fucking hot.

Katsuki discards the offending thing to the side. Hopefully, Kirishima sees it when he arrives home later.
That's all you're getting from me for now AHAHAHHAHA

Everyone I hope you have an awesome day ahead 🤤🤤


Sunny ✌️
I think I'm becoming rusty with anything nsfw so I just wanted to try again. Once I get more comfortable with it, I might pick this up.

But for now, back to the top AHHAHAHA

• • •

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Nov 24, 2022
#bkdk, a/b/o, angst, other ships!

Izuku doesn't have the right to cry.

No. Even if they've crossed the line of friendship multiple times, him and Katsuki weren't dating. The various dates that the blonde so openly parades infront of him made that obvious.

But they had a rule.
An unspoken one but respected each and every time. They only shared heats and ruts with one another.

Without fail, the blonde would come knocking on his door, his musky scent more pungent than usual and pupils blown and darkened. Every single time, they surrender their bodies to
each other. An exclusivity that Izuku so foolishly held onto. A dire miscalculation that he chose to blow out of proportion. Because he thought this meant he was special to Katsuki.

His ears were currently ringing, the booming bass of the party at its peak making it worse. But
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Nov 9, 2022
#bkdk prompt, a/b/o

Katsuki lost all hope of being with Izuku when both of them presented as alphas at 14.

They meet again ten years later at a seedy bar and he had to double take.

Izuku was very obviously enjoying acting like some dumb omega whore on some filthy alphas lap.
It wasn't unheard of. There were alphas out there who enjoyed going against their nature. Opting to be thrown around, dominated and used. Only finding pleasure in the touch of someone much /stronger/.

He gives the familiar male a once over, carmine eyes appraisingly roaming over
Izuku's sinewy body. He looks strong. But Katsuki was stronger.

That little detail sent a jolt of excitement through him. A first. He never felt this way for someone of the same second gender.

He'd only ever gone out with those soft delicate omegas that he could easily break in
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Nov 4, 2022
#bkdk prompt

Someone showing Izuku a video of his husband cheating and he watches, unfazed and amused.

"That's not Kacchan," the omega says with all the confidence in the world. The extra tries to argue but Izuku shot them down.

"His dick is bigger and it curves to the right."
And when it's someone showing how Katsuki's husband is being an infidel, the blonde just watches with rapt attention like its a science documentary.

And then he chuckles when it stops.

"Too much theatrics. Izuku's loud but not /that/ loud," Katsuki says as he rolls his eyes.
They even send the links of their apparent sex tapes with other people to each other when it's particularly bad, funny or good.

Dk: Imagine if your orgasm face really looked like that 💀
Bk: I just /know/ you can bend like that too. Let's try this, Deku.
Tdrk: 👍👍👍
Kiri: bro
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Nov 4, 2022
#bkdk prompt, angst‼️

Izuku couldn't help but stare. Kacchan was still so devastatingly handsome after all these years, and his traitorous heart never stopped beating for him.

Especially when they're like this.

With the inebriated blonde casually pulling Izuku into his arms.
Izuku tried so hard to stay away. He really did, but it seems like the drunk blonde's inclination to monopolize his childhood friend was something he never grew out of.

"Deku," Katsuki slurred out, nuzzling into the juncture of Izuku's neck and shoulder. The greenette tries to
pull away subtly, hands still affectionately carding through the surprisingly soft spikes of his best friend's hair.

He lets out a soft hum, his quiet way of asking Katsuki to continue.

"You know I love you, right?" the drunk male says like it's the most casual thing in the
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Nov 3, 2022
Platonic #enjideku

As Shoto's best friend, Izuku had the privilege to hang out in the Todoroki household and Enji becomes increasingly endeared by him that, by the end of the year, he's buying little snacks Izuku likes for whenever he comes over plus a pair of bunny slippers.
Plus if he gives a /tiny/ push for Shoto and Izuku to fall in love (because he wants the Midoriya cuteness to infiltrate his bloodline) and he "accidentally" sets up candle lit dinners and lock them in the pantry room. But they really are just friends so he sulks until Izuku
promises to adopt a dog with Shoto and now that dog is the most spoiled animal in the world and Izuku is in their house 50% more.

Izuku grows fond of Enji too, even crying to Shoto one day about him finally experiencing what having a dad feels like as they cuddle to sleep.

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Nov 1, 2022
#bkdk prompt!, angst, unrequited love

Izuku was four when he first fell in love, big eyes glistening with wonder as he saw the boy who had shone more impressively than the sun ever could.

Unbeknownst to him, it was the beginning of a blooming feeling bound to wither and die.
It was this profound emotion that taught him how to be a great pretender.

⏪ 12

Izuku didn't know how he managed to surpass the shiver that would have wracked his entire body when Katsuki tucked one of his curls behind his ear.

"You're a mess, dumbass."

"Thanks, Kacchan."


"You're so attached to the hip, you're practically married."

The look of utter disgust on his best friend's face was more than telling as he spat at the extra that jokingly said that.

"Stop being disgusting. We're nothing like that. Tell him, Izuku!"


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