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#bkdk angst (PH!Alpha BK, QL!Omega DK), omegaverse, mpreg, BK isnt nice.

Katsuki goes to work in the US as part of a hero exchange, leaving Izuku behind to to take care of their newborn baby.

Everything is fine to begin with, they video call on a regularly, Katsuki watches from
afar as their baby goes from an infant to a babbling toddler. Then the calls stop. Katsuki's too busy with work and no longer has the time, and Izuku doesn't want to put pressure on him.
Five years after Katsuki left he finally comes home, only home isn't what he left behind.

Home is a tense building where his 5 year old child lives with their grandparents.
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#BKDK, A!Kacchan, O!Izuku, mpre

Katsuki falls in love with the pretty stranger who saved him from the sludge villain. He fell in love the second their eyes connected as the pretty stranger plunged a claw-tipped hand into the sludge villain's eye, tearing the eye from the sludge.
The sludge villain screeched and writhed as the pretty stranger grabbed him and pulled him from the sludge. Held him tight as the heroes rushed to capture the sludge villain. Whispered sweet nothings into his ears as he sobbed and choked, his angry, fearful scent smelling of rot.
Katsuki fell in love with that pretty, soft nature scent coming from the pretty Omega stranger.

Katsuki's heart hurt when the pretty stranger walked him over to the ambulance, wiping his tears before disappearing.
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A slightly different and far more angstier take on the ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’ concept.

#bkdk cw: major character death, death in childbirth, omegaverse, mpreg.

PH!Alpha BK, PH!Omega DK.

Injuries were far from uncommon in their line of work, and it wasn’t unusual for Katsuki or Izuku to wake up in a hospital bed. So when Katsuki found himself waking up to the familiar sight of the hospital ceiling, he wasn’t surprised.
He was however surprised to find Kirishima sitting by his bedside, eyes red as though he had been crying, staring at his hands. Normally Izuku would be the one sitting beside him, a book in his lap while he wore one of Katsuki’s hoodies.
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#bkdk, mild angst w/ happy end, violence

Craving barbarian Katsuki rn. He wears only his red fur cape, leather pants, and large boots. Everywhere he goes, he leaves the streets running red. Anyone who stands in his way gets brutally murdered.
He is a heartless, cold blooded, beast of a man, with a mission that no one can stray him from. A mission to win his beloved's heart back.
Long ago, he found himself a beautiful husband, who was sweeter than honey, as delicate as a flower, and more beautiful than the prettiest of gems. His Izuku was perfect.

But Katsuki lost him.
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#bkdk amnesia. angst.

Evergreen eyes blink open, taking in their surroundings.

The first thing the man sees is white ceiling with bright lights and the encompassing equally white walls.
(a/n: this is one of the many pitches i had in mind for @BkDkAngstZine and i am very fond of it. reminder that lycoris radiata zine still has pre-orders open until july 2nd <3


**disclaimer: the amnesia condition depicted here is not meant to be medically accurate**
`Hi, your name is Midoriya ...
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So an anonymous prompter gave me a challenge, write an angsty mini-fic in less than 250 words.

#bkdk Major Character Death!! (angst)


“Kaachan!” Bakugo’s mouth snapped shut, startled by Izuku’s sudden outburst. Watery green eyes met his as Izuku gave him a weak smile.
“It’ll be okay Kaachan, everything will be okay.” The building above them groaned as additional weight fell on top of it and Izuku sank to his knees, arms shaking in exertion. Katsuki followed him to the ground, his own hands reaching out to hold Izuku’s face.
“It’s okay,” Izuku repeated “Everything’s going to be fine.”

“I love you,” Katsuki choked out, leaning in to press his lips to Izuku’s “I love you so much.”
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#bkdk #bakudeku au where izuku fall asleep and muted his phone, while katsuki can't reach out to him and uses EVERYTHING he can do 😏 ImageImage

- time is irrelevant cuz i said so
- be ready for cringe stuff (?)
- softly agressive bakugou *chef kiss*
- izuku is just asleep lmao
- bakugou is not at home
1. rip deku's notifs Image
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#bkdk, a/b/o, angst

Katsuki grew up in a traditional family, his parents being an Alpha and an Omega. So he was very reluctant to date beta Izuku at first but they eventually work things out.

It took some time but he was finally able to shift his perspective. For a while.
Upon reaching the age of 28, ten years into his relationship with Izuku, the alpha's eyes began to wander.

And not in the seedy, infidel sort of way. No, not at all. His entire heart belongs to Izuku so god forbid he'd even spare someone else a meaningful glance.

It was a sad
longing type of look, Izuku noted.

The beta first noticed it when they were out for one of their weekly dates. He had just gone back from the restroom, intending to call out to Katsuki when he saw the other looking at something intently.

Immediately, his eyes tried to locate
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#bkdk #ktdk nsfw Pirate AU

"Strip and get on all fours, if you want your crew to live that is" bakugo grinned as he pressed the tip of his sword on the green hair's neck

The curly hair boy gritted his teeth as he unbuttons his shirt

"Good omega" the alpha grinned
His green eyes never flinched, his hands never trembled in fear
He may have lost
But he wasnt afraid

He was left bare, the only thing he had on was his socks and underwear

"A lot of battle scars.." Bakugo trails off as he circles izuku
"So the rumors of you being a worthy omega pirate werent lies. You dont get these sorts of scars by standing back.."

Bakugo traced his large hand on izukus back, the green hair flinched at the cold touch

"And freckles, you have them everywhere" he laughs
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#bkdk one-shot socmed au

Izuku ignores his bf for three days. Image
— short au
— don't mind timestamps pls
— this doesn't make sense at all
— not angst dw
1 Image
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#bkdk, prompt, falling out of love, angst (I mean it!!!)

It wasn't an epiphany of sorts. On the contrary, it was a gradual process.

Still doing the same things when they were burning with passion and even throwing a new exciting activity or two never revived what they once had.
That's when they concluded that their love had ran its course.

It's amusing, really, that despite the noticeable shift in what they have, they were still inexplicably linked.

Maybe that's the reason they decided to confront their feelings on the same plain and unassuming day.
Weirdly enough, it happened on a Wednesday when both their shifts finally permitted them to share a day off.

They were on their ratty couch that they refused to let go off. It was the first piece of furniture they ever bought together for this place. Seven years really
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#bkdk #ktdk
Bakugo was playing"Would you rather"with his friends and every person would compare izuku to something

At first it was funny but slowly izu started feeling uncomfortable

"Would you rather be alone for a week or be with izuku?" denki asked
"Be alone"

Izuku stood up
Bakugo could instantly feel something was wrong

"Deku, its a joke" bakugo said as izuku glared at the group

"I..I dont care...all of the time its been about me, do you guys have something agaisnt me?"
"Whaaat? We dont hate you dude!" hanta awkwardly grinned

"Every question has been about me and you-" he pointed at bakugo

"Always chose the other version unless it was horrible! So fine! Be alone for a week, hell even months I dont care. You messed up katsuki" Izuku hissed
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⚠️ dom/subverse; power imbalance; nsfw; obsession
⚠️ read at your own risk
#bkdk #ktdk

all his life, izuku was thankful that he doesn't have to worry about being under a dom's command or be affected by glares because like the majority of the population, izuku was a set.
here's some dom/sub verse guide. in case you are unfamiliar with the universe. ImageImageImageImage
there had been a point in his life that admittedly he got curious what it's like to be a dom or a sub.

it was something that people doesn't seem to shut up about. it's all over the television, the books he read, the movies, and it was all his classmates can talk about.
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#bkdk #angst no actual cheating, no breakups, just a sad story with a happy ending.

“What?” Izuku questioned the woman in disbelief.

“I said I found a cure. I can save your life, Deku-San… I can do it! I can do it!”

“Thank you…but…I think I’m okay.”
Izuku said liflessly. He faked his smile as big as possible. “I’m ready to go, I think. See All Might.” He laughed while looking at the beautiful view outside the hospital room.

“But…I don’t understand. You’re so young.” His doctor said desperately. “I can cure you!”
Izuku watched the ocean waves crash outside. He was glad they picked a hospital by the beach. He laid down and closed his eyes. He was so tired. He only had a month left. A month left and all the pain he felt for the past 6 would go away.

At least Kacchan would be happy.
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#bkdk socmed au — gatekeeping gone wrong (or right?) in which izuku tries to gatekeep streamer katsuki but katsuki ends up seeing his tweet about him
- irrelevant timestamps
- ill try to finish this tonight and if i dont ure all welcome to yell at me
- all profiles on here are used with permission! (sorry if i cant include everyone ily)
- 🫶
1. before the chaos started
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Katsuki having the worst asmr channel imaginable just him whispering “your dad left you for a reason” into the mic
“No one likes you, everything you think they’re saying they are.” His voice is so soothing no one clicks off
He just has one of him with his phone on the ground and taps his elbow to slam it into his phone video caption “POV you have insomnia.”
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Okay, I will bite.
#bkdk #cheating #agegap #dekuMasu?

“I told you so.”

Izuku could hear Ochaco now. She warned him. Shoto warned him. Iida won’t speak to him anymore. All because Izuku couldn’t help but fall for the kind older man who offered him a ride to University.
“He’s not married! He told me so!” Izuku insisted.

“Uh huh. And neither was my Father when he started dating that 20 something tattoo artist who calls himself ‘Hawks.’” Shoto rolled his eyes. “Now he’s moved in the basement and guess what? My parents are still married.”
“Is that what you want to be Deku-kun?” Ochaco questioned. “A basement home wrecker?“

“I-I’m not a Homewrecker! Massaru-San is too kind to do something like that. If you just got to know him, you would see! You would know! He would never hurt a fly! Much less cheat! Besides..”
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#ktdk #bkdk sorority omega! Deku prime alpha! punk bkg OOC ish whatever I’m doing this for me
No, absolutely not.” Izuki glowered

Denki let out a dramatic huff “Cmoooon! You know you can’t find anyone else!”

“I’ll have a clown perform before I let some garage band do it!”
“Well then call up a clown school because you aren’t getting anyone else at this point.” Ochako deadpanned.
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Title: Scars with memories

Tags: #bkdk (not endagame) #shindeku cheating

Desc: Izuku always saw his scars as disgusting. One wrong move on his body and his scars ached, he felt weak

But he still believed bakugo would love him..until he heard

“The nerd doesn't have to know”
“Stop staring at your hands, dumbass” bakugo said annoyingly, it was hard not to. They looked wrinkly, filled with scars.
They said hero scars are something you should be proud of, but his emotions always got the best of him

“Look–I keep telling you over and over, looking at them isn't going to change anything, god” Bakugo groans
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#bkdk, bkkm, ql!dk, ph!bk, ph!km
CW: angst, cheating mentions, insecure!dk
All is not as it appears to be, and some people will be super horrible in this one
So Izuku and Katsuki get into a relationship in their second year of middle school. Katsuki is absolutely confident
and secure in his feelings for his Deku. Katsuki can’t see himself spending any time with anyone else but Deku. He knows he wouldn’t be where he is now without Deku’s constant praise and admiration driving him to be better—/do/ better. While he probably won’t be someone who saves
everyone with a smile like All Might, he strives to hope that his presence will be just as impactful as his idol’s.

However, on the other hand, Izuku…isn’t as confident in their relationship. Now, it’s not that he doesn’t like Kacchan. Loves him with all his heart and soul, but
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toxic exes.

Izuku and him were never good at whatever they were doing.

This whole… relationship thing.
“Fuck, fine!” Katsuki shouted at the other. “Don’t come back running after me then!”

“Your ego is so big and it /reeks/!“ Izuku yells back. “Yeah? /My/ ego is big?” It sounded like a question, Izuku knew damn well it wasn’t.
In the next second a glass, filled with water flew across the room, hitting the white wall of their apartment.

Izuku gasped, staring at the big wet spot on their wall. His eyes were wide when he looked back at the other, green eyes filled with anger and rage.
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Need some laughs on the TL today and lil bit of drama so:

Katsuki didn’t MEAN to eavesdrop on Izuku’s conversation with Todoroki. He just forgot his water bottle in the locker room when they both stayed behind. 5 rows away from his locker. In a conveniently hidden spot.
“Why don’t you just tell him how you feel?” Shoto said making Katsuki freeze. Tell who how he feels? Was Deku having a disagreement with someone? Hah. Nerd never tells people when he’s upset with them.

“I..I don’t want it to ruin things between us.” Izuku said nervously.
“I don’t think it will. You should just go for it.” Shoto advised. Go for what?!

“L-like ask him out on a date?” Izuku stuttered.

Ask WHO on a date?! A date?! A date?! With Deku?!

“It couldn’t hurt.” The candy bastard reassured him.

“Umm…you really think he’ll say yes?”
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#bkdk Fluff Mpreg a/o/b A!bk O!dk ql!au

“Is this …? Is this what I think it is?” asked Katsuki, hands shaking and eyes wide in disbelief.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Is it? Dare he hope?
He looked up at Izuku, eyes brimming with tears and in wobbly soft voice, he asked again, “Are you serious? You’re not joking with me right?”

Izuku gazed at him with a tender look and answered in an equally soft voice, “It’s really happening Kacchan”.
Katsuki stood up suddenly from where his sitting and threw his arms around Izuku, hugging him tightly and shouted in excitement, “We’re having a baby? We’re having a baby! I’m going to be a father!”
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#bkdk, a/b/o, angst

Izuku loves Katsuki so much that he agreed to carry a pup for the blonde and his beta wife.

He tried to convince himself that the impending hurt was worth it when Katsuki placed gentle kisses on his growing belly.

At least he'd have an image to remember.
In the months that led to their child's birth, Katsuki was nothing but attentive. Massaging his tired shoulders, always willingly running to the store in the middle of the night for his cravings, and even assisting the greenette when he needed to waddle himself to the bathroom.
One fateful morning, when Izuku was once again suffering a bout of morning sickness, Katsuki was immediately by his side. Placing soothing circles on his heaving back and whispering small praises of how strong and amazing he was.

"Little gremlin is already giving his mommy a
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