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#BKDK AU Alpha!Deku Omega!Baku

After Deku found Bakugou in a mess of slick in the locker room, Deku had been worried why Bakugou hadn't returned to the dorms, they had mated right then after going delirious from Bakugou's delayed first heat. Deku lost all sense after seeing-
Bakugou slumped against his locker, black tanktop pulled up and caught behind his tits, pink nipples swollen, thick muscular legs open wide, his feline-like face red and miserable with lust, his pussy sloppy while getting fingered with two battle toughened fingers, and a dense-
Fog of sweet cinnamon pheremones that made every nerve and instinct in Dekus body neon flash the words "ONE TRUE MATE NEEDS YOU" in his mind. Both green eyes and red eyes were glazed over with desire, Bakugou raspily keened as he saw Deku stripping like a man on fire before him,
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Okay imagine omega Katsuki being given a soft blanket for the first time

(Cw: #bkdk / #dkbk, SFW, A/B/O)
Katsuki had never cared for that stuff—omega targeted items were always just sexist crap dressed in soft layers.
He was supposed to love sweet things because he was a dainty, helpless creature. He needed to be coddled and pampered with softness because omegas were weak🙄🙄.
But of course not every omega fit the stereotypes. People accepted that Katsuki refused to very quick after meeting him.
Though, they seemed to think it meant he *never* could.
Katsuki had to always be untraditional.
He’d never been treated gently, never been courted or spoiled.
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caramel & kacchan, gift for @bergbath
#bkdk sfw, angst w/ happy ending (cw for panic attack mention and symptoms)

The first time Satou made caramel in the dorm kitchen, Izuku had such an intense, visceral reaction to it he had to excuse himself back to his room.
His heart was throbbing in staccato bursts like he had just imbibed a gallon of coffee. Leaning back against the inside of his closed door, Izuku clutched at the front of his shirt. What was happening? Was he having a heart attack!? Izuku was too young for that!!
Although, Izuku lead a pretty stressful life. Maybe this was just the result of that. Yes, Izuku's anxiety and multiple brushes with death had taken their toll and he was left with the cardiovascular system of a seventy year old.
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Werewolf/Shapeshifter Katsuki x Human Deku

#bkdk #bakudeku #katsudeku

Katsuki knew he was going to die.

The young wolf tried to sense the Alpha and Luna—his parents, trying to smell them in the air if they were near. And fuck, they weren't.

He was definitely going to die.
He shouldn't have run to this side of the mountain, where the humans reside. But something had drawn him here, so much that everything in him tingle even though he was still young. And, as usual, Katsuki followed his instincts.
That was why he’d been distracted and like what his Luna thought of him, cocky. He smelled the hunters but ignored them because of that.

And now, he was being followed by those hunters. He could have outrun them long before now because he was still young, small and nimble
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#BkDk chastity cage, orgasm denial, gratuitous pet name usage.
Numbing cream? Is that a kink? It’s my kink.

Bakugou’s cock has been locked away in a cock cage for two months now. It’s been two whole months since he’s been able to cum and he’s starting to get a little desperate.
Izuku wears the key to unlock the cage around his neck on a simple chain, a constant reminder of just how much control he has.

Sometimes someone catches a glimpse of it and asks about its purpose. Izuku just smirks, fiddles with the key and tells them it isn’t important.
Two months without an orgasm and Katsuki is getting desperate. He’s frustrated, horny as fuck, and he just wants Deku to let him cum already.

Izuku smirks when he hears this. Katsuki is already on the verge of sobbing as he’s forced to watch Izuku stroke his cock
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Alright this thread is all thanks to @pinwi6 for sending me that tweet yesterday about an Enigma in an ABO AU which is a step above an Alpha??? Because, YES PLEASE.

#bakudeku #bkdk AlphaDeku x EnigmaKacchan ABO

"Izuku, you won't believe who I saw at the supermarket yesterday."
"Uh-huh, who?" Izuku absentmindedly responded to his mother, cellphone pressed against his check with his shoulder. He was only half listening to the conversation at this point as his eyes devoured the mission report in front of him.
Don't get him wrong, he loved talking to his
mother; he made sure to call her at least once a week. But being the number 1 Hero in Japan, the new Symbol of Peace, meant he was a busy man. A bit too busy to hear about small-town gossip in the middle of the work day.

"Bakugo, Mitsuki!"

Izuku nearly dropped the phone.
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#BkDk foodplay?

So, this was meant to be a short shitpost to send to someone on CC but I’m way too committed to steak porn at this point. So everyone gets to suffer through a badly written thing about Bakugou cumming on steak

(In my defence, I was *literally* asked for this)
It’s their third anniversary and Bakugou has been preparing all day. He knows that Izuku deserves better, he’s far from being a good boyfriend after all. Which is why Bakugou had dedicated himself to being the perfect boyfriend today.
Unfortunately Izuku hadn’t been able to take the day off, but that hadn’t halted Bakugou’s plans. From making Izuku breakfast in bed and preparing a bento for him, to sending him sappy texts about how amazing he is, he hadn’t made one mistake.
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#BkDK SFW Littlespace part two

Bakugou smiles. His smile is genuine and Deku can feel the corners of his mouth twitch in response. It’s not quite his usual beaming grin, but it’s the closest he’s gotten to one since he got home.

“Okay, let’s get you dressed first.”
Bakugou lifts him again, rests him against his hip and, in an impressive display of strength, he carries Deku to their shared bedroom like he weighs nothing. Izuku buries his face against Katsuki’s shoulder, hiding the blush on his face.
There’s nothing that makes him feel safer than being carried in Bakugou’s arms.
Bakugou places Izuku on the bed carefully and begins to rummage around their closet, looking for the specific items they hide towards the back.
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#Bkdk SFW Littlespace

When Bakugou opens the door to their apartment he expects to hear Deku. He expects to hear clattering from the kitchen, or the droning of news reporters on TV. He expects soft hums or maybe even singing.
He does not expect to hear sniffles, but he’s not surprised either.
Hero work is always stressful, but some days are worse than others.

He’d been stuck on paperwork duty, a punishment for trying to explode some reporter who had been prying too deeply into his private life.
However he’d still received some updates. Not enough to know what happened, but enough to know it was bad.
So really, maybe he should have expected this. Deku sat in the entryway, hero costume still on and knees pulled to his chest. Caked in grime and blood.
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⚠️ #BkDk Half Brothers ⚠️

Bakugou and Deku get together towards the end of their second year. They’ve been together for almost six months when they decide to tell their parents and figure it would be easier to tell them at the same time.
Izuku and Inko arrive at the Bakugou household for dinner. Both boys are nervous, Izuku holds Katsuki’s hand under the dinner table. Once the plates are cleared Katsuki clears his throat

“Mom, Dad... we’ve got something to tell you.”
He looks at Izuku, who smiles gently
Before continuing
“We’re dating.”

They expected disbelief, they expected shock. What they weren’t expecting was for all three of them to go ghostly pale.

Katsuki assumes it’s because of their history, and opens his mouth to tell them he’s changed, and that he truly loves Izuku
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⚠️ #BkDk Butler!Bakugou, Piss ⚠️

(I’m sorry this exists now, I have no excuse)

It’s not that Bakugou necessarily hates his job, he gets to live in Deku’s mansion, his food and general living expenses are paid for, and still he earns enough money to have quite a lot of savings.
Deku is a good boss. But sometimes he annoys the shit out of Bakugou. His dumb fucking smile, constantly saying shit like “Kacchan is so amazing!” Whenever he does something as simple as make dinner, like he’s doing it out of care and not because it’s part of his job description
Bakugou wonders sometimes, if he was really hired just because Deku got lonely. He won’t even let Katsuki clean without getting in the way as he tries to help.

But the thing that annoys him most is that Izuku gets so caught up in his work that he forgets to take care of himself
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#BkDk fucking machine

When Mei had asked him to test her latest invention, Deku hadn’t expected this
It’s impossible to predict Mei at the best of times, but he hadn’t even considered this a possibility
(He should have realised that anything is possible when Mei is involved)
Now him and Katsuki are left staring at the machine on his bed. It’s clearly a prototype, clunky and inelegant in a way Hatsume wouldn’t stand for in a finished product.

A motor turns a gear, which in turn moves the thrusting arm, on the end of which...
“That’s a dildo.”
Katsuki picks up the remote, pressing a button and watching as the machine starts up with a quiet whir.
“Deku, why is there a fucking machine on our bed?”
“Mei.” He says, like that explains everything. It does.
Bakugou presses some more buttons, watching it cycle between speeds
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#BkDk public sex

Every Sunday evening the entire class gathers in the common room for a movie night. Without fail, Bakugou grumbles about having to attend, but turns up anyway. Secretly, he loves movie night.
Not because he wants to spend time with his classmates, or because he enjoys the movies, but because every week he sits next to Deku.

They sit off to the side where no one will look at them, share a blanket, and press close together. It provides Bakugou with
the perfect opportunity to tease Deku. He allows his hand to rest against Izuku’s bare thigh, inching it up occasionally. He’s so glad Izuku attends movie nights in just an oversized shirt.
Normally his hand meets the fabric of Izuku’s underwear
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