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#bkdk a/b/o ฮฑ!k ฮฉ!D pregnancy lactation fluff

If Izuku is being honest, he feels some shame in moving back to Musutafu after living in Osaka for the past several years. It feels a bit like he failed to make it on his own, and now is crawling home to be closer to his mother.
Donโ€™t get him wrong, he is excited to be near her again, he loves her and had missed her terribly. But coming home because he got pregnant in the big city is not the fairytale story, he told himself as a kid.

Not really any part of his life so far has been.
Being both quirkless and an omega had been one hit after another. That isnโ€™t to say he didnโ€™t try! He worked very hard, but while UA and other hero schools said on paper that they accepted quirkless and omega students,
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#BKDK A/B/O mailorder bride...Male! Order...

Katsuki wiped the sweat from his brow as he finished plowing the fields. It was another scorching summer day and he needed the fields ready for planting in the fall...he hired a few local betas to help and they had earned there money
but at the end of the day...he still had more work which he was too tired to do...his own home was a mess with pots and pans piled high in the sink and dusty floors...his workers often teased him about getting an omega...honestly if he didn't find females so offensive he would
have done so a few years back...but at the same time...he was getting up there in age at of his yearly hires Eijirou left an omega order form pleading to get a companion...he sighed sitting at his lonely table with a meager meal...he didn't even have the energy
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#BakuDeku | #BKDK | NSFW | Smut | Witch AU | Witch!Baku | Familiar!Deku | ABO | Intersex Male Omegas | Omega!Baku | Alpha!Deku | #Bakuharem | More tags to be added Image
The sunlight filtered through the tall tree canopy from above, piercing through the leaves and sprinkling the pathway of the forest floor as the twosome gathered the flora and fauna, preparing for the journey they would undertake tomorrow. Bakugou was ready to embark homewards, +
but his companion, Midoriya continually stop and would gather additional material. He was one of those overeager types that had to over-prepare.

Right now, the familiar was kneeling as he pulled out his knife scraping dried moss into leaf pouch as he mumbled to himself. +
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BKDK NSFW thread!
TW: o/A dynamic & knotting, consensual underage sex (15/16); Alpha dire wolf Bakugo & Omega Holland lop Midoriya
Bakugo and Midoriya are not a bonded pair (yet), but Izuku wants to change that the night before the sports festival.
"Going home and resting sounds like the best plan." Bakugo rumbled, beckoning Midoriya over with a flick of his tail. "No use in pushing our bodies over our limits when the sports festival is tomorrow; we could hurt our chances of doing well if we're too sore and tired."
Izuku was reluctant, but knew Katsuki was right, and sighed, nodding his head.
"Okay, Kacchan," he said finally, drawing up beside the alpha; immediately being pressed to the wolf's side as they began to walk home, his huge paw perched on the rabbit's slender waist. "I'll let
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A hurt/comfort #bkdk thread ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š

Deku winces as the nurse finishes bandaging up the last of his wounds. He broke his arm (again), fractured a few ribs, and dislocated a knee.

His hero suit is tattered and stained with blood from his latest encounter with a villain.
โ€œYouโ€™re free to leave, Deku-san. Please do be more careful in the future. That fight looked like it really took a toll on you, and next time, you may not be so lucky.โ€

The pro hero grimaces, but manages to put on a polite smile, โ€œThank you. I will.โ€
The nurse frowns, โ€œThe city needs you alive and well. Make sure to take a few days off to rest.โ€

Deku bows his head in gratitude before he takes his leave. As he limps out of the room into the hallway, heโ€™s surprised to see Kacchan standing there with his back turned.
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so I woke up this morning in a soft (but #nsfw) PH #bkdk mood where Izuku gets hit with basically a โ€œfuck or dieโ€ type quirk in which the first person to touch the affected is the one who has to fuck them

but neither Izuku or Katsuki knew that so Izuku goes home that night alone
when he doesnโ€™t show up for work the next day, Katsuki, rightfully worried for his hero partner and friend, checks up on him during his lunch break

the sheer /terror/ he feels when he walks into Izukuโ€™s flat to see Izuku curled up on the floor, crying and shaking and still in-
-his hero suit, though it was unzipped and hanging off his hips, is downright /paralyzing/

Katsuki can only stare for a good few seconds, as his brain computes what tf heโ€˜s seeing, but the moment he hears Izuku whimper, heโ€˜s on his knees in a heartbeat
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#bkdk #BakuDeku #angst then #fluff
Breakup au (happy ending I promise)

Sometimes itโ€™s not always perfect being so much like your soulmate. At least not when youโ€™re both workaholics that are hard headed. That and one heated argument is what caused the split between the
Wonder duo. It was a messy break up that seemed to be the hardest it could have been the whole way. Deku couldnโ€™t stop crying while he packed up his things. Katsuki avoided the apartment for days till he was gone.

They both ended up taking a sudden leave of absence for a month.
Assuming the other could have the awful task of telling their friends and colleagues about the split. But instead everyone thought they had taken a vacation together. Their first day back was... hard. Seeing each other was so painful, and everyone was telling them how glad
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#bkdk #bakudeku
Ridiculously rich businessman Katsuki hasn't taken a day off in ages.

The bakusquad trick him into going to a stripclub to blow off some steam.

Sero buys him a lap dance from a pretty little green haired stripper who goes by the name Deku.

And Katsuki's HOOKED.
After the 3rd dance, he pulls out his black credit card and Deku leads him to the back room.

The bakusquad don't see him for hours after that.


Sero takes the last sip of his beer and sighs. "Let's face it, he hates these places, he probably sneaked out the back."
Kaminari's bored expression lights up and he points towards the private area.

"No. Way!" Kirishima laughs.

Katsuki stumbles towards them, a goofy smile stamped on his face, eyes glazed over, and hair dishevelled.

"So..." Sero says taking a good look at him. "Had fun?"
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#bkdk Just thinking about Deku getting hit with a Quirk that makes him forget Kacchan. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

He sees him at the agency after getting out of the hospital and he's like, "Oh hi, I don't think we've met. I'm Deku."
"Shut up, Deku," Kacchan says as he rolls his eyes and play-punches Deku lightly in the shoulder. Deku recoils and his green eyes grow wide. It's then that Kacchan notices the earnestness in them. /Oh shit/. He clears his throat. "Sorry about that. I'm...uh...Katsuki Bakugou."
"Well, it's nice to meet you, Bakugou," says Deku. His face says it's not very nice at all, not with a greeting like he'd just received. Deku was wary, sizing him up.

Kacchan winces at the sound of his surnamed coming from Deku.

"Don't...please...don't call my Bakugou."
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#bkdk #bakudeku

They confessed their feelings to each other one day after a
brush with death that had left them both shaken.

Well, Izuku confessed his feelings, Katsuki slammed Izuku against the lockers in the agency changing room and kissed him fiercly.
When they broke apart they were both so giddy and buzzed on adrenaline. The frightening events of earlier in the field, the ones that had brought them to this point were already becoming a distant memory.
They both looked very pleased with themselves, but Izuku noticed a seriousness in Katsuki's eyes that was difficult to read, even for him who prided himself on his Kacchan fluency. Izuku worried immediately that Katsuki would take it all back, not that you could take back a kiss
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Katsuki is a prince and Izuku is one of his manservants since, you know, being an artist doesn't exactly feed you when born into poverty. He's just grateful his mother's pleading had managed to get him into the palace at all.

๐Ÿ‘‘CW: possible dubcon due to power dynamics, #bkdk
Working within the palace was... different than Izuku had imagined it would be, but it wasn't altogether unpleasant. He certainly ended each day incredibly exhausted, but he was well fed and even provided with scraps of parchment and charcoal to use when not working. ๐Ÿ‘‘
With every passing day, the prince seemed more and more hellbent on pushing him to his limit with the most absurd, and frankly insulting, requests.๐Ÿ‘‘
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#bkdk #bakudeku

Ochako is finally dating Deku. Of course, she's over the moon about getting together with a guy she's been crushing on since nearly their first encounter. They have fun dates, enjoy each other's company,
and move fairly smoothly from good friends to something more without too much awkwardness. They're comfortable with one another. This is what she'd always imagined for them once it became clear they had feelings.
So why is it then that after only a few months she starts to feel that when he's with her he's not really /with/ her? He's not cold or distant or anything like that. He's still energetic and kind and fun to be around. But it's different from when they started.
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#bkdk #bakudeku

Pro Hero Deku's crush on his hero partner, Kacchan, is an open secret. Open it seems to everyone except to Kacchan himself.
People don't tease him about it because he's a pro hero after all. Most of the public find it endearing & their friends do too, though they don't understand why Deku isn't more forward. Again, he's a pro hero, after all.
"What? I do flirt!" Deku tells Ochako one afternoon over tea. She's trying so hard to be supportive, but she can't help but roll her eyes.

"But you've known him for forever and you've always had banter! How is he supposed to know the difference? Bakugou-san is very direct."
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#bkdk #bakudeku #ๅ‹ใƒ‡ใ‚ฏ

So 8.9 is ktdk day in fandom because of a pun on their names, but what if this was in universe as well? ๐Ÿค”

Imagine fans of pro heroes Deku & Kacchan swooning over it being their day making a big deal about it.
Images of them together are plastered all over the city and in depth news pieces about their history ("Childhood friends to rivals to hero partners?! What an inspiring story!!!") are running on T.V. for the whole day.
The tabloids are circulating more speculation about the nature of their relationship. Deku thinks it's all pretty cute and harmless. They are the Wonder Duo after all. But Kacchan is pretty surly about it and scowls extra hard every time their faces stare back at them from yet
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#bkdk #bakudeku

The first time Katsuki cooks for Izuku it's a complete accident. Or at least, it isn't planned. They're both working as freelance sidekicks and Izuku is working himself ragged, as expected. Katsuki notices the nerd with his head plopped down on the table in
the break room of Fat Gum's agency one evening, light snores escaping him. Katsuki sneers at the remnants of a microwavable meal on the table that already look and smell gross but now it's gone cold and obviously wasn't good enough for Izuku to finish eating, even after
a rough day of hero work. Katsuki removes the offending "food" from the table and throws it out, scrunching up his nose and rolling his eyes. He considers waking the nerd by throwing cold water on him, but when he looks closer at Izuku's calmly dozing face, he finds he doesn't
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#BakuDeku #bkdk #ktdk #omegaverse
o!Izuku, a!Katsuki //age gap

Izuku finished up getting ready for the ceremony. Beautiful sheer material draped over himself, barely leaving anything to the imagination. He is the epitome of beauty, smooth, tan skin,
dusted With millions of freckles. He is perfectly sun kissed due to his kingdom being located along a coast. A dazzling headpiece, decorated with jewels and flowers are place perfectly to not disturb his bouncing green curls.

Heโ€™s informed the neighboring kingdom officials have
Arrived. He gives a nod and stands heading to the main room of the castle.

Izuku takes his seat beside his mother, the queen. He canโ€™t help but eye the three people standing infront of them.

A yellow haired man, slender and kind looking steps forward and bows. โ€œI am
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#bkdk #bakudeku

Katsuki and Izuku break up in the midst of a heated argument with Katsuki saying he's really had it with Deku's self-sacrificial bullshit all in the name of protection and his inflated sense of nobility when there are a million other ways to win without fucking
throwing yourself into the most dangerous situation every damn time. What the hell happened to strategizing and consulting with your damn partner? Why even have a partner if you're just gonna make every stupid decision yourself? He's through being an accessory, a teammate,
when it's so clearly Deku is a team of one and their the 'Wonder Duo' in name only because Katsuki's feelings may as well not matter at all, especially when it came to near-death scenarios. So Katsuki slams the door of the apartment, leaving shell-shocked teary-faced Izuku
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#bkdk #NSFW

Prince Izuku is gifted a Prime Alpha slave for his 20th summer. Heโ€™s beautiful, with wild platinum hair, crimson irises, and a savagely muscled figure that flexed against the metal restrainments.
Royal Omegas are expected to take a mate at this age, but Izuku had always been more preoccupied with his studies. As he was to inherit his kingdom, it wasnโ€™t considered necessary to find a partner per say: but an heir was an obligation he could not avoid.
It was for this reason the allied state visited with this brute in towโ€”a prize from a recent conquest they had made in a far off continent.

Izuku was conflicted. The very idea of owning a slave filled him with disgust, but one look at the snarling beast made heat pool in
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Iโ€™m so late but here we go!
#twinstarsweek #TwinStarsWeek2020 #bkdk Day Four!
Summer Storms [Australia inspired]

Izuku stopped walking for a moment, to finally took in the view. It had been so long since he was home but the amazing green surrounding it never left his memory.
It was summer now, the flowers had already retreated, the colours now monochromatic, beautiful nonetheless.

One of the windows on the second floor was open, the white curtain flowing with the wind.
It seemed like a scene from a movie and if Izuku wasn't the one living it he would certainly believe it to be.

He started the path again, forcing his bad knees to climb the steep way faster, his feet having done the same route so many times before.
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๐ŸŽญ Body Swap AU ๐ŸŽญ

BakuDeku Pairing

โš ๏ธ Bullying, Maybe NSFW (weโ€™ll see how it goes lol~) (3RD YEAR UA)

#bakudeku #katsuku #dekubaku #bkdk #dkbk
Another day another night, everything was falling into a normal routine, just coming back from a long mission on his work study Izuku walked up to the dorms he opened the door and the first person he runs into on their way outside, was a wall of heat and burnt sugar aroma.
Bakugou stood down looking at Izuku. โ€œTch- welcome back Deku.โ€ He huffed and then proceeded to push Izuku out of the way, it was just before dinner time and this was about the time Bakugou would do he daily jog so off he went.

โ€œT thanks Kaachan.โ€ Izuku said as he watched
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#twinstarsweek #TwinStarsWeek2020 #bkdk Day Three! (a bit late)
Road Trip || Quirkless AU

Inspired by @KyuukaKoinu amazing Work โ€™Kacchanโ€™! If you read it you will definitely recongnize some scenes, if not, go read it!!!

โ€Look hereโ€
Izuku looked back from the water and smiled at the camera.

Surprised not to hear any silly or derogatory nicknames clear on his face.

Katsuki took one picture before setting the camera on timer and taking his place by his side.
Izuku was sporting that megawatt smile that did things to Katsukiโ€™s heart he would never admit.

He was sure he could provide for the whole hydroelectric station just looking at it like that.

โ€Say cheeseโ€

โ€Say murder!โ€
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#TwinStarsWeek #TwinStarsWeek2020 #bkdk
Day Two! Vacations || Future Pro Heroes
(Iโ€™m always mixing all the themes so letโ€™s continue)

โ€œIโ€™m sorry Kacchanโ€

Katsuki looked up from the car engine with a glare.
The same one he was giving the collection of tubes and metal shapes he had no idea how to fix for the last half an hour.

โ€What your sorry gonna do?โ€

Izuku shrugged, it was at least the tenth time he apologized but he also had no idea how to mend their situation.
โ€I could fly to the next town and ask for help?โ€

โ€I don't need help! I need you to stop destroying things! If it's not a bone you break is our car, or the front door, or the back window!โ€

As big as he was now as a pro hero, Izuku felt like his tiny middle school self.
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#twinstarsweek #bkdk #day1
Catching Fireflies || Fantasy AU

โ€œKacchan wait up!โ€

Katsuki looked back to find Izuku a good 30 meters behind him. He sighs but stops walking, crossing his arms to wait for his... Friend?

โ€For a stable boy, you have no staminaโ€
Izuku rolls his eyes and waits till he is close enough to answer.

โ€œFor a noble boy you have too muchโ€

Katsuki glares at him and restarts his walking, granted a bit slower this time.
โ€œIโ€™m not a noble boy. Iโ€™m a future knight and I must have enough strength if I want to be the best!โ€

Izuku kicked a rock on their path, choosing his words. Katsuki was his best friend but that didnโ€™t mean he was any less difficult to deal with.
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Ok so itโ€™s #twinstarsweek and this time I have a thousand prompts to work on and itโ€™s not one continuing story, so yeah! Letโ€™s do this!

#day0 #freeday #groundzero #bkdk
โ€œHey nerdโ€

Izuku turned from the window of their old classroom to look at Katsuki. He held his graduation cap in his chest, clenching it just hard enough not to crumple with his bad hand.

The other lied at the window edge, almost bending the metal.
Izuku must have caught on Katsuki staring because he relaxed his hold.

โ€What are doing here Kacchan?โ€

Katsuki closed some of the distance between them, staring at the ceremony unrolling on the school yard just as Izuku was doing before he came.
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