#ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo : analysis of the concepts of feminism, social classes & ceiling glass underlying the drama - a thread 🧵🐋🐳
In a world dominated by men, the 2 major law firms portrayed in #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo are both directed by 2 women, which is rare enough to be highlighted. Those 2 CEO seem to be very similar : 2 women graduated from SNU law school but also both heiresses of their companies Image
Those 2 women are, at the same time, role figures for YoungWoo, but also 2 potential maternal figures as she was raised by her single father. Her own grandmother despised her so YoungWoo didn’t have a positive female character to grow up with #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWooEp8
Despite a common social ground & path, both ceo are quite the opposite & have nothing in common, like the names of the firms. Bada means sea whereas san means mountain). Youngwoo’s father, as a farmer’s son (earth) couldn’t fit in this world neither #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
Even if he graduated from SNU law school as well, he didn’t have the social capital to fit in a world where the family & connections are fundamental. Soo Yeon (spring sunshine) is also the product of the social reproduction as her father is a judge. #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo Image
Youngwoo’s father made the promise to stay away from tae su mi’s world by working into non qualified jobs. His decision might have been resulted from the rejection he suffered. If he came from a wealthy & powerful family, he could have marry tae su mi #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
He was doomed to raise alone his child with special need. As a single father, he couldn’t build a love life neither. Youngwoo’s father said that they were 2, both against the world, but he felt very lonely because her asd. This man deserves the world #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo Image
Life is quite ironic because youngwoo choose the path his father once gave up to keep up. But Youngwoo, as a middle class woman on the spectrum, has to face many more difficulties than her own father did at that time #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
South Korea values tremendously the degrees from the best universities. As a graduate cum summa laude from SNU law school YoungWoo should have been offered to work in any law firms. But she stayed unemployed for 6 months, when all her comrades had a job #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
Why ? Because of the page 2 of her resume mentioning her asd. Those words shut the doors of all the companies she applied for, despite having all the qualifications, because of the discrimination whose disabled people suffer. It’s worldwide social issue #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
Even attorney Jung refused at first to work with her, because youngwoo wasn’t able to present herself in a common way. But Jung changed his mind as he was opened minded enough to recognize her value & worth #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
In a way, the drama is using att. Jung as a mirror for the viewers. We, all, have prejudices bc of our ignorance. That’s a fact. But we need to overstep those prejudices to judge the person for who she/he is & not only by the cover of the book. #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo Image
Att. Jung becomes YoungWoo’s protector as he values her as a professional & as a human being. He fully got how she was hurt by being dismissed by the client bc of her asd. So he didn’t’ processed her resignation & helped her to come back working #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
Still att. Jung isn’t perfect: he doesn’t see the misogynistic atmosphere built by Min Woo, when they shared their memories from military enlistment with the client. He stays cowardly silent when soo yeon confronts Min Woo about the anonymous accusation. #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
Junho is the only one who never judged youngwoo at first sight. When he saw her struggling with the revolving doors, he just said : «  those doors can be very confusing ». But he was quite surprised to hear she was a lawyer #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo Image
Junho is accustomed to differences as he volunteered in organizations, which makes him less judgmental & biased than others. He’s the only one who welcomed Youngwoo without second thought. That’s why he’s so special. Plus the facts he’s kind & handsome…#ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
Junho is working for youngwoo, which is also atypical as the jurists are generally women & the attorney men. But it’s never been an issue. as there’s no need for hierarchy btw them. Junho’s giving thoughtful insights to youngwoo on her social habilities #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
On the contrary, Min Woo is very sensitive to hierarchy & eager to please anybody who can help climbing the social lad. He’s clearly obsessed with youngwoo as he can’t beat her on the legal field. He attacks her bc of its jealousy & pettiness. He may come from an underprivileged
Family which may explain his hatred of nepotism. But its hate is only directed to Youngwoo, and not against the incarnation of the nepotism: hanbada & Taesan ceo
Hanbada ceo didn’t hire youngwoo by sense of justice, but to attack her long term nemesis. She’s using youngwoo to sway the king (wang) as it’s her only flaw. Youngwoo wouldn’t have been hired if she wasn’t tae su mi’s daughter, despite her skills #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo
It may question us about the discrimination in the labor market whose are suffering any ppl with disabilities, but different in general (skin color, sexual orientation etc) #ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo is questioning those issues but we, viewers, are the one who must bring answers
End of the thread 🧵

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