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#SriAurobindo #TheMother

Dear friends,

A thread for spiritual aspirants (please do read till the end and go through the attachments), immaterial of any caste, creed or religion, as

All of us have the Divine seed in us.

It is a matter of time(days, months, years or lifetimes) that it sprouts and reaches the ultimate goal, ie, meeting the Divine or rather as in Integral Yoga, being one with the 'One'.

And I am sure each one of us will be having that yearning to reach that higher calling.

I am sharing a small introductory booklet about Integral Yoga, which is easy to understand (but difficult to practice, though #TheMother's Grace and #SriAurobindo's Blessings make the work easy for the aspirant) and has no rule-bound or time-bound practices which other…

...Spiritual Yogas declare as mandatory practices. It is only the faith, surrender, sincere aspiration of the aspirant that takes him/her forward in this Yoga.

A brief but excellent video on the 'Overview of Integral Yoga' by Dr Alok Pandey, who is one of the senior Sadhaks of the #SriAurobindo Ashram -

Founded by #SriAurobindo and #TheMother, born Mirra Alfassa as a French citizen, but became an Indian citizen and the Spiritual Collaborator of Sri Aurobindo.

This Yoga aims at the transformation of man to a new species, ie, superman(following the ladder of evolution).

According to Darwin, man is the highest form of natural Evolution, however, this Yoga aims at Divinisation of Man to Superman. Its main practice, which the aspirant of Integral Yoga has to follow -

#SriAurobindo has formulated the personal effort as a triple labour of aspiration, rejection and surrender as follows:

(1) “ —an aspiration vigilant, constant, unceasing — the mind’s will, the heart’s seeking, the assent of the vital being, the will to open and make plastic the physical consciousness and nature;

(2) rejection of the movements of the lower nature — rejection of the mind’s ideas, opinions, preferences, habits, constructions, so that the true knowledge may find free room in a silent mind, — rejection of the vital nature’s desires, demands, cravings, sensations,…

…passions, selfishness, pride, arrogance, lust, greed, jealousy, envy, hostility to the Truth, so that the true power and joy may pour from above into a calm, large, strong and consecrated vital being, —rejection of the physical nature’s stupidity, doubt, disbelief,…

…obscurity, obstinacy, pettiness, laziness, unwillingness to change, Tamas, so that the true stability of Light, Power, and Ananda may establish itself in a body growing always more divine;

(3) surrender of oneself and all one is and has and every plane of the consciousness and every movement to the Divine and the Shakti.“

Other details are mentioned in the Booklet.…

Bon Voyage to all for finding Oneself amidst the hum-drum of daily routine life, in this one and the next one and the next and so on...

It may take many lifetimes, but reach we all MUST at the DIVINE's abode.

|| ॐ नमो भगवते ||

Some beautiful websites for contents on Integral Yoga -

(SAVITRI is the Magnum Opus of #SriAurobindo and the longest poem in English, 24000+ lines).…

The works of #TheMother ( 17 Volumes - )
#SriAurobindo ( 36 Volumes - )

are a veritable treasure trove and virtually impossible to read and comprehend in one life-time, though one book which every aspirant must read, whether one understands or not is SAVITRI, the DIVINE poem.

One can start by reading just one sentence(upto the fullstop) from the first page onwards, and if possible, one full page upto the last line fullstop (which may extend to the next page).

The importance of Reading and Listening to SAVITRI (link) -

Besides this link, one of the foremost devotees of #SriAurobindo and #TheMother. Sri Amal Kiran has mentioned this in one of his talks given to Students which is there in the attached Mother India (magazine of April 1971, pgs 177-179).

Some excerpts for reference -

In part of a talk to students of the Ashram school, Amal Kiran:
... I suddenly felt cured, made whole.

So I said to my friend:
“If you can read #Savitri all your inner troubles will tend to disappear. But you have to read it aloud to yourself.”

My friend was surprised.

“I have read #Savitri several times,” he said, “but I have never thought of reading it loudly.”

I explained: “That is the way to read it because the sound-significance is tremendous.

It must go into you through your ears.

You cannot just read it with your eyes – you have to read in a slow controlled voice bringing out the vowel-values, the consonant-combinations and the sound of the line as a whole.

It is then that the language sweeps beyond thought to stir awake deeper tracts in you: it is then that the Mantra will wing home to you.

And I can assure you that if you let it do so your undiagnosable damage will disappear.”

From ‘A Talk to the Students’, Mother India, April 1971, pp. 177-179.…

The current world situation is moving to the fruition of the five dreams (rather prophecies) of #SriAurobindo , one of which was the freedom of our beloved Motherland on His Birthday and the ultimate Global unification of mankind.

SRI AUROBINDO SOCIETY, PUDUCHERRY (SAS) has produced an animation movie on " SRI AUROBINDO , A New Dawn ", celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of #SriAurobindo and 75th Independence Day of India -

Please contribute whatever you can🙏🙏🙏

If you feel you are benefitted in some way, kindly spread the word in this most auspicious and Divine 150th Birth Anniversary year of #SriAurobindo and India's 75th Independence Day (आज़ादी का अमृत महोत्सव).
Attachments (1 to 4):

1) Divine Photo of #TheMother and #SriAurobindo…

2) Integral Yoga - Introductory booklet…

3) SAVITRI - pdf book…

4) MOTHER INDIA magazine (April 1971 issue containing excerpt of Amal Kiran's speech)…

#SriAurobindo #TheMother


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NO attempt at constructing a biography of #SriAurobindo can be free from a powerful inhibition exercised by the Master’s caution that nobody could write about his life because it had not been on the surface for men to see.

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