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1) Thoughts and Glimpses

Two Short Essays by #SriAurobindo from "ESSAYS IN PHILOSOPHY AND YOGA"

CWSA, VOL-13, Pg. 209-211

2) I feel these two essays summarize the events the world is undergoing in the present time, ie, the way we have lived our lives till now, and the way we shall live in future, due to the havoc caused by this pandemic. It is as if, nature found a way of cleansing itself.
3) According to #SriAurobindo ,

“All would change if man could once consent to be spiritualised; but his nature mental and vital and physical is rebellious to the higher law. He loves his imperfections.”

And also, “the greatest force is born out of the greatest difficulty.”
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#SriAurobindo – On Indian Spirituality and Life

The whole root of difference between Indian and European culture springs from the spiritual aim of Indian civilisation.
It is the turn which this aim imposes on all the rich and luxuriant variety of its forms and rhythms that gives to it its unique character. For even what it has in common with other cultures gets from that turn a stamp of striking originality and solitary greatness.
A spiritual aspiration was the governing force of this culture, its core of thought, its ruling passion.
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PM #NarendraModi remembers #SriAurobindo - whose birth anniversary is also celebrate 15th August - at the start of his #IndependenceDay speech.
#PMModiOnIndependenceDay As expectedly - PM Modi begins in his speech the #CoronaWarriors but also expresses his sympathies for families who have lost relatives to #Covid19
#PMIndependenceDaySpeech PM #Modi speaks of the need to renew our resolve as we approach the 75th anniversary of Independence. 4/n
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241.1)"(Mother continues reading from #SriAurobindo's "The Synthesis of Yoga", Pt.1 Ch.2, "Self-Consecration")

(—The difficulty of the task has led naturally to the pursuit of easy and trenchant solutions.. to separate the life of the world from the inner life—)"
241.2)"(Q—I haven't understood this:
"The powers of this world & their actual activities, it is felt, either don't belong to God at all or are for some obscure & puzzling cause, Maya or another, a dark contradiction of divine Truth")
It's a certain attitude which produces this.."
241.3)"..#SriAurobindo says it earlier, doesn't he? He explains it.
There is an attitude in which all material things appear to be not only not the expression of the Divine but incapable of becoming that and essentially opposed to the spiritual life.."
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238.1)"(Mother continues reading from #SriAurobindo's "The Synthesis of Yoga", Pt.1 Ch.1, "The Four Aids")

(—The Sadhaka of the integral Yoga will not be satisfied until he has included all other names and forms of Deity in his own conception—)"
238.2)"(X—I did not understand this)
Why? It says what it means. What is it that you don't understand there?..

(X—I don't understand the meaning)
But my child... You are told: there is only one reality & all that is is only a multiple expression of a single reality.."
238.3)"..Therefore, all the divine manifestations, all the forms it has taken in the course of time, all the names which men have given it, are only manifestations, forms and names of one sole, unique Godhead.."
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236.1)"(Mother continues reading from #SriAurobindo's "The Synthesis of Yoga", Pt.1 Ch.1, "The Four Aids")

(—Our sense of personal effort & aspiration comes from the attempt of egoistic mind to identify itself in a wrong & imperfect way with the workings of the divine Force—)"
236.2)"(X—Mother, I don't understand this)
What is it that you do not understand? The sentence or the idea?

(X—The idea, Mother.)
It can be put in very familiar terms.."
236.3)"..The individual being, and particularly the mind in it, have an instinctive repulsion to admitting that it's another force than their own small personal one which does things.."
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233.1)"(Mother starts reading from #SriAurobindo's "The Synthesis of Yoga", Pt.1 Ch.1, "The Four Aids")

(—Yoga-Siddhi, the perfection that comes from the practice of Yoga, can be best attained by the combined working of 4 great instruments:
- śāstra
- utsāha
- guru
- kāla—)"
233.2)"(Question—Sweet Mother, here: "Last comes the instrumentality of Time, Kāla; for in all things there is a cycle of their action and a period of the divine movement...." What is this period of the divine movement?)

For each thing it is different.."
233.3)"..For each activity, each realisation, each movement, there is a definite period of time, which differs.
There are countless periods of time which are entangled; but each thing is regulated by a kind of rhythm which is this thing's own rhythm.."
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232.1)"(Mother continues reading from "The Great Secret" - Monologue of the Unknown Man)

(—The present human consciousness will be replaced by a new consciousness, no longer mental but supramental..And this consciousness will give birth to a higher race, superhuman and divine—)"
232.2)"..When is it going to happen, eh? There. That's the question I was waiting for.

(To a child) What did you want to ask?
(X—What you said just now)

You see, I know how to read thoughts.
And so, if I were to say that it depends upon you?.."
232.3)"..It is not altogether true, but still there is something true in it.
I think that this will happen the moment there is a sufficiently large number of consciousnesses which feel absolutely that it cannot be otherwise.."
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228.1)"(Mother continues reading from #SriAurobindo's Lights on Yoga, Ch.4, "Work")

(—Work can be of two kinds:
the work that is a field of experience used for the Sadhana, for a progressive harmonisation & transformation...
& work that is a realised expression of the Divine—)"
228.2)"(—But the time for the latter can be only when the Realisation has been fully brought down into the earth-consc.; till then all work must be a field of endeavour & a school of experience—)

(X—"All work" is "a school of exp."?)
Yes..You don't understand?

(X—No, Mother).."
228.3)"..If you don't do anything, you cannot have any experience.
The whole life is a field of experience.
Each movement you make, each thought you have, each work you do, can be an experience, and must be an experience.."
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227.1)"(Mother continues reading from #SriAurobindo's Lights on Yoga, Ch.4, "Work")

(—One must have the same consciousness in inner experience and outward action and make both full of the Mother—)"
227.2)"(Question—Sweet Mother, when someone wants to do some work, is it better that you choose the work for him or that he chooses it himself?)
This depends on the point of view one takes.."
227.3)"..If it is from the POV of yoga & the person who wants to do the work, it is preferable to let him choose,
because he can be, e.g., under the illusion that he is capable of doing something & he isn't; or he has an ambition, he wants to..satisfy his self-love, his vanity.."
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223.1)"(Mother continues reading from #SriAurobindo's Lights on Yoga, Ch.3, "Surrender & Opening")

(—The turmoil of mental..activity has also to be silenced.. in order that the true knowledge & the true life-activity may replace or transform the activities of the Ignorance—)"
223.2)"(Q—What is "the true life-activity"?)
It is to express the Divine. That's the very reason of existence & life, its truth & its sole true activity.

(—If the inmost soul is awakened..then this Yoga can be done; else (by sole power of mind or other parts) it is impossible—)"
223.3)"(Q—Sweet Mother, here #SriAurobindo has said "It is impossible." Why? For you have said that nothing is impossible!)
Nothing is impossible in principle. But if one refuses to do what is necessary, obviously one cannot succeed.."
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"swallow up light" -This phrase reminds me of a passage frm #Satprem frm his book "On the Way to Supermanhood" & his "discovery" on the path of #SriAurobindo & Mother. Isn't the macrocosm a reflection of the microcosm?…
It is indeed a resistance. Death is a resistance to the law of Truth, to the ever-renewed flow of Harmony. Deep down, we are founded on the "rock of the Inconscient" (Rig Veda #SriAurobindo ) the Vedic Rishis spoke of, the rock that is perhaps the 1st moment when the
great Energy solidified, turned into matter, plunged into a dark contradiction of itself, "sank" into an inert stillness of its triumphant flow, lost itself in a black, motionless ecstasy that was like the inversion of its solar ecstasy on the summits. Those who have
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A thread on #SriAurobindo and the Future of the Earth
Sometimes a great wandering Thought sees the ages still unaccomplished, seizes the Force in its eternal flow, & precipitates upon earth the powerful vision which is like a power to make real what it sees. The world
is a vision growing real, its past & its present are not really the result of an obscure push from the womb of time, a slow accumulation of sediments that fashion us little by little-& stifle us & imprison us-but the powerful golden attraction of the Future pulling us
in spite of ourselves,as the sun pulls the lotus out of the mud,& forcing us to a glory greater than either our mud or our efforts or present triumphs could have foreseen or created.
#SriAurobindo is this vision & this power to precipitate the Future into the present.
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October 30
Birthday of #Satprem
Remebered his"message to the youth" The Great Sense written in French in 1969..addressed to students, to those who want to bring about the revolution of the future by the means of the future. A thread.

This is the time of the Great Sense.
We look to the right or to the left, we build theories, reform our Churches, invent super-machines & go out in the streets to break the Machine that stifles us-we struggle in the small sense. When the terrestrial ship is sinking, does it matter whether the passengers
drown to the right or to the left, under a flag black or red, or celestial blue? Our Churches have already sunk: they are reforming their own dust. Our patriotisms are crushing us, our machines are crushing us, our schools are crushing us, & we build more machines to
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9.1) Tarachand Barjatya (of Rajshri fame) was a devotee of the Mother & #SriAurobindo
Based on a spiritual experience during his youth, He was looking for someone who could bring the heaven to earth; & recognized that divinity in the Mother in His first meeting with Her in 1956..
9.2) Mother named him 'Dwij' (twice-born). With the approval of the Mother, He started the Aurofilms unit of the Sri Aurobindo Society.
Mother gave detailed guidance on the production of one of his most successful movies - 'Dosti' in 1964..
9.3) As Tarachand mentioned, 'Dosti was a miracle wrought by the Mother'. He kept making wholesome movies from then onward.
But in the 80s, Rajshri Productions went through a crisis when most of their movies began to fail miserably..
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Let us go through all the 1,028 Sūktas of the Rig-Veda based on #SriAurobindo's commentary, written for His journal 'Arya'.

Today marks the 105th anniversary of the announcement of Arya's publication (21 June 1914).
1) Hymns 1 - 6 (Verses 1 - 60):
Description of #RigVeda, Mandala 01, Sukta 001 to 006; with selected excerpt from #SriAurobindo's works
2) Hymns 7 - 13 (Verses 61 - 134):
Description of #RigVeda, Mandala 01, Sukta 007 to 013; with selected excerpt from #SriAurobindo's works
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@ARanganathan72 @TimesNow If India had understood #SriAurobindo better in June 1923, #Godse would never have become an assassin. And millions might not have died.

An extract, from my article (… ) details this:
@ARanganathan72 @TimesNow The #Godse saga shows how spiritually illiterate India had become in many ways. As long as this happens, there will be a price all Indians & Humans will pay.

Your statement here only strengthens that blindness.

#SadhviGlorifiesGodse is only because India ignored Aurobindo.
@ARanganathan72 @TimesNow Incidentally, Aurobindo led a group throwing shoes, assorted footwear & chairs at a Gokhale inspired hijacking of a Congress election in early 1900s. Gokhale, a pro-Brit force was a mentor to MKG. MKG hijacked the 1946 AICC election to foist JLN.
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"Music is a means of expressing certain thoughts, feelings, emotions, aspirations...
It is the origin of the music, the inspiration from beyond, which is important;
It is not purely the sounds, it is what the sounds express.."
- The Mother…
1) The Mother's Music

“Love is the key-note,
Joy is the music,
Power is the strain,
Knowledge is the performer,
the infinite All is the composer and audience.."

- #SriAurobindo, Thoughts & Glimpses…
1.1) The Mother's Organ

"I don't try to play music: it's simply a sort of meditation with sound.."
- The Mother…

Music - The Mother's Organ-play on 29th Feb. 1960, the first anniversary of the Supramental descent..
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On this day, exactly 141 years ago, our dear Mother was born in France.
Let us have a glimpse of Her life & Her presence throughout the world, until Her final stop in Pondicherry to join #SriAurobindo, after ~42 years.
1) The Eternal Birth:

On the morning of Thursday,
21st Feb. 1878,
at 10:15 AM,
the birth of Blanche Rachel Mirra Alfassa was registered at the 9th arrondissement of Paris, France.

Her Birth Certificate, as reproduced below, was read and approved 3 days later:
2) The Place of Her Birth:

The Mother was born at 41, Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, France. The Boulevard was named after Georges Haussmann, the famous prefect who had completely renovated Paris just a few years before Her birth!

But why France? The Mother answered years later:
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On this day, exactly 126 years ago, #SriAurobindo made a permanent return to India.
Let us try to follow his journey throughout India, until his final stop in Pondicherry after ~17 years..
1) Arrival in India (6th Feb.1893):

#SriAurobindo's ship arrived at Apollo Bunder, Bombay.
(Carthage, route taken --> London – Gibraltar – Port Said – Aden – Bombay)

After a long absence of ~14 years. Mother India welcomed Him with a vast calm..
2) 1st job at Baroda:

#SriAurobindo arrived in Baroda on 8th Feb 1893, & reported to work on 18th
(Land Settlement Dept, Monthly salary of Rs.200)
Impressed with him, the Maharaja later employed him in the Secretariat

A remarkable incident happened during his 1st year of stay:
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221.1)"(The Mother starts reading from #SriAurobindo's Lights on Yoga, Ch.3, "Surrender & Opening")

(—Talk of surrender or a mere idea or tepid wish for integral consecration will not do; there must be the push for a radical and total change—)"
221.2)"(—To seek after the Impersonal is the way of those who want to withdraw from life,
and usually they try by their own effort, and not by an opening of themselves to a superior Power or by the way of surrender—)"
221.3)"(Q—What does “to seek after the Impersonal“ mean?)
Oh! It’s very much in fashion in the West, my child.
All those who are tired or disgusted with the God taught by the Chaldean religions, and especially by the Christian religion.."
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As we are celebrating the effectuation of India's Constitution today, let us try to deconstruct the essence of that Constitution, the Preamble, with the help from #SriAurobindo's writings and conversations..
1) "WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a..."
Thus the Constitution derives its authority from the people..
An admirable declaration, but what is that source of authority that India has cherished from time immemorial?
#SriAurobindo answers:
2) "Sovereign"
Thus India is not under the dominion of any other state, but an independent nation free to determine her own journey..
But how to attain that original ideal of "Swaraj" which was the impulse behind Indian awakening?
#SriAurobindo answers:
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211.1)"(The talk is based upon #SriAurobindo's Bases of Yoga, Ch.5)

(—Illness marks some imperfection or weakness or else opening to adverse touches in physical nature & is often connected also with some obscurity or disharmony in the lower vital or physical mind or elsewhere—)"
211.2)"(Question—Sweet Mother, how can we make the body immune to every attack?)
Well, #SriAurobindo has written it later, hasn’t he?.."
211.3)"(—The absolute immunity can only come with the supramental change.
For below the supramental it is the result of an action of a Force among many forces and can be disturbed by a disruption of the equilibrium established..
In the supramental it is a law of the nature—)"
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"I shall leave my dreams in their argent air,
For in a raiment of gold and blue
There shall move on the earth embodied and fair
The living truth of you..."


(Art: Unknown)
"Storm is the dance of the locks of the God assenting to greatness..

Veiled in events he lives and working disguised in the mortal
Builds our strength by pain, and an empire is born out of ruins..”


(Art: Leslie Abraham)
"Yet all we dream and hope are memories treasured,
Are forecasts we misspell,
But of what life or scene he who has measured
The boundless heavens can tell.."


(Art: KaalChakra, Konark Sun temple)
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