Before Russia's invasion and since, Zelensky has abolished basic liberties: shuttered opposition media, outlawed parties, imprisoned dissidents.

As Ukraine demands money and arms from the West, they now want to export this repression to our countries with McCarthyite blacklists:
You can see the full Ukrainian blacklist, obtained by @unherd. Beyond the individuals listed above, officially maligned are @JeffDSachs, @RandPaul, former Brazil President @LulaOficial, Col. Douglas MacGregor, Caleb Maupin, Marine LePen and many others:… ImageImageImageImage
It takes extreme audacity for Zelansky and his henchmen to go around the world demanding other nations send massive amounts of weapons and money to him, then try to suppress dissent in our countries by smearing journalists and citizens who question. My full statement to @unherd: Image
I'll be on Fox with @TuckerCarlson, 8:30 pm ET, about the Zelensky Govt's secret list of "Russian propagandists" -- i.e., people such as myself, @RandPaul, @TulsiGabbard, @LulaOficial and others who dared question their demands for endless war support:

• • •

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Mar 27
LOL. Democrats have spent a decade accusing conservatives and anyone else who wants greater immigration enforcement of being monstrous racists. The AOC-in-White-Weeping fotos, etc.

Now Biden is campaigning on the ground he is the defender of greater funds for border enforcement.
Obama deported more immigrants than any president in history - including Trump.

Is there any limit on the willingness of Dems and liberals to be so blatantly lied to and manipulated like this over and over?

*Note the absence of recent AOC border trips.…
A reminder of when Democrats used to pretend to care about suffering at the border, "kids in cages," etc.

All of this is still happening. The only difference is there's now no political advantage from pretending to care and shed crocodile tears on TV:

Read 5 tweets
Mar 24
MSNBC today claimed - with a panel of non-Jews - that it's not only false but *anti-Semitic* to point out Soros funds were used to promote Bragg.

It's a disgusting exploitation of that term. Liberals constantly pointed out who Sheldon Adelson funded, and they had every right to:
The liberal-left always complained about how Sheldon Adelson funded GOP politics, influencing it to be more pro-Israel. That was true, just as it's true that AIPAC - like NRA, NARAL, etc. - are well-funded and powerful.

You can't use that critique, then place Soros off limits.
Soros has every right to spend his billions from currency "betting" and the like to donate massive amounts to political causes, as he does.

Exploiting "anti-Semitism" accusations to try to render off-limits any discussion of that influence is repellent, trivializing the term.
Read 4 tweets
Mar 23
The phrase "free speech" -- and, increasingly, the values it represents -- absolutely now codes as a right-wing marker in US politics.

At every relevant Congressional hearing I watched over the last 3 years, Dems explicitly defended various regimes of censorship.
Under Trump, when Dems controlled Congress, they repeatedly summoned tech CEOs and threatened them with reprisals if they don't censor more.

At the #TwitterFiles hearings, virtually every Dem --explicitly - defended Big Tech's collaboration with CIA/FBI:…
In the Cold War, the US Security State went around implanting right-wing regimes in the name of stopping the USSR, so the left hated it.

Now CIA's ideology is neoliberalism. John Kirby said LBTG is a key prong of US foreign policy. CIA hated Trump. Thus:

Read 4 tweets
Mar 23
The main wish inserted each morning into the prayers of every CNN and MSNBC host, and every NYT and WPost shareholder, is that Trump remain as prominent as possible.

Having him as the GOP nominee, then President again, is the jackpot. He saved their jobs and then made them rich:
Listen to @megynkelly on the absolutely vital role that @JoeNBC and @morningmika -- along with all other liberal cable hosts -- played in helping Trump win the GOP nomination. Their motives were highly self-interested and thus will repeat:

Obviously these people did everything possible to sabotage Trump while in office and then prayed he lost. That's all part of the drama. The point is they can't afford to have him go away.

Look every day at the headlines of these sites and shows. It's all Trump.
Read 4 tweets
Mar 22
The small problem with what @RepAuchincloss is saying here - China wants a system based on force, while the US wants one based on rules and democracy, and needs Brazil and other Global South countries to join - is that nobody outside a CNN studio believes this about the US:
The "emerging Global South countries" @RepAuchincloss names as ones that must join the US against China - given the US believes only in universal rules and democracy - is that (like Ukraine) most have had their democracies toppled by the US and thus view this claim as a joke.🤷‍♂️
I know that in the op-pages of the NYT and the Green Rooms of network and cable shows, the US is regarded all over the world as a beacon of democracy and "rules-based international order," but we have to confront the actual reality in the world:…
Read 4 tweets
Mar 21
Like most Dems, John Cornyn (R-TX) is accusing everyone opposed to the US proxy war in Ukraine of being Neville Chamberlain.

This was always a core neocon tactic: make sure Americans only know one historical event (WW2) and filter everything through it: Churchill or Chamberlain?
Every US enemy is Hitler. Every country neocons in both parties want to go to war with is Nazi Germany. There are no other historical events that exist.

Thus, you either support every new bipartisan war and be Glorious Churchill, or oppose it and get condemned as Chamberlain.
The fact that supporters of the US proxy war in Ukraine are the ones arming and funding literal Nazi militas such as Azov -- while accusing opponents of this policy of being Nazi appeasers -- is just one of those insane prongs of war propaganda too twisted to even dissect.
Read 5 tweets

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