#thread This is the #MalcolmXMovement statement on #JulianAssange & his related political camp. In summary: Assange is a hero of the alt-right; Assange is right wing & racist; Assange’s importance has been exaggerated; Support for Assange feeds into a white saviour mentality..
The Free Assange campaign is a key means by which the far right (likely with the aid of western intelligence) are making inroads into traditionally left-wing/ progressive/ anti-imperialist constituencies… Now to substantiate these points..
1. Assange is a hero of the alt-right: Here he is, for example, being used to ‘prove’ that social democracy can never work in multicultural societies: …cialdemocracy21stcentury.blogspot.com/2017/08/julian…
Wikileaks has, of course, been hailed by Trump repeatedly and Assange personally hailed by former KKK grand wizard David Duke. theguardian.com/us-news/news-b…
Trump strategist Roger Stone, who calls him a personal hero: foreignpolicy.com/2016/10/06/rog…
2. Assange’s own politics are right wing and racist Assange seems to identifiy himself as a rightwing libertarian (in 2013, Assange proclaimed, “The only hope as far as electoral politics presently ... is the libertarian section of the Republican Party.”)..
..which, with their hatred of social security and collectivism of any kind, is bad enough - but it’s worse than that. Assange still pushes the ‘white genocide’/ ‘great replacement’ theory so beloved of the farright, for eg: steemit.com/politics/@alas…
Wikileaks’ leaks of Clinton’s emails were coordinated with Trump’s campaign, which was being directly advised by Assange. see here: theintercept.com/2017/11/15/wik…
Think whatever you want about Clinton, but this particular leak was clearly designed and timed to bring Trump to power. Since then, he has met with Nigel Farage, and with the director of Cambridge Analytica.
In 2012 Assange set up the Wikileaks Party: “WikiLeaks aligned with far-right parties. One was nativist Australia First, whose most prominent figure was a former neo-Nazi convicted of coordinating a shotgun attack on the home of an Australian representative of Mandela’s ANC.”
Assange went on to attack the Green Party’s proposal to reform Australia’s harsh asylum laws. Even Assange’s eventual critics in the party sought to model it on the anti-immigrant 5-star movement in Italy. See here: theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
In a series of tweets quoted in the article in point 1 above, Assange makes the supremely dodgy argument that ‘identity politics’ are to blame for white nationalism, Trump, etc. Of course there is a critique to be made of bourgeois liberal identity politics. But ..
the implication is that anti-racism is to blame for the rise of Trump etc. As the author’s salivating response shows, this is red meat to Assange’s anti-immigrant, white nationalist fan base, and..
.. it serves to completely write out of history the role of colonialism, slavery, racist ideology etc in paving the way for Trump et al, instead laying everything at the door of ‘woke anti-racism.’
“If ppl on the Left wanted to halt n reverse the rise of farright white identitarian politics, then pragmatic solution is clear enough: support closed borders & immigration restriction, & work to create a sane Left that is purged of Cultural Leftism and its identity politics.”
3.Assange’s importance has been exaggerated. Supporters of Assange claim he exposed US war crimes in Iraq & Afghanistan. But those wars had long been exposed for what they were - brutal wars of aggression - long before wikileaks released their ‘collateral murder’ video in 2007.
These wars exposed themselves, but if any credit is due for bringing specific cases of torture and criminality to light, it is the courageous families of people like #BahaMousa, beaten to death by British soliders in Iraq. see, eg, redress.org/casework/the-b…
.. Instead, these Iraqi and Afghan heroes are largely forgotten #IraqiResistance #AfghanResistance #Moqawma #Intifada #WeLiberateOurselves #BlackPower, and therefore: 4, Support for Assange feeds into a white saviour mentality. And for all the above reasons…
5. The Free Assange campaign is a key means by which the farright (likely with the aid of western intelligence) are making inroads into traditionally left-wing/ progressive/ anti-imperialist constituencies. All support/victories to our BlackPower / third world resistance!
Related. Redfish’s central role in this global fascist industry.

• • •

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Jul 25
Neither Tankies nor narrow dogmatic Maoists. 😂
Tankies are arguably worse and more damaging cos they’re nearly all red-brown nutters.
‘Maoists’ can be batshit. But they’re actually harmless for the most.
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Jul 25
Stalin completely disagreed with Mao before 1949, and always supported the Kuomintang (Chinese nationalists) which, in-part led to the KMT massacring Mao’s forces. Mao just ignored Stalin’s nonsense and led his own thing to victory in 1949.
While Stalin was alive Mao never openly disagreed with him. He just ignored Stalin’s views in China and developed his own Red Army and Communist party etc. The two clearly didn’t like each other. Fake artistic depictions of their ‘friendship’ had to be made lol.
After Stalin’s death Mao said Stalin was “70% right, 30% wrong”, Mao probably thought worse of Stalin but he perhaps instrumentalised Stalin in his growing split with the USSR.
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Jul 25
Stalin’s popularity in India & SriLanka: is fascinating; true many ppl are named after him in the south but Stalin’s role w India is extremely contradictory. He demanded Indians unite w their Brit colonialists against the axis (hitler n Japan) in 2ndWW, all Indians ignored him 😂 Image
There was just NO WAY Indians who were engaged in an enormous protracted peoples war against Brit colonialism would suddenly about-face & embrace them against the Axis. And they didn’t. Some Indians despised the pro Stalin communists for this but many just laughed & ignored them.
So why the popularity of Stalin in India? It’s based on 1, the 1917 October revolution & first socialist state being a direct inspiration to Indians in their fight against Brits. Like many colonised people before 1917 we deludedly saw the French n American revolutions as models.
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Jul 24
#thread Presenting Paul Gilroy’s ‘Black Fascism’ (2000). Image
“In 1938 C. L. R.James wrote that "all the things that Hitler was to do so well later, Marcus Garvey was doing in I920 and I92I.” … “James later abandoned this prewar analysis but evokes controversial questions about Garvey’s UNIA..” Image
“Not my intention to undermine the extraordinary achievements of the Garveyite movement, nor to discount the v real anti black racism of euro fascists. But I do believe there are affinities between Garvey and the fascists .. Garvey might have agreed w this analysis” ImageImage
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Jul 21
Ken O’Keefe is a farright advocate who led in organising the ‘human shields’ to Iraq in 2003. Wildly known to screw things up there and then his meddling w Palestine after. Here you can see his radio show w former KKK leader David Duke. archive.org/details/bitchu…
Some good ppl did get involved w the human shields, but. Circa 2010 Also Ken Keefe & farright conspiracy grifter David Icke organise a new tv channel w the help of Press TV London. Called The Peoples Voice.
Ken O’Keefe’s dirty grift and antics get so bad in Gaza, Palestine that a campaign to expel him and keep him out of Gaza develops.
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Jul 21
#EricLevy has passed on at the age of 94. A Maoist communist, supporter of black liberation, former member of Black Unity & Freedom Party. We met him March 2020, he knew #ClaudiaJones personally and talks about her support for Mao here. #Vietnam #Korea #Mao #Stalin #Kruschev
Here #EricLecy continues to talk about his former comrade #ClaudiaJones and her comradeship with #PaulRobeson, Eric explains the meaning of the ‘African spiritual’ songs of Paul Robeson and Robeson’s attitude towards the USSR.
#EricLevy continues to talk about #PaulRobeson here, emphasising the importance of his songs and encouraging young people to listen carefully to the meaning of his songs. He explains after the Second World War there was a the turn to repression of McCarthyism.
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