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1/ What if....???#Thread on the alternate reality of the #quarantinelife What if this tweet thread by Donna @mona_cajun is accurate? If it is, it explains a lot of uncertainty and actions we have seen juxtaposed against a failing stock market and even worse bond and treasury
2/ market in the last several weeks. recalls the missle alert that sounded off in Hawaii on 1/13/18? It was said someone pushed the "wrong button"...and I have a bridge to sell you. Come on!That same day, a "hackathon" event was being held in a bunker in
3/ Hawaii by Iranian billionaire who started eBay and owns The Intercept, Pierre Omidyar. Guess who worked for him? Edward Snowden..the man who is living in "asylum" in Russia.. (more on that later). The hackathon was held at Kunia camp which is where Snowden worked back in 2013
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‘Hats Off to Dev Sahab’

Dev Anand and his hats 🎩 🧢

(1956) Funtoosh - Dev Anand, Sheila Ramani
“kanchi re , kanchi ..”

(1971) Hare Rama Hare Krishna - Dev Anand, Mumtaz
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How is this not blowing up? I’m truly confused. This IS the countdown March 16 [15 days], April 1st [10 days], April 10th [5 days], April 15th [4 days]...I’m guessing the [3] marker would be April 19th, [2] marker April 22nd, [1] marker April 24th.
April 25th! Red carpet roll out
I think each marker corresponds to certain 1 by 1 layer @realDonaldTrump plans on removing as if he’s diffusing a bomb. Each part of the countdown corresponds to each major domino. We know the #FederalReserve is [4] if this theory is true & will happen on April 19th. Ahhh
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OK. QB numbers #Thread #3 of the day.
[show me what a great Friday you're having with a high-energy, positive LETS GOOOO gif].
The Chargers.
It seems like Tyrod Taylor is getting the first shot right?
I still think it's weird they haven't gone after Jameis, Cam or Dalton.
But there's plenty of time.
No point grasping.
Here's Tyrod in my tool.
Very, very pedestrian.
A low [and dropping] yds/attempt.
And mostly just average across the board.His skillset of deep passer / running QB was good in 2015/16.
But we haven't seen much since then.
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#Thread on evidences shree Ram and Ramayana

On 12 September 2007, congress said in SUPREME COURT that there is no HISTORICAL evidences of Shree Ram and said, ‘Ram is a MYTHICAL character.

Really? Have a look-
1. There is government committee in Sri lanka named “Ramayana research committee” whose chairmen is Ashok kainth, and was formed to research specifically about ramayana. They claim that have found-

a) lord Hanuman footprints in Andhra pradesh and srilanka.
Similar foot prints have been found through out the asia.

b) In Ramayan, it is mentioned that the Ram Setu was built by Stones and these stone starts Floating on water by touch of Nala & Neel. Some such stones were scattered at Rameswaram during the Tsunami, these stones still
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I shared thoughts on the first 8 teams QB situations this morning.

This is going to be the #Thread thread for the next 8...
The Cowboys are up first.
So here's a look at Rayne Dakota Prescott.
He's one of the layers that has pleasantly surprised me.
According to the way I measure and grade he's been consistently excellent.
His 2019 ranked 31st of 376 qualifying seasons [100+ attempts].
I'm not sure people realise how good the 2019 Cowboys offense were in yardage terms.
They had the 3rd most offensive yards of any team in the last decade.
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#THREAD AS mengalami lonjakan kasus Covid-19 sama seperti China, Italia, dan Korea Selatan. Jika Bill Gates jadi presiden AS, bagaimana cara dia lawan corona?

#BillGates #AS
Mantan CEO yang saat ini menjabat sebagai Komisaris Microsoft, Bill Gates, mengatakan jika dirinya menjadi presiden ia akan memprioritaskan orang di Amerika Serikat (AS) untuk mengisolasi diri di rumah selama pandemi Covid-19.
Melansir dari CNBC, Jumat (27/3/2020), saat ini 179 juta orang di 18 negara bagian, 31 wilayah dan 13 kota sedang didesak untuk tetap di rumah, menurut penghitungan New York Times.
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Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has called for immediate decongestion of all the Correctional Centres in the country as a measure to ensure that the Coronavirus disease, otherwise known as COVID-19 does not find its way into any of the Centres. #PTFonCOVID19
Ogbeni Aregbesola made the call during an emergency meeting held in his office in Abuja on how to manage the Custodial Centres of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) during the COVID-19 Pandemic. #PTFonCOVID19
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#THREAD Pemerintah Kota Tegal memutuskan untuk menutup total akses ke wilayahnya (lockdown) selama empat bulan ke depan. Apa dampaknya ke ekonomi?

Ini dilakukan untuk mencegah penyebaran virus corona atau COVID-19. Local lockdown ini akan diterapkan pada 30 Maret 2020 dan berakhir 30 Juli 2020.
Direktur Riset CORE Indonesia Piter Abdullah mengatakan, lockdown akan berdampak besar pada ekonomi Tegal sendiri. Sebab, aktivitas ekonomi akan menyusut. Namun, dia bilang lockdown di Tegal tak memberi dampak besar pada ekonomi nasional.
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The Saudi Govt warned of the possibility of cancellation of this year’s Hajj because of the #coronavirus. If it happens it won’t be the first time Hajj was stopped, for different reasons ranging from plague, war, banditry etc
#islam #history
We pray Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) bring an end to the Pandemic before the Hajj season ameen.
I will list some of the years and reasons Hajj was stopped in the past.
865 CE massacre at Arafat:
Corresponding to 251 AH:
Ismail bin Yusuf, known as Al-Safak, who led a rebellion against the Abbasid Caliphate, massacred pilgrims that gathered at the Arafat Mountain near Mecca, forcing the cancellation of the Hajj.
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Hello Twitter
On entend parler de l'exploitation des "données mobiles" ces derniers temps, essayons de voir de quoi il s'agit vraiment. #thread 🔽
#Spoiler Il y a peu de chances que ces données statistiques permettent d'espionner tout abonné malgré les inquiétudes de certains
Sur 1 réseau mobile, 2G comme LTE, transitent les données abonnés (voix, data...) et aussi les messages de fonctionnement du réseau: la signalisation.
Ils permettent d'établir des appels, identifier les mobiles à la connexion MAIS ne remontent pas la position gps par exemple.
Les messages de signalisation identifient rarement les terminaux et jamais les personnes.
Il n'y a nativement pas d'endroit où toute l'activité est conservée. Vouloir analyser 1 situation ou retracer le parcours d'un utilisateur implique de capturer cette activité au fil de l'eau
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The impact of #COVID19 on democracy, a #thread. There is a lot of discussion of this but some is a bit simplistic. We need to distinguish different mechanisms through which this works. I can see at least three. (Anyway wants me this up just DM me) 1 #COVID2019 #protectdemocracy
The most obvious mechanism is that authoritarian leaders use #COVID19 to ban rallies and protests, and in some cases cancel elections, eg by declaring states of emergency. We might call this the covid *sleight of hand*, which is used by authoritarian regimes in trouble 2
A less obvious mechanism is that authoritarian leaders simply do more oh what they have always been doing in the knowledge that no one is paying attention. In other words for these leaders #COVID2019 represents a good period to bury bad news. These are *corona opportunists* 3
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Unsere Einschätzung und Beobachtungen zur "Zerschlagung" des extrem rechten AfD-Flügels mit Augenmerk auf regionalen Akteuren.
#NoAfD #NoNazis #FluegelGate
Zunächst: Wenn Meuthen nun fordert, "institutionelle Strukturen" des Flügels zu "zerschlagen" und sich als großer Flügel-Gegner aufspielt, so ist dies Heuchelei. Über Jahre besuchte er die extrem rechten Kyffhäusertreffen des Flügels und unterhielt enge Kontakte zu ihm.
Im #Flügel und bei seinen Treffen verschmelzen die Grenzen zwischen #AfD & extremer Rechter. Oder besser: Es kommt zusammen, was zusammen gehört. Ellen Kositza, Frau von Götz Kubitschek sprach beim Kyffhäusertreffen 2019. 2020 fand es sogar bei diesen in #Schnellroda statt
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#Thread on RAJA BHOJ

“Kehte hain jab sabko ye lagta hai ki ab kuch nahi kiya ja sakta, tabhi kartab dikhaane ka sabse sahi samay hota hai aur wo kartab bhi itihas ke panno me humesa k liye shamil ho jata hai”

Raja bhoj is the best example in this context
Raja bhoj was not only among the greatest of all the all time but he was also a great poet, a great writer, a true devotee of lord Shiva and one of the most knowledgeable kings of the indian history.

There have been more kings in the name of Bhoj like Mihir Bhoj.
Here we are talking about the King Bhoj, who made Dhar his capital. He was born in 980 in Ujjaini, the city of Maharaja Vikramaditya. King Bhoj Chakravarti was a descendant of Emperor Vikramaditya.
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People from around the world are joining #InMyPower, a movement using the language of #SelfManagedAbortion to increase awareness about medical abortion. For some countries like Australia it can be prescribed via telehealth consultation, for others it is less accessible. #Thread A teal background with white text: Abortion is Normal and the hashtag In My Power.
In Australia, as movement decreases due to isolation measures, access to medical abortion via telehealth will be critical to the prevention of unsafe abortion. #InMyPower. Read more at:…
In Australia, it’s #InMyPower to access abortion via telehealth in every jurisdiction but South Australia. In order to enable National access to abortion throughout the pandemic, South Australia will need to remove barriers to telehealth provision. @SA_AAC ⚡️
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GURU DATTATREYA is regarded as universal Guru & considered as an aspect of of devine trinity of Brahma Vishnu & Mahesh.
The name Dttatreya derived from two Sanskrit words, Datta(means given)& Atreya(refers to the sage Atri,the biological father of Guru Datta
He is shown with three head & Six hand. One head each for Brahma,
Vishnu &Shiva.His hands holding japamala water pot of Brahma, conch and Sudarsan chakra of Vishnu & Trisula and drum of Shiva .
Dattatreya emerge as a Teacher of yoga and Tantric traits but he is

Considered more of a God today.
He was born to Sage Atri and Mata Anusuya.They prayed to the Trimurti for a child. As the trimurti pleased with them ,granted the boon and Dattatreya born with the qualites of all the three Gods.
@hathyogi1 @_Aadishaktii
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AAP MLAs ensuring that nobody stays hungry during the lockdown period. Some glimpses of these efforts.

MLA @raghav_chadha distributing food to needy people in Rajinder Nagar
MLA @KuldeepKumarAAP reaching out to those in need.

In Kondli, MLA Kuldeep Kumar and his team provided ration to the those in need.
MLA @aapkibandana distributed ration and served food to the distressed people in her constituency Shalimar Bagh.
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विषय:- भाषण कौशल्य by (विनय सहस्रबुद्धे @vinay1011 )
भाषण कौशल्य यावर आत्ताच विनय सरांचा फेसबुक लाईव्ह हा उपक्रम झाला !
खूप महत्वाचा असा विषय सरानी हाती घेतला आणि उत्तम भाषण करण्यासाठी काय काय मुद्दे असले पाहिजेत या विषयी सांगितले.
त्याच मुद्द्यांचा हा थ्रेड!
१.उगाच भाषण करायचं आहे म्हणून भाषण करणे अयोग्य,भाषण कर्त्याला व्यक्त होणे आवश्यक,आपले विचार हे श्रोत्यांना कळले पाहिजेत या साठी प्रयत्न भाषणकर्त्याने केला पाहिजे !
२.फक्त नेता होण्यासाठी भाषण नाही तर चांगला नागरिक होता येणं या साठी विचार मांडणं आवश्यक !
३.चांगलं बोलता येणं,मग ते भाषण असो अथवा संभाषण,१००० माणसांसमोर असो किंवा घरच्यांसमोर हे अत्यंत महत्वाचे आणि हि आयुष्याच्या यशस्वितेची किल्ली !
४.छापील भाषण याचा उपयोग शाळे पुरता ठीक!पण मुद्दा मांडणे अत्यावशक !
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Hotstarல அதுவும் Premiumல இருக்குற Movies, Shows எல்லாம் freeயா பாக்கணும், அதோட Sunxt, Voot, Zee5லருக்குற Moviesம் freeயா பாக்கணும், முடிஞ்சா எல்லா LiveTVகளையும் ஒரே Appலயே பாக்கணும்.

அதுக்கு நீ IPTV supported Thop TV, Oreo TVல தான் பாக்கணும்.
ஒரே Appல Live Channelகளான Sun TV, Vijay TV,
5000க்கும் மேற்பட்ட படங்கள், சீரியல்கள், English Hollywood movies, web series with subtitlesன்னு எப்புடி பாஸ் பாக்கமுடியும்ன்னு நீங்க யோசிச்சா
முடியும் பாஸ்ன்னு ஆர்யா மாதிரி ஆஜராகுறது தான் IPTV.
Internet Protocol Television Network பற்றி கேள்விப்பட்டிருக்கிறீர்களா? DTH அடுத்த அசுர பாய்ச்சலுக்கு ரெடியா IPTV இப்போ ரெடியாகிட்டு இருக்காப்ள. IPTV குடுக்குற தைரியத்துல தான் அம்பானியே 4K TV தாரேன், Jio FDFSன்னு அளந்துவுட்டுக்கிட்டிருக்காப்ள.
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Bon, vous savez quoi, on va parler de Raoult, encore. Oui, moi aussi j'en ai marre, et ça me désole, mais là j'ai juste pas le choix, franchement. #Thread

Le monsieur vient de sortir une tribune sur Le Monde. (…)
Alors hier déjà, j'ai découvert le discours de Raoult sur l'histoire des sciences, via cette vidéo ().

Et j'avais été suffisamment choqué pour commencer une base de thread, mais avec la tribune je fais d'une pierre deux coups.
Je suppose que je peux au moins remercier Raoult de m'avoir fait découvrir Paul Feyerabend, un philosophe et historien des sciences dont j'ignorais tout jusque là.

Alors évidemment je n'ai pas lu tout Feyerabend depuis hier, et si je dis des bêtises faites-le remarquer.
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கடவுள் துகள் என்று அழைக்க படும் ஹிக்ஸ் போஸான்கள் (higgs boson) பற்றி கேள்வி பட்டு இருப்பீர்கள். அவைகள் மொத்த பிரபஞ்சத்தையே ஒட்டுமொத்தமாய் அழித்திடும் ஆற்றல் கொண்டவை தெரியுமா ?
ஒரு பெரிய விண்கல் வந்து மோதி பூமி அழியும் என்று சொன்னால் நம்பலாம். ஆனால் கண்ணுக்கு தெரியாத அணுவுக்குள் ஒளிந்திருக்கும் தம்மாதுண்டு துகள் அதுவும் உலகத்தை கூட அல்ல மொத்த பிரபஞ்சத்தை அழிக்குமா எப்படி ?
அதை பற்றி தெரிந்து கொள்ளும் முன் இந்த ஹிக்ஸ் பூஸான் என்பது என்ன சமாச்சாரம் என்பதை கொஞ்சம் பார்க்கலாம்.

ஒவ்வொரு பொருளுக்கும் நிறை, எடை என்று இரண்டு குணங்கள் இருக்கின்றன. எடை என்பது பூமியின் கவர்ச்சியால் ஏற்படுவது. இது இடத்துக்கு இடம் மாறுபடும்.
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#Thread: With #China gunning for aircraft carriers, #USNavy says it must change how it fights

“Our fleet is too small, and our capabilities are stacked on too few ships that are too big. And that needs to change over time"

A great read👍…
Just because China might be able to hit U.S. Navy aircraft carriers with long-range anti-ship missiles doesn’t mean carriers are worthless, the service’s top officer said Thursday.
The chorus of doom and gloom over China’s anti-access weapons is too simplistic, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday said, but that doesn’t mean the Navy should refrain from adjusting the way it fights.
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#Hezbollah announced a huge plan to combat #CoronavirusPandemic in #Lebanon. The plan is as follows:

More than 24,500 people (doctors, nurses and aid workers) who work in the health sector contribute to this plan.
According to the head of Hezbollah's executive coucil Sayed Hachem Safieddine:
"The plan is compatible with the plan prepared by the Lebanese Health Ministry to combat coronavirus and doesn’t contradict with it. All our measures correspond with that of the ministry.”
A number of hospitals have been rented by Hezbollah and have been prepared to be used when necessary.
The Resistance movement has also prepared 32 medical centers across the Lebanese territories as part of the efforts to combat #CoronavirusPandemic.
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#Thread :
कोरोना को बिल्कुल भी हल्के में ना लें।
दिल्ली में एक महिला से 7 लोग कोरोना संक्रमित हुए हैं। 800 से ज़्यादा लोगों को Home quarantine किया गया है। (26 मार्च,11 AM)

#Covid19 कैसे चेन बनाकर, एक-एक करके लोगों को अपनी जद में ले लेता है, समझिए 👇


19 फरवरी - 38 वर्षीय महिला अपने 19 साल के बेटे के साथ साउदी अरब गईं
10 मार्च - वे अपने बेटे के साथ भारत वापस लौटी। उन्हें उनका भतीजा एयरपोर्ट से पिक करने गया, जो अभी isolation में है
12 मार्च - महिला को खांसी बुखार हुआ, मोहल्ला क्लीनिक में जाकर डॉक्टर गोपाल झा को दिखाया (2/8)
15 मार्च - महिला को ओला कैब के जरिए GTB अस्पताल ले जाया गया। परिवार वाले जिस ओला कैब से महिला को अस्पताल ले गए यह ड्राइवर भी isolation में है। GTB से महिला को RML अस्पताल भेज दिया गया।
17 मार्च-- महिला कोरोना पॉजिटिव पाई गईं

#StaySafeStayHome (3/8)
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