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#Thread on what I understood of the #AyodhyaHearing #RamMandir case so far, and why I think verdict should be with Muslim party or amicably distributed among all.
In entire 40 day period only fact proven beyond doubt is that a mosque existed for 450 yrs, destroyed on Dec 6, 1992. Everything else is faith based, lacking scientific evidence. A principle of law is, you cannot benefit from your own malafide act (in this case, babri demolition)
The Hindu party's claim dating back to 1886 is that #Ayodhya is believed to be birthplace of Lord Ram (a deity as per Ramayana a mythology). Archaeologists discover historical facts based upon excavations but nothing found in Ayodhya proving Ram as real biological person.
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In a bid to curb leakages and ensure efficiency in the management of Govt resources, President @MBuhari has approved for immediate implementation, additional cost saving measures aimed at instilling financial discipline and prudence, particularly, in the area of official travels.
Henceforth, all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) are required to submit their Yearly Travel Plans for statutory meetings & engagements to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and/or the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation...
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My boss used to say that I'm a good learner and so I rarely make the same mistakes twice. #Thread
It's because my mind does this weird thing. I take a pictorial snapshot of important events and can recollect the feelings and sensations years later, as if they happened yesterday. I remember Ebenezers; life's memorials.
I vividly recall when I realised that certain values were becoming rare in Nigeria. Concepts like hard work, diligence, loyalty, love, honesty etc. It was 10 years ago.
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1/ We've seen many posts by Muslims asking why #ExMuslims keep talking about Islam. So we wrote this thread to address the misconceptions around #ExMuslims.

The next time someone asks this question, point them here.

#AMSA #Thread
2/ "You've left Islam, so why keep talking about it? Why not just move on with your life?"

This one is common. The short answer is: many of us would love to move on with our lives. Only we can't because the people around us won't let us
3/ For us in Muslim communities, we're surrounded by Islam.

Our friends are Muslim, our families are Muslim, some of us are even married to Muslims. Coming out means telling people we care about. Depending on the community, we could get ostracized completely or physically harmed
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GIORNO 8 (16/10/2019) – Ore 09:30

#Serekaniye resiste ancora, aggiornamenti da Kobane e Tal Abyad, ultimo bilancio 78 morti e centinaia di feriti (paziale)

#Thread #Rojava #SDF
Dopo 8 giorni di attacco via area/terra, l’esercito turco ed i suoi alleati jhiadisti, continuano a non riuscire a penetrare nella città di confine di Serekaniye.

Nella tarda serata di ieri l’esercito turco ha lanciato un violento attacco accerchiando la città da 3 assi, con largo utilizzo di truppe di terra, artiglieria pesante e molti raid aerei, anche sul centro città.
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Ancient India was not only a land of philosophy and religion but also a fertile ground for science and technology. Many great sages authored vast literature on science and technology.
Of which sage Bharadvāja’s Vaimānikaśāstra is one of the most renowned and relevant texts, even during this technological peak of twenty first century.

There is mention of the usage of aircraft in the Indian epics, Rāmayāna and Mahābhārata.
As mentioned in the Rāmāyana, Ravana used puspakavimāna, which had been captured from Kuvera. However, Rama took charge of this aircraft after killing Ravana and used it to reach Ayodhya along with Lakshmana, Sītā & others.Gavopākhyāna in Mahābhārata,also talks of using aircraft.
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What is the difference between a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst?

Both work with data, the difference is what they do with data and the tools they use.

Also, are these the only careers in data?

A #Thread on data careers and the skill sets you need for each.
1. A Data Analyst identifies and extracts meaningful insights from a given pool of data. They are mostly referred to as Junior Data Scientists as most entry-level folks pursuing data science careers, start off as data analysts.
2. The job of the data analyst mostly involves data pre-processing, data representation/visualization, and reporting. A data analyst may not be directly involved in decision-making, but provides insights that drive this. She/He answers the What and Why questions from data.
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Curious About Why That Your 'Less-Talented' Friend Makes Impact And Money More Than You?

Then, Read This.

This post was inspired by @ronaldnzimora

Last year, I was having a conversation with a friend that was about starting her Master's Degree.

Suddenly, our conversation dived into analyzing 3 categories of people.

First, we have the stinkingly rich folks - they may even look unintelligent educationally, but they run countries, counties, states, communities.

For example, politicians, rulers, fortune 500 leaders, etc.
Secondly, we have the barely surviving folks - gosh, they are schooled (with good, fair and poor grades/certificates), they complain about the rich folks and how they steal all available money.

For example, teachers, doctors, bankers, etc.
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(menumbalkan diri sendiri)

#thread #horror #TrueStory #wadaldiri
Sembari nunggu saya nulis, sila di Like & di RT #wadaldiri
Cerita ini berdasarkan kesaksian dari pak suwondo (nama samaran) yg mana beliau adalah sahabat/teman dekat sang "Pelaku Pesugihan" (sebut saja Pak Supardi) #wadaldiri
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Recently back from the @CareQualityComm launch event for #StateOfCare 2018/19.

Full report is here:…

But if you're short on time here's my take on the key points.

Sound the #thread klaxon /1
Most media coverage I've seen focused on A&E departments (see example below).

That's an important story (discussed below) but it doesn't feel radically new - we get a lot of data on A&E every month via @NHSEnglandStats /2

More people are going to A&E but that's largely been driven by attendances at minor injuries.

The bigger problem is the growth in emergency admissions, which suggests more patients with more severe or complex needs:…

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GIORNO 7 (15/10/2019) – Ore 10:30

#Serekaniye totalmente sotto contro SDF, scontri ad ovest di #Kobane, vittime civili a #Manbij, la mezzaluna rossa curda lancia un appello: "disastro umanitario".

#Thread #Rojava #Siria
E’ stata una nottata di resistenza quella appena trascorsa nella Siria del Nord. La città di Serekaniye, assediata da giorni da migliaia di forze dell’esercito turco e delle brigate jhiadiste sostenute da Erdogan, è totalmente sotto il controllo delle SDF.
Dopo continui attacchi supportati da raid aerei, diversi report parlano di un attacco da parte delle SDF che ha colto di sorpresa il nemico: alcune brigate jhiadiste si sarebbero addirittura ritirate in Turchia lasciando il posto alle forze speciali turche, che tuttavia ->
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#Thread about special hindu traidtions of #kerala
1. #SarpaKavu
is a traditional natural sacred space seen near traditional homes in Kerala. The site is believed to be inhabited by snakes, and the area usually contains a representation of Naga Raja
2. #Sarpampattu
A ritual art form performed at Sarpa Kavu (Serpent Grove), temples dedicated to Naga (Snake God) and also in many households. Performed and supervised by the people belonging to Pulluva Community.
3. #Sarpakalam
Sarpakkalam/ritual powder drawing will be drawn in the temporary thatched hut. Kalams such as Sarpayakshi Kalam, Nagayakshi Kalam, Ashtanaga Kalam will be visualized using multi-coloured powder by the pulluvan/ priest from Pulluva Community
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So what exactly is the controversy surrounding the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 (Land Acquisition Act, 2013) and the Supreme Court Bench? #thread
The genesis of the controversy lies in a judgment delivered by a Supreme Court Bench of Justices Arun Mishra, AK Goel and M Shantanagoudar on February 8, 2018 in Indore Development Authority Vs. Shailendra (Dead) Through Lrs. And Ors.…
This judgment pertained to Section 24 of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013.
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Writing the CV everyone wants to read is easy, if you'd consider these points I want to share with you. They are as simple as ABC, but you'd be surprised how many of us over look them or consider them to be inconsequential.

That being said, let's dive in...
Human resource personnels are burdened with the gruesome task of scheming through hundreds of mails during the recruitment process. With the high rise of unemployment, you can imagine the deluge of CVs that come across their desks.
Your aim is to get them to pick out your CV from the multitude. This is not to say that they wouldn't end up going through the other CVs, but what happens when the position is already filled by a more captivating CV, well to the recycle bin that's what.
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Io giuro che vorrei conoscerli uno a uno, quelli che "lo sport non c'entra con la politica".

#NoFinaleChampionsaIstanbul #FranciaTurchia #Thread
Gli farei vedere Olympia, il film commissionato da Hitler per celebrare le Olimpiadi del 1936.
Gli farei vedere il saluto romano dei calciatori italiani ai Mondiali del 1938, nella loro maglietta nera "orgogliosamente" indossata nella Francia Antifascista.
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1/ Your Revenue is Not Too Low, Your Costs are Too High:

For several years now, our annual budgets have consistently not been fully implemented. The main reason for this is that our revenue projections have continued to exceed our actual revenue generation.

2/ Even when the budgets are prepared based on realistic estimates, there would always be some unexpected events that throw the projections completely off. For instance, given our dependence on crude oil, the volatility in oil prices is such that projections based on the
3/ price ranges at the time of preparing the budgets, quickly become unrealistic. We witnessed this phenomenon in 2014 and 2015 and this was what got the economy spiraling into the crisis that eventually plunged it into a recession.
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Teachers, Parents and all other peoples! Lend me your ears!

If anyone ever shrugs off the murdering, raping, starving, pillaging and enslaving actions of #ChristopherColumbus as "it was the times", I want you to tell them about a man named Father Bartolomé de Las Casas.
Father Bartolomé de Las Casas, the contemporary 16th century historian, *initially* believed #Columbus had been divinely inspired to make the "discovery".


And he wrote about it all.
The next time anyone excuses, "explains", justifies, lies or miseducates you or your children by saying,...

"Welp. He didn't know better."

"That's just what they did back then."

"You can't judge 1492 #ChristopherColumbus by our present day standards" Father Las Casas.
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STATEMENT FROM JOINT PRESS BRIEFING ON EXERCISE SWIFT RESPONSE [The joint border security exercise along Nigeria’s borders] | 14 October 2019

Some of you will recall that as part of measures to secure Nigeria’s land and maritime borders, the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) and Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), in collaboration with the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) as well as the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) ...
... and other security and intelligence agencies commenced a joint border security exercise, codenamed ‘EX-SWIFT RESPONSE’ in 4 geopolitical zones of the country, namely; South South, South West, North Central and North West on the 20th August 2019.
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We are learning about Twitter #thread construction today. Our topic: The events involving #Turkey and #Syria.
2/ What struck us this morning was the differential placement on assorted #news home pages. Here's what I mean.
3/ @CNN leads with impact of troop withdrawal, in particular the possibility of re-enabling #ISIS.
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Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer have won the 2019 @NobelPrize in economics for their “experimental approach” to fighting global poverty. This #thread looks at their contribution to development economics, through articles published in @epw_in.
Abhijit Banerjee, @emorygethin, and @PikettyLeMonde combine surveys, election results and social spending data to look at the changing nature of electorates in India from 1962 to 2014.
Esther Duflo, Michael Greenstone and Rema Hanna’s study in rural Odisha finds that low-income households are likely to suffer from more respiratory ailments, as they are forced to use cheaper fuels for cooking in traditional stoves.
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Today is #IndigenousPeoplesDay, still observed by some as #ColumbusDay. In a #thread, @misscorinne86 of @powwows explains how the movement to reclaim the day began, and why focusing on Native issues is so important: (1/11)
The first officially recognized #IndigenousPeoplesDay in the U.S. started in 1989 when the South Dakota legislature passed a proposal by Governor Mickelson to make 1990 a "Year of Reconciliation" for the crimes of the past. (2/11)…
Though Native Americans have probably discussed the idea of an #IndigenousPeoplesDay since at least the 1970s, the idea gained popularity in 1992 when a group of Bay Area Natives pushed back on a planned reenactment of Columbus's arrival. (3/11)…
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Continua la resistenza di #Serekaniye, nuovo bilancio delle vittime, proteste a Diyarbakir e l’accordo tra SDF e Assad.

(nella foto una combattente #YPJ a Serekaniye)

#Thread #Rojava #Siria #SDF
Oggi entriamo nel sesto giorno dell’offensiva turca contro il Rojava.
Continuano gli scontri nelle due città di confine di Tal Abyad e Serekanye.
Entrambe le città resistono da giorni nonostante l’assedio venga portato da 3 lati.
I villaggi intorno alle 2 città sono occupati ed in queste foto i mercenari jhiadisti sostenuti dalla Turchia, calpestano le foto dei martiri caduti nella guerra di liberazione contro ISIS.

Dalla prima serata di ieri sono ripresi con forza anche i bombardamenti a Serekanye.
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À l’école, on vous a sans doute appris que c’est Napoléon Bonaparte qui a créé la Banque de France le 18 janvier 1800. C’est tout à fait exact mais ça ne s’est pas du tout passé comme la plupart des gens le pensent. #Thread
Le 21 novembre 1795, le Conseil des Cinq-Cents abroge la loi du 26 germinal de l’an II qui, comme c’était le cas sous l’Ancien Régime, interdisait la formation de sociétés par action. C’est la fin de la Terreur et le début des réformes libérales du Directoire.
Or, s’il y a un métier auquel cette décision ouvre des perspectives, c’est celui de banquier. Simplement : créer une banque, ça requiert des capitaux importants et donc, le plus d’actionnaires possibles.
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The easiest way to become Nigeria’s President is by not wanting the job in the first place. This is because, the acquisition of Presidential power in Nigeria has always followed a particular pattern...

Last night, I remembered a conversation that I had with one of my mentors about the fact that all Nigerian Presidents have been people that were first chosen by the elite or circumstance — not people that actually actively campaigned for the job.
Interesting to note also, all Nigerian Presidents have been propelled to power by other people’s resources — not their own.
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