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J’ai visité le site #CIGEO de @Andra_France, notamment le laboratoire souterrain qui réalise des essais en amont de la construction du site de stockage des #déchets #radioactifs.
Je me suis intéressée aux aspects matériaux et construction des galeries. #Thread ⤵️ Image
Le laboratoire est un ouvrage qui permet de réaliser des essais en amont de la réalisation des galeries de stockage.
Petit schéma dispo sur le site de l'Andra Image
Le futur centre permettra de stocker des déchets de haute activité (HA) et moyenne activité à vie longue (MA-VL). Chaque type de déchet aura sa propre zone et mode de stockage. Cette vidéo explique comment les déchets seront stockés
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#Rassismus und #Rechtsextremismus in der #Polizei: Man muss davon ausgehen, dass 20 % der Beamt*innen solche Einstellungen haben. Das ist eine grobe Schätzung anhand des – leider sehr dürftigen – Forschungsstandes. Aber es ist eher konservativ geschätzt. #Thread
Die wohl jüngste #Studie zum Thema für Deutschland stammt von Krott/Krott/Zeitner (International Journal of Police Science & Management 2018, 174 ff.). Es handelt sich um eine #Befragung von 160 Polizeianwärter*innen in NRW zu „Fremdenfeindlichkeit“.
Ergebnisse: Knapp 20 % der Befragten wiesen fremdenfeindliche #Einstellungen auf. Dieser Wert sank während des Studiums, nahm nach den ersten Praxiserfahrungen aber wieder leicht zu.
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Happy weekend VA! Earlier this week I tweeted out #VoteNoOn1, the redistricting commission amendment. I'm still a No, but feel a Prof's need to clarify after hearing from some folks on both sides
Earlier I said we all want Non-partisan, but even A1 supporters say that's basically impossible. What we actually want is INDEPENDENCE. Current SB 5015 tries to specify criteria for citizen members beyond "party picks" so it would help if passed
But doesn't get over the fact that legislators are on the commission, and that one or two of them could use their veto power for mischief. In an uneven partisan environment (where GOP routinely kicks Dems' ass on process/power) I don't see a way around that
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{ Shri Satyanarayana Vrat Katha }

Once Devarshi Narada came to the Mrityūlok while visiting various lokās, he saw that here man is suffering from many kinds of sorrows, and according to their bad deeds, ImageImage
he took birth in many types of Yöniş and got punished for their deeds. He started thinking about, the solution that can definitely reduce the suffering of all of them. With this thought in his mind, Image
he went to the shelter of Bhagwān Satyanarayan and bowed to him heartily. Seeing Narad ji anxious like this, Shrihari Vishnu asked him the reason for his problem.

Narada ji said,
Prabhu you are Antaryāmi ,how could anyone hide anything from you? Image
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"Take Me Home, Country Roads."
Ich bastle wieder an einer #Jahresplaylist und nutze die Symbolik des größtmöglichen Klassikers von John Denver, um auf das Jahr zu verweisen, dem wir uns in diesem #Thread zur Entstehung der Liste widmen: 1971. @inkmusic
@inkmusic #1971 ist das Jahr von Janis Joplin - die zu diesem Zeitpunkt bereits ein paar Monate tot ist. Das ursprünglich von Kris Kristofferson 1969 geschriebene "Me And Bobby McGee" wird posthum zu ihrem kommerziell größten Erfolg.
Carole King hatte bereits eine Vielzahl an Hits für andere geschrieben, bevor sie sich 1970 überreden ließ, selbst ins Rampenlicht zu treten. Ihr zweites Album "Tapestry" macht sie zur Legende, "It's Too Late" ist nur einer von vielen Hits drauf.
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#Thread 🔥
आइये याद करें, महान अर्थशास्त्री प्रधानमंत्री का वो स्वर्णिम दौर।

- 10 साल के शासन में 12 लाख करोड़ रुपये से ज्यादा के घोटाले करवाए, अभी तक रह रह कर कुकर्म बाहर आ रहे हैं ; पर कुछ न कहो, बहोत महान अर्थशास्त्री प्रधानमंत्री रहे हैं साहब !

Cont..👇👇 Image
- जहाँ 60 साल में 18 लाख करोड़ रूपये का लोन दिया गया था वही सिर्फ 2006 से 2013 में 34 लाख करोड़ का लोन बड़े उद्योगपतियों को बाँट दिया ; पर कुछ न कहो, बहोत महान अर्थशास्त्री प्रधानमंत्री रहे हैं साहब ! @DPKS511 @ArmyKaFan @AjayPandey__


Cont...👇👇 Image
- 34 लाख करोड़ से ज्यादा के लोन को कई बार री-स्ट्रक्चर किया गया और अंततः उसमें से 10.7 लाख करोड़ NPA में बदल गया ; पर कुछ न कहो, बहोत महान अर्थशास्त्री प्रधानमंत्री रहे हैं साहब !
@kartik73 @JAIN_24T @JumbuTweeple @ShankarVIyer4


Cont...👇👇 Image
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This is slightly a different topic, but I thought this is important topic to be discussed. In my opinion Indian culture is totally different than western countries & our economy can never be compared to theirs. I may be wrong, but I am going to list out top 15 reasons in #Thread

Bread vs Roti

Homemade Roti is good is taste & very healthy food, but in western countries including lsIamic countries mainly rely on bread. Bakery business in US is worth $450 billion

If Indians switch to bread instead of rice/roti then we add $1 trillion to economy 🤷🏻‍♂️ Image

Fast Food Industry

While we Indians love our mom made & homemade food, western countries mainly rely on fast food or processed food industry for their daily meals. Fast food industry in US is worth $250 billion

With Zomato culture creeping in, but we will stick to roots Image
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We managed 6 reservoirs in the Chalakudy river with close co-ordination with TN PWD this August first week & September very heavy rainfall.

Environmental and River Protection Groups blasted us! for WHAT?

Is it for prudent management w/o flooding the river?

#KeralaRains2020 Image
The very same people created panic in public about predicting a doomsday & repeat of 2018 floods when our reservoirs had some carry over storages before beginning summer due to less utilisation due to COVID19.

Many people called me over phone as they lost sleep over these hype!
First of all these environment groups has lots of agenda, they were only blaming KSEB's Poringalkuthu and Kerala Sholayar dams in Chalakudy basin.

Totally silent about TN Sholayar, Parambikulam, Tunacadavu & Peruvarippllom dams of TN in the same basin.

selective amnesia?
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LOW FREE FLOAT SalesProfitGrowthCashFlow&Safety
2nd Up - 25Sep2020

📌#LowFreeFloat is Now a days #Moat for some good Quality Companies. Here is #stocks to chose from !


Read Criteria & Details in below #THREAD👇


1/8 ImageImage
📌Free Float = Public Float(DII+FII+ MF+ Corporate+HNI+Retail)

No. of Shares publicly traded which we buy/sell from exchange in everyday life.

📌For simplicity I assumed non-promoters shares though custodians & locked in shares should also be excluded.

📌High Free-Float = Good Governance(In general). Promoters less influence & other shareholders can exercise their rights.

📌Low Free-Float = More Promoter influence can easily manipulate stock price for their gain.

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Mes frères et sœurs Africains, je vous invite à arrêter dès aujourd'hui d'appeler nos dirigeants "Père\Mère du pays" (umuvyeyi wacu, Seba...)
Je crois que ça nous freine en ce qui est de "l' accountability " de nos dirigeants, 1/
Car vous voyez dans nos traditions, un parent n'est pas censé rendre des comptes à ses enfants, au contraire il règne en Roi sur sa famille, et en Afrique, il peut même chasser son enfant à volonté, sans oublier ce sentiment d'être redevable qu'on garde envers eux. 2/
Mais pourtant, un dirigeant ne devrait pas être tout ça, car il est nourrit par son peuple, il est à la tête du pays parce que le peuple l'a décidé ainsi(En principe), il travaille pour son peuple et doit OBLIGATOIREMENT rendre des comptes au peuple, 3/
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We Hindus have always been tolerant and the Islamic invaders, The British and now the politicians have taken advantage of this for their own benifit,but i would blame mostly to the politicians after our independence.
We have been attacked 'n' number of times, our lakhs of temples were destroyed by these fanatic islamists, lakhs of Hindus were converted, thousands of women were raped and children were killed all in the name of one religion.
Then came the British, who did the same with certain differences.The British altered our history to such an extent that they made us feel ashamed about our civilization,they created a perception and made us believe that 'we are a third world country'.
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1. Encore un petit #THREAD sur la #Suede , en images/données et sources.
On commence à voir une légère augmentation. Rien comme au printemps dernier hein, mais de quoi réfléchir un peu. On garde les 2 voisins scandinave pour comparer.… Image
2. C'est confirmé par le gouvernement bien sur.
Mardi dernier dernier l’agence de la santé à Stockholm a dit qu’ils avaient bien une augmentation du nombre de cas qui ne s’expliquait *pas* par + de tests…
3. Oui car je vois venir les fous de la "dictature sanitaire" avec leurs arguments, mais même du côté suédois on tente pas ça.
On voit d’ailleurs que le nombre de tests commence à stagner depuis quelques jours sur cette image.… Image
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My Angel is 60 

by Rauf Aregbesola

My sojourn in Kaduna in the 1980s, first for my youth service and later for a paid employment, will remain ever memorable. This is because it was there that I found the love of my life, Iyaafin Sherifat Abidemi Aregbesola.  

#Thread ImageImageImageImage
I was a dashing young man with long hair and ideological fire burning in my soul. I had been caught in the throes of the ideological fervour of the time. I left The Polytechnic Ibadan fired with idealism and was prepared to change the world.
People of my generation actually were fiercely nationalistic. They wanted the best for the country and at the same time were globalist. Our vision was not just for Nigeria; we wanted a world devoid of injustice, inequality, poverty, diseases and other afflictions of humanity.
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May God keep me from the approval of the petty and unwise.

Moving on... Here are some myths about the Proverbs 31 woman, as promised.

Myth 1: Proverbs 31:10-31 is about many women.

I don't know who decided this, but the chapter does describe one virtuous woman with all those traits.

If it was about many women, the Bible would have said so.

It's that simple.
Myth 2: She did it all by herself.

She can't have. The Bible clearly says in verse 15 that she provides food for her maidens. If she had deals afar off, who ran her household while she was away? God created people to need people. Nobody is an island. Also: she had God's help.
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Various Changes in Medical Education from 2019-20 Admission Batch were done by BoG MCI(Which was dissolved, but this is official Gazette from Government of India)

Many things are changed and many changes are interesting.

1/9 Image
Division of MBBS Years and Subjects :

1st MBBS - 13 Months
2nd MBBS - 12 Months (No Honeymoon Period)
3rd MBBS Part 1 - 13 Months
Electives - 2 Months
3rd MBBS Part 2 - 13 Months

2/9 Image
1)Supplementary Exams within 90 days(No Minor/Odd Batch)

2)Max 10 Years will be given to complete MBBS

3)Maximum 4 Attempts will be provided to pass 1st MBBS(Within First 4 Years)

3/9 Image
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📢Aujourd’hui, l’#Agenda2030 et ses 17 Objectifs de développement durable (#ODD) fêtent leurs 5 ans!

À quoi servent-ils? Quel bilan tirer des ces 5 dernières années ? Pourquoi est-il nécessaire d’accélérer leur mise en œuvre, et comment?

Un #Thread pour y voir plus clair
1/20👇 Image
[2/20]L’#Agenda2030, c'est d'abord une promesse, celle de «transformer notre monde».
Pour y parvenir, une feuille de route est proposée, et tous les États, après des années de négociations, se sont engagés en 2015.
👉… Image
[3/20] Pour la première fois, avec l’#Agenda2030, le lien est fait entre “#social” et “#environnement”, face au “tout économie”. Grâce à ses 17 #ODD et des indicateurs spécifiques, l’objectif est de faire du développement durable une réalité #politique, sociale, et économique. Image
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Die #CDU in #SachsenAnhalt ist Teil des Problems, sowohl auf Funktionär*innen, als auch auf Basis-Ebene. Ein #Thread mit ein paar jüngeren Vorfällen 👇

Da sind nicht nur die Zimmermanns & Cos, die das Nationale mit dem Sozialen versöhnen wollen, da ist MdB #Bernstiel, der (1/8)
sich Reisen nach Saudi-Arabien finanzieren lässt, #Maassen hofiert & dem es unfassbar schwerfiel, sich von seiner alten Sängerschaft Fridericiana und Till Lucas Wessels (#IB) zu distanzieren. Außerdem zur #CDU #LSA gehör(t)en die Hakenkreuze von #Moeritz, (2/8)
genauso wie das Ex-CDU- und Kreistagsmitglied Denny Oertel aus #Gerbstedt, das in einem Chemtrails-Shirt einen Hitlergruß vor einem Mahnmal gefallener russischer Soldaten zeigte. (3/8) Image
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If you die, the company you work for will not be closed down, ministry will not stop, life will continue, so can you relax now! Guy your blood de hot😂 Can you be calming down now🙄
Before You Overwork Yourself, Hear This!! #THREAD

It was a sad day as Mr Tunde just passed on, he was always available making sure everything was going fine at the company he worked for yet he forgot his health also needed attention.
From meeting to meeting, office to office, country to country he tried to secure a name for the company yet he forgot he needed to secure his future by taking care of his self.
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Kaliyuga was not just an event, it was a passage full of upheavals caused on earth by planetary conjunction when #Kaliyuga started. This #thread collects those UPHEAVALS.

Start of #Kaliyuga was not pleasant. LET us see.

#tweet4bharat ImageImageImageImage
One of the event discovered was fall of dust veil all over the world around 3100 BC.

This event is recorded in tree rings in Ireland and England caused by comet (or comets) raining down meteoric material around the earth.

2/n ImageImage
There are sea level evidences from coastlines around the world that land submerged or emerged in two alternate quadrant around BC 3100.

Src: Atlantis of the West: A Drowned Neolithic Civilisation

3/n ImageImageImageImage
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Heute war der #Corona-Massentest für alle betroffenen Schüler & Lehrkräfte an der Schule des Sohnes. Ein Musterbeispiel für die Effektivität* einer Unternehmung wenn drei Institutionen (Schule, Gesundheitsamt, Rotes Kreuz) daran beteiligt sind. #Thread

*das völlige Chaos
Einbestellt waren alle auf 11:00 Uhr. Nun würde der naive Leser ja erwarten, dass zu diesem Zeitpunkt etwas vorbereitet sein sollte ... mitnichten. Weder war irgendwas aufgebaut oder jemand vom DRK vor Ort, noch war irgendein Vertreter der Schule anwesend um Informationen...
weiterzugeben, wie das ganze ablaufen soll. Also standen etwa 40 Kinder plus Eltern planlos auf dem Schulhof rum. Natürlich fingen alle Eltern & Kids sofort an in Gruppen, mit Masken zwar, aber deutlich unter 1,5 m zusammenzustehen um sich ausführlich auszutauschen.
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We know about Rukmini ji being his wife. But very few people know about Satyabhama and her previous birth. Why was she blessed to marry the divine Krishna. ImageImage
Once Krishna and Satyabhama were sitting and talking happily with each other, Satyabhama wanted to know why was she so blessed to be married to such a divine person like him. She wondered what was she in her previous birth. Image
So Krishna narrated to her the story of Satyabhama' s previous birth.

There lived a scholarly Brahmin named Dev Sharma in Haridwar. He had a daughter named Gunvati. At a proper age Dev Sharma got her married to his disciple Chandra. Image
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#SichereBildung #BildungAberSicher
Sehr geehrte Herren @peteraltmaier @OlafScholz @hubertus_heil und #DStGB,
die #KMK scheint sich für die Situation von Betrieben, für Arbeits- und Ausbildungsplätze und für das Steueraufkommen in diesem Land nicht zu interessieren.
Daher schildere ich Ihnen mal den Corona-Alltag aus Arbeitgebersicht.
Ich leite ein KMU mit Standorten in 3 Bundesländern. Mit einem enormen Kraftakt habe ich im März binnen einer Woche alle Mitarbeiter ins Homeoffice digitalisiert. Innerhalb einer weiteren Woche habe ich 2/x
die komplette interne Kommunikationsstruktur und sowohl die Ablauf- als auch die Aufbauorganisation neu aufgesetzt. Risikogruppe und Eltern mit Kindern bis 12 Jahren sind komplett von nicht-homeoffice-fähigen Aufgaben entbunden, die Eltern soweit irgend möglich auch von 3/x
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Ah, ces écolos. Ils voient un libertarien défendre le nucléaire. Ils ne se disent pas "Cool, un allié dans le camp opposé sur un enjeu transpartisan ! "

Non, ils s'arrogent le monopole de l'écologie et excluent ceux qui veulent atteindre les mêmes objectifs différemment #Thread
Que le secteur privée investisse dans le nucléaire à un moment où l'inertie domine dans le secteur public devrait réjouir les partisans de l'écologie, indépendamment de leur affiliation partisane.
Mais non, comme ils sont avant tout animés par des préjugés anti-capitalistes, ça les rendrait furax que des entrepreneurs appâtés par le gain réalisent des investissements utiles à l'humanité.
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1/ Not saying anything revolutionary here but thought I'd gather my thoughts in a big ol' #thread on #smoking, esp why I think pubs/bars/restaurants should voluntarily create generously-sized outdoor #nonsmoking areas ASAP (esp aimed at #Norwich venues bc of self-interest!)
2/ New gov guidance suggests venues will have to provide outdoor non-smoking areas soon anyway, though it's not clear from exactly when (anyone know?).…
3/ But pubs should do it soon, before they are forced to, from a sense of moral duty & to protect punters from 2nd hand smoke (SHS).
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