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It's a #thread
The Academic Staff Union of Universities @ASUUNGR have asked @AsoRock to release N50 billion to demonstrate its commitment to the revitalisation of public universities, in line with previous agreements with the union.
The ₦50 billion will form the first tranche of the ₦220 billion government agreed for the project this year which will be added to the ₦20 billion earlier released for the year.
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The @ICE_Foundation has been abolished.
But what was it?

Allegedly a "grassroots effort," the ICE Foundation (2010-2018) was a non-profit org led by former ICE & DHS officials turned corporate leaders & lobbyists that used to "bring together govt & industry leaders" from tech, mass incarceration and elsewhere, ostensibly for charity.
It never received media attention except for when @alexkotch wrote this great article breaking it down last summer, which "raised questions about [ICE-F's] possible inside access to ICE officials, and to those assigning government contracts."…
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'Heroism & patrotism. A lesson from Kenya.'

The world has come to accept the fact that just like burglary & carjacking, terrorism has come to stay. I personally have come to terms with the fact that just like you can never tell when the next carjacking will happen
so are acts of terrorism unpredictable. This now makes me wonder at the lives of our men/women in law enforcement & first responders who show up at the scene bearing in mind that no day on the job is ordinary. What they don’t know for sure is what danger they will face when they
rush out on a call. Will they walk into a hostage situation like Kenya hotel a few hours ago? Or get caught up in an explosion from a suicide bombers vest? Or walk smack into a hail of bullets from the rounds of an automatic weapon fired by the devils sent to stop our peaceful
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Did I ever tell you guys my "why"?

Sigh. I will now. #Thread
It was a random tweet - made without much thought.

However, several people reached out - one of them a couple in another country.
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New Thread on #FakeNews
Everyday running new #SmearCampaigns
There narratives are failing BIGLY!
NO ONE CARES what CNN,NYT, & Others say everyday on News
Called em out like he sees them!
Here is the video @SpeakerPelosi guiding you on how to work a #SmearCampaigns
What #SmearCampaigns mean
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A selfless commitment to Dharma (one’s duties) can transform entire nation. Since day one in the office @narendramodi ji has given special emphasis on the development of NE states.

#Thread below to explain what Modi govt has done for North-Eastern states.

Hosted "Advantage Assam - the Assam Global Investors" Summit in Feb’2018.

- investment promotion
- export-oriented manufacturing & services

On very 1st day, 176 MoUs with 160 companies signed amounting to ₹65,186 crore (US$9.1 billion). Multiple sectors covered.
Bogibeel bridge - India's longest rail-cum-road bridge (4.94 Kms over Brahmaputra river)

- distance of the train journey b/w Assam & Arunachal Pradesh has been reduced by 80%
- can withstand earthquakes of magnitudes upto 7 Richter Scale
- serviceable period 120 years
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जेएनयू के हरामखोरों के खिलाफ कार्रवाई से अधिक जरूरी है, उनको बढ़ावा देनेवाले बुद्धिपिशाचों को दंड मिलना.


ओम थानवी और उन जैसों के नाम खुला पत्र,
आप जैसे तथाकथित बुद्धिजीवी, जो देश को तोड़नेवालों के साथ खड़े हों, किसी भी सामान्य बुद्धि वाले के आदरणीय हो नहीं सकते
प्रिय होने का सवाल ही नहीं, इसलिए यह पत्र बिना संबोधन के ही है। यह पत्र आपकी उस बेतुकी बयानबाजी और झूठ के खिलाफ है, जो आपने जेएनयू के उन देशद्रोही लौंडों के पक्ष में लिखा है, जिनमें से एक तो लड़की छेड़ने का अभियुक्त था और बाकायदा दंड भी भर चुका है। अब आपके झूठ का विखंडन---
मीडिया का एक हिस्सा (जिसमें आप, पंडित रवीश कुमार, उर्मिलेश यादवा आदि-इत्यादि शामिल हैं और यह बड़ा हिस्सा है), देशद्रोहियों को राजद्रोही बताकर कानूनी पेचीदगी पर बात करता है। यह सीधे तौर पर एक व्यक्ति पीएम के विरोध के नाम पर देश का विरोध है।

भारत की एक प्रतिष्ठित संस्था है-
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I am as impatient as they come but by God, I AM pushing myself to up my “waiting” game this year.

To wait specifically on the good Lord when I go to Him in prayer & supplication.

Waiting also has major benefits...


#waitingonGod #patienceisavirtue #christianity
1. Waiting strategically can cultivate good fruit in our lives such as patience, perseverance, and endurance.

2. Waiting also draws us closer to our Saviour and points those who are watching us to His gospel.

#waitingonGod #patienceisavirtue #christianity
If like me you have made your request known to God Almighty, and now you are meditating and waiting, here are 10 things you could be doing while you wait...

cc @shimataver

#waitingonGod #patienceisavirtue #christianity
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List of Islamic Polities and Dynasties of North Africa.

Kingdom of Nekor (710–1019 CE)

Barghawata Confederacy (744–1058 CE)

Emirate of Sijilmassa (758–1055 CE)

Rustamid imamate (Tahert area, 767–909 CE)

Idrisid dynasty (Morocco, 789–974 CE)
Aghlabids (Tunisia, 800-909)

Fatimid Caliphate (910–1171)

Hammadid dynasty (Western Ifriqiya, 1014–1152 CE)

Zirid dynasty (Tunisia, 1048–1148 CE)

Almoravid dynasty (Morocco, 1040–1147 CE)

Khurasanid dynasty (1059–1128 & 1148–1158 CE)

Almohad dynasty (Morocco, 1121–1269 CE)
Ayyubid dynasty (Egypt, 1171–1254 CE)

Hafsid dynasty (Tunisia, 1229–1574 CE)

Kingdom of Tlemcen (Oranie, 1235–1556 CE)

Marinid dynasty (Morocco, 1248–1465 CE)

Mamluk Sultanate (Egypt, 1250–1517 CE)

Wattasid dynasty (Morocco, 1420–1554 CE)
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Feeling dejected about #Brexit? Well don't!

The UK still holds all the cards. They just need to be played correctly.

A short #Thread from Leave colleagues from the far south to the distant north of our wonderful island. With thanks to @ScotsForLeaveEU

1/ The EU & Irish govt have said that there will be no hard border with NI in the event of “no deal” at UK exit. But this means that the EU has also accepted that the EU is bound to do a ‘zero-for-zero’ deal with no tariff barriers with the UK.
2/ The border is frictionless & invisible, no checkpoints or other facilities at the border with the NI (& thus the UK). Tariffs are paid electronically, just as VAT & Excise are paid now; animal checks are done away from the physical border at approved facilities; & sanitary...
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Foto, identitas dan profesi gua di fakerin orang
Sorry sebelum nya kalo acak"an krn bru prtma kli bkin thread
Hal terkonyol yg pernah gua hadapin setelah 22 tahun hidup di bumi😏

-A Thread-
Knpa smpe bisa khidupan gua di copy org scara detail? Gua jg heran anjir pdahal gua kga ganteng kga stylist bgt tp yg kena typu sampe pluhan orang dan mereka cantik" pula🤣 ternyata yg fakerin gua ini sahabat gua cuy dari SMP gilaaaaaaaa
Tmen gua ini bae orangnya soalnya gua skelas mulu sma dia dari kelas 1 SMP, dia ini emg agak tomboy cma hijaban aja soalnya kita skolah di MTS waktu itu.
Gua dlu udah kya gembel idup gua susah jadi yg nolongin bayar ini itu soal jajan jg dia nolongin krn dia trgolong orang mampu
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Let me share with you the funny reason I gave my life to Christ. The story of my salvation.

My parents married each other with their religious differences. Dad was a Muslim and Mum a Christian. They were both happy with their decision and like mum said, they decided they'll worship separately without problems since there is only one God. Like stew, joy was everywhere 😅
Issues came by later as kids came. Questions arose; Who would bend his/her ego to join the other in religion? In what religion should the children be raised? Should their Muslim names be registered officially in school? Or should we just split the children in religion?
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#Thread #VLC
En 1995, les élèves de Centrale Paris (Supélec) souhaitent un réseau plus rapide pour jouer aux premiers jeux en ligne. Les geeks de l'époque avaient déjà leurs petites priorités...
Mais l'école refuse d'investir puisque son réseau est amplement suffisant pour les échanges de mails et la consultation du web de 1995. Les élèves ingénieurs vont alors se tourner vers des industriels, et notamment Bouygues, pour financer leur nouveau réseau.
Et c'est là que les techniciens de TF1 leur demandent s'il est possible de diffuser les flux satellites sur le réseau de l'école, en n'ayant qu'une seule parabole pour tout le campus (et pas 1500 paraboles avec 1500 décodeurs). Et d'utiliser les ordinateurs pour décoder le flux.
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Spent the last few days traveling in the SS and SE, visiting FG #Infrastructure projects. What I saw makes me very hopeful about the future of Nigeria.

High point: getting on a boat on River Niger, to watch the amazing work JB is doing on the new Bridge.

#Thread loading soon.
So my #infrastructure journey in the last one week:

Port Harcourt—Ogoniland (Bonny-Bodo Bridges)—Afam (240MW Afam Fast Power Plant—Aba (Ariaria Market Electrification Project—Onitsha/Asaba (Second Niger Bridge)—Warri (Delta Ports)—Itakpe (#ItakpeWarriRail)

The 1st site I visited: the Bonny-Bodo Bridges and Road Project in Ogoniland

Scope: 3 main bridges (across Afa Creek, Opobo Channel & Nanabie Creek) + Road —38km Total — connecting Bodo on Mainland to Bonny Island

Flagged-off by @ProfOsinbajo Oct2017, ~40 years after conception
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Tra il serio ed il faceto, un #thread sull’intervista odierna a #Renzi. Parte lanciatissimo, con la modestia che lo contraddistingue, citando Zemeckis. Ma non siamo al cinema.
Si dia il via alla sagra degli autogol...
Alla domanda su #Carige, ha l’ardire di rispondere portando ad esempio Etruria! Ma ci si può fare così male? Citare il caso più maldestro di gestione di crisi bancaria, con obbligazionisti subordinati azzerati solo perché subì in silenzio il divieto #UE all’intervento del FITD?
Il crescendo prosegue. A proposito del #RedditodiCittadinanza, #Renzi attinge vette altissime. Con ‘paga Pantalone’ e ‘divano’, si situa a cavallo tra il bar dello sport e ‘lavoro, guadagno, pago, pretendo’ dell’indimenticato Dogui.😂
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मैंने कई बार ये लिखा है कि महिलाओं के शोषण वाली तीन प्रथाएं, बाल विवाह, पर्दा प्रथा और दहेज प्रथा इस्लाम की बुराइयां हैं जो मुसलमानों से हिन्दुओं में आयीं और उनको आज तक प्रभावित कर रही हैं। इसमें बाल विवाह से जुड़े दो तथ्य बताता हूं।

साल १८९४ में मैसूर के राजा कृष्णदत्त वडियार चतुर्थ ने बाल विवाह पर कानूनी रोक लगा दिया था। उस वक्त १४ वर्ष से कम उम्र की लड़कियों के विवाह को अपराध घोषित कर दिया गया था।
बहुत बाद में १९३० में भारत की नेशनल असेम्बली ने बाल विवाह पर रोक लगाने के लिए जब कानून बनाया तो इसी मैसूर ..
राज्य के कानून को अपना आधार बनाया और १४ साल से कम उम्र की लड़कियों के विवाह पर रोक लगा दी।
क्योंकि यह कानून इस्लाम में मौजूद बाल विवाह प्रथा के खिलाफ था इसलिए उन्होंने बाल विवाह विरोधी कानून को इस्लाम विरोधी मानते हुए इसका विरोध किया।
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It's #SinglePayerSunday
January 13, 2019

We're less than a month out from the National #MedicareForAll Week of Action!

Hundreds of barnstorms will be held from February 9-13 in a nationwide push.

Join a #singlepayer barnstorm near you:
Americans understand that the healthcare market is broken.
The country has moved.
70 percent of all Americans want a #MedicareforAll system and healthcare is a right, not a privilege. @PramilaJayapal
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
Medicare for All is a Fight to Democratize the Economy…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
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I’m going to set things straight here.
I’m not egalitarian.
I’m not a third wave feminist.
I don’t like the complementarian title because it has a lot of baggage and broadly tends to water itself down to gender roles.
I support the pursuit of justice.
I want to see the truth- for women and men- and for that reason I don’t support people simply based on their gender.
I believe abortion is murder.
I am a Presbyterian Calvinist.
I am not liberal in my theology.
I want to learn more about racial reconciliation.
If you chose to harass me, disparage my character, etc, I’ll block you.
We can disagree.
You can follow me if you disagree.
But if you’re an asshole, I’ll block you.
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#StartupCentral special | 19 key influencers share the trends that will shape the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem for 2019. Follow this thread for all the key trends to watch out this New Year. #StartupCentral #Thread
#StartupCentral special | VIJAY SHEKHAR SHARMA, CEO, PAYTM


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J'ai un peu de temps, on va parler d'ARENH #Thread.
Avant, un peu d'histoire, mais pas trop non plus parce que ça risque d'être long sinon.
A partir du début des années 2000 a commencée en France la libéralisation du marché de l'électricité. A la base, il y a les paquets énergies de la commission européenne, notamment la directive 96/92/CE, remplacée par la 2003/54/CE qui va lancer l'ouverture à la concurrence.
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J’ai bien envie de m'essayer à
donner une réponse chiffrée à cette question :3

Let's #thread !

#Climat #Solaire #EnR #Nucléaire #TransitionEnergétique
Je propose la reformulation suivante :
Quelles émissions de CO2 la construction de la centrale solaire de Cestas nous a-t-elle permis d’éviter… En se substituant aux autres moyens de production de notre mix électrique ?
On va faire le cheminement ensemble, avec évidemment quelques hypothèses simplificatrices, sans quoi on ne va pas s’en sortir.
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As scientific & technological advancement is endowing humanity with more & more extraordinary powers each day, will the “new world” that is being heralded take a wrong turn & revert to the divisions & quarrels of yesteryear? Our future depends on it. May common sense prevail
You would recall that last year, I deplored before you the fact that the spirit of conciliation is on the wane on the global scene. In this regard, the situation does not seem to have improved significantly. 11/12
We have, like in the past, maintained close ties with the African Union. We endeavoured to contribute to the reform of its institutions, which is expected to enhance integration and ensure its financial autonomy. 10/12
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#Thread I was triggered to write this by a status I saw over the weekend which was figuratively calling people who aren't entrepreneurs fools.
You must have seen similar ones like it. The one where they will claim you're building somebody else's dreams if you work 8-4 or 9-5.
The earlier you people who peddle entrepreneurship realised that not everyone is cut out for the business world, the better it would be for everybody.
You think I'm not living the life I dreamt of just because I answer to a boss? *Just let people do what they love, man.*
How difficult is that for you to understand?

If you're truly an entrepreneur in Nigeria and you sell real goods and services, you can't paint entrepreneurship ( in Nigeria) as exciting, attractive and something only foolish people will not venture into.
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The Robben Island they never told you about.

1981 I was about in Grade 11 when PW BOTHA came to our School to recruit grade 11's &  grade 12's to go work at a factory.
He was never specific what kind of Job we were going to do nor the lacation of the factory.
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