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Scientific definition of vāstu-sāstra
Which rishis developed this and why?


Vastu is derived from the Word Vasti, which means place of residing or house. The origin of Vastu can be traced to centuries back. Image
We live surrounded by five elements of nature and energy of various type created by them. On an open ground these elements or energy fields operate freely,in complete equilibrium. When a structure is placed in this energy field this equilibrium is affected and has to be restored. Image
Vedic Maharishis always wanted to ensure the happiness and prosperity of all the living beings whether human beings or the environment around them. They always showed great concern in the prosperity and happiness of all. They created and formulated various codes of conducts for
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🇷🇺Explosions have been heard at a Russian military airfield in Crimea.

Footage from the scene showed plumes of smoke towering over a beach and a local park

#Thread 👇…
Oleg Kryuchkov, an adviser to Moscow-appointed head of Crimea, on Tuesday confirmed the explosions but stopped short of giving any details
Ukrainian media said the Russian military airfield in Nefedorovka on Crimea’s western coast came under attack
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Suite du thread ⤵️

25/ Début 1720 la livre se déprécie fortement sur le marché des changes alors que l’émission monétaire s’accélère pour maintenir le cours de l’action.
La fin de l’année voit se succéder une suite de décisions invraisemblables visant à éviter une inévitable panique bancaire.
26/ La confiance s’évapore rapidement. Les billets s’échangent avec une décote de 50% en juin 1720.
Le cours de l’action est en chute libre, c’est le premier krach boursier!
La banque ferme ses bureaux de change le 17 juillet, entraînant plusieurs journées d’émeutes rue Vivienne. Image
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1/n Avec le réveil de l’inflation, à l’heure où l’on semble découvrir les conséquences d’une création monétaire massive, retour sur la première grande émission monétaire de l’histoire.

C’était il y a plus de 300 ans, dans la France de l’Ancien Régime.

#Thread #JohnLaw
2/ Nous sommes le 1er septembre 1715. Louis XIV s’éteint après une interminable agonie, à l’image de ses 72 ans de règne.
« Tâchez de soulager vos peuples ! »
Tels sont les derniers mots que le souverain adresse à son successeur, le futur Louis XV, alors âgé de 5 ans et demi. Image
3/ Philippe d’Orleans obtient alors la régence. Il se voit confier les pleins pouvoir pendant 7 ans, jusqu’à la majorité de Louis VX, fixée à 13 ans.
Charge à lui de laisser au jeune monarque un royaume dans un meilleur état qu’il ne l’avait trouvé, et rien n’est gagné ! Image
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I'm reading everything that #ZoltanPozsar puts out for many years...His latest piece "War and Interest Rates" (August 1st) was a true masterpiece...Here are some highlights in a #thread🧵:
War is inflationary

....Wars come in many different shapes and forms. There are hot wars, cold wars, and what @DrPippaM calls hot wars in cold places – cyberspace, space, and deep underwater (see here). ...

Inflation did not start with the hot war in Ukraine…
the low inflation world stood on three pillars:
first, cheap immigrant labor keeping service sector wages stagnant in the U.S.; second, cheap goods from China raising living standards amid stagnant wages; third, cheap Russian gas powering German industry and the EU more broadly.
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Size of Soul (Spirit) mentioned in Svetasvataropanisad.
None of us have seen actual soul(spirt) that lives in our body with our naked eye.
The Svetasvatara Upanishad (श्वेताश्वतरनोपनिषद् or Śvetāśvataropaniṣad) explains the actual dimension or size of soul. Image
Śvetāśvataropaniṣad is associated with the Krishna Yajurveda and contains 113 mantras in 6 chapters. It is estimated to have been composed around 4th century BCE. Most of this Upanishad is attributed to Sage Svetasvatara (Sveta-Asvatara i.e the one owing a white mule).
Other commentators are Adi Sankaracharya, Vijnanatma, Shankarananda and Narayana Tirtha.
Śvetāśvataropaniṣad is the earliest textual exposition of a systematic philosophy of Saivism, for the first time elevating Rudra to the status of Īśa (Lord), a god with cosmological
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Certaines réactions sous ce tweet m’incitent à apporter des précisions :
✅les essais sur animaux sont interdits dans l’UE pour les produits cosmétiques et leurs constituants depuis 2013
❌Mais ils sont réalisés dans certains cas
Pourquoi ⁉️ #Thread 🧵
Toutes les sources sont en fin de thread😉

Le règlement européen CE 1223/2009 relatif aux produits cosmétiques fixe à 2013 l’interdiction de commercialiser des produits cosmétiques pour lesquels des essais/expérimentations sur animaux ont été réalisés dans ou en dehors de l’UE⤵️ Image
Mais il faut considérer ce règlement en coexistence avec le règlement REACH sur les produits chimiques : les constituants de produits cosmétiques peuvent devoir être enregistrés dans le cadre de REACH et s’y conformer. Comme précisé sur le site de l'@EU_ECHA Image
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Den aktuellen @zeitonline-Kommentar (…) von @bethke_hannah finde ich als Lehrer einfach unheimlich ärgerlich.

Einige Anmerkungen im #Thread🧵⬇️ #TWLZ 1/21
Die einleitende Bestandsaufnahme ist grundsätzlich richtig:

Immer mehr Schüler:innen haben Probleme, zB beim Leseverstehen. 2/21 Image
Aber: Diesen Trend im nächsten Atemzug schon kausal auf die Pandemie zurückzuführen, ist mindestens nachlässig:

Den Trend sinkender Lesekompetenz zB beobachten wir in der Eingangsdiagnostik 5/6 und VERA8 schulformübergreifend seit über 15 Jahren.

Zu stark vereinfacht 🤷🏼‍♂️ 3/21
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1. Shakuni Had No Animosity Against Pandavas, His Real Enemy Was Bhishma

Shakuni was furious that his sister Gandhari was marrying a blind man, and his first adversary was Bhishma, who brought the proposal of a blind man for his sister.

#Thread Image
In addition, there is another legend that states that Hastinapur's ancestors destroyed the entire clan of Gandhara. This is one of the reasons Shakuni vowed to end the Kuru line entirely.
So, you see Shakuni poisoning Duryodhana against the Pandavas to start a war and end the Kuru line by killing each other.
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Sept 7 - Bauchi prison break - 5 people killed and 721 inmates freed in Bauchi by suspected Boko Haram gunmen.
Dec 31 - Dec 2010 Abj attack .A bomb attack outside a barracks in Abuja kills four civilians.

May 29 - May 2011 ,northern Nigeria bombings - 15 people were killed in Abuja and Bauchi after bombs explode in several towns in northern Nigeria during Goodluck Jonathan's
swearing in as the new president.

June 16 - 2011 Abuja police headquarters bombing .At least two people, the perpetrator and a traffic policeman, were killed in a failed bombing of Abuja's police headquarters. It was Nigeria's first suicide bombing.
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Bonjour les #avgeeks !
Ça faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas parlé d’un de mes vols…
Alors voici un petit #thread de ma dernière rotation sur #Houston ⬇️
Je vais commencer par un petit bilan carbone de ce vol : le plein de passagers et pas mal de fret (17T) pendant 9h45 de vol nous coutent 44T5 de carburant.
Ça équivaut à 1,75 litres / 100 km / équivalent passager ou un total de 377 Kg de CO2 par passager. 😎
On continue avec le seul endroit touristique de cette ville riche du pétrole environnant : le @SpaceCenterHou
Un « musée » dans un centre spatial toujours actif dont on visite quelques pépites en petit train.

Poke @TechSpatiales @AstroVicnet @Thom_astro

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Here is the clip showing that Brenda Lucki has been part of a team since she's been in office that has been working on banning firearms in Canada, which is the goal of the Turdo Libs

(Disarming Law-Abidding Canadians Permanently)

#Thread The libs will try and ban firearms.../1
This clip above is taken from Lucki's testimony at the hearing into Political Interference by the PMO and Cabinet Ministers (Blair, Telford etc..)

The focus is on the O.I.C. but Lucki let's it slip that they've been working on the #Firearms #Ban since she got into office...2/
This little bit seems to have been missed by many people, but it stood out to me

Here is #Trudeau letting it slip what he really wants to do to #LAW #ABBIDING #OWNERS



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#Thread per reliable source at FM in Somalia told me that China Amb to Somalia @FeiShengchao is the most corrupt in Somalia; he bribes media with an average of $5k per interview to amplify the "one-china policy" - he provided guidance to former Somalia FM to draft this letter. Image
He has given $350k and $80k gift watch to former minister of information @OsmanDubbe to remodel the ministry- Dubbe was questioned at Heathrow airport to provide receipt of the gift- this ambassador earned a nickname called " MrHow Much you want" ImageImageImageImage
At Benadir region admin - he is alleged to have given mayor @OFilish close to half million $ to rehabilitate some districts and new buildings- this is not the first time Chinese amb to Somalia provide financial stance to regions or government institution, but it us to be public. ImageImage
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🔶#Thread [ #STARKNET ]🔶

🔷Layer 2 pour #Ethereum, Starknet se base sur les ZK Rollups, afin de résoudre le problème de scalabilité de la Blockchain !

🔹Ce thread va permettre de poser les bases afin de commencer à communiquer régulièrement sur l'écosystème de @StarkWareLtd Image
🔶Sommaire :

🔹#Ethereum vs scalabilité
🔹 ZK rollup ?
🔶 #Ethereum VS Scalabilité

🔹Scalabilité :

Pour une Blockchain la scalabilité représente le nombre de transactions traitées à la seconde.

Hors celles-ci sont soumises au fameux "Trilemme". Image
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#Thread #Update #SSLV

Here We Go: @isro, which couldn’t put put satellites into their desired orbit in its maiden launch attempt of #SSLV yesterday, is studying the various salvage options the rocket can employ to achieve a different result. 1/n Image
While an expert committee has begun its investigation into Sunday’s mission and would eventually make a set of recommendations, preliminary findings show that the velocity trimming module (VTM) — the terminal stage of the rocket — could not ignite. 2/n
After a smooth lift-off, 1st three stages performed nominally. Mission entered terminal stage where VTM was to ignite & place sats into desired orbit. For this, onboard comps needed info from accelerometers (sensors), based on which VTM's workload would be decided. 3/n
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In his capacity as Minister of Petroleum Resources, and in consonance with the country’s drive for Foreign Direct Investment in the energy sector, President @MBuhari has consented…
… to the acquisition of the entire share capital of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited by Seplat Energy Offshore Limited.
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Today is श्रावणी सोमवार (Shravan Somwar). As per tradition today everyone offers milk to Lord Shiva. Often leftist make fun our tradition, saying that we waste so much milk & instead it can fill hungry stomach. So decided to write a small thread to give clarity on issue
It is widely believed in the month of Shravan, we should avoid anything which is grown on ground. The simple reason that during the monsoon, lot of worms & other insects are found on the ground & they contaminate freshly grown crops. Hence avoid consumption of such food items
Similarly, cows graze on grass, which also have several worms & insects & milk coming out of such grass is again harmful for our health. So such milk is considered as poison for long term health of human being. So what can we do about poison?

Shiva is famously known as Nilkanth
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Warum die drei #AKW keinen einzigen (!) Tag länger laufen dürfen: FAKTEN statt politische #Scheindebatte! #Thread ⬇️
1/11 AKW Weiterbetrieb hat kaum Nutzen bei der Strom- und Gasmangellage, lenkt ab von Notwendigkeit, Energie einzusparen und vom Versagen der letzten 15 Jahre bei der #Energiewende!
@FridayForFuture @Die_Gruenen @spdde
2/11 In die #Scheindebatte wird mehr Energie gesteckt als aus den alten AKW noch rauszuholen ist. Streckbetrieb heißt lediglich, dass die Restmenge an Brennstoff über einen längeren Zeitraum verwertet wird. Dadurch wird aber kaum mehr Strom produziert.
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Alejandro Valverde : l’ombre d’une sanction jamais assumée

Côté lumière, son professionnalisme, sa passion du vélo, son palmarès. Côté sombre, une affaire de dopage, une procédure judiciaire, son palmarès et une absence manifeste de remords. À tort ou à raison ?
Avant de commencer, voici la liste des divers liens utilisés pour rédiger ce fil ⬇️
Octobre 2018. Alejandro Valverde plane encore sur son petit arc-en-ciel. Quelques jours auparavant il a remporté les championnats du monde à Innsbruck, trophée qui se refusait à lui depuis une éternité. Alors quand les journalistes l’interrogent encore sur Puerto, ça l’agace.
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🔴 Russia is highly likely to be deploying anti-personnel mines along its defensive lines in the Donbas region of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence has said.

Follow the latest from Ukraine throughout the day in this #thread 👇…
🇺🇦 Two more grain-carrying ships sailed from Ukraine's Black Sea ports on Monday, Turkey's defence ministry said, as part of a deal to unblock Ukrainian sea exports… The Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier Star Helena is see
🗣️The head of Ukraine's state nuclear power company Energoatom has called for the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to be made a military-free zone and said there should be a team of peacekeepers present at the site… The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in the course of Ukrain
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Harsiddhi Temple 🚩 Deepstambha, Ujjain.Madhya Pradesh. Situated near Mahakal Temple.Bharat 🇮🇳

Harsiddhi MataTemple, one of the 51 Shaktipeetha temple of Goddess.

This temple occupies a special place in the galaxy of ancient sacred spots of Ujjain.

Seated between the idols of Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati, the idol of Annapurna is painted in dark vermilion color. The Sri Yantra, the symbol of power or shakti, is also enshrined in the temple.According to the Shiva Purana, when Shiva carried away the burning body of....2
Sati from the sacrificial fire, her elbow dropped at this place. There is an interesting legend in the Skanda Purana about the manner in which the Goddess Chandi acquired the epithet of Harsiddhi. Once when Shiva and Parvati were alone on Mount Kailash, two demons Chand and...3
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1540–1572 CE God Shiva Jalakandeswarar Temple, Vellore,Bharat 🇮🇳
Please Zoom and see 🙏

Behind the Nandi statue, there is an earthen lamp, which is said to revolve when some people place their hands on it. The revolving is said to indicate ...1
that their wishes have been granted. Some devotees of the temple worship the golden and silver lizard sculptures and the snake sculptures in order to get relief from the curse.
According to legend, there used to a giant ant-hill at the location where the sanctum sanctorum of..2
temple now stands.The Jalakanteshwara Temple is a fine example of Vijayanagaram Architecture. The temple has exquisite carvings on its tower, richly carved stone pillars, large wooden gates and stunning monoliths & sculptures.The Gopuram of the tower is over 100 ft. in height.. 3
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1) With gas supplies, storage & moves (or lack thereof) to improve both, making the news (still), it may be time for a brief (non-specialist) #thread🧵 on a couple of the #maritime aspects of it, starting with re-posting this little thread from January on where, how & from whom.
2) As mentioned in that thread, Britain already has three of Europe's largest facilities for handling Liquified Natural Gas & in March @Trafigura announced their intention to re-open the fourth at Teesport, though there seems to have been little news since…
3) On the storage front, it is worth bearing in mind that while most people's mental picture of gas storage probably looks like the urban gas holder/gasometer (left), the bulk of Britain's gas storage is, in fact, held underground in a few, depleted gas field reservoirs (right). Gasometer in West Ham, East...Humbly Grove Oilfield and G...Rough field gas storage fac...
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Qu'est-ce que LayerZero ?
LayerZero cherche à apporter une solution à l'un des problèmes les plus urgents auxquels la technologie blockchain est confrontée aujourd'hui : l'interopérabilité.
Il s'agit d'un protocole d'interopérabilité qui utilise une technique inédite pour faciliter la connexion de différents réseaux blockchain entre eux.
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