CW TW? food, coercion

Sometimes I wonder if my reluctance to eat food sitting right in front of me was the years of

Why didn't you finish your food?
It's one bite, can't you just try it? How do you know you won't like it?
Now that you had a bite can you try one more?

CW TW? food

There are people starving in other countries!
It's just pepper, I can barely taste it, it's not spicy at all!
*Uncle* Now I expect you to eat all of the crust because it's nutritional and good for you *me gagging on the last bite of crust to get adult approval*

CW TW? food

Everytime I see food sitting in front of me, even if I'm hungry, and I just don't find it particularly appetizing, I think feelings from coercion and shame show up.

If you feel like that, please remember that if your body doesn't want that food, that's okay.

CW TW? food

Even if someone was kind and made you something and then it turns out you didn't want it or you literally can't eat it, and you have to eat your safe food instead or you waited until it got too cold to eat,

you're allowed to listen to your body and its needs.

CW food

You are not a Bad Person for not eating what's on your plate, not being able to stomach it, finding it too spicy/salty/bland/grainy/slimy/etc. You're not a bad person for not wanting to try new foods. And you're certainly not a bad person for eating your safe food.

CW food

Eating with nutrition in mind is something adults teach children. But it often comes with shame. I felt so bad when my siblings would complain that I "never eat all of my food" and it just made things worse. No one should be made to feel bad for their food limits.

CW food

In case anyone's wondering what prompted this thread, I've had food sitting in front of me for the last 15 minutes, ready to eat.

And I'm reminding myself that that's okay.



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Aug 1
Last thing I'll say about camps in general and how it may be hard for an autistic person:

Many coaches and other mentor figures create authoritative statements ("make sure to be here and ready exactly at X!").

I had to remember that there were also children at the camp. But honestly, that didn't make it much better, it actually made it worse. Because I remember how I felt when I couldn't meet the standards of adults in extracurricular activities. I felt horrible.

I was 10 minutes late to the camp one day this weekend and I felt genuinely guilty even though it takes me 150% willpower to wake up early compared to other people. See, autistic people are going to interpret this literally ("you must" "you need to") unlike others.

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Jul 31
So, I just finished a wheelchair tennis camp and it was amazing.

Here's why:

As a person who did not have a wheelchair, spaces were actually more inaccessible for me than for wheelchair users.

For example, at lunch time they had outdoor tables..

and no chairs were set up. You had to get your own chair if you wanted to sit down. Waiting in line was a lot more difficult for me since I had to stand, so the first time we had lunch I sat in a chair until most of the line went through so I didn't have to stand.

Logically I know that if things were more accessible for wheelchair users, if they had access to the same things ambulatory people did, things would be better.

But I actually saw that in action over the last 3 days.

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Jul 30
Abled people when they see me using crutches:
"What happened?"

Wheelchair user after seeing me play wheelchair tennis multiple times during a break:
"So, what's your deal?"

Me: 👀 (a thread)

To be clear, the first one is VERY different, and way more invasive than the second. I don't mind talking about my physical disability esp. to other physically disabled people.

But part of me is also like, I wish I had a space where I didn't have to explain..

I'm on day 1 of 3 of a tennis wheelchair camp and it's amazing and I'll make another separate thread about why it's amazing.

But like, I basically have to explain to every single person I know about what my disability is, abled or not.

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Jul 28
When you want to bond with friends, see how other people are joking, and use nearly the exactly same words in a later interaction, and get

"That's just mean." 💀

because apparently autistic tone of voice will never, in a million years, sound like "joking" to allistics.
Think about this for a second: I'm literally not allowed to make jokes in many contexts because people will misinterpret me and assume I'm being *intentionally mean.*

Because it's more likely that I'm being *intentionally mean* than that I'm joking.

Talk about assumptions.
There are so many reasons that autistic people feel like crap when interacting with others all the time, and this is just one of them.

Also fun fact, I'm the only one in my family who can tell when my autistic family member is joking. Almost like we do have a joking tone...
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Jul 27
Cis people -

If you assume that misgendering or deadnaming a trans friend/peer/colleague is "not a big deal" and that you really don't need to change your language at all until the trans person continually corrects you or brings it up directly,

Further, if you think that the trans person who directly calls you out after over a month of you deadnaming or misgendering them, is "too aggressive" and should be nicer to you because you didn't think it was bad to do that,

The number of people who have continuously deadnamed or misgendered me who also think they're allies is..

All of Them.

They are not allies. If you don't support and respect the trans people around you,


If you find this message too aggressive, consider why
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Jul 27
Something I've seen a few times from allistic people & won't ever understand:

Offering to either buy or do a task for someone who never asked for it, and then later getting frustrated that this person either didn't refute your help, or feeling "obligated" to continue.

It seems like this happens when there's a difference in status and the higher-up person is helping the lower person.

And it seems like the lower person is ungrateful if they don't continue to refute their help over and over again.

I've tried many times to reply "oh no, that's okay thank you, I can get it" only to then be outplayed by the NT social skillset. Maybe my tone wasn't "convincing" enough, or maybe as long as you refute it, it's then okay to receive help since you at least said that.

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